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  • There seems to be pretty strong support for a Nikki/ Kimi pairing in the game's fandom, and no wonder: the game itself provides plenty of fodder for the fans:
    • This exchange, upon the first meeting between Nikki, Bobo, Lunar, Momo, Kimi, Mr. Joe, Royce, and Neva:
      Nikki: So Royce is the prince of the Lilith Kingdom... Kimi is really awesome, she knows everything!
      Momo: So Nikki doesn't care about the prince but adores lady Kimi...
    • In story 8-5, Orlando mentions that Kimi has been singing Nikki's praises, only for Momo to point out Nikki's obvious blushing:
      Orlando: Haha, now I remember. Kimi mentioned that she met a genius stylist in Wintermount. It's you, right? That girl is pretty arrogant. It's the first time I've heard her praising someone so highly.
      Bobo: So Kimi and Orlando know each other! Makes sense, they are both from the Apple Federation.
      Momo: Ooh, Nikki's face is as red as a tomato!
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    • Momo and Bobo both mention that Nikki gets overly-excited when someone brings up Kimi.
    • The description for the "Fragrance*Pink" shirt reads "Tabloids: Many people are wondering whether Kimi and Joe are a couple. The truth is Kimi prefers Nikki."
    • The descriptions of pieces in the "Pink Wishes" set only serves to throw fuel on the fire, recounting an instance in which Kimi hosted a huge birthday party for Nikki at the headquarters of her father's company and designed special accessories just for her. Some selections include:
      • "Soft and Warm", a poofy white stole: Nikki's birthday is in the coldest season of Apple Fed, Kimi especially prepared this fluffy cape.
      • "Sweet Honey", a pair of white sock booties with pompoms: Nikki can't handle stilettos very well, so Kimi designed the gorgeous chunky heels for her.
      • "Memorial Day", an item consisting of floating presents and balloons: At the headquarter of Apple Fed Apparel Group, Kimi held a grand celebration ceremony for Nikki.
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    • The 2018 Valentine's Day event threw a lot of fuel on the Nikki/ Kimi fire:
      • The description for the "Love of Rose" makeup reads "Kimi flushed so long at the final makeup photo of Nikki, the new model star of the group."
      • During the course of the event, characters from the game could randomly appear to gift players with chocolates or flowers (both used to purchase event-limited suits). Joe's dialogue during the event revealed that he was delivering gifts on behalf of Kimi, and Kimi's dialogue claims her gift "has nothing to do with Valentine's Day."
    • The "Swan Love" event for Valentines Day 2019 took place as Kimi invited Nikki to the launch of a new Apple Federal Apparel Group collection, and then to a performance of the play that inspired the designs. As the two browse the theater's gift shop, their dialogue gets very romantic:
      Nikki: Hey? Kimi, look at these swan pendants! How adorable!
      (Two palm-size black and white swans whose necks twined. [sic] So intimate.)
      Kimi: Surely they are. Let's buy one for each of us.
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    • The "Deepsea Secret" event from April 2019 had a theme titled "Good Day for Date" (note the interesting choice of words in the title):
      "It's such a good day. I and Kimi are going to play a VR game. Wear simple and pure clothes!"
  • Bobo is a romantic at heart, and though she often complains about wanting a boyfriend that doesn't stop her from fawning over the ladies:
    • She is openly enamored with Lead Singer Kaja. She says "my maiden heart is bumping" while heart symbols show up in her eyes.
    • Bobo was also quite pleased to learn that Lika/ Rika, the legendary hero of the Firmament Tribe of the Wastelands, is actually a legendary heroine.
  • The Hip-Hop Hotspot Event explored the story of graffiti artist Miky and skateboarder Acardia. Backstory obtained by playing the event reveals that the two were best friends in childhood until Acardia's family moved away just as Miky's parents were getting a divorce, leading to a rift in their relationship. The event followed their reunion during a street party held in Apple Federation, and some fans of the game viewed their reconciliation as the beginning of a romantic relationship.
    Acardia (to Miky): We had a promise to always chase freedom together. Do you mind if I want to honor that after so many years?
  • In the "Time Palace" story suit event, one of the stories told of two friends and musicians, Xiaxia and Tina, who were separated due to Tina moving away, but were soon reunited in college at a school celebration. Many fans have viewed the two's relationship as being romantic, due to certain descriptions in their items and story.

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