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The characters from the game Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen!

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     Nikki & Her Companions 

"Um, after so much practice, I've come to the conclusion that it's not merely about having a good appearance, it's... well, it's also about helping people to face everything with a more enthusiastic, positive image!"

Voiced in Japanese by: Kana Hanazawa

Voiced in English by: Natalie Hoover

Protagonist and player character, Nikki is an average teenage girl with a talking cat and a knack for styling clothes. She's whisked away from her normal life and deposited in the fantastical Miraland by the ailing Queen Nanari, without much in the way of an explanation besides that she's there to "change the fate of the world." Nikki's talents and cheerful disposition help her make new friends in a strange land, with the likes of Bobo and Lunar among her companions. But those same talents get her mixed up in the international conflicts and high-fashion intrigue that permeates Miraland's upper echelons of designers, stylists, and rulers.

  • All-Loving Heroine: She's gentle, sweet, and always ready to help anyone who needs a hand.
  • The Chosen One: She's the "chosen stylist" said to be the best in all worlds. Nicely summed-up by Bobo:
    "It means you are the chosen stylist and your destiny is to rebuild Miraland. Free the land from torture by Queen Elle and the Iron Rose stylists!"
  • Curtains Match the Window: Pink hair and rose colored eyes.
  • Fish out of Water: She and Momo were taken from a world very similar to Earth by Queen Nanari and it took her a short while to get used to it.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She's a very Nice Girl, with pink hair to match. Subverted in that she can use different hairstyles and colors in the dress-up matches, but all her sprites play this straight.
  • Miss Fanservice: Nikki's body model shows that she isn't exactly flat-chested (despite Momo's claims), and to match some of the people she faces she must also put on pretty revealing clothes; i.e, the fashion duels with Mira require her to put on either a very revealing bikini or a red Playboy Bunny outfit (and in the second case, lacking even a single part will seriously reduce her score).
  • Out-of-Character Alert: This is how Qiong realizes that Nikki is posing as Bai Jinjin: Jinjin is not good at styling with Pigeon Kingdom clothes, but Nikki is. It's even lampshaded after their duel.
  • Plucky Girl: No one can say that Nikki gives up easily.
  • Shipper on Deck: She supports both Timi's crush on her sempai and Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi's relationship. Plus she doesn't seem to mind Toto's boy-crazy antics at all.
  • Trapped in Another World: Whisked away from her normal life, Nikki is stranded in Miraland with vague instructions from Queen Nanari to "save the world." When the Mayor of Moonlit City tells her she may not be able to return home unless she completes her quest, Nikki is understandably upset.

"Wow! So my grandpa's grandpa didn't lie to my grandpa after all! On another dimension of the Earth, there really exists a world full of cities which worship design and styling!"

Voiced in Japanese by: Ikue Otani

Voiced in English by: Jessica Resheske

A talking cat and Nikki's constant companion. Momo seems to have some prior knowledge of Miraland, claiming his grandfather told him stories about the place when he was a kitten. Momo has a fondness for grilled fish and beautiful women and he has no shyness when it comes to voicing his appreciation for both. His personality is very brash, and he frequently butts heads with Bobo. He and Bobo are also the two most likely to break the fourth wall, commenting on everything from how many chapters have passed to what the developers are up to.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Momo is the biggest offender of this, often referring to how many chapter have passed and referencing and lampshading tropes like Plot Armor and "the cute and charming villain role."
  • Cats Are Snarkers: He often deals quite the snark at the humans around him, especially to Bobo. Not even Nikki is safe, if his quotes when she flunks a challenge or barely aces it are to be believed.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Despite being, well, a cat, he often comments on the beauty of the various girls & women that Nikki & Co. meet in their travels — especially women in bikinis, women in tight qipaos, women in short skirts...
    Momo: She's in good shape... and what a pretty bikini...
  • Talking Animal: Of course he is. Nikki isn't surprised at all when he speaks for the first time in the game and he mentions the tales told to him by his relatives, so he was a talking cat from before he and Nikki were spirited away.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Grilled fish.

Bobo (Yoko)
"Before the developer gives me a date, I'll prevent anyone from laying a finger on the only handsome guy who has appeared so far!"

Voiced in Japanese by: Ayane Sakura

Voiced in English by: Cristina Vee

One of the first people Nikki meets in Miraland, Bobo is a proud native of the Lilith Kingdom and a student at the design college in Cicia. She acts as a companion and a guide for Nikki, explaining the cultures of Miraland's seven nations and accompanying Nikki in her travels. One of Nikki's most vocal cheerleaders, Bobo is always encouraging Nikki to practice her styling skills in competitions and to attend events like the Designer's Tea Party and the Fantasy Styling Contest.

Bobo disappears mysteriously in Chapter 19, the only clue being a letter she left for Nikki, Momo, and Kimi stating that she had to return to the Lilith Kingdom on urgent business.

  • Ambiguously Bi: Bobo is always fawning over every cute guy she sees, but she also expresses interest in Bifauxnen Kaja on several occasions.
    Bobo (with hearts in her eyes): Wow! There's a band on show! Look! The lead singer is so cool!!! How can a girl be so handsome and attractive?!
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Bobo refers to how many "Chapters" have passed several times, and has mentioned the game developers at least once. She and Momo are the two biggest offenders.
  • Dub Name Change: Originally named Yoko in the English server. She's also called Popo in the Japanese server.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: As a native of the adorable Lilith Kingdom, Bobo's style is usually quite cute and frilly. Her gothic outfits are no exception: Story 9-2 and Commission Request 1-5 have her dressing up EGL inspired outfits to compete against Nikki — complete with puffy skirt, Mary Jane shoes, a tiny top hat, and plenty of rose & cross decorations.
  • Genki Girl: She's very cheerful and energetic at any time.
  • Girlish Pigtails: A variation - the hair framing her face is arranged in very cute low braids tied with bows, while the rest of her hair hangs down freely.
  • Hair Decorations: A triple treat — she's got bows, flowers, and barrettes that all match her outfit.
  • Kawaiiko: She looks super cute, is super cheery, and her dressing style specializes in cute-looking stuff.
  • Mr. Exposition: She's often the one to explain Miraland's history and cultural mores to Nikki and Momo.
  • Shouldn't We Be in School Right Now?: Bobo is a student at one of the best design colleges in Lilith, but she never seems to have to attend class or turn in work. She's been traveling nonstop with Nikki since the two first met, even as they encounter other students like Aron (whose school is still in session in Chapter 3) and Timi (who has had time to attend an advanced study course at the Cicia Design School in between her encounters with Nikki & Bobo, while Bobo has been... sightseeing with a total stranger who claims to be from another world).
  • Shipper on Deck: She's driven to Tender Tears when she finds out about Jinjin and Lizi's difficult situation and vows to help them as much as possible.
  • Smitten Teenage Girl: It's mentioned that she wants a boyfriend, but her lack of success when it comes romance has become a Running Gag.
    Bobo: It's so unfair... Toto has changed boyfriends six times already, yet I'm still single, all the way to Chapter 7.

"There are designers, stylists, and dreamers in Cloud — but never cowards!"

Voiced in Japanese by: Mamiko Noto

Voiced in English by: Brianna Knickerbocker

Heir to the Moonlit City Textile Mill and a citizen of the Cloud Empire, Lunar first encounters Nikki & Co. in the town of Wheat Fields when Nikki recovers a special design Mela had stolen from Lunar. This act of kindness immediately endears Nikki to Lunar. They meet again in Wintermount, where Nikki offers to help Lunar man a booth at the Designer's Tea Party... which also suffers an attack from the Iron Rose Stylists. After the fracas at the Designer's Tea Party, Lunar accompanies Nikki to the Flower Fields of Cloud Empire to meet the Ancient Pavilion designer, but they part ways when Lunar hears rumors that her family's textile mill in Moonlit City has been targeted by a saboteur.

Nikki & Co. later follow Lunar to Moonlit City, only to discover that her family's business has been raided by the Iron Rose stylists and that Lunar is being held captive by the corrupt Mayor. After investigating the case, they discover that the raid was staged, and that Lunar is working with the Mayor to dupe the Iron Rose agents of the Pigeon Kingdom who have come to steal her family's legendary calico fabric. Lunar remains in the Cloud Empire, working with the Mayor to protect the designers and stylists of Moonlit City, while Nikki goes on to compete in the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest.

In Chapter 14, Lunar is mentioned in a newspaper as the Chief Designer of Cloud City, leading the resistance against Nidhogg's attacking force of North Kingdom soldiers. Much of Chapter 15 is devoted to how Nikki, Bobo, and Momo attempt to reach Cloud City to aid Lunar, but they are too late. Lunar is fatally wounded in a one-on-one duel against Nidhogg, and she dies in Nikki's arms as Nidhogg dispraises her for trying to stand up to him. Lunar's body is carried away by a mysterious white-haired man who claims to have made her a promise in life.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She's quiet and reserved, though she warms up to Nikki and the crew. She's taller than both Nikki and Bobo (and of course the diminutive Kimi), with the typical Raven Hair, Ivory Skin combo. In fact, at first she refuses to let Bobo and Nikki help her recover her stolen designs, only allowing herself to do so once Nikki defeats her in a fashion duel.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Lunar's devotion to Nikki and her friends comes from Nikki chasing after Mela for stealing Luna's beloved designs.
  • Buxom Is Better: Her second outfit is a lovely black gown with one Hell of an Absolute Cleavage, letting her show off her large chest. And whilst Momo constantly berates Bobo for her "girlish" figure, he often compliments Lunar on her more "womanly" shape.
  • Dub Name Change: Called Rinrei in the Japanese server.
  • Fashion Designer: Lunar is a designer - she and Nikki meet when Lunar's prized shoe design, "Night Tusk," is stolen by Iron Rose Agent Mela.
  • Killed Off for Real: In Chapter 15 she's fatally wounded in a duel with Nidhogg.
  • The Ojou: While a bit less obvious than in Kimi's case, it's still there. She seems to be an Ice Queen first, but quickly switches to a Nice Girl type.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: She's actually pretty gentle to her friends, once they get to know her. In chapter 7 she playfully teases Momo and Nikki before setting a challenge for the latter.
  • Woman in White: Barring the trial battle, near all of Lunar's outfits are either fully or mostly white (plus splashes of light blue or lilac).

"I've spent my life traveling. It makes no difference where."

Voiced in English by: Marieve Herington

Ace is a swordswoman who wanders Miraland fighting for truth and justice. She first encounters Nikki in Lilith's royal city as they both register for the Fantasy Styling Contest, in Chapter 9. After they run into her acquaintance, the Fantasy Envoy, she challenges Nikki to one of his "Interlink Combo Battles" before the official start of the competition. She and Nikki meet again during the final stage of the Fantasy Styling Contest as opponents — and when the contest is interrupted by a coup staged by Prime Minister Nidhogg, Ace protects Nikki and ensures that she reaches safety in the palace gardens.

Ace accompanies Nikki as she reunites with Bobo & Momo, then with Prince Royce and Neva as they move to signal the Royal Army of Lilith waiting outside the city. After Nikki passes the Casket Trial in the Royal Gallery and receives a quest, Ace offers to protect Nikki as she travels to the Wastelands to retrieve the Miracle Scroll of the Windvale Tribe. Their time together is cut short when Sherry finds them on their quest and insists that Ace has business she must attend to elsewhere — Ace leaves, but not before promising to find Nikki again.

Ace is next seen in Chapter 19, when she and Louie join forces with Orlando & the Iron Rose Stylist Legion's Debbie to rescue Nikki & Co. from the Nidhogg's clutches in the frozen North Kingdom. She also appears in a Chapter 19 side quest, where she meets Nikki and Bobo on the streets of Losol City.

  • Action Girl: While Qiong is a full-blooded Dark Action Girl and Dansu straddles the line between both tropes, Ace is the most straightforward example.
  • Adventurer Outfit: Her outfit consists of a swashbuckler's hat, a tight corset over a blouse, a miniskirt, Too Many Belts, a large sword, and thigh-high boots.
  • Cleavage Window: Her default outfit has a prominent one, formed by her corset's neckline and the cut of her blouse.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Purple hair and purple eyes.
  • Knight Errant: Ace falls somewhere on the spectrum between this and Lady of Adventure. She wanders about Miraland doing good deeds and fighting for the side of right, but she seems to be equally invested in simply being free to travel as she pleases and having fun. The description of "Heroine" dress (which is an exact copy of Ace's ensemble) reads "Ace has dreamed to be a chivalric heroine since she was young. She is always ready to help the weak."
  • Too Many Belts: Ace has a belt around her waist, two crossed belts around her hips holding up a holster, two useless tiny belts decorating her hip holster, a leg holster fastened by a belt, belts holding up her thigh-high shoes, belts decorating the vamp of her shoes, belts holding up her sleeve greaves...
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She's got purple hair.
  • Walking the Earth: Ace has traveled all over Miraland, and seems to have no fixed home.


     Historically Important Characters 

Queen Nanari of Lilith Kingdom
"I am Nanari, Queen of the Lilith Kingdom. I summoned you here to change the fate of this world..."

Voiced in English by: Laura Post

The kind and wise Queen of Lilith Kingdom. Afflicted with an unknown illness, Nanari hasn't been seen in public for years, having delegated much of the responsibility for the day-to-day ruling of Lilith Kingdom to her Prime Minister, Nidhogg. Her illness also leaves her unable to directly defy the rule of Queen Elle & free Miraland from the tyranny of the Iron Rose Stylist Legion — so she uses her powers to transport Teen Genius stylist Nikki (and her cat Momo) to Lilith Kingdom to fight in her name. As of the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, Queen Nanari has disappeared, purportedly kidnapped by the forces behind the royal coup.

  • Big Good: She kickstarts the plot by summoning Nikki and Momo to this world.
  • Gold and White Are Divine: Nanari dresses for her role as The High Queen by wearing a white dress with a golden corset, white gloves with gold decoration, and a gold thigh band. Additionally, she accentuates her blonde hair with white lilies.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: As seen in her picture, Nanari is a sweet looking blonde woman. She seems to have the safety and happiness of Miraland's denizens at heart, but is unable to take direct action because of her condition so she summons Nikki to do it in her name.
  • The High Queen: She fits more or less well here, save for her crappy health.
  • Flower in Her Hair: Has lilies woven into her hair, complimenting the flowers that adorn her gown.
  • Ill Girl: She has such a weak health, she hasn't been seen in public for years. Even her members of her own family like her younger brother, Prince Royce, can only visit with her on a limited basis. The Nanari that welcomes Nikki and Momo to Miraland is actually an Astral Projection.
  • Prayer Pose: Her sprite has her pulling this, probably to make her look even more pure and wholesome.

King Sayet
"King Sayet passed away, leaving three legacies..."

Once the most powerful ruler in the whole Miraland, King Sayet governed with kindness and efficiency. His death brought a huge power vacuum, which was solved via the "Nine Days War" where instead of fighting bloodily, the countries sent their best designers out to decide which land would rule the others...

  • 100% Adoration Rating: He was adored by pretty much everyone.
  • Dashingly Dapper Derby: The statue of him in Wintermount depicts him with a suit, walking stick, and a bowler hat.
  • Downer Beginning: The Prologue begins with his death, which kickstarts the Fashion Wars leading to Elle's iron-fisted reign.
  • Due to the Dead: The only image of him in-story features him in his coffin, which is full of white flowers. There's also a huge statue of him in Wintermount, positioned to watch over the Designer's Tea Party each year.
  • Posthumous Character: He's been dead for a while, of course.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: King Sayet preserved the peace of Miraland throughout his rule. It's a testament to his powers of governance that he did, because the minute he died the nations were at each other's throats to grab his most treasured designs and fill the power vacuum he left.

Queen Elle of Pigeon Kingdom
"The final winners were two newcomers: Princess Elle of Pigeon..."

Once a young and ambitious princess from the militaristic, Western Europe-inspired Pigeon Kingdom, this ruthless and beautiful woman won the Fashion Wars and used its regalia to strengthen the position of her realm. She also created the antagonistic "Iron Rose" Stylist legions that terrorize the fashion world.

Hostess L
"... And a common girl with pink hair."

The mysterious other winner of the "Nine Years War", a young woman whose name and actual identity was never known to the masses. She left as fast as she arrived, and years later nobody know where the Hell she is.

  • But Now I Must Go: She left immediately after winning the Wars, taking one of the treasures with her.
  • Hidden Eyes: Her face isn't seen in the Prologue, unlike her rival Elle's.
  • Mysterious Woman: No one knows who she is. No one knows where she went. She's a total mystery to every single character in the game.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: She seems to have been a quiet and gentle woman, and the only picture seen of her gives her pink hair.

Ancient Pavilion Designer

A contemporary of King Sayet and a master craftsman in his own right, the Ancient Pavilion Designer has since retreated to his home in the Cloud Empire, becoming something of a recluse.

  • Hermit Guru: Ever since King Sayet's death, the Ancient Pavillion Designer sealed himself away in the Ancient Pavilion to wait for worthy students who could pass the trials of the Flower Fields before presenting themselves to him.
  • Old Master: A contemporary of King Sayet's, he would have been at least a senior citizen by the time he met and/ or trained Hostess L, presumably around the time of the Nine Day War.
  • Posthumous Character: Fu Su often refers to the Ancient Pavilion Designer as if he were still alive, but he's been dead for a while by the time Nikki & Co. make it to the Ancient Pavilion.
  • The Unseen: Mentioned frequently in Chapter 6 and in the descriptions of several items, but never seen in person. Because he's dead.

Yunikina/ Eunikina
"She brought the freedom and equality. The story of Yunikina runs on the frozen land, warming up every heart."
— Item Description, "Enlightening Chapter"

Yunikina is a famous general from the History of the North Kingdom and a beloved figurehead. According to the stories, Yunikina served as a Lieutenant in White Rock City, which was under the rule of a corrupt leader. She was assigned to guard a musician, Eagle/ Yegel, who was suspected of holding separatist views. Yunikina fell in love with the man she was set to guard and begged him to stay away from the revolutionary forces, but Eagle's songs carried the message of freedom far and wide. He was abducted and "disappeared" by White Rock City's secret police. Yunikina discovered Eagle's final works: a magnificent suit of armor called "Icewind Warchant"/ "Battle Song" he had designed specifically for her, and a poem dedicated to the frozen plains of the North Kingdom. Inspired by his passion and grieving his death, Yunikina defected from her position and joined the revolutionary movement. She went on to found the "Snow Eagle Revolutionary Force," and led the people of the North Kingdom in an successful uprising against the corrupt government of White Rock City.

Not much is know about her life after the revolution in White Rock City. After death, she was reportedly buried in the armor Eagle designed for her. Her resting place is apparently a matter of some contention between North Kingdom and the Cloud Empire. Nidhogg's League Till/ Tyre Coalition used the claimed location of her grave as the pretext for an assault on Cloud Empire under the guise of "taking back" ancestral lands — it's in this assault that Lunar perished at Nidhogg's hands.

  • Battle Ballgown: "Icewind Warchant" is a beautiful gown inspired by armor, but the amount of coverage it provides borders on Chainmail Bikini and it would be a terrible choice to wear it into battle on the frozen tundra of the North Kingdom.
  • BFS: Yunikina's sword is nearly as tall as she is, and in both the posed and unposed suits she's seen wielding it with one hand.
  • Chainmail Bikini: Downplayed where it overlaps with Battle Ballgown, but Yunikina's "Icewind Warchant" suit is purportedly the armor she wore into battle in the frozen North Kingdom... yet it's designed with a huge cleavage window and no protection on the thighs or upper arms except fishnet stockings.
  • Combat Stilettos: Her footwear of choice appears to be heeled, thigh-high boots that are either made of or reinforced with metal.
  • Cool Sword: Her outfit includes a huge sword with an elaborate crossguard of intertwining metallic bands made to look like wings and massive purple jewels embedded into both the guard and the blade.
  • Ensign Newbie: The youngest 2nd Lieutenant to ever hold the position in White Rock City.
  • I Have Many Names: According to reporter Cali, Yunikina has collected various honorary names and titles for her heroic actions:
    Cali: ...she is known as the 'Guardian of White Rock City', 'Liberator of Permafrost', 'Daughter of snowfield', 'Wind in Mars'...
  • Inconsistent Dub: Translated as both "Yunikina" and "Eunikina" by the developers. Her lover (Eagle/ Yegel) suffers the same fate, as does her famous battle armor "Icewind Warchant"/ "Battle Song."
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Eagle's design for "Icewind Warchant" clearly evokes the traditional image of a knight riding into battle astride a magnificent steed.
  • La Résistance: She joined up with the revolutionary forces after the murder of her beloved by the secret police, and founded the "Snow Eagle Revolutionary Forces."
  • Lady of War: Yunikina was a beautiful soldier who wore the "Icewind Warchant" suit into battle against the corrupt government of White Rock City.
  • Pretext for War: The location of Yunikina's grave is cited by the League Till/ Tyre Coalition as the reason they've attacked the borders of the Cloud Empire.
  • Rebel Leader: Founded the "Snow Eagle Revolutionary Forces" and lead them into battle against White Rock City's corrupt government.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Yunikina and Eagle started out on opposite sides of the conflict. They grew to love one another, but they could never make their relationship public for fear of what it would do to Yunikina's career. When Eagle was killed by the secret police of White Rock City, Yunikina turned against the government and spent the rest of her days fighting to for his dream of freedom.


"So pretty girl, do you want to experience an amazing love story as well?"

Voiced in English by: Chris Niosi

Voiced in Japanese by: Yuichiro Umehara

A talented designer and a capricious flirt. Nikki meets Royce as he's traveling across Miraland; he claims to be seeking out inspiration for his designs, though his assistant Neva would insist otherwise... He's revealed to be Queen Nanari's younger brother, prince of Lilith, and next in line for the throne — on the run from the responsibilities that come with being of royal blood. Although he spends the first 5 chapters avoiding those responsibilities, by chapter 9 he's returned to Lilith City to host the Fantasy Styling Contest in lieu of the gravely ill Queen Nanari. As of Chapter 12, he's taken responsibility for the day to day ruling of Lilth Kingdom (in the absence of Queen Nanari & Prime Minister Nidhogg, and has also charged Nikki with the retrieval of the Miracle Scroll from the Windvale Tribe in the Republic of Wasteland.

  • Blithe Spirit: Royce is a free-spirited young man who resents being a member of the Royal Family of Lilith and wants to do things in his own way.
  • Coat Cape: Royce's character portrait shows him with a medium-length jacket draped over his shoulders.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: He's a good guy and has blond hair.
  • No Hero to His Valet: Royce might be a charming designer and a literal prince, but for his assistant Neva his charms fall flat.
  • Non-Idle Rich: He's not just a Blithe Spirit, but he seems to be running away from what's implied to be a VERY high-class family as he tours around the Kingdoms, flirting, "studying" and challenging people in fashion duels. He is actually Queen Nanari's Rebel Prince of a younger brother, who ran off because he felt stiffled in the Court.
  • Pretty Boy: He's REALLY, really good-looking.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: He and Neva gender invert the trope with a vengeance, as he is very impulsive and energetic while she's serious and no-nosense.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He looks like a genderflipped version of his big sister, Queen Nanari.

Neva (Hika)
"Master, like I said I'm only your assistant. I'm not an appropriate choice to be your model. It's beyond my duty."

Royce's Beleaguered Assistant and a member of the Lilith Royal Guard, Neva faithfully accompanies him in his travels... despite his frequent protestations. She insists that her job is to protect him and escort him home, but more often than not she ends up suckered into whatever shenanigans he's gotten himself up to. In contrast to Royce's flirtatious and care-free attitude, Neva is serious, grounded, and goal-oriented. Royce often complains that her icy demeanor drives away his female admirers and models... which results in Neva having to model his cutest designs in competitions against Nikki.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She's quite shorter than the average example, but otherwise fits in perfectly.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: She works for Royce and has to put up with his borderline child-like behavior.
  • Brainy Brunette: Contrasting with her boss Royce, she has dark hair and is much more down to Earth.
  • Dub Name Change: Named Clocka in the Japanese server.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Downplayed: her skirt and blouse combo wouldn't look out of place in a Gothloli outfit, the rest of her outfit is quite sleek and professional — at least for an employee of the Lilith Kingdom (her shoes are plain Mary Janes, her tights are minimally embellished, and her hair is kept short and simple). Additionally, association commission 2-4 & chapter 5-3 pit players against Neva's style, grading outfits on how many "Gothic" tagged pieces are included.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: As seen in the photo, contrasting with her dark gray hair and pale skin.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: Almost all of of Royce's challenges to Nikki involve Neva modelling the clothes he designs and makes. Which includes having to dress up as a meido, putting on Chinese-inspired dresses, wearing a Sailor Fuku, dolling up in cute winter outfits, etc. She's not exactly amused and protests more than once, claiming that her duties do not extend to being his model.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Her "Smile" skill quote even lampshades it!
    Neva: I'm smiling, it's just... not obvious.
  • When She Smiles: She can smile at those around her, as proved when Royce finally decides to go back home with her. It's absolutely adorable... so much that Royce has a Crazy Jealous Guy Freak Out:
    "Grr, don't smile here! Only I am allowed to see Neva smile!!"

"The best stylist can extract the the unique charm of any design and enable the wearer to feel the magic in their clothes."

Voiced in Japanese by: Marika Kouno

The sole heiress to the Apple Federal Apparel Group, Kimi is the closest thing to royalty the Apple Federation has. When not at work as a stylist in the Apple Federation, she travels the seven nations of Miraland with her loyal assistant Joe in order to conduct business on her father's behalf, gain inspiration, and scout for new talents. Kimi took an interest in Nikki's skills at the Designer's Tea Party, and closely monitored Nikki's progress afterwards. She became a staunch supporter of Nikki by the time they both attend the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, and was rooting for Nikki to take top honors before Nidhogg's attempted coup derailed the proceedings and set the two on separate paths.

Nikki and Kimi reunited shortly after the fall of Cloud City as Kimi was in hiding outside of Luochuan with Orlando.\\ From there Nikki accompanied Kimi on an undercover mission back to Welton, the capital of Apple Federal, where the two remain as of Chapter 17.
Kimi's involvement in Miraland's politics goes deeper than her position in the Apple Federal Apparel Group. The "Dawn Front" event made it clear that she holds a high position in the "Dawn Wings," a group of stylists and soldiers dedicated to opposing Nidhogg's invasion of the Cloud Empire and the shadowy "Night Order".

  • Curtains Match the Window: Silver hair and silver eyes.
  • Dub Name Change: She's called Sakura in the Japanese server.
  • Hair Decorations: A simple black bow.
  • Height Angst: Not mentioned in game, but in the supplementary manga Kimi becomes upset when Joe implies that she won't be able to find a replacement outfit at the Designer's Tea Party because she's not as tall at the models. When she requests a demonstration of Nikki's styling abilities, she tells Nikki "the key is to make me look taller!"
    Joe: My lady, the clothes here are for the models. With all due respect, with the height of the lady...
    Kimi: They just don't fit me, that's all! I can figure out some good combinations! Are you looking down on me!? Or are you implying I'm too short?!
  • Non-Idle Rich: Kimi may have been born and raised on the lap of splendor and luxury, but she has worked hard for her success.
  • The Ojou: A mix of Ice Queen and Nice Girl - especially to Nikki, whom she comes to admire and like quite a lot.
  • Older Than They Look: She's actually 17, but her short stature makes her look quite a bit younger.
  • Sacred First Kiss: Kimi has her first kiss with Reid during the Apple Federal Apparel Group's auction due to some espionage shenanigans. Bobo is more upset about Kimi "losing" her first kiss than Kimi is.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: She's very smart and perceptive, and also tiny.
  • Teen Genius: She's just 17 and looks even younger than that, yet she's already a very talented fashion designer and has quite the position in her father's company. And one that she earned through her own merits as a designer, rather than having it handed to her for being the daughter of the boss.
  • Woman in White: She wears a white dress with black stripes.

Joe Brownie
"My Lady, as a young girl, you already speak like the president."

Voiced in Japanese by: Eiji Takemoto

Chief designer in the Apple Federal Apparel Group, more often than not seen in the company of the Group's heiress Kimi. Joe has a keen eye for style and an impressive portfolio under his belt. He and Kimi take an interest in Nikki's abilities when they meet at the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount.

The "Dawn Front" event confirmed that he is allied with the "Dawn Wings" faction alongside Kimi.

  • Chick Magnet: Joe appears to be quite popular with the ladies of Apple Federal. According to the description of the "Model's Swagger" shoes, "it is said that the most popular model of Apple Federal is one of Joe's rumored girlfriends too!"
  • Dub Name Change: Called Job Rooney in the Japanese version.
  • High Class Gloves: Wears a pair of classy white gloves with an abundance of silver rings over them.
  • Mistaken for Romance: If the description for the "Fragrance*Pink" shirt is to be believed, some people think he and Kimi are dating. They aren't.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: As Kimi's companion and the chief designer in the company owned by her father.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: He's always dressed in a suit, and he accessorizes it with High Class Gloves, rings, and an elaborate silver vest chain.
  • Silver Fox: He isn't yet out of his thirties (according to Kimi), but his stylishly coiffed silver hair makes him look more mature. (Then again, Kimi is a teenager with silvery hair, so perhaps one shouldn't read too much into hair color.)

Bai Jinjin (Haru)
"You do look like me with long hair"

Voiced in English by: Marieve Herington

A cute girl from the Cloud empire, Bai Jinjin bears an uncanny resemblance to Nikki - so much so that Lunar and Bobo thought they were twins! Bai Jinjin is introduced at the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount with her boyfriend, Zhong Lizi. The young couple have faced some pretty tough times: the two of them eloped when Bai Jinjin's father turned down Zhong Lizi's marriage proposal, on the grounds that he was too poor. Nikki gained Bai Jinjin's friendship and trust when she prevented agents of Bai Jinjin's father from abducting Jinjin at the Designer's Tea Party. They met again in the Cloud Empire while staying at the same inn, only for more agents of Bai Jinjin's father to cut the reunion short. Nikki put their resemblance to work, disguising herself as Jinjin to distract the agents and give the couple enough time to escape.

As of Chapter 15, Zhong Lizi informs Nikki that Bai Jinjin has willingly returned to her family home, in order to persuade her clan to intervene in the war between the Cloud Empire and the North Kingdom.

  • Battle Couple: As it's been said above, big conflicts in Miraland are more often than not solved via fashion shows rather than fighting. This makes her and Lizi the fashionista equivalent to this, with her as the model and him as the stylist.
  • Berserk Button: She really, really doesn't like it when people don't trust her, and especially if it's her beloved Lizi. She briefly shuts down and runs away when Lizi hires Mira to model a very racy outfit behind her back, but it's less about her being jealous of Mira and much more because Lizi wasn't straightforward with her about the deal.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: She is very good at modelling anything from the Cloud Empire, but quite bad at other styles — especially regarding clothes from the Pigeon Kingdom. Qiong was counting on it when she challenged "Jinjin" to a Pigeon-styled match, and when she unexpectedly lost it she realized it was Nikki posing as her.
  • Hair Decorations: Her trademark black and gold barrette.
  • Identical Stranger: She looks almost exactly like Nikki, save for being smaller and having short hair. Nikki even becomes her Body Double when Jinjin's father sends men to seize her and bring her back home.
  • Ill Girl: Not as frail as Queen Nanari, but Bai Jinjin appears to have a weak constitution. When she and Zhong Lizi headed towards the frigid North Kingdom after the attempted kidnapping at the Designer's Tea Party, her health deteriorated to the point that they were forced to return to the Cloud Empire.
    Zhong Lizi: The further north we went, the worse Bai Jinjin's condition would get. Maybe she just can't bear the freezing weather.
  • MacGuffin: In Chapter 7, it's implied that Jinjin took two very important items with her when she ran away from her family so she'd be with Lizi.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: She and Lizi aren't married yet, but they follow the trope to a T. They're even super sweet and coy when they argue, according to Bobo!
  • Uptown Girl: She's from a high-class family and is dating the middle-class stylist Lizi. They actually eloped to dodge her father's Parental Marriage Veto.

Zhong Lizi (Saki)
"Now I see that trusting each other is the most important thing. So no matter what happens, I shall always be honest with you."

Voiced in English by: Greg Chun

A handsome young man who arrives at the Tea Party with his styling partner and girlfriend, Bai Jinjin. He's a Self-Made Man who is determined to succeed it in the fashion industry.

As of Chapter 15, Zhong Lizi has joined the army of the Cloud Empire in order to repel the advancing North Kingdom invaders. He mentions that he was quickly promoted to an officer's position due to his good designing skills. After internal conflict with his superior officer Huo Qizhuo in Chapter 16, Zhong Lizi was promoted to General.

  • Battle Couple: As all conflicts in Miraland are resolved with fashion, Zhong Lizi (a stylist and designer) and Bai Jinjin (his model) make for an unusual interpretation of the trope.
  • Fashion Designer: Zhong Lizi is a designer like Lunar. He and Bai Jinjin go to the Designer's tea party in order to promote his designs.
  • Insecure Love Interest: He at first believed that he wouldn't be able to provide for Jinjin, so he was willing to leave her for a while so he'd gather enough money and reputation to be worthy of her. Then Jinjin ran away from home and showed up on his doorstep, telling him that she was willing to leave her rich home for him...
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: One that shows up in traditional Chinese clothing.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: He's a tall young man with very nice looks and black hair.
  • Unable to Support a Wife: As a middle-class guy struggling to be a Self-Made Man, Lizi is trying to become famous so he can defy this trope and marry his beloved Jinjin.
  • Uptown Girl: As said above, Jinjin is The Ojou and Lizi is middle-class. Which has brought them lots of trouble.

Officer Orlando
"I think we have same goal in some respects. But I need to get to know your ability first, then we will talk about what to do next."

Voiced in English by: Greg Chun

A military officer of Apple Federation, personal acquaintance of Prime Minister Nidhogg, and a confidant of Kimi's, Officer Orlando moves in the highest circles of Miraland. Nikki literally runs into him while investigating the mysterious happenings in Moonlit City. His diplomatic immunity allows them to get to the heart of the matter, entangling Nikki even further into the political quagmire taking shape across the continent. His work in Moonlit City complete, he advises Nikki to proceed to the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, with the warning to watch out for any activity on the part of the Pigeon Kingdom and the Iron Rose Stylists.

Orlando reappears in Chapter 16, having been injured while protecting Kimi from kidnappers who abducted her father and Joe. He reveals to Nikki & Co. that Apple Federation has joined forces with Nidhogg's Tyre Coalition, with the intention of marching on the Cloud Empire, and that he must return to serve in the Apple Federation army. Although Nikki and Kimi plead for him to stay out of the conflict, he tells them he must remain loyal to his country and departs. They reunite in Chapter 18, when his mission causes him to cross paths with Nikki & Co. again — and with a mysterious assassin with whom he might share a history...

The "Dawn Front" event revealed that he holds a high position in the "Dawn Wings," a coalition of stylists and soldiers dedicated to opposing Nidhogg's invasion of the Cloud Empire and the shadowy "Night Order".

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: He's a highly trained "military officer" who graduated from the Apple Federation Military Academy with top honors and has been entrusted with everything from hunting down escaped criminals to carrying out diplomatic missions... and he wears a sharply tailored suit to get the job done.
  • Classified Information: He knows about secretive operations carried out by the governments of Apple Federation, Lilith Kingdom, and the Cloud Empire.
  • Crash-Into Hello: A non-romantic version — Nikki was so worried about Lunar, she rushed ahead without looking where she was going and ran straight into Orlando.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Wears a tailored pinstripes suit and accessorizes with a pocket square, collar chain, and an umbrella. Many of Orlando's missions have players dressing up in "Evening Gown" attire, as expected from such a snappy dresser.
    Bobo: Yvette mentioned that he is a very gentleman-like soldier and is easy to recognize!
  • Smart People Play Chess: His Dream Weaver biography mentions that he likes to play chess, and his skill is brought up in both the "Immortal Glory" and "Officer & Wine" quests.
  • Stoic Spectacles: From his brief appearances in Chapter 8, Orlando appears to be the cool, calm and collected sort of officer.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: A Sharp-Dressed Man with classy glasses, good looks, and a serious attitude. Before his name is revealed, he's referred to as "Handsome Officer".
  • Tragic Keepsake: The umbrella he has is a keepsake from his friend Flynn, his academy friend who died in combat.
  • Tuxedo and Martini: Not a spy per se, but he's a Sharp-Dressed Man employed by the government of Apple Federation who happens to be personally acquainted with important political and cultural figures from Apple Federation, Lilith Kingdom, and Cloud Empire — not to mention privy to the details of secret government operations from all three.
  • Wine Is Classy: Orlando's second Dream Weaver quest, "Officer & Wine", rewards players with "Soul" accessories in the form of tables laden with various bottles & glasses of wine. The quests that one must play through to obtain the accessories recount an adventure (of dubious canon status) wherein Orlando, Nikki, Momo, and Bobo sit down for a wine tasting and Orlando impresses his companions with his knowledge of the production methods and quality of Miraland's wines.
    Orlando: Currently, the best-selling champagne is acidic. But I think this pink champagne is more suitable for ladies to drink both in terms of vision and taste... the sweetness you tasted is because of the perfect blend of the wine and the residual sugar from the raw pulp.

Lu Yinian, Landlady of the Celestial Pavilion (Landlady Lucy)
"I haven't met a girl as lovely as you for a long time! Nobody has talked about designing with me for many years now. It's gotten quite boring."

Voiced in English by: Laura Post

Click here to see her in battle gear 

A beautiful and elegant woman who once was a famous stylist and model, and now manages the busy and popular inn "Celestial Pavilion" in the Cloud Empire. She takes a liking to Nikki and Co. almost immediately, and when they find themselves in trouble due to Qiong's attacks on their friends Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi, she decides to give them a hand...

Lu Yinian reappears in Chapter 17, where it's revealed that she's expanded her business by opening an inn and restaurant in Welton, the capital of the Apple Federation.

  • Big Fancy House: The "Celestial Pavilion" building is located in what looks like a traditional Chinese mansion.
  • Lady in Red: The beautiful Yinian first appears in a lovely and luxurious red and golden hanfu. When she returns in chapter 17, she is wearing a red blouse in a traditional pattern.
  • Lady of War: Her syling/fighting style equals to this, as she is extremely ladylike and elegant no matter what.
  • Retired Badass: Until a decade ago, Lu Yinian was an undefeated stylist. Now she manages a lovely restaurant and hotel. But when Qiong attacks Bai Jinjin and then Nikki, she shows that her more ruthless side hasn't gone rusty at all.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: Lu Yinian is the perfect hostess, kind and attentive and even a bit motherly. But once the peace in the Celestial Pavilion is disturbed by Qiong's attempt to abduct Bai Jinjin and take whatever precious treasures she was carrying, she tosses away the silk gloves and proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with.
  • Supreme Chef: Her business is famous all over the Cloud Empire for its absolutely delicious food.
  • Team Mom: Lu Yinian makes excellent meals, personally makes sure her guests will feel at home, sends the "kids" (Nikki and Co.) on boat trips in the nearby Celestial Lake (kicking off Chapter 7's sidequests), and personally faces down & calls out anyone who dares mess up with the guests. She seems to be one of the few adults that Nikki & Co. encounter who has nothing but their best interest at heart — as such, Nikki was ecstatic to see her again in chapter 17.

     Recurring Opponents 

"I'm gonna go jogging after I beat you, let's do it right now!"

A very cheerful school girl that Nikki and Momo bump into at the start of their journey. Their paths continue to cross throughout the game, with Aron's busy academic and sports schedules taking her all over Miraland.

  • Genki Girl: Pretty much the one who can rival Bobo in these regards.
  • Girlish Pigtails: She wears her hair like this to showcase her youth.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Her speciality in sports isn't mentioned, but other than that she fits in perfectly. She even wears a school gym uniform during a challenge with Nikki!
  • Tom Boy: Unlike the rather girly Bobo, Aron is super boyish and athletic. Many of her challenges revolve around sports and physical activities.

"It's not like that... I haven't told him my feelings..."

A shy girl who attends school in Wheat Fields, Timi has a huge crush on an upperclassman. She often comes to Nikki for advice on what to wear to impress her "senior." Along with indispensable fashion advice, Nikki gives Timi encouragement to follow her heart and confess to her crush. When they meet again in the Cloud Empire, Timi and her senior have finally gotten together — it turns out he reciprocated her crush, and was the first to confess!.

While Nikki has been traveling through Miraland Timi has completed her education, moved to Apple Federation, and gotten a job writing for Ampithea News' "Magic Star" magazine. Though her senior still lives and works in Lilith, the two meet up every weekend for romantic dates!

"I insist on dressing up nicely every time I go out. Maybe I might just meet my destined boyfriend!"

A serial dater who believes her Mr. Right might be just around the corner, Nikki first meets Toto in Wheat Fields when the later was looking for an outfit to wear on an outing with an Aries photographer. Toto and Nikki continue to cross paths, with Toto often seeking Nikki out for advice on what to wear for her dates.

  • The Cutie: Has a super girly and sweet-looking style, and her challenges tend to favor cute and wholesome-looking outfits.
  • Guy of the Week: She who seems to have a new boyfriend every time Nikki and Co. see her. So far she's dated:
    • An Aries photographer in Wheat Fields
    • A Capricorn theater manager in Cicia
    • An Aquarius painter, also in Cicia
    • A Leo CEO in Wintermount
    • A "sweet and gentle" Cancer in the flower fields of Cloud
    • A Libra designer on a cruise
    • A Scorpio doctor in Lilith City.
    • A Sagittarius actor at the Lilith Styling Contest
    • A Gemini writer in Rosset City
  • Hair Decorations: Toto typically accessorizes her date outfit with a matching hair decoration. The blue bows in her profile picture are just one example — she's also worn headbands, bows, and floral kanzashi.
  • Nice Girl: Toto is flighty and boy-crazy, but also very sweet and kind.
  • Serial Romeo: She genuinely believes that each and every single of the boys she dates could be "the one".

Kaja (Kaze)
"Come to think of it. Am I the only one ever to ask Nikki to pick neutral gender clothes?"

Lead singer of a popular rock band and resident Bifauxnen, Kaja is beloved by men and women alike. She often challenges Nikki to duels that include very boyish clothes (usually involving items tagged "Unisex") in order to broaden Nikki's style horizons. Kaja becomes another of Nikki's supporters, even traveling to the capital city of Lilith to cheer for her in the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest.

"I think the last job didn't suit me well, so I came here to apply for a modeling job..."
Click here to see her more classical style: (Spoiler Warning) 

A recent college graduate, Vivi's first encounter with Nikki was when Momo grabbed her off the street in Wheat Fields and accused her of stealing Lunar's designs. She's forgiven the mischievous cat for that incident, and since become good friends with Nikki & Co. Initially Vivi had wanted to pursue a desk job, but quit in order to take up modeling. Between the Designer's Tea Party, the Fantasy Styling Contest, and Apple Federal Apparel Group's Auction, she's had no shortage of work! It might seem like Vivi is always starting her career over, but she's constantly moving forwards in her dreams of working in the fashion industry.

"Sigh... it's so hard to be a theater manager. Apart from managing, I'm also responsible for finding people and catching thieves!"
Click here to see her appearance in Chapter 3: (Spoiler Warning) 

An elegant, serene theater manager who works in Cicia, the capital of the Lilith Kingdom. Lisa has taken on personal responsibility for ensuring the safety of "Star Sea," a nigh-mythical ballgown that makes an appearance in the December Troupe's production of "The Candy Witch and the Star Sea." Her job is made more difficult by the threats of the "Phantom Thief," a mysterious burglar who has sent letters vowing to steal the dress from the theater. In chapter 3, it's revealed that Lisa is the Phantom Thief, but her motives might be more complicated than they first seemed...

Nikki encounters Lisa again in the Chapter 8 side quests, but their brief reunion in Moonlit City leaves Nikki with more questions than answers. Lisa makes another appearance in a Chapter 17 side quest, working as a hostess in Welton.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She fits in here thanks to her dark hair and her serious, professional attitude. Which stays in even when she's revealed as the Phantom Thief.
  • Double Agent: Lisa took the fall for the attempted theft of the Star Sea, but when she and Nikki meet again she reveals that she was working for the Lilith Government the whole time.
  • Loose Canon: The "Joker & Diamond Mask" event, which took place between the release of Chapters 12 and 13, featured an appearance by Lisa as the manager of the December Troupe. Momo expressed shock at seeing her again, referencing their last Canonical meeting in Chapter 8 (during which she claimed to be going undercover as a school teacher). It's unclear if the event was meant to take place in the Canon of the story.
    Nikki: Lisa!? You're the theater manager again?
    Lisa: Nikki!? I was about to ask why you are here again?
    Momo: Lisa you lied! You promised to be an innocent teacher as the next task! Why theater manager again?! No creativity whatsoever!
    Lisa: It's a government secret. Of course I can't tell you guys!
  • Meganekko: She is a very classy lady and wears glasses.
  • The Reveal: She is the very feared Phantom Thief. Later subverted when she reveals that she is not the Phantom Thief, but an agent of the Lilith Government who posed as the Phantom Thief to draw attention away from a deal the government secretly brokered with the actual Phantom Thief.
  • Token Wholesome: Subverted: she looks classy and all, but looking at her outfits a little closer will show that she's fond of corsets and miniskirts when at work. She throws the trope away when she reveals herself as the extremely stripperiffic Phantom Thief.

"To be able to make progress towards your goal is a fortunate thing."
Click here to see her wearing the legendary Star Sea Ballgown 
Click here to see her appearance in Chapter 17: (Spoiler Warning) 

The classiest, most beautiful model and dancer from the Lilith Kingdom, Sofia is performing in the December Troupe's production of "The Candy Witch and the Star Sea." She'll be wearing the legendary "Star Sea" ballgown during the show. Sofia doesn't seem to be troubled by the Phantom Thief's threats to steal the gown, but perhaps her mysterious past and secretive family history has something to do with that...

Nikki & Co. encounter Sofia again in Chapter 7 when they cross paths at Long Street, near the Flower Fields of the Cloud Empire. Sofia reveals that she is searching for inspiration in two "rare treasures of the Cloud Empire" that are predicted to appear there. Sofia appears again in Chapter 17, performing at the Auction Banquet held by the Apple Federal Apparel Group. Sofia also makes off with the treasured "White Blossom" suit that the Apple Federal Apparel Group had been in the process of auctioning off, revealing her role as the true Phantom Thief. She finds Nikki & Co. again in Chapter 18 in order to return the "White Blossom" suit to Kimi. Sofia was working with Orlando to steal the suit from the supermodel/ thief Hiber, who had been hired to obtain the suit for Reid of the Mercury Group. A side story in Chapter 18 reveals that despite the kerfuffle over the "White Blossom" suit, Sofia is still working with Hiber as they belong to the same criminal family.

  • Belly Dancer:
    • Subverted: she showed up dressed as one in the Flower Field... but as Fu Su explains, it's an illusion created by the field, not the real Sofia.
    • Played straight later, during the "Desert Mirage" event of June 2018. Her belly dancer sprite was reused when she visited the Vudu Desert and performed at a special dance exhibition held there.
  • Fashion Model: Her day work. She's very, very good at it.
  • In the Blood: Sofia is revealed to be the "heir of the Phantom Thief". She herself wonders if she can escape her family's legacy of criminal activity:
    Sofia: How long can the heir of the Phantom Thief be dancing on the stage?
  • Loose Canon: Sofia appeared in the "Desert Mirage" event of June 2018, attending and exhibiting her skills at an exclusive dance performance in the Vudu Desert of the Republic of Wasteland. Whether the exploits of the "Desert Mirage" event are canon or not is debatable.
  • The Reveal: In Chapter 17, Sofia is revealed to be the true Phantom Thief when she steals the "White Blossom" suit from the Apple Federal Apparel Group's auction. Story-segment dialogue from Nikki, Kimi, Bobo, and Momo makes it clear that they don't recognize her and Sofia's dialogue sprite is labeled "Female Thief", but the stage's battle portion clearly tags the opponent's sprite as "Sofia." Subverted in Chapter 18, when she is revealed to have been working with Orlando to return the suit to Kimi after taking the suit from Hiber, who stole in in the first place. Double Subverted in that Sofia is actually the heir of the Phantom Thief, that Hiber is part of her criminal family, and that the two of them have a "priceless commission" coming up that wouldn't have been able to proceed if Hiber had stuck by Reid's plan.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: This pink-haired beauty is a bit proud and all, but is quite friendly to Nikki and Co. when defeated.
  • Stock Costume Traits: As the Phantom Thief, she wears a very risque take on the classic outfit with a top hat (adorned with roses of course), domino mask, and long swish-y cape. The more Stripperiffic aspects come from the Dangerously Short Skirt with a slit up to her navel, thigh high boots (and the ensuing Zettai Ryouiki), and exposed garters.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: Sofia's heritage and role as the real Phantom Thief was revealed a year in advance by Halloween advertisement on the Love Nikki Facebook page in October 2017 depicting her wearing a risque thief's ensemble. The Chapter in which Sofia steals the priceless "White Blossom" suit wouldn't be released until November of 2018.
  • Tsurime Eyes: These help to convey her strong, assertive personality.

Annabel (Aiko)
"I came here for inspiration..."

A pre-teen girl with big dreams and quite the talent for illustration, Annabel makes her living as a manga artist. Nikki and friends meet Annabel in Cicia, where's she's searching out inspiration for her next big project: a love story between a designer and a stylist. She meets Nikki & Co. throughout their travels as she develops her story, often challenging Nikki to contests that help her to better visualize the manga she's working on.

  • Ahoge: She's got a single lock of hair that sticks up from the top of her head.
  • Cat Smile: To go along with her playful personality, she's got a subtle little cat smile.
  • Child Prodigy: She's already a published manga artist and can't be older than 13-14.
  • Girlish Pigtails: High-placed ones, often decorated with ribbons.
  • Kawaiiko: Like Bobo, her style revolves about cuteness. At some point she shows up in a cat-themed outfit (complete with kitty ears and tails!) and looked absolutely adorable in it.
  • The Muse: She regards Nikki as the perfect inspiration for the heroine of the manga that she's creating. Her "Critical Skill" quote has her chastising Nikki for not looking enough like said heroine.
  • Tareme Eyes: In keeping with her cute, bubbly personality.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has purple hair.

"Although designers and stylists are different, I think that they all love good clothes. And to design better clothes, it's very important for them to grasp the styling skills."

A young designer Nikki first meets at the Designer's Tea Party, Kane's calm and friendly demeanor belies the fact that she's from the bellicose North Kingdom. Kane's designs tend towards more mature and elegant aspects of Northern fashion, but her skills and inspiration are unmistakable.

They meet again in competition at the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest in Chapter 10, where Nikki and Kane are assigned to Group B and made to compete in the first round of the contest. After that appearance, her movements are unknown. It's plausible that Kane was in the audience during the attempted coup by Nidhogg at the finale of the Fantasy Styling Contest in Chapter 11, but as of Chapter 18 she has not reappeared. As such, her stance on the conflict between her native North Kingdom and Cloud Empire remains a mystery.

  • Fashion Designer: Kane introduces herself as a designer, but she participates in styling battles to get ideas for how to improve her designs.
  • Grim Up North: She freely admits that the North Kingdom isn't a pleasant place.
    Kane: The North Kingdom is a nation far in the north that worships the army and combat. It's just like a solemn military base. It's known as 'The arctic country bathed in storm and fire.'
  • Hands in Pockets: Of her three sprites, not a one of them has visible hands.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: All (three) of her outfits feature skirts or dresses over color-coordinated tights.


Queen Elle

The ruthless and stylish Queen of the Pigeon Kingdom, who founded the Iron Roses Stylist Group that opposes Nikki and her friends.

More information about her is in the "Historically Important Characters" folder.

"You should be honored that I chose your drawing as a target."

A tough, no-nosense young woman who is a part of Queen Elle's "Iron Rose" league. She's the one who stole Lunar's best design in Chapter 1, leading the cast on quite the chase. She appears again in Chapter 8, raiding the mill where Lunar's family produces the famous Calico Cloud Fabric. She appears to command a handful of goons who rank beneath her in the organization, but each time she's gone up against Nikki she's been defeated. Mela is seen again at the Fantasy Styling Contest, where she is in contact with a contestant from the Pigeon Kingdom known only as "Sherry."

Following her rendezvous with Sherry at the Fantasy Styling Contest, Mela reappeared in Chapter 15 aboard the Iron Rose's airship alongside Ransa and Sherry, as part of the group that gifted Nikki with the Dawn Blade that could counter Nidhogg's Dark Verdict. She also assisted in the evacuation of Nikki, Bobo, and Momo from Cloud City.

  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: She has blond hair (with a dyed red strip) and tanned skin.
  • Fur and Loathing: In her second appearance, Mela has accessorized with a long fur stole.
  • Jerk Ass: She's introduced by stealing Lunar's designs, and isn't much nicer after she's defeated.
  • Knight of Cerebus: She is the first actually antagonistic duelist that shows up.
  • Miss Fanservice: Not only she wears a very revealing leather top crop/miniskirt combo, but she spices it up with short boots, fishnets, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • Stripperiffic: Her leather outfit leaves few to the imagination. In Chapter 8 she adds a nice fur stole.
  • Tattooed Crook: She works in the Iron Rose Stylist group and has at least three tattoos.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the Princess version of stage 8-2, she's hard to beat.

Dansu, the Ghost Dancer
"Lady Bai Jinjin, if you already know about me, then why dig your own grave?! Since you're willing to bet, I will entertain you."

A beautiful, busty, and deadly young woman from the Cloud Empire, specialized in both assassination and fashion. She's an acquintance of Bai Jinjin — more exactly, Jinjin's Overprotective Dad has hired her to bring Jinjin back home by force and strengthen his Parental Marriage Veto over her and Zhong Lizi.

  • Action Girl: She doesn't fully count as a Dark Action Girl (unlike Qiong) since she comes off as more business-like and aloof than anything else, plus she antagonizes the group to force "Lady Bai Jinjin" to return to her family rather than as a part of the "Iron Roses" Stylist group and doesn't seem to have any ulterior plans.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: She takes lots of pride in her ninja skills and her fashion ones.
    Bai Jinjin: Besides assassination, her most important skill is dressing up.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Of the white-haired variety.
  • Fanservice Extra: Shows up for one challenge in Chapter 5 and is never seen again. She's mentioned by Qiong in Chapter 7, so time will tell if she makes another appearance.
  • Miss Fanservice: The most overt one, alongside Mela and Mira the Swimsuit Model. To wit: she's a Dark-Skinned Blond with Boobs of Steel, a very Stripperiffic outfit, clearly visible sarashi under her very short tunic's Absolute Cleavage, Zettai Ryouiki, etc.
  • Ninja: Her other field of work, aside of fashion. To defeat her, the player will have to gather ninja-themed clothes and accessories.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Her hair is styled to cover her right eye completely.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: She has nothing personal against Nikki and Co., she just has a mission and will fill it no matter what.
  • Red Baron: She's known as the "Ghost Dancer" in the Cloud Empire.

Fake Waitress/ Masked Woman/ Qiong, the Cloud Empire Masked Concubine/ Miss Mask
"Identity and nationality are confidential."

Voiced in English by: Wendee Lee

Click here to see her appearance as the "Masked Concubine":  

Click here to see her first appearance: (Spoiler Warning) 

Click here to see her second appearance (Spoiler Warning):  

Another member of the specialized warriors under the employ of Bai Jinjin's father, Qiong serves with the utmost loyalty. She's familiar with Dansu, although she refers to the other woman solely as "Ghost Dancer." She's also quite familiar with Bai Jinjin and her personal style, to the point that she could spot when Nikki disguised herself as Bai Jinjin, due to Nikki's superior styling skills and the lack of Jinjin's style flaw. She had first appeared twice in Chapter 5 as the waitress who blocked Nikki & Co. from entering a restaurant, and again as the "masked woman armed to the teeth" who attacked Nikki at the end of the Tea Party.

She and Nikki meet again at the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, where her motives remain unclear. She isn't seen again until a Chapter 19 side quest, where she appears in Losol City on unknown business.

  • Affably Evil: She is near always polite and soft-spoken to a fault.
  • The Comically Serious: Briefly takes this role in the Fantasy Styling Contest, staying calm and stone-faced as Momo and Bobo have a simultaneous Freak Out at the sight of her.
  • Dark Action Girl: She's closer to this than Dansu, as she is fond of extremely ruthless tactics when she fights and styles and is far colder than her.
  • Gray Eyes: She has them and fits in the Type 2 of the trope: "a cold, strong-willed, and unapproachable character often with an "ideas above people" mentality"
  • Foil: To Dansu. While Dansu's styling puts emphasis on her toughness and sex appeal, Qiong's is more about being ladylike and classy. Her very elegant wardrobe (save for what she was wearing as the masked warrior) is quite telling
  • Master of Disguise: Has appeared so far as a waitress in Wintermount, a masked woman who tried to steal designs from Nikki & Co., as the "Masked Concubine" while trying to apprehend Bai Jinjin, and finally as herself at the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest.
    • Momo was able to recognize her in the Cloud Empire as the waitress from Wintermount, but not as the masked bandit.
      Momo: Is... is this the waitress who blocked us from entering the restaurant back in Wintermount?
    • Bobo was able to recognize her at the Styling Contest as the masked bandit, but not during their prior encounter at the Celestial Pavilion.
      Bobo: Nikki, look! That is the bandit who was armed to to teeth and tried to rob our designs in Wintermount!
  • Mysterious Woman: Near nothing is known about Qiong, aside of her styling skills and how she works for Bai Jinjin's father.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: There's something... unsettling about the empty, expression-less stare in Qiong's Grey Eyes. Sharp-eyed players may have noticed that she had it even as the Wintermount waitress, combined with a smile that is anything but.


Nidhogg (Henry)
"If you do not have power, you will be eliminated."

Voiced in Japanese by: Daisuke Ono

Spoiler Warning: Click here to see his appearance in later chapters 

The Prime Minister of the Lilith Kingdom and a direct subordinate of Queen Nanari, Mr. Nidhogg is a man who values power. Growing up an orphan in the harsh North Kingdom, he burst onto the political scene after attending the Designer's Tea Party in Wintermount — his "Rose Dress" design won him the respect of Queen Nanari and a place in her administration. With legions of fans in both Lilith and the North Kingdoms, he's something of a minor celebrity. He attends to most of the Lilith Kingdom's daily affairs whilst Queen Nanari is unwell and Prince Royce is indisposed. A famously strict employer, many wonder why he keeps his clumsy secretary Yvette around, beyond her occasional usefulness as a model for his designs.

One also wonders what truly goes on in the mind of a man working for a kingdom that isn't his own...

During the Fantasy Styling Contest in Chapters 11 and 12, he is revealed to be behind the attempted coup of Lilith. Despite his failure to overthrow the government of Lilith durin the Fantasy Styling Contest, his forces may or may not be behind the disappearance of Queen Nanari. Royce also speculates that Nidhogg is also responsible for Yvette's disappearance (which is later expanded on in one of Yvette's Dream Weaver quests). He's mentioned in a newspaper in Chapter 14 as the leader of the League Till, a new coalition of North Kingdom troops that are attacking the Cloud Empire. He reappears in Chapter 15 where he duels and fatally wounds Lunar in Cloud City, plunging Miraland into war. He encounters Nikki again in Chapter 19, when his deal with Dr. Gray Raven to collect the "White Blossom" dress unexpectedly delivers Nikki, Momo, and Kimi to the League Till headquarters in North Kingdom. Nikki challenges him to another styling contest, but it's broken up by the intervention of Louie, who engages Nidhogg in a duel, and Ace, who rescues Nikki & Co..

Posts on the developer's facebook page indicated that he is also affiliated with the mysterious "Night Order," whose members include the Demon Doctor Gray Raven, Shade from the "Invisible Blade," and Reid from the "Mercury Group."

  • The Ace: He's regarded as this in Lilith since he's hot, smart, talented, efficient, popular, etc. He fits more as a Broken Ace, due to the revelations about him in Chapter 11 and 12.
  • Benevolent Boss: Towards his cute and mousy secretary Yvette, who admires him quite a bit. Since Yvette is a Naïve Newcomer and he's the Evil Chancellor, there are surely other reasons for it.
  • Brainy Brunette: He's a well-respected politician with dark hair.
  • Chick Magnet: Yvette isn't the only girl smitten with Nidhogg: women of all the realms are enamoured with him. Bobo tells Nikki in one of the sidequests in Chapter 4 that not only he's absolutely adored in Lilith, but very well-loved by the ladies from the North Kingdom aka his birthplace, who really want him to go there and, hopefully, return home to them someday. And when Bobo herself gets the chance to meet Nidhogg in a Chapter 7 sidequest, she displays exactly the same heart eyes she got when she saw Kaja for the first time in Wheat Fields, or when she realized that Royce was the Prince of Lilith.
  • Coat Cape: Adds one as part of his Evil Makeover — it makes him look twice as wide at the shoulders.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: It's briefly mentioned that not only Nidhogg once was a poor orphan, but that he faced lots of difficulties in the very cold North Kingdom, which is the closest to a Crapsack World in Miraland. And with time, the once poor lonely boy grew into a cold, powerful enemy.
  • Dissonant Serenity: He never ever loses his cool, even after the Star Sea is almost stolen.
  • Empty Eyes: Observant players will notice that Nidhogg's brown eyes look a bit... lifeless. After he reveals his treacherous intentions, his glance becomes even colder and emptier.
  • Evil Makeover: When he reappears at the head of League Till, laying siege to Cloud City, his color palette has switched from black-purple-white to black-white-silver, and he's added an imposing black greatcoat, military cap, and a sword that gives him an unbeatable advantage in styling battles.
  • Flower Motifs: Many of the items he's said to have designed are decorated with roses — starting with the Rose Dress that captured Queen Nanari's attention.
  • The Good Chancellor: Nidhogg worked hard to earn his place in the government of Lilith Kingdom and he takes his duties very seriously. He keeps the country running while Queen Nanari is ill, and personally attends to domestic policy issues instead of sending subordinates to do it. This image is only a facade; it turns out that he's actually an Evil Chancellor. In Chapters 11 and 12 it's revealed that he was plotting a coup against the Royal Family, and the armed intruders at the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest were there under his orders. When the rebellion is quelled he simply disappears back to his natal North Kingdom, taking Yvette with him.
  • High Class Gloves: Wears a pair of classy white gloves. And switches them for black gloves after his Evil Makeover.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He is the Prime Minister of the Lilith Kingdom and is quite good at his job. Which lets him hide his darker side.
  • Right Makes Might: His mindset, which makes sense considering the struggles among the Miraland nations and the few that's known about his past. Considering what he truly is, it makes even more sense.
  • Ship Tease: With Yvette, natch. Nidhogg seems to be well aware of her Subordinate Excuse on him (to the point of teasing her about it), during the incident with the Star Sea he does his best to keep her near him so she won't get hurt or lost, and in Chapter 8 Momo speculates that he got jealous when Yvette mentioned Orlando in glowing terms. Being who he is, he surely kept her around to use her in his plans rather than anything else, though he does take her with him instead of simply killing or abandoning her on the spot.
  • Skunk Stripe: His dark hair has a distinctive white strip.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: He is quite tall, dark-haired, and very good looking.
  • Walking Spoiler: While Nidhogg appeared rather early in the game, his actual role in the story brings quite the change to the plot...

Yvette (Yasu)
"I... I'm only curious... I think the Prime Minister is great!"

Prime Minister Nidhogg's gentle and shy personal secretary, she accompanies him in his travels around Miraland. Yvette idolizes Mr. Nidhogg and tries to do the best work she can for him, but her efforts always seem to fall short of his expectations. Mr. Nidhogg is renowned for his high standards and no-nonsense attitude, but he usually lets Yvette off with only a minor chiding. The two work closely together, and office gossip could lead one to believe that the Prime Minister keeps her around for reasons beyond her administrative and styling skills...

She disappeared during Nidhogg's attempted coup in Chapters 11 - 12, with Royce voicing his suspicions that she had been kidnapped by Nidhogg. As of Chapter 15, her whereabouts are unknown.

Yvette's Dream Weaver quests reveal that she has an older sister named Kiki who works in the private sector. Though Kiki cares deeply for Yvette, even she describes Yvette as clumsy, simple, and timid.

  • Bumbling Sidekick: More like bumbling personal secretary — Yvette works hard and does her best to keep up with Mr. Nidhogg, but she can't even beat Nikki in a styling match.
  • Cute Bookworm: She works for Nidhogg and has very modest, yet quite cute looks. Perhaps this is the reason the Prime Minister keeps her around?
  • Gray Eyes: She has gray-green eyes (depending on which sprite is used) and save for her brown hair, she perfectly fits in the Type 3 ("innocent person").
  • Ship Tease: Again, with Nidhogg. Which is probably what he planned.
  • Shrinking Violet: She is a very shy, kind and quiet young woman.
  • Subordinate Excuse: She's quite strongly implied to have feelings for Mr. Nidhogg, who playfully lampshades them at some point. Then again this is Nidhogg, so who can blame her? Too bad that makes her liable to manipulation...
  • Tareme Eyes: These help to convey her shy, quiet personality.
  • Token Wholesome: Her dressing style is said to be elegant and business-like.

Mayor of Moonlit City
"But this is Moonlit City which is under my rule, not your territory."

Voiced in English by: Brianna Knickerbocker

The savvy and scheming elected leader of Moonlit City, the Mayor is rumored to be in cahoots with the Iron Rose Stylist league - it's reported that she's stolen goods from her own citizens, and even gone so far as to hold designers captive in order to get what she wants. Nikki & Co. believe the Mayor to be behind Lunar's kidnapping and the attacks on her family business, and with Officer Orlando's assistance they investigate the Mayor's activities.

When the Mayor finally reveals her self to Nikki, the rumors of her cooperation with the Iron Rose Stylist league turn out to be false. The Mayor had tricked the Iron Rose Stylist league into believing she was an ally; her "raids" on the citizens of Moonlit City were actually covert operations to rescue their goods from the clutches of the Iron Rose. She and Lunar are actively working to disrupt the Iron Rose Stylists by substituting inferior goods for Moonlit City's prized textile and design products.

The "Dance of Black Rose" event, which ran during December 2017, revealed that Nikki and the Mayor of Moonlit City remained on friendly terms after parting in Chapter 8, with both attending the mysterious ball held by the the personification of Death.

  • Creepy Child: Played for Laughs in her first appearance, where she playfully threatens to lock up Momo for saying there's something wrong with her.
  • Good All Along: The Mayor has been funneling counterfeit goods to the Iron Rose, while helping her citizens to hide their valuable products in a secret tunnel beneath the city.
  • Hey, You!: She refers to Momo as "[insert adjective here] cat", not by his name.
  • Improbable Age/ Older Than They Look: Either she's an adult who looks like she's twelve years old, or Moonlit City elected a preteen as it's mayor. Given the nature of politics in Miraland... either is likely.
  • Kawaiiko: Her favored challenges involve getting Nikki to dress up in cute clothing, often with animal prints or fantastical elements. She made an appearance in the Dance of Black Roses event, challenging Nikki to dress up in cute clothes with the "Pet" tag.
  • Reverse Mole: She tricked the Iron Rose Stylist league into an alliance, and their trust in her made it easy to deceive them with cheap imitations of her citizen's artistry.

Ancient Pavilion Sisters (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
From top left, clockwise: Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn.

Four beautiful flower field fairies who live in and tend to the famous Ancient Pavilion. If one wishes to meet the Ancient Pavilion designer, they'll have to defeat each of the four sisters in a fashionable showdown. There haven't been many challengers as of late, leaving the sisters lonely and somewhat disconnected from the outside world. In fact, the only person they have regular contact with would be Fu Su the disciple of the Ancient Pavillion Designer.

  • Four-Girl Ensemble: Spring is the Sweet One, Winter is the Tomboy/Genki Girl, Summer is the Sexy One, and Autumn is the Quiet/Serious One.
  • Genki Girl: Winter is super cheery and energetic.
  • Hair Decorations: Spring has pink blossoms on her ponytail, Autumn has a golden hair brooch, and Winter has fuzzy baubles plus a just as fuzzy Nice Hat. Summer replaces this with a huge hat that includes a cute lotus as decoration.
  • Head Swap: A particularly egregious example — all the sister's sprites have identical torsos, heads, and legs (though one of Autumn's legs has been edited so her knees appear closer together). Spring and Winter use the same base sprite with their arms held at their sides, while Summer and Autumn have had their arms redrawn in unique positions.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Summer shows up in a pretty bikini, while Autumn wears a qipao with a Cleavage Window.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Spring is very girlish and shows up in a pink dress.
  • Precocious Crush: Winter, the youngest of the girls, is strongly implied to have a huge crush on Fu Su.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: The four ladies may have different dressing styles and, in Winter's case, quite the age difference with the other three. But it's easy to see that they're sisters upon taking looks at their faces.
  • Theme Naming: After the Four Seasons, of course.
  • Token Wholesome: Compared to Summer and Autumn, Spring and Winter come off as this.
  • Walking the Earth: After Fu Su's last match with Nikki and the revelation that the Designer has been dead for a while already, he and the Sisters decide to leave the Fields and see the world again.

Fu Su (Higo)
"I think it's time to open the long-sealed gate."
Spoiler Warning: Click here to see his true appearance 

Voiced in English by: Faye Mata

A young man who lives in the mountains near the Ancient Pavilion, he offers to guide Nikki and her friends to the Ancient Pavilion if they can defeat his design. He proves to be friendly and helpful as Nikki traverses the magical Flower Field, even if he seems to be keeping tight lipped about his relationship to the Ancient Pavilion. It is eventually revealed that Fu Su was the apprentice to the Ancient Pavilion designer before the old man's death. His meeting with Nikki inspired him to travel beyond the Flower Fields, accompanied by the Flower Field Fairy Winter.

The "Four Wars" event revealed that Fu Su is a confidant of the young Empress of the Cloud Empire, and may be hiding even more secrets.

  • The Apprentice: Apprenticed to the late Ancient Pavilion Designer.
  • Walking the Earth: His encounter with Nikki inspires him to leave the Flower Fields and the Ancient Pavilion in order to study fashion and "reach a deeper understanding".

Fantasy Envoy
"Haha, many people have said that I possess a certain kind of affinity. Maybe that's what you're feeling."

A mysterious fellow who goes by the name "Fantasy Envoy," he first introduced himself to Nikki & Co. in Chapter 9 at the festivities preceding the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest. Ace is already familiar with him from her travels, calling him "a lunatic" who is constantly inventing new challenges for stylists.

He reappears in a Chapter 19 side quest in Losol City, but what he's doing in such a dangerous place is a total mystery.

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: His only concern seems to be with getting random stylists to participate in his "Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skill" stylist battles, and he's convinced his new battle system will become insanely popular.
  • In the Hood: Wears a long cloak with a hood that conceals his face.
  • Magic Staff: The Fantasy Envoy carries a tall staff with a glowing purple gem at the top, but has never been seen using it to perform magic.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: Overlaps with That One Boss — the Fantasy Envoy introduces a new feature called the "Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skills" system, which forces players to compete in back-to-back styling battles against a single opponent. Players select their outfits before the battle as per usual, but any items selected for the first theme can't be used in the subsequent themes.

Sherry/Xue Yi
"How did you go from a nobody to an overnight sensation at Wintermount?"

Voiced in Japanese by: Yui Horie

A mysterious stylist from the Pigeon kingdom, virtually nothing is known about Sherry besides her striking beauty and her styling talent. Nikki first encounters Sherry at the Lilith Fantasy Styling Contest, where Sherry is competing on behalf of the Pigeon Kingdom. Sherry disappears during the raid on the Fantasy Styling Contest, though she was last seen with Mela of the Iron Rose Stylist League. She reappears in Chapter 14, when she tracks Ace to the Republic of Wasteland and convinces her to return to the Pigeon Kingdom for unknown reasons.

Sherry reappeared in Chapter 15 as the driver of the Iron Rose's airship, and alongside Mela and Ransa as part of the group that gifted Nikki with the Dawn Blade capable of countering Nidhogg's Dark Verdict. She also assisted in the evacuation of Nikki, Bobo, and Momo from Cloud City.

  • Dub Name Change: Named Blanche in the Japanese version. In the English version of chapter 16, she's referred to by her original name Xue Yi.
  • Evil Albino: Sherry is from the belligerent Pigeon Kingdom and is openly in contact with Mela (a known member of the Iron Rose Stylist League). She hasn't had much dialogue aside from her brief appearance in Chapter 11, but neither of these traits bode well.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: Sherry's normal attire appears to be an opulent red ballgown. Whilst Nikki wears a simple pink sundress between rounds, Sherry seems to wear her gown even outside of competition.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: As part of her Evil Albino looks, Sherry has red eyes. She's also noted to be a dangerous opponent in the Fantasy Styling Contest, with Kimi expressing relief that Nikki wasn't pitted against Sherry in the first rounds.

Starphenie/ Starlet
"My master is an outstanding fortuneteller. She accepted me as an apprentice because I have talent."

A talented designer and astrologist, Starphenie's point of view is a little out of this world. She studies the movement of the planets and astrological bodies to peer into the future - usually seeing portents of trouble and strife. Her astrological talent is so great that she's apprenticed to the most sought-after fortune teller in Lilith Kingdom, the famed Star Seer.

Starphenie was first introduced in the recurring "Happiness" event as a wedding dress designer. She made her story mode debut with the release of Chapter 14, bumping into Nikki, Momo, and Bobo in the Republic of the Wasteland. She is later mentioned to have applied for a job with Amphithea News as their horoscope writer.

  • Astrologer: Like her master the Star Seer, Starphenie can predict the future by studying the motion of the stars. She's even been hired by the most popular newspaper in all of Apple Federal, "Amphithea News," as their horoscope consultant.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Starphenie is a talented wedding dress designers and an amateur fortune teller of some skill, but she's got zero street smarts. When her master sent her on a quest to improve her styling skills she ended up losing her wallet in the Republic of Wasteland, only to become lost herself when she attempted to recover it. She only managed to find her way home because she bumped into Nikki, Bobo, and Momo while they were on their quest for the Miracle Scroll. Later she attempted to travel from Lilith to Apple Federal (giving herself a good two weeks for a journey that should have only taken a few days) and still got lost.
  • Dojikko: Momo describes her as a "muddled, goofy girl," and he's not wrong. Starphenie's reliance on fortune telling usually takes her where she needs to be, but not without a fair bit of trouble along the way. She once attempted to use an astrolabe to navigate her way to Hrawi/ Hela Vi, and nearly drowned when it led her into a lake.
  • Inconsistent Translation: In her recurring appearances during the "Happiness" events, her name has been translated as "Starphenie," but she's referred to as "Starlet" in the Time Diary feature and in her appearance in Chapters 14 & 15.
  • Stellar Name: Starphenie. Like Stephanie, but more celestial. Doubly so for Starlet.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Stars. Stars everywhere. Stars in her hair, stars on her dress, stars on her necklace & socks, stars in her name... it's something of a running theme with her.
  • Tareme Eyes: To show her mysterious and quiet nature.
  • Waif Prophet: A slip of a girl who can hardly take care of herself, yet possesses a measure of prophetic abilities. She's apprenticed to the Star Seer, the most famous fortune teller in Lilith Kingdom.

"This is Ampithea News, live from the scene!"

A reporter with Ampithea News, Cali is well informed about both history and contemporary events in Miraland. Nikki & Co. meet Cali in Chapter 15, where she assists them in sneaking into the besieged Cloud City in exchange for the promise of an interview with Nikki.

Though her formal introduction occurs in Chapter 15 (released in August 2018), due to the achronological schedule of event releases on the English Language server Cali's first appearance was during the "Void Singer" event of March 2018. Cali turned up to report on the idol battle between the alien songstress Hemis and Ruin Island's computer generated pop star Kaiser, expressing her excitement at the thought of being able to report on such a rare event. She would reappear during the "Wonder Museum" event of April 2018 to report on a limited exhibition of rare fossils in the Pigeon Kingdom. In both instances she expressed familiarity with Nikki and Momo, even asking them for assistance on her journalistic assignments.

  • Continuity Nod: According to the item description for "Poem and Travel," Cali keeps a poetry collection by Eagle (the paramour of the famous Northern war hero Yunikina) in her bag. This could explain why she knows so much about the Yunikina's history in Chapter 15.
  • Going for the Big Scoop: Cali is gung-ho on getting information about the newsworthy events - up to and including crawling through the sewers to report from inside an active warzone.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Cali's insistence on getting to the heart of the matter helpfully provides backstory on the special events for Nikki & Co. (and the players).
  • Meganekko: Has a pair of round, black-framed glasses that add an air of intelligence and curiosity to her cutesy appearance.
  • Stock Costume Traits: Cali's outfit is a cuter, more feminine take on a reporter's costume: trench coat, white shirt, cap, camera, and a notebook for recording her observations.

"I'm really the son of the Pota's chief! The totem on my face is the very proof!"

Son of the chief of the Pota tribe who dwell in the Republic of Wastelands. When his father fell under the sway of a foreign stylist named Ransa, Tuda became suspicious of Ransa's motives. Tuda discovered that Ransa was poisoning his father in order to seize control of the Pota tribe, but Ransa imprisoned him before he could use this knowledge against her. He escaped, and sought Nikki's help to reveal Ransa's evil plot. With Ransa defeated and his father on the road to recovery, he tells Nikki that she has inspired him to travel and gain experience as a stylist himself. He's stated his intention to travel to the North Kingdom to begin his studies.

  • Braids, Beads and Buckskins: Braided hair? Check. Beads? Check. Facepaint? Check. Poncho with fringe? Check. Enough feathers to take flight? Check. Tuda is also shown wearing a dreamcatcher as a necklace.
  • In Training: At the end of Chapter 13, Tuda tells Nikki that she has inspired him to become a stylist himself — he tells her he intends to leave the Pota tribe and travel the nations of Miraland to study their unique styles.
  • Vague Age: Tuda's sprite makes him look like he could be anywhere from 10 to 16. Nikki calls him a "little boy," Bobo calls him "little one," and Ace says he's been through so much for "a little kid." Furthermore, the rules of the Pota tribe allow children to select a champion to battle in their stead (a rule he cites when he selects Nikki to confront Ransa). That being said, at the end of the chapter he tells Nikki & Co. that "after experiencing these incidents, I feel like I really have grown up overnight," and states his intention to travel and study as a stylist. He doesn't say when he'll depart, but the wording makes it sound like he'll be leaving soon. Unless it's common for young teenagers to travel around Miraland unattended, it's more likely that he'd be somewhere in the age range of 14 to 17 if he were to embark on that kind of journey.

No Official Art on English Language Server
Click here to see her appearance on other servers 

A mysterious woman who impressed the chief of the Pota tribe of the wastelands with her styling talents, and would go on to insinuate herself into Pota's religious and political spheres by becoming the archpriest of the tribe. She used her influence over the chief to feed him a continuous regimen of poison, eventually putting him into a coma and seizing power for herself. Knowing that Tuda (the chief's son) was aware of her crime, she ordered Tuda locked away from the rest of the tribe. When Tuda escapes and enlists Nikki's help, Ransa's reign is finally ended with her defeat in a styling contest. She flees the Pota tribe, vowing to return someday... but during her retreat she leaves behind the badge of the Iron Rose Stylist Legion.

She reappeared in Chapter 15 aboard the Iron Rose's airship alongside Mela and Sherry, as part of the group that gifted Nikki with the Dawn Blade that could counter Nidhogg's Dark Verdict. She also assisted in the evacuation of Nikki, Bobo, and Momo from Cloud City.

Ransa made an appearance in the June 2018 "Phantom in Desert" event, during which she and Nikki appeared to on familiar terms. In the course of the event, Nikki and Momo meet with Ransa while she stays with the Mist Sand Tribe of Wasteland's Vudu dessert, where Ransa is assisting Nikki on a quest to "design one of King Sayet's relics" by researching where to locate materials with which to craft the relic. Due to the sporadic nature in which events are published on the English language server, it's likely that Ransa and Nikki will meet again in as-of-yet unpublished chapters and resolve their ideological differences from Chapter 14, or at the very least agree to work together towards the goal of creating one of King Sayet's relics.

  • Cultural Translation: Ransa's Character Portrait was removed from the English Language Server's version of Chapters 13 and 15, and her battle sprite was replaced with a minor character from an earlier chapter (the Wasteland contestant from the Fantasy Styling Contest in Chapter 12) relabeled "Ransa's Minion." A quick glance at her appearance in other servers reveals her to be a blonde woman wearing what looks like a sexy "Native American" Halloween costume — complete with beads, feathers, face paint, and a war bonnet. No official statement was made as to why her character portrait was removed from the game. But speculation among fans abounds that the removal of her portrait was part of an effort by the developers to reform some of the more... regrettable aspects of Chapter 13 from the original game (text from the South East Asian Server's version of Chapter 13 has Bobo and Momo refer to residents of the Republic of Wasteland as cannibals, and Nikki suggests that they dress "in bohemian clothes" so as not to be "taken away by the locals!"), and to avoid accusations of cultural appropriation. It remains to be seen if Ransa will get a different sprite in the future.
  • Evil Chancellor: Insinuates herself into the leadership of the Pota tribe, then poisons the chief in order to take power.
  • High Priest: Is appointed the archpriest of the Pota tribe due to her styling skills. This is apparently a position with serious political power, as she becomes the uncontested leader of the tribe when the Chief slips into a coma.
  • Poison Is Evil: Poisons the Chief of the Pota tribe with a "strange elixir" that "worsens his condition." It's noted that his potion is highly addictive, causing the chief to crave more and more of it before eventually falling into a coma.

" you want to compete again? This time... I'll use the exact examples from the book. You'd better prepare!"

A dwarf in the employ of the Pigeon Kingdom's Iron Rose Stylist League, Debbie relies on her studies to inform her styling.

Debbie's first appearance is in Chapter 16, where the Pigeon Legion has set up camp outside of Luochuan.

  • Bookworm: When the Mela, Sherry, and Ransa left Luochuan for Cloud City in order to collect Nikki & Co., they invited Debbie to accompany them — but Debbie was so focused on the book she was reading, she didn't even notice that she was being called.
  • Cutesy Dwarf: Debbie's sprite is drawn with the proportions of a child. Upon meeting her, Bobo is amazed by "how cute" Debbie is:
    Bobo: "Ah, I'm still unable to accept what is before my eyes. This adorable dwarf is actually a stylist of Iron Rose... You're differ [sic] from them so much!"
  • Ditzy Genius: So long as she can reference her books, Debbie has formidable styling abilities — she's even beaten Mela in the past. But sometimes she flips to the wrong page and ends up wearing a totally unsuitable style.
    Sherry: "Debbie is very reliant on books so she's not consistent in styling contests. She ranks tenth among the Iron Rose stylists — but you shouldn't underestimate her."
  • High-Class Glass: Debbie wears a monocle (though it disappears when her sprite changes facial expressions) as part of the Stock Costume Traits of her "academic" outfit.
  • Older Than They Look: Although she looks like a child, Debbie is a capable stylist and a high ranking member of the Iron Rose Legion.
  • Stock Costume Traits: Debbie's outfit is a cute (but still recognizable) version of a medieval academic's garb: floppy hat (also called a tam) with tassel, long robes with a front closure, a decorated stole, and a monocle. And a large pile of books (ostensibly for study, but they also serve the practical purpose of making her tall enough to speak with her co-workers).
  • Token Mini-Moe: Of the Iron Rose members who have been introduced thus far (Mela and Sherry and Ransa), Debbie is the shortest and cutest. Bobo notes this difference when she expresses her awe at Debbie's adorable nature.

"...Blue... you are here..."
Spoiler alert: Click here to see his appearance in later chapters servers 

The mysterious white haired man who took away Lunar's body after her death in Chapter 15. Lunar's Dream Weaver reveals he is a soldier from the North Kingdom who she took care for after his helicopter crashed in the Cloud Kingdom. The two fell in love as he recovered, and when Louie left to return to the North Kingdom, they made a promise to meet again.
The "Dawn Front" event revealed that he is part of a group called the "Nameless Chivalric Order" and he is working against Nidhogg and his forces.

  • Big Damn Heroes: When Nidhogg is about to kill Nikki in Chapter 19, he steps in and cross blades with him.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Him and Lunar.
  • Walking Spoiler: He's involved in the later part of the story when things take a turn for the dark, so there's bound to be spoilers about him.

General Yue Qianshuang
"No fear of the enemy. No fear of the frost knife. No fear of people. No fear of the heart."

Yue Qianshuang is the head of the Yue family (or Tiger Clan), one of the Four Great Families of Cloud Empire. As master of the clan, she also commands the Tiger Clan's military forces in the western region of the Cloud Empire. Alongside her best friend and trusted advisor Zhu Ruosheng, she has defended Cloud empire territory from bandits and brigands — and now from North Kingdom invaders. Yue's demeanor is generally optimistic and cheerful, sometimes overshadowing the fact that she's a battle-hardened military commander and a brave & loyal solider.

Her first appearance on the English Language Server was during the "Crystal Moon Flower" event as an unnamed NPC who would exchange surplus event currency for rewards like Gold, Diamonds, and Star Coins, earning her much admiration and appreciation from players. She appeared again during the "Smile Circus" event of July 2018, this time as a character with whom Nikki & Co. expressed familiarity. She appeared to be involved in Cloud Empire's efforts to drive of the North Kingdom's invading forces, but the extent of her involvement was, at the time, unknown. The "Art of War" event clarified her role and expanded on her history with Ming Shuiyuan and Zhu Ruosheng. It's revealed that Yue Qianshuang nearly died in the conflicts described in the "Art of War," and only survived due to Ming Shuiyuan's direct intervention.

Ming Shuiyuan
"Don't bother."

Head of the Ming Family, or Deep Sea Clan, one of the Four Great families of the Cloud Empire. Ming Shuiyuan has a good relationship with General Yue Qianshuang of the Yue family. She once loved Zhu Yuxian of the Zhu family, but Zhu Yuxian's love of power drove him to erase his own feelings for her and stab her with a concealed blade.

She first appeared alongside Yue Qianshuang in the "Smile Circus" event of July 2018. She maintains a cool demeanor, tempering Yue Qianshuang's enthusiasm as the two were headed to the Federal Military Technology Expo. The Ming family appears to be especially inclined towards the more technological aspects of warfare, as Shuiyuan herself personally controls the Black Tortoise serpent mecha and her "diamond postcards" are always addressed from the "Machine Workshop" of the "Deep Ocean House" in the Cloud Empire.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Her reserved personality makes her seem standoffish and distant, but she's quite brave and level-headed.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Shuiyuan herself personally conducts repairs on the Black Tortoise serpent mecha of the Deep Ocean Clan. It would also seem she's the only one who can pilot it.
    The black tortoise mech was disassembled into parts, exposing the complex structure of the interior. Constant optimizations by Ming Shuiyuan have equipped it with layers of flexible armors and a variety of hidden weapons, making it the most powerful killing machine and an impregnable shield.
  • Love-Interest Traitor: She was in love with Zhu Yuxian, but he learned to erase his emotions and stabbed her.

Zhu Ruosheng/ Musika
"I don't deserve your praise, Officer. The Four Houses are flooded with talents. Most of them have extreme design and matching abilities. I'm just a junior of the House of Zhu."

Zhu Ruosheng, also known as Musika, is currently the military advisor of Luochuan City. She is also a member of the Yue Army, and a personal friend & advisor to Yue Qianshuang of the Tiger Clan. Ruosheng is a member of the Phoenix Clan, one of the Great Four Families Of Cloud. She's mentioned to be something of a strategic prodigy, having read through the entire history of the Cloud Empire as a child and beaten Cloud's most accomplished Go player at the age of twelve. After passing the "highest imperial exams" at the age of 16, she joined the Yue forces.

When Nikki & Co. first encounter her, Zhu Ruosheng has been moved from her previous post to Luochuan City and is serving there with Zhong Lizi, fending off incursions from the North Kingdom. Zhong Lizi speaks highly of Ruosheng's talents as an advisor to the Yue army, and Ruosheng in turn praises Zhong Lizi's dedication to both the Cloud Empire and Bai Jinjin. She was impressed with Nikki's courage in delivering news of Cloud City's fall to Luochuan, and in Nikki's loyalty to Lunar. It is Ruosheng who delivered to Nikki Orlando's invitation to rendezvous outside Luochuan, reuniting Nikki, Momo, and Bobo with Orlando and Kimi.

  • Child Prodigy: Zhu Ruosheng read the entire history of the Cloud Empire as a child. Later becomes a Teen Genius when she passed the imperial exams at the age of 16 and joined the Yue army.
  • Smart People Play Chess: Or Go in this case - her strategic brilliance is exemplified in the anecdote that mentions how she bested Cloud Empire's best Go player in a match when she was only 12.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: More like Developer gender confusion — Zhu Ruosheng is referred to with both male and female pronouns, both in story segment dialogue and item descriptions... even in the original Chinese.


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