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YMMV / Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Fandom Rivalry: Helix Waltz is a similar game to Nikki with a dress-up system, battles, crafting, and a deep storyline. Naturally because of social media algorithms, Nikki players see this game advertised to them a lot and while some play both games, there's also a lot of enmity between the two fanbases over who made the better dress-up drama.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Nikki/Kimi is easily the biggest ship in the fandom. Royce/Neva also has its share of fans, and some support for Nidhogg/Yvette has also been spotted here and there.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Due to both games being distributed in the West by Elex, the fandoms of Food Fantasy and Love Nikki have a lot of overlap.
  • Narm: In the English localization the script and dialogue are littered with glaring spelling and grammar mistakes, ruining many moments that are supposed to be touching or dramatic.
  • That One Achievement:
    • Many players have expressed their frustration with the criteria set for winning the "Crystal Rose" ballgown. All pieces of the "Crystal Rose" suit are awarded based on achievements, like challenging in the stylists arena for a certain number of times or participating in a certain numbers of weeks of competition, but to win Crystal Rose a player must rank in the top 10 stylists at the end of a week's worth of competition in the arena. This has been cited as impossible for players with a V-level of less than 8, thus making it impossible to achieve without spending any real money on the game.
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    • Some suits required to complete chapters can be a pain, especially Mechanical Heart in Chapter 12 and Heidi Song in Chapter 13.
    • Trying to craft a "Hell Suit", i.e. a suit that takes a large amount of Princess stage items, coins, diamonds, and Star Coins/dyes to create. Star Sea note  is the least painful to complete, just involving a boatload of coins, plus the recipe costs note . Stunning Beauty note  and Marionette Grice note  are worse, since they involve large amounts of items only available in the Princess stages, plus a ton of dyes on top of the costs to buy the recipes themselves. But the worst one by far is Grice note , which involves evolving certain aspects of Marionette Grice. In order to craft Grice, players have to go through the pain of crafting Marionette Grice five times over. Hence players love to show off when they actually finish Grice because the suit is such a difficult achievement that it proves their commitment.
  • That One Level
    • Level 8-2 Princess can be considered this. Players better have "Sexy Bad Girl" suit completed note , or else they won't be able to pass this stage. In fact, putting on any other piece of clothing not related to Sexy Bad Girl will cause players to drastically lose points, even some of the items suggested by the in-game guide!
      • This may have been the case before the release of Chapter 13 in March of 2018, and the Miracle Concert event in May of 2018, but it's now much easier to pass that stage. Both events mentioned included the release of several items with the "Rock" tag, which before were almost exclusive to the "Sexy Bad Girl" outfit.
    • Level 12-1 Princess has given many players headaches. A lot of players will get stuck on just getting an A rank, even when they follow Momo's Guide.
    • Level 7-S3 requires the majority of the Northern Soldier suit (or other clothes with the rare Army tag) to even pass, making it a pretty steep difficulty spike for players at that point in the game.
    • Level 3-S2 requires a dress with the Wedding tag to pass, which isn’t so bad if you’ve been playing long enough to do the Happiness event, which is recurring and has many dresses with the tag. But for newer players, the only option is to craft the Realized Dream dress, which the recipe for costs nearly as many Star Coins as Star Sea.
    • Likewise, Level 9-9 requires items tagged "Swordsman", which seems easy at first... but Assassin Faith - Rare, the highest-scoring dress for that level, requires a high amount of Princess drops, dyes, and gold. Besides that, the level also has 3 different themes, with a separate outfit required for each. Thankfully, "Heroine", a dress purchasable from the Association Workshop, is much easier to obtain and scores high enough for an S-rank.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The dub name changes weren't been well-received by players who were around before the changes. At this point, however, because it's been almost a year since the changes were made and mobile games have massive user churn, the vast majority of current players aren't actually aware there was a script alteration and thus have no opinion on it.

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