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Anime & Manga

  • The evolved form of the "Miss Jellyfish" dress is called Princess Jellyfish.
  • The description for the "Sailor Suit" top reads that it "reminds Nikki of the time when she watched Sailor Moon."
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  • The description for the "Snow White Kitty" dress reads "What will Nikki look like if she costumes herself as Doraemon?"


  • There's a ballerina-inspired set called "Red Shoes" that references the Hans Christian Andersen story of the same name.
  • A vest with military-style epaulets called "Roland," with a description reading "The spirit of chivalry will never die on the European continent..." seems to be a reference to The Song of Roland.
  • In order to dispel the effects of the "Sleep" skill, a player must use the "True Love" skill - a reference to Sleeping Beauty, where true love's first kiss breaks the enchantment on the sleeping princess.
  • In story 4-5, Momo calls Toto's newest boyfriend "totally a carbon copy of Christian Gray."
  • The "Black Forest" top (available in Volume 2, Chapter 4, Stage 3) was originally decorated with the famous opening line "light of my life// fire of my loins// my sin// my soul" from Nabokov's Lolita. Prior to the release on the English server, the wording on the top was changed to a line of poetry by Siegfried Sassoon, "in me the tiger sniffs the rose."

Cinderella receives several shout-outs:
  • The fairy tale is referenced by several in-game mechanics:
    • Crystal Shoes and Crystal Shoe Shards are one of the currencies used in the pavilions, and can be exchanged for a limited selection of exclusive items.
    • The "Clock" skill unequips an opponent's shoes for a short period of time. Several NPCs reference Cinderella when they make use of the skill — opponents Bobo, Timi, and Mela directly reference "Cinderella's crystal shoes" when they use the Clock skill against the player. Additionally, the "Clock" attack can be rebuffed by using the "Cinderella" skill, which redirects the attack towards the one who first cast it.
  • There's a pair of shoes called "Cinderella's Clock" which reference both the above-mentioned equipable "Clock" skill and the fairy tale. Their description reads "Crystal high-heels are not exclusive to Cinderella. Nikki, when did you acquire this skill?"
  • Chapter 2, Stage S1 is called "Cinderella's Sister." The opponent is a member of the theater troupe performing the show "Romeo and Cinderella."

     Snow White 
There are a couple dresses that reference Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in their names and description:
  • "Excellent Student" - a short dress with a blue bodice, white skirt, white collar, and red halter neck tie. The description says "Princess Snow White reincarnated in the Miraland, and became an excellent student in Lilith Apparel School."
  • "Snow White Waitress" - a short white dress with a blue vest, red tie, and matching cuffs. The description says "Princess Snow White reincarnated in the Miraland, and became a cafe waitress after her graduation."
  • "Little Snow White" - a puffy white dress with a red belt. The description reads "There is a princess with hair as black as ebony, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood..."

     Sherlock Holmes 
Sherlock Holmes gets several shoutouts in the game:
  • The "Great Detective" Arena theme references the famed address of the detective: "The simple detective dress always reminds one of the elegance of Baker Street."
  • The "Foggy Street" capelet has a description reading "With this jacket, Nikki feels that she became Sherlock Holmes, who is investigating the kidnapping case of Momo."
  • "221B Baker Street" and "Baker Street No. 221" were presented as competition themes in September and October of 2018 respectively. (Not the first time the developers have offered up similar themes in a short period of time.)
  • The "Detective X" suit makes references to Sherlock Holmes with a" cape, pipe, pocket watch, and monocle."

     Alice in Wonderland 
The Alice Allusion is strong with this game:
  • The "Space Travel" skirt, part of the "Time Idol" set, has the description "Have you even imagined yourself chasing a rabbit and falling into a world of fairy tales someday?"
  • The "Bunny Ears * Blue" hat has a description reading "Maybe it's the hat Alice took from the fantasy world. Nikki should have been in the fantasy world now."
  • The game features an Alice in Wonderland themed outfit that can be obtained in one of the Room of Mystery exchanges. The items that make up the set are as follows:
    • "Alice" - a short blonde wig, with the description "Alice is an innocent and lovely girl, she has the most precious attribute: curiosity."
    • "Alice in Wonderland" - a long sleeved blouse with an a matching cravat, with the description "Alice enters a kingdom through a rabbit hole. It reminds Nikki that she is going through the same story."
    • "Alice's Adventure" - a ruffled skirt with a large clock attached to the belt, with the description "Alice met the fierce Queen of Hearts, and the nice King of Hearts, and the arrogant Knave of Hearts in the large garden."
    • "Wonderland" - an asymmetrical pair of striped socks, with one much taller than the other. The description reads "Alice seems to be the only one who is sane. She keeps exploring and asking herself who am I."
    • "Rabbit Hole" - a pair of plain brown shoes with little rabbit decals on them, with the description "Alice chased a speaking rabbit which has a pocket watch. She dropped into a hole and started her journey."
    • "Mr. Bunny" - a headband with a slightly damaged set of rabbit ears sticking out of it. The description says "I'm running late! I'm running late!"
    • "March Hare" - a stuffed rabbit toy accessory, with the description "The march hare goes wild only in March, while the hat craftsman goes mad the whole year."
  • The "Alice's Time Gate" outfit (a recharge suit) features a playing card card motif on the dress, bonnet, and necktie, as well as key and cutlery decorations. Items from the set include:
    • "Song of March Hare" - a long, curly wig with a blonde-periwinkle ombré.
    • "Contracted Cards" / "Alice Spacetime" - a pale blue dress similar in design to a hanbok, with trailing sleeves reminiscent of a furisode. Both the skirt and sleeves are patterned with playing cards, while a lacy overskirt features silver keys dangling from the hem. "Alice Spacetime" is a posed item, with the doll's hands redrawn holding a tea tray.
    • "Handmade Apron" - an apron decorated with another silver key and an image of a spoon and fork crossed.
    • "Black Pointer" - black shoes with diamond shaped buckles on the upper.
    • "Spacetime Tea Party" - an old fashioned bonnet, decorated with card suit symbols and miniature spoon and fork charms.
    • "Spade Tie" - a simple black tie with a spade design on the knot.
    • "Eternal Clock" - a background accessory consisting of a sparkly blue skyline, melting clocks, and playing cards.

     Little Red Riding Hood 
There's an outfit called "Red Hood's Adventure" that references Little Red Riding Hood. Items from the set include:
  • "Little Red Riding Hood" - a short, Girlish Pigtails wig tied with red ribbons. The description says "Long ago, there was a cute and gentle girl." Later evolutions include "Red Hat * Rare" and "Red Hat * Epic."
  • "Red Cloak" - a red hood with a short cape attached and pompom closure. Funnily enough, evolved forms of the "Red Cloak" veil have animal ears stitched in. The description reads "It's a gift that granny gave to Red Riding Hood for her birthday."
  • "Red Vest" - a puffy white shirt with a red vest over top. Later evolutions include "Red Vest * Rare" and "Red Vest * Epic," both of which add frills, bows, and length to the shirt and vest alike.
  • "Red Apron" - a puffy red skirt with a white apron. Later evolutions include "Red Apron * Rare" and "Red Apron * Epic."
  • "Fairy Tale" - stockings with lace on top. Evolved versions include "Fairy Tale * Rare" and "Fairy Tale * Epic."
  • Leather Shoes" - red shoes with a platform built in. Later evolutions include "Leather Shoes * Rare" and "Leather Shoes * Epic."
  • "Red Hat's Basket" - a wicker basket containing a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine, likely for Little Red's grandmother.
  • "Fantasy Shotgun" - a pink and white long-barreled gun decorated with ribbons and lace. Apparently this version is a Little Red Fighting Hood.

     Romeo and Juliet 
  • The Chapter 2 side quests reveal that the theater troupe working next door to the December Troupe is putting on a play called "Romeo and Cinderella." It provides the impetus for collecting parts of the "Troupe * Romeo" set, which seem to represent the costume the lead would have worn, if he'd been present to compete with Nikki. The title "Romeo and Cinderella" may also be a reference to the well-known Vocaloid song of the same name by doriko.
    • "Romeo" - a short blond wig with the description "Quiet! What's that light coming through the window? It's the east! Juliet is the sun!" A loose translation of Romeo's famous speech as Juliet appears on her balcony in Act 2, Scene 2.
      But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
      It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
    • "Childe" - a shirt and tabard tied with a sash, with the description "Love is a cloud of smoke blown by a sigh; it purifies the embers in lover's eyes and arouses waves in lover's tears." This is a loose translation of a monologue done by Romeo in conversation with Benvolio during Act 1, Scene 1:
      Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs;
      Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes;
      Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears.
    • "Montague Prince" - a half cape tied off with elaborate cording. The description reads "I'd rather die of my enemy's sword than live in pain without your love."
    • "Noble Childe" - Plain grey leggings to go under the tabard, with a description reading "The lover's voice is so gentle in the night It sounds like the most delicate music!" Another loose translation of Romeo's lines from Act 2, Scene 2:
      How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night,
      Like softest music to attending ears!
    • "Warrior" - tall brown boots with more gold cording. The description reads "If you were out in a faraway seaside, I would run the risk to search for you." Also from Romeo's dialogue in Act 2, Scene 2:
      I am no pilot; yet, wert thou as far
      As that vast shore wash'd with the farthest sea,
      I would adventure for such merchandise.
    • "Rose" - a romantic red rose held in the mouth. The description reads "I swear I will give my entire life to you and follow you no matter where you go."


  • Lunar's "Clock" quote (when she uses the skill that temporarily disables Nikki's shoes and lowers her score) states that Cloud Empire people think "small feet" are beautiful. This is a reference to Imperial China's foot binding tradition.note 
  • The hairstyle for the Assassin's Faith outfit is short, wavy, red, and called "Natasha."


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