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  • In Chapter 5, Lizi and Jinjin explain their very hard Uptown Girl situation the the group and Bobo cries Tender Tears over it. Then Momo drops this gem:
    "Bobo, I know my fur is soft and fluffy, but please don't use ME to wipe your tears OK?!!"
  • Annabel's quote when she uses the Clock skill and disables Nikki's shoes is funny as Hell:
    "Nikki, don't run! The plot isn't ready yet!"
  • Momo pulls yet another moment when the group meets Kane from the North Kingdom:
    Kane: "The North Kingdom is a nation far in the north that worships the army and combat. It's just like a solemn military base. It's known as 'The arctic country bathed in storm and fire.' So most of us are accustomed to a warm and neutral style."
    Momo: "Northsky, coldsky, militarysky. Somehow it seems right that way."
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  • Royce's reaction to Neva's ever-so-elusive smile:
    "Grr, don't smile here! Only I am allowed to see Neva smile!!"

Game Mechanics

Item Descriptions

  • It seems like a lot of sales promotions one can find in Miraland are tied to fashion (not surprising, what with the entire population being obsessed with fashion contests). This shows up in the humorous names and descriptions of some articles of clothing:
    • "Air Fryer" - a beige pullover with 3/4 length sleeves. The description reads "Nikki just loves the promotions in the Miraland. People can gather all kinds of appliances merely by purchasing clothes."
    • "Cotton Top — Tan" - a beige button-up short sleeve top, with a description reading "It seems a gift that Nikki received when she bought a duvet during the big promotion of Apple Federal."
    • "Television" - a pair of cropped jeans. The description says "Sales promotions in Apple Federal mall! Buy a pair of trousers, get a television for free! Only 198 dollars!" The recolored version is called "Washing Machine."
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    • "Mini Oven" - a beige cardigan with a little bunny emblem printed on the breast, with a description reading "Because Nikki is the 88th customer of the new shop, the owner gives her a mini oven as a gift."
    • "Elegant Ceramic Tile" - beige shorts with a diamond pattern on the sides. The description reads "In this fantastic land, you can get trousers as a gift even if you are only buying ceramic tiles."
    • "Banana Milkshake" - a white t-shirt with yellow sleeves, with a description reading "A salesperson in the fruit section gives this to Nikki when Nikki goes to the supermarket in Lilith Kingdom."
  • The description for "Knitting Braid Socks" reads "First, they can keep you warm. Second, they are warm. Third, they can protect you from the cold."
  • Several items have descriptions that playfully mock the sorts of achievements players can unlock:
    • "School Skirt * Green" - a short, pleated skirt in green plaid. The description reads "If combined with a red school uniform you will unlock the achievement Christmas Tree!"
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    • "School Skirt * Red" - the red counterpart to "School Skirt * Green", the description now reading "I heard someone combined this with green clothes, hoping to unlock the Christmas Tree achievement."
    • "Ordinary Dress" - a loose white skirt, with a description urging players to "Collect all ordinary sets and you'll unlock the achievement of Nobody. You can do it!"
    • "Common Stockings" - a pair of dark tights. The description reads "A new member of the Ordinary collection. Wish you will unlock the achievement of passerby ASAP!"
    • "Leopard High Heels * Yellow" - a pair of leopard print high heels, the description reads: "If you collect all items from the Leopard, you'll unlock the achievement of all leopard items unlocked."


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