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Tear Jerker / Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen

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Beware of Spoilers!

It might have started out as a cute dress up game, but Love Nikki has gotten progressively darker as the story grinds on. Below are some notable examples of tear-inducing content the main story, special events, and other examples:

Story Mode

  • Chapter 15
    • Namely; the death of Lunar, and the reactions of Nikki, Bobo, and Momo.
    • The events of chapter 15 that constitute the catalyst of a major Break the Cutie for poor Nikki:

      From the beginning, Nikki is shown to be a much stronger person than one would think. Miraland appears at first like a fun dress-up world — a fantasy escape from the droll reality of everyday life. But taken out of context the hardships Nikki faces would be terrifying for a normal young lady. These hardships include being taken from her happy family and Trapped in Another World (Prologue), attempted muggings and intellectual property theft by the Iron Rose Stylist legion (Chapters 1 & 5), the threat of kidnap and imprisonment by agents of Bai Jinjin's father (Chapter 7), surviving a failed coup in Lilith (Chapters 11 & 12), and seeing the desolation of the Cloud Empire by it's own soldiers trying to resist the North Kingdom invasion (Chapter 15). Throughout all this, Nikki has maintained an optimistic disposition, always thinking of the needs of others before her own. She even ventures into an active war zone (Chapter 15) because she believes she can use her styling talents to protect Lunar. These styling talents are perhaps the reason she's kept up her morale — in the real world her styling is a fun hobby, but in Miraland her abilities are considered exceptional; her work is constantly praised, and her talents allow her to fight back against those who would oppress or harm her friends.

      But just as she and her traveling companions reach the epicenter of the fighting in Cloud City and spot Lunar at the Southern Gate, Nikki is forced to watch helplessly as Nidhogg fatally wounds Lunar in a duel, cementing his victory over Cloud City and disparaging Lunar as she bleeds out in Nikki's arms. It's in that moment that Nikki finally realizes that Miraland isn't all fun and dress-up games, and she breaks down in tears for the first time since her adventure started. Not only has she been ripped away from her home and her family, but now the foundations of Miraland as a violence-free fantasy realm where all disputes are solved by dressing up in pretty clothes (and where Nikki has the ability to protect her friends from harm by coordinating her accessories) are crumbling around her as one of her first friends in this new world dies a painful, bloody death that Nikki was utterly powerless to stop. It only gets worse when players realize that all the denizens of Miraland at the scene is also in mourning, but less for Lunar's death than for what her death heralds: the end of 600 years of peace between the nations of Miraland, and the return to open warfare.

Special Events

  • The stories associated with both suits from the "Fairy Tale Bottle" event of September 2018:
    • The first tells the story of a "Pixy" who lives with a human boy — though she loves the human boy with all her heart, he is ignorant of her existence. When the human boy falls in love with a haughty noblewoman, he is made distraught by the series of tasks the noblewoman has set out for him in order to prove his worth. The little Pixy sacrifices her wings, her heart, and eventually her life in order to help the human boy gain his love's favor, but her efforts are all for naught — the noblewoman can never be made happy with the boy's gifts, and in the end she spurns his advances.
    • The second tells the tale of a little witch who held the power to make anyone fall in love. When she herself falls in love with a prince, she uses her magic to win his heart. Even after testing his devotion, she is tormented by the thought that he doesn't truly love her. She eventually breaks the spell that had bound the prince to her, and her heart is broken in turn when she discovers that the prince has deserted her.


  • The descriptions for the items that form the North Kingdom-themed Song of Blaze set, which feature the inner thoughts of a North Kingdom's Action Girl as she grows up in the closest to a Crapsack World that Miraland has... and can be easily seen as what she thinks when she's about to die in an all-out open war.


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