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Nikki is the mysterious Hostess L
I mean... there surely aren’t TWO people who are identical to Nikki in Miraland, right? She even sports the same hairstyle, and is notably dressed like an Alice Allusion in a blue dress with a white apron. “Mira” sounds like the word “Mirror” or as it is also called “looking glass”. You use mirrors to judge your outfits. Breaking a mirror results in 7 years of bad luck according to superstition and there are 7 nations. Queen Elle dresses in red and clearly likes roses. Hostess L disappeared and is totally missing because Nikki went on Earth, which may or may not be her true home, but is certainly not Momo’s since talking cats aren’t exactly commonplace on Earth. She even has an older sister, like Alice does. Time possibly flows differently in Miraland than Earth, too. So nine years in Miraland is only nine months on Earth or so. Nikki doesn’t remember it and nor does Momo for some reason, but if Nikki really is Hostess L, it would explain why Queen Nanari chose her. Momo likely didn’t hear stories of Miraland from his great-grandfather in the way he thinks he did as a fictional land far away, but heard about them as someone from Earth might talk about their adventures backpacking across Europe. Their memories may have been erased to protect them from Queen (then Princess) Elle.

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