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Characters from the game Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen! that only appear in special/ limited/ or one-time only events.

For the list of characters appearing in normal gameplay/ story mode, go to the Characters Page.

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     6th Clinic 

Demon Doctor "Gray Raven"
"Are you ready? Your soul and life will not belong to you afterward."
— Item description for "Sixth Contract"

The man who runs the 6th Clinic in Losol (a city in Apple Federation overrun by criminals), not much is know about the devilish doctor besides his skill in the operating room and his fiendish demeanor, offering seemingly impossible deals to the desperate in exchange for their souls. First appeared in the "6th Clinic" event and then again in "Midnight Escape." The Time Diary feature mentions that he's imprisoned on Ruin Island, though whether that's still true remains to be seen...

Gray Raven has since appeared in two special events — the "Midnight Escape" event and the "Dawn Front" event, where he was revealed to be a affiliated with the Night Order forces. References to the 6th Clinic can also be found in the item descriptions for the "Sweet Superstar" suit.

  • Deadly Doctor: His participation as a general/ leader in the "Dawn Front" event shows that even if he doesn't participate in the fighting directly, he is still entrusted with troops by the Night Order.
  • Deal with the Devil: It's never implied that Gray Raven is anything more than a mortal man, but he does have the power to give people their wildest desires in exchange for their soul. How he accomplishes that is a mystery.
  • They Would Cut You Up: Expressed his interest in the unique physiology of the Elves commanded by Prince Chloris in the "Dawn Front" event... and his desire to dissect any casualties.

"Welcome to Clinic No.6. I'm Peachy. I'm 18 forever, single, and my favorite thing is Sample No.7."
— Item description for "Mischievous Peachy"

The demon doctor's assistant, Peachy appears to be a young girl with a taste for all things cute and sweet. Not much is known about her personal history, only that she grew up in the chaotic borderlands between Apple Federation and the North Kingdom before she met the Demon Doctor. She first appeared in the "6th Clinic" event.

Peachy has since appeared in the "Dawn Front" special event, working for the Night Order alongside Dr. Gray Raven.

  • Naughty Nurse Outfit: Peachy's outfit appears to be a trendy (nigh-fetishistic) take on a nurse's uniform; the outfit comes with a Cleavage Window, corset, translucent overskirt, and thigh-high socks. She accessorizes with a clear plastic nurse's cap, "First Aid" brassard, and garters decorated with hearts and crosses. She's also got an IV drip and an oversized hypodermic needle as props.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Peachy's favorite thing is Sample No. 7... which is a skeleton the doctor has preserved as a memento of his greatest work.
  • Perky Female Minion: In contrast to the dour Gray Raven, Peachy's dialogue and aesthetic are all much more upbeat and outgoing.

     Void Singer 

"My civilization believes that absolute harmony is essential for the existence of music. That is why we pursue perfect algorithms in our musical works."
"The showdown will be recorded forever. It's not only about music, but also a talk between Ruin and Cosmos."
—Item description for "Hyper Resonance"

An alien popstar who visits Earth and competes with the AI singer Kaiser. Making her appearance in the "Void Singer" event of March 2018, Hemis believes that only through the precise study and quantification of music can truly beautiful compositions emerge. The intended reason for her visit to Earth was to launch a musical revolution — with the item description for "Eternal Fixed Star" reading "She cannot understand the chaos, confusion, disarray, agitation in human music. It's so… unsteady." Though Hemis wanted to change the music of Earth, by the time her musical duel with Kaiser had ended it her Hemis herself who had changed. She was impressed with the AI's tenacity, and promised to return so they could sing together again.

  • Human Aliens: Though Hemis is an alien, she looks like a human.
  • Rapunzel Hair: The wig that comes with the "Cosmos Sound" suit is as long as the doll is tall.
  • Technician vs. Performer: Hemis would be the technician, having refined her songs through relentless study and practice. She travels the galaxy collecting the rhythms of stars and the tones of the universe, adding her findings to her civilization's database of musical influence. As the flavor text for "Perfect Interval" puts it, "The length of the interval, the strength of rhyme. After trillions of combination, Hemis reached perfection."
  • Technicolor Hair: The long, long hair that comes with the "Cosmos Sound" suit follows a gradient from lavender to candy blue.

"Isn't it great for music to be so full of romance? Beautiful music can't be scored of quantified; isn't it enough if it can move our listeners and make them happy?"
"Kaiser's song is not complete, let alone perfect. But her voice can always remind you of a deep precious memory."
— Item description for "Vast Stardust"

First appearing during the "Void Singer" event, Kaiser is an artificial intelligence created by the denizens of Ruin Island via the Nebula Echo program to compete with Hemis. Kaiser's style differs from Hemis' in that she doesn't study music so much as she experiences it — her voice is composed of hundreds of individual voices woven together, and her songs are admittedly imperfect. But her love of music, enthusiasm for performing, and her desire to improve have won her legions of fans in Ruin Island (and perhaps from the other nations of Miraland as well). As the Void Concert came to an end, Kaiser and Hemis promised to meet again, as described in the flavor text for the item "Holographic Surround": "Before Hemis left, she and Kaiser made a promise that they will meet again in the future and sing together."

  • Technician vs. Performer: Kaiser is the performer of the duo. She believes the purpose of music is to evoke a strong emotional response in the audience, even if the compositions themselves aren't perfect. The flavor text for the "Meteor Rain" item reads "Unlike Hemis, Kaiser cannot confirm what exactly is music. She just wants to express her feeling to every listener."
  • Twintails: Has long, long pigtails that float around her.
  • Virtual Celebrity: An AI created by the citizens of Ruin Island for the purpose of competing with Hemis, Kaiser is beloved by her creators and fans alike. As the item description for "Song of Stream" puts it, "Though her body is virtual, the feeling is real and that makes Kaiser a real being." She continues to perform regularly after the "Void Concert," becoming an established musician in Ruin Island.

     Midnight Escape 

Agent Dorris
"I'm the special police Doris of Ruin Island. A small gift? Leave it for the other innocent babies."
— Item description for "Sky Pursuit"

Doris is an exceptionally skilled police officer who prides herself on the ability to apprehend whatever criminal she sets her sights on. First appearing during the "Midnight Escape" event, Doris appears to be a bit of a loose cannon, causing mayhem in her pursuit of the Thief Curt... not that it damages her reputation as a master tracker of criminals. Doris appears to have undergone a procedure of some type in Ruin Island, as the description for "The Incident" mentions that she has a glitchy "nervous system adapter" that causes her to be clumsy. She is fascinated by the Thief Curt, and has become fixed on the idea of capturing him and building a prison even he can't escape from.

  • Cowboy Cop: The item description for "City Under Curfew" reveals that a blast from her special laser pistols fired during pursuit of the Thief Curt damaged critical power infrastructure in Welton, causing a city-wide blackout.
  • Worthy Opponent: Doris considers the Thief Curt to be the only criminal who has proven himself worthy of her attention. His constant escapes from her clutches have made her all the more determined to detain him for good.

Thief Curt
"Yes, I like being chased. I like shuttling in the hail of bullets with people's secrets in my hands."
— Item description for "Night Shadow"

Rather than money or precious treasure, the Thief Curt steals secrets. He's mentioned to be an incredible escape artist, and seemingly cannot be contained by traditional prisons. Curt is fascinated by Agent Doris, and enjoys teasing her as their cat-and-mouse game plays out across the city of Welton. There may even be romantic interest between the two of them...

  • Coat Cape: Both the posed and unposed versions of the suit render his dark, fur-trimmed coat as billowing off the shoulders.
  • Gentleman Thief: A scruffy, underdog sort of Gentleman Thief, but a Gentleman Thief nonetheless. Curt typically refrains from using violence to commit his crimes, preferring to use his wits and escape skills to make off with a target far more valuable than gold or jewels: he steals secrets.
  • Worthy Opponent: Curt considers Doris to the the only Officer worthy of skill. Though he's been captured and escaped from her many times, he admires her determination and passion.

     Desert Mirage 

Yos, "Phantom in the Desert"
"I never wanted to be a dancer. It brought me fortune and treasure, but that's all. I want to stop."
"Her body flexes to an inconceivable curve. She dances beside the candle like a phantom in the dream."
— Item description for "Sands of Gold"

A gifted dancer of the Wasteland style, Yos appeared in the "Desert Mirage" event of June 2018. Her skill has earned her great acclaim, and only the wealthiest of tribes can afford to book one of her performances. Nevertheless she is troubled by her fame and dissatisfied with her life. She claims she never wanted to be a dancer, and that she has begun to detest the multitudes of people who come to see her dance. Thusly she seeks out Vnet, the Goddess of Gold, in order to make a trade...

  • Belly Dancer: Her outfit consists of a layered skirt with many a daringly high slit, a golden bra, some diaphanous sleeves, scarves, and about 20 pounds of jewelry.
  • Distracted by the Luxury: Yos freely admits that the only pleasure she gets out of dancing comes from the fortune she charges to perform. When Vnet offers her the opportunity to live in a luxurious magical palace (surrounded by opulence and treasure) at the price of never being allowed to leave, Yos is more than happy to accept.

Vnet, Goddess of Gold
"You are tired of your life, so you summon me?"
"She generously gives out treasure and harvests souls in the meantime. Some fear her power, more covet fortune."
— Item description for "Desert Fate"

A mysterious figure who appears as suddenly as she disappears, Vnet possesses seemingly endless wealth in her shifting golden mirage. Vnet made her debut alongside Yos in the June 2018 "Desert Mirage" event, making the dancer Yos an offer she couldn't refuse. Nikki, Momo, and Ransa sought her out in order to collect material to recreate a relic of King Sayet, but she was unable to help them in their quest. After dispensing some vague advice to the trio about seeking within themselves, she vanished into the desert night.

  • The Collector: The goddess is rumored to own a truly massive stockpile of precious materials and unusual trinkets — and from her conversation with Yos, it's clear that she considers uniquely talented humans to be a commodity worthy of addition to her collection.
  • Glowing Eyes: The description of the Goddess of Gold mentions "glowing eyes."
  • Mysterious Veil: Wears sheer headscarf that covers her mouth and nose.
  • Rugged Scar: Of the 4 versions of the makeup that are available with the suit (one to achieve completion and three as a completion prize), two come with a thin scar over her right eye.
  • Starbucks Skin Scale: The description of her first appearance says she has "special honey-colored skin."

     Butterfly Mystery 

"Zhaoyin, it's not a sacrifice. I enjoy the performance. I'm doing what I want to do. Please enjoy my show."
"Deep in the memory, a little accident changed the trails of the two people and can never be undone."
— Item description for "Duet Memory"

First appearing in the "Butterfly Mystery" event of November 2018, Xiwu is a famous actress performing in the "Butterfly Mystery" show at the Wings Theatre. She has captivated audiences with her skill in singing, dancing, and acting. Strangely, Xiwu bears a striking resemblance to the Zhaoyin, the stylist recently hired by her acting troupe...

  • Circus Brat: Xiwu and Zhaoyin were both orphans taken in by an acting troupe, but while Zhaoyin was Happily Adopted at some point in their childhood, Xiwu stayed with the troupe. According to the item description for "View in Opera," "Xiwu has been an apt actress since childhood. She is at home on the stage and easily takes up various roles." Xiwu essentially grew up on stage, and has since become a renown actress.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: It's not made clear if Xiwu's parents were trying to reclaim her from the theater troupe or if she was due to be adopted strangers, but in either case she allowed Zhaoyin to be taken in her place. In Xiwu's own words, "I knew they mistook you as their daughter, but I thought you were not good at performance, maybe it's for the best. So I said nothing and alternated [sic] your life assertively."
  • Identical Stranger: Xiwu and Zhaoyin looked similar as children (so much so that Zhaoyin was mistaken for Xiwu by her adoptive parents). As adults, they are almost identical — the theater staff who work with Xiwu readily accepted that Zhaoyin was Xiwu when they first saw her.
  • Orphanage of Love: Xiwu and Zhaoyin were both orphans taken in by a theatrical troupe. Through their dialogue, it's revealed that they were taught to act and design their own costumes. While Zhaoyin was adopted, Xiwu stayed with the troupe.
  • Pretty Butterflies: Perhaps it's because she's performing in a show called "Butterfly Mystery" in the "Wings Theatre," but Xiwu's outfit (the pattern on her dress, the shape of her bustle, the pin at her waist, her fascinator, etc...) and accessories (her microphone stand, table, and lanterns) are all decorated with a motif of butterfly wings.
  • Talented, but Trained: Xiwu has trained extensively to hone her acting, dancing, and singing abilities. As the item description for "Captivating Song" states, "Once she began singing, everyone was attracted. It's a sound made through training for years, not simply gift [sic]."
  • Tattoo as Character Type: Xiwu's outfit includes a tattoo of a rose on her ankle, indicating that she's embraced a less classical lifestyle than Zhaoyin. (It's also worth noting that roses are part of Zhaoyin's floral motif, so the tattoo could be a way of memorializing Xiwu's bond with Zhaoyin.)

"Today you are a star in the Wings Theatre. I cannot imagine what I can do for you anymore, so I plan to design a costume for you."
"Time took our childhood away. The memory might get yellow, the tweedle [sic] might get coarse, but I still miss you."
— Item description for "Beloved Years"

A famed designer and stylist first appearing in the "Butterfly Mystery" event of November 2018. Zhaoyin has recently been hired by Xiwu's theatrical troupe to serve as a stylist for their productions. But why does she look so similar to the famous actress Xiwu?

  • Flower Motifs: Roses. There's a rose emblazoned on Zhaoyin's trunk, roses decorate the front panel of her skirt, and a large rose made of fabric sits at her waist.
  • Happily Adopted: Zhaoyin was adopted from the theater troupe by parents who pushed her to succeed. Although she initially had misgivings about her abilities as a designer and a stylist, she vowed to work hard and is now a famous and much sought after artist.
  • Identical Stranger: Bai Jinjin comments on how strange it is for Xiwu and Zhaoyin to "share a similar appearance," much the same way she and Nikki could be mistaken for twins.
  • Mistaken Identity: Happened twice (that players are aware of), due to Xiwu and Zhaoyin being identical strangers:
    • Xiwu was due to be adopted from the troupe, but she arranged for Zhaoyin to take her place.
    • When Zhaoyin arrived at the Wings Theatre to begin her work as a designer, staff at the theater mistakenly identified Zhaoyin as Xiwu.
  • Orphanage of Love: In Zhaoyin's words, she and Xiwu "were both orphans adopted by the troupe."


     Time Palace 

"The first time I saw you were the late summer when sun lights fell on us, like the pictures in my dream."
"I am mute. I was once upset about it, but I hate seeing myself being upset about it so I just dropped it."
— Item description for "Pigeon in Cage"

A mute girl living in Lilith Kingdom who appears in the "Time Palace" event of December 2018. She met Leon when they became deskmates in class, and she developed a crush on him. She felt that she was unable to express her affections due to her inability to speak.

  • Shrinking Violet: Due to her muteness, Yingyingxue is very shy and timid.
  • The Speechless: Is specifically stated to be mute, and can only communicate through pen and paper.
  • Twice Shy: She has a crush on Leon, and Leon has a crush on her, but both are too shy to admit their love.

"I come to Lilith to study. Different from the North, it is a lovely and delicate country."
''"Born in the North, I desire warm sunlight. Besides snow, there must be other beautiful scenes in this world."
— Item description for "Scene of Foreign Land"

A boy from the North Kingdom, appearing in the "Time Palace" event of December 2018, who traveled to Lilith to study, Leon ends up becoming the deskmate of Yingyingxue and falling in love with her. However, due to tensions in the North Kingdom, one day he is forced to return and possibly leave behind his love forever...

  • Emotionally Tongue-Tied: Has a hard time saying "I love you" to Yingyingxue throughout the time they are together.
  • Friendship Trinket: The item description for his necklace, "First Gift", states "This necklace is the first gift from you. When wearing it, I can't help being happy as I think of you."
  • Twice Shy: Leon has a crush on Yingyingxue, and she on him, but he is too shy to admit his feelings and she is worried that he would reject her because of her muteness.

"On the long school steps, under the trees where the sun shines through, time suddenly stopped as she smiled."
Xiaxia in College 

"My mom is a violinist and dad plays piano. Influenced by my parents, I am keen on classical music."
— Item description for "Story of Melody"

A shy young girl with an interest in classical music and a capable violin player. She appears in the "Time Palace" event of December 2018. One day she befriends Tina, an unruly rock-loving girl at school, and the two are inseparable until Tina's family moved away. As a parting gift, Tina left her collection of rock records for Xiaxia. Listening to these records, Xiaxia grew to love rock music, and in college she joined a rock band as a bassist. It was at a college festival that she was finally reunited with Tina.

  • Elegant Classical Musician: When young, she plays the violin. In contrast to her older self, her junior high school wardrobe is much more restrained and cute.
  • Friendship Trinket: Tina gifted Xiaxia with her collection of rock records before they parted. Xiaxia listened to the records many times, recalling her friendship with Tina fondly - the item description for "Power of Music" reads "My friendship with the "bad girl" ended in the summer. I listened to her record over and over again."
  • Girlish Pigtails: Wore her hair in these when young, complete with two red bows.
  • Opposites Attract: In Tina's own words, "We are so different in many aspects. We can always learn from and complement each other." (From the item description for "Imagination of the Future".)
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: From a cute, youthful style to a rebellious and tomboyish rock outfit, showing how she goes from a shy classical musician to an outgoing bassist in a rock group. It was Tina's love of rock music, the the gift of her record collection that inspired Xiaxia to change her style, as stated in the item description for "Clear Future" - "I gradually loved the new world belonging to her before, now to us, and expressed myself by distinct clothes."
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Xiaxia starts out as the girl-girl of the duo. She wears her long hair in Girlish Pigtails, accessorizes her school uniform with bows (on her socks, vest, and skirt), and wears a feminine ribbon around her neck (as opposed to the more masculine tie sported by Tina). As Xiaxia grows up, she dresses in a more tomboyish style — her hair is cut short, she wears cullotes instead of a skirt, and she accessorizes with a masculine brimmed cap.

"With birds singing in the fresh air, sunlight shines through leaves, brightening her smiling face."
Tina in College 

"Though like two various melodies, we played a harmonious sonata. I will cherish the summer in the future."
— Item description for "Precious Memory"

A student appearing in the "Time Palace" event of December 2018, Tina is a young girl whose family was always moving due to her father's job. This constant upset made it difficult for Tina to make friends, but she found solace in listening to rock music. In one location she settles in, she befriends a shy violinist named Xiaxia. Tina and Xiaxia were forced apart when Tina's family moved again, but Xiaxia's friendship left an indelible mark on Tina and inspired her to learn to play the violin. The two are finally reunited at a school festival in college, noting how much they have grown.

  • Boyish Short Hair: As a high school student, her hair is cut short.
  • Friendship Trinket: Tina's precious rock record collection — the item description for "Say Goodbye to Youth" reads "We became friends and she got used to rock music. I gave her my long treasured records when moving away.
  • Opposites Attract: Tina was a rebellious youth who listened to rock music and fought with boys. Xiaxia was a shy classical musician who never spoke out. The two became best friends.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Wears a pale pink skirt and sweater when grown.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: Goes from wearing preppy, tomboyish clothes to pastel lolita style, symbolizing her change in personality from a rebellious student to a matured, elegant violinist.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tina starts out as the tomboy — her high school outfit features a short hair cut, a uniform skort, and a blouse with a (masculine) tie around the neck rather than a (feminine) ribbon. As she matures and explores her interest in classical music her style does a 180 and she becomes the girly-girl. She grows her hair out, wears an sweater and skirt of pastel pink & baby blue, and accessorizes with heels and sheer stockings.

"A fairytale is a wish, but it encourages me. No matter how difficult life would be, I'd always keep going."

"When depressed, I always remember my sister's encouragement that dream lies ahead and I shall march bravely."
— Item description for "Firefly Dance"

A girl from the Cloud Empire, appearing in the Time Palace event in December 2018. Having lost her parents at a young age, she and her older sister lived in poor conditions, but despite that, Qiuli was comforted by the tales her sister told. When she grew older, Qiuli moved to the Lillith Kingdom and discovered that life wasn't as simple as it was in the stories, but the stories from her childhood motivated her to have courage and face her newfound problems.

  • Symbolic Wings: Her outfit is decorated with images of dragonflies and delicate dragonfly wings. While the motif of her childhood might have been the magical nature of twinkling fireflies, the inclusion of a dragonfly motif in her outfit symbolizes her gaining independence and "taking flight" as a young adult.

"We grew up in Cloud with lots of sweet memories: the Rivulet, the Light of Firefly and twinkling stars."

"In fairy tales, all bad guys get punished, good ones rewarded. I hope she will be an honest and brave person."
— Item description for "Walking at the River"

The older sister of Qiuli who appears in the Time Palace event of December 2018. When her parents died, Qiutang took up needlework in order to make a living, but despite being busy with work, she never forgot to tell her younger sister fairy tales. After Qiuli left their home in Cloud, Qiutang would often receive letters from her, telling of all the new experiences she encountered in the city.

  • Promotion to Parent: She ends up gaining a job and having to care for Qiuli after her parents died.


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