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YMMV / Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Alina raises questions on how much she's a crazy psycho and how much she's a Cool Big Sis. The incredibly different appearances between her Halloween 2017 debut and her main story chapter debut sent many of the fandom into a whiplash.
    • How much the relationship between Nanaka and Hazuki is either of Friendly Rivalry or full-blown hostility that both decide to hide for the sake of their less pragmatic-minded teammates? Nanaka, along with Masara, were already shown that they're willing to take a less-than-optimal option to maintain their teammates's peace of mind, however it might be different when it comes to Hazuki, who has a pretty similar temperament with Nanaka. The only thing everyone agrees on is that there's a lot of Foe Yay there.
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    • Kanagi's motivation on helping the heroes fighting the Wings of Magius is called to question when it is revealed that she's planning to destroy Kamihama anyway.
    • There are several ways to interpret the reason why Nagisa didn't help her mother when she was fatally injured. Either she was making true of her vow to never again live but for herself to the letter, refusing to obey a request from someone she had disowned, and she was too prideful to take it back even though she knew she really love her mother. Or she was just too much in shock from the extent of the atrocity that she had witnessed that she couldn't help but to just stare in horror, knowing that in some part it was her fault.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The 2017 Halloween event was a series of PvP fights with special missions attached to them. These missions included things like inflicting a rare status effect, which you couldn't accomplish if you lacked the right Memoria or magical girl. There were also No-Damage Run and "finish in one turn" missions, which are luck-based even with high-power characters. Sometime after the Halloween event started, an update was made to make the missions much easier. For example, there's still a mission where you need to inflict a status effect, but it's on a Memoria you get just for playing the event enough.
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    • Sayaka's debut banner also introduced the guaranteed 4* roll. If you haven't received a 4* magical girl after 9 times of 10 rolls, the next 10 roll will guarantee you a 4* magical girl. Of course, which girl you receive is still dependent on the RNG.
      • Even more notably, the English version, launching into a market that has always been far more skeptical of gacha-esque or "loot box"-esque mechanics, launched with the 4* safety system in place.
    • October 2018 introduced the first "Dungeon" type event. Each level was akin to a game board, where you moved a character from one space to another. Each space had a one-time reward. The issue was that there was no way of telling which spaces were already cleared unless you actually began a level. This fed into another problem: you needed to spend a special point in order to attempt a level. You could only have up to three of these points, after which you would have to wait in real-time for them to regenerate or use a special item. A few days after the event started, an update was announced that would allow to players to view the number of completed spaces before starting a level, as well as increasing the max number of points from three to five.
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    • In more general cases, if there is a delay or more serious issue to be patched, players are usually gifted apologems for their troubles.
    • The North American server has been on an accelerated schedule, with back to back events. This caused many fans to complain about their inability to keep up and the difficulty of completing events with limited AP. In response to this, the NA devs introduced the gift of 3 50 AP pots in each daily mission (1 for clearing 3 episodes, 1 for clearing 7 episodes, and 1 for clearing 12 episodes).
  • Awesome Music: While the game use a lot of the anime's music, several original songs stand out for being as awesome.
    • "Welcome to Mirrors", the Challenge Battle music introduced in the "My Diary With You" event which becomes a mainstay Challenge Battle theme after the event.
    • The battle themes of "The Chiming Bell that Transcends Time"/"The Maiden of Hope" event, both The regular battle and vs. Corbeau, have a heavy orchestral tone on them, showing the difference in era between the heroes and their surrounding.
    • "Place to Hunt", a battle theme that's uplifting and catchy.
    • "Calculated Future", a soaring, triumphant theme perfect for the climactic battle against Touka in Chapter 9.
    • "Magical Artist", the battle theme of Holy Alina in Chapter 10, is both menacing and insanely catchy.
    • Battle Bell, the battle theme that plays during the "Cross Connection event".
  • Broken Base:
    • The Madoka Magica fanbase seems to be very split on the announcement of the Magia Record anime. Some people are very excited, both because Magia Record has a great story and because we haven't gotten a Madoka Magica anime since 2013 (when Rebellion came out). Others are upset because we've been waiting for years for a sequel to Rebellion and they would rather have that than a Magia Record adaptation (or at least get the sequel to Rebellion first) - as it means having to wait even more. The fact that the Concept Movie was stated to be the core of a new Madoka Magica project isn't helping either, as the anime adaptation of the game could end up displacing attention from the main series.
    • Nagisa's backstory as revealed in Magia Record is... divisive, to say the very least. Some think it's great and fits well in the PMMM canon. Others argue that it's way too dark and edgy even for PMMM and more in-line with PMMM "knockoffs" like Mahou Shoujo Site and Magical Girl Raising Project. The one thing that most people seem to agree on, however, is that the addition of Yu- a Psycho Lesbian, amnesiac, organ trafficker serial killer who also happens to be a magical girl- was over-the-top and detracted from Nagisa's backstory. Even the people who like Yu admit that she should have just gotten her own storyline instead of hijacking Nagisa's.
    • For the North American server, the accelerated schedule has been a point of contention (as well as many of the events being released out of order). Some fans like the back to back events and releases of new magical girls, while others are upset at the fast pace because there hasn't been enough time to accumulate free gems to roll in the gacha for new characters. There's also the issue of limited-time events getting in the way of players completing the main storyline or labyrinth missions, although the addition of AP pots in the daily missions has mitigated this somewhat.
    • The developers' confirmation of there being NA exclusive events and magical girls has added additional polarization within the fanbase. Some fans are mostly elated with such content, adding more uniqueness to the North American server. Other fans, however, are upset with the idea of having NA exclusive content, as it adds more unpredictability to the NA server in addition to the events being rushed out and being released out of order, thus making it harder to save up Magia Stones for certain magical girls.
  • Catharsis Factor: PvP fights can provide this. For example, were you dissatisfied with the ending to Oriko Magica? Go on, kill Oriko with Homura, or even better, Madoka herself. Or you can kill Mifuyu with Yachiyo in Mirrors. The girls fought in PvP are not the real deal, but it's close enough.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Like in similar games (such as Fire Emblem Heroes), players tend to reroll (i.e. restart the game from the beginning by reinstalling or erasing data) until they get whatever character they want, possibly a 4-star to make early game much easier. This has mostly stopped with the introduction of ability to pick a free 4-star from a limitedNote  pool.
    • The Mirrors meta tends to revolve around a few types of units. Free-to-play players or occasional spenders will often use Yachiyo and Nanaka (and to a lesser-extent Asuka) for being easily slotted, having 3 Blast discs (which is favored in PvP), and for being in a strong element as powerful Forest attackers tend to be rare. In whale territory are powerful (and often limited) Light units who have great stats and connects, such as Tart, Ultimate Madoka (whose very presence on a team renders any strategy relying on status ailments unreliable), Sakurako and Fate.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
    • The Magius' attempt to destroy the magical girl system is paved by letting innocent people to fall victims to their pseudo-witches; many are deadly, and when that plan got snagged by the heroes mass-hunting the Rumors, they outright farm witches as replacement. Several of their officers are brainwashed minions whose method of brainwashing quite disgusting. And then when they go into a genocidal campaign with those brainwashed minions against magical girls not associated to their organization, the first on-screen victim we see are Ren and the grade-schooler Riko. No matter how awesome the plan that would end up screwing the Incubator over, the method ends up too extreme to justify the end.
    • The Azalea event is so full of the heroes, especially Ayame, dying for the stupidest reasons in its bad ends. It's so bad that Ayame dying is somewhat a minor Memetic Mutation that persisted after the event, as seen in Mitama's debut event. The subsequent Gamebook events end up decreasing the effect of anti-climatic deaths by making them implied while increasing the poignancy of their nuanced Downer Ending.
    • The Myth Arc subplot regarding Kei and Yu. First appeared in the first part of Summer 2018, the two are yandere in a mutually abusive relationship that ended with a suicide pact. Kei died while Yu survived the attempt, and it'd driven Kei to possess Madoka and mistakenly attack Homura in an attempt to kill Yu. Nagisa's event reveals that Yu lost her memory from the suicide's trauma and wandering around Mitakihara as serial killer who pilfer her victims' organs for a living. The second part is especially egregious because Nagisa's story is already horrible enough without an organ trafficker serial killer mixed in.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The random NPC giving out water bottles in Chapter 4 became relatively popular, to the point of being part of a Japanese popularity poll which otherwise featured only magical girls.
    • The random Black Feather in Homura's Valentines story, to the point she was made playable, as weak as she is.
    • Ren has proven to be one of the most popular new characters, due to her having one of the most extensive in-game character arcs (including an early event dedicated to her), her endearing design and Shrinking Violet personality, and her relationship with her new circle of friends (especially with Rika) being full of heartwarming moments. Even long after her event, she tends to rank very highly on popularity polls.
    • Alina has found herself a lot of fans thanks to her being a Large Ham Mad Artist whose Doppel is a Jojo reference. Her much more humanizing relationship with Karin also makes her a popular target of shippers.
    • Rika has a lot of fans in the Western LGBT fanbase for being a very sympathetic portrayal of a young lesbian coming to grips with her sexuality, as well as being the one to pull Ren (herself a very popular character) up from rock-bottom.
  • Epileptic Trees: Not about the game itself, but the announcement of the anime and manga adaptations; some fans speculate that it is an indirect method of either testing the waters for the theoretical Rebellion sequel or a way to finance said sequel.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Chapter 10, the last chapter of Part 1, ends with the magical girls of Kamihama defeating Walpurgisnacht and the Doppel system remaining in place in Kamihama City, thereby saving the magical girls in proximity from becoming witches. There's just one problem, though; the Doppel system is only active in Kamihama City, meaning that every single magical girl outside of that very small radius is still doomed. To make matters worse, the Magia Record universe remains a timeline in which Ultimate Madoka cannot intervene and save magical girls, meaning that there is absolutely no salvation for magical girls outside of Kamihama City. Oddly, this isn't brought up and the ending is treated as unambiguously happy. That being said, some events after this ending show Touka and Nemu trying to expand the barrier beyond Kamihama, as well as the Magius' actions having consequences such as drawing in a vengeful invasion force from another city whose Witches were all lured to Kamihama, who want the Doppel barrer for themselves.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Judging by the amount of fanart, some possible pairings are clearly very popular in the fandom.
    • Iroha/Yachiyo
    • Ren/Rika
    • Masara/Kokoro
    • Alina/Karin
  • Friendly Fandoms: It's not uncommon for Magia Record and Fate/Grand Order fandoms to be on good terms with each other due to the gameplay similarities with each other and both being distributed by Aniplex.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • In PvE, using double Madoka (one of your own and one Support unit) and nothing else allows you to spam Magia and/or Doppel attacks at a ridiculously high frequency, after only three or four turns of prep time. Madoka's Connect restores MP, and having no other fighters lets you use Puella Combos with one Madoka while MP-charging the other almost every turn, and her Magia/Doppel restores MP for both of them. In addition, her Connect heals and her Magia/Doppel give a 3-turn defense boost, letting them sponge up damage almost indefinitely. Suffice to say, this simple strategy is capable of cheesing most of the battles, including events' hard modes.
    • Alternatively, if the battle prevents cheesing with double Madoka due to something like Magia Seal or reduced MP gain, one can always use two of Kanoko/Mami to stunlock enemies. It's not as straightforward as double Madoka due to relying on RNG but it's still noticeably good.
    • In Mirrors, Ultimate Madoka is considered game-breaking powerful that is comparable to Merlin in Fate/Grand Order. She has a powerful connect effect that bestows a magical girl Survive (a combination of invincibility and surviving a fatal blow with and 1 HP with a heal on top of it), damage up, removes any negative status ailments, and 100% immunity to status ailments. She also has a powerful Magia that not only deals huge damage to enemies, but also bestows a wide variety of buffs to her entire team for 3 turns. In fact, she's so powerful in Mirrors to the point that if a player comes across an opponent Mirrors team with her, it's almost for the grounds of instant defeat even for free-to-play players.
  • Good Bad Bug: The Great Rainbow Orbing of 2019. On August 26, 2019, there was a bug in the North America server which gives a guarantee rainbow orb drop in the Labyrinth Awakening Quest. Some expected that the developers would let players keep the rainbow orbs gained by players exploiting the bug, but alas they took them back. Fortunately apologems were given to all players depending on how much rainbow orbs they were able to retrieve from the players.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Chisato Shion and Arisa Narumi are a duo consiting of gun wielder voiced by Nao Touyama and a twintailed tsundere voiced by Kana Ueda respectively. A couple of years later Fate/Grand Order released Calamity Jane and Space Ishtar who share the same traits and voice actresses as Chisato and Arisa. The real kicker of this is that both the second Suzune event in Magia Record and the Saber Wars II event were released around Halloween.
  • Memetic Loser: Momoko has become a meme in the fandom due to many players getting "spooked" by her when trying to roll for other 4*s. This is because, as explained under Tier-Induced Scrappy, having three Charge discs makes her a lot less viable in combat than other 4*s.
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Mitama, due to her job involving fiddling with a girl's soul gem and jokingly asking Iroha to undress. Then there were the Iroha Potions from the first Mitama Special Training event...
    • Kako has come to be seen to be a lesser shade of this, given how she quickly forms very close friendships with Ayame and Felicia on the basis that they're thirteen years old like her. Some have come to see her as preying on any thirteen-year-old girl she comes in contact with.
    • Yachiyo, for being one of the very few girls over 18 and her enthusiasm about inviting younger girls to live with her. There's also that one scene where she keeps gleefully poking a sleeping Felicia's face. Jokes about the Mikazuki house gang being her underaged harem abound.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Until the middle of January 2018, any Twitter announcements of a new 4* magical girl inevitably had someone posting a sad picture of Sayaka from the original anime. This is because Sayaka hadn't been released yet. When Sayaka finally appeared there was much fanfare.
    • 50/100.note 
    • "Okay! I'm gonna kill myself!"note 
    • A Magia Report comic has Sayaka wear a paper bag on her head as part of a protest against her absence in the game. Fanart later popped up with the paper bag going to Nagisa, and to a lesser extent the Homura without glasses.
    • The fact that it took nearly a year for Mirrors to get an update has caused some jokes to be made. The Mirrors plot stalled on a Cliffhanger involving Rika; this led to people joking she was dead.
    • Too much maintenance! Explanation 
      • ApologemsExplanation 
    • snaaExplanation 
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Let's just say the way PvP matchmaking works isn't exactly good. It gets worse when there's a leaderboard ranking because you might be unlucky enough to fail the opponent's evasion check.
  • Squick:
    • The circumstance of Alina's personal Memoria. Alina threw herself off a building while filming it with the implicit intention of letting herself rot on camera.
    • Mayu, in her side story, almost got molested by her infatuated, significantly older, married superior if Ria didn't interfere.
    • Touka explaining just what exactly the mechanic of Tsuruno's brainwashing is in Chapter 7.
    • Shin the Babysitter Witch has too many allusions of infant abuse and abortion than most people would like.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Summer Kyoko's transformation sequence music sure makes it sound like she's running in the nineties.
  • That One Level:
    • The last challenge battle in "My Diary With You" event. It had very high difficulty, so muscling it out was just not possible, and on top of that the last wave had an enemy that cast Curse on your entire team, effectively putting you on a time limit. The only efficient way was to make them skip turns, which only few girls can reliably do. One of the viable strategies boiled down to "use Mami and pray you can Tiro Finale the last wave on turn one."
    • Also, the second half of Extra battles in Amane and Tsuruno training event. They can't be outmuscled either, and depending on the battle, you will either face familiars that hit hard and can dodge attacks, familiars that can inflict Bind or Magia Seal on you or familiars that hit hard and can curse you on top of a boss that every three turns can one-shot single magical girl.
    • Mayu's event was on its own harder than most events due to its premise, but the last stages take the cake as they start throwing magical girl teams with specific teams at you every battle, and two witches with more debuffs as the last two bosses for good measure. Some nodes could likely depend on whether or not you were able to use Magia or Doppels turn one.
    • Many of the Advanced-difficulty battles in Another Daze can fall under this, but special mention goes to Chapter 8-2. It's you vs. Iroha's team. On the surface it doesn't look to be any worse than the other Advanced battles, but then you almost immediately meet a barrage of skills that seems to be custom-built to protect them and cripple you. Iroha's skill gives her 20 MP each turn, which doesn't sound too bad until you realize Sana will literally protect her with her life, no matter the cost note . Felicia will debuff a random target with Defense Down, which can easily lead to them being taken down in one turn. Tsuruno will sometimes give herself Evade which can and will buy time to pick off a weakened Magical Girl. Yachiyo is the only one without a skill, but she can take out a non-Forest Magical Girl if you don't keep her in check. Combine all of that with their already high stats, and you're in for one magical hell where your only hope is absurdly powerful Support units giving you much-needed Connects and/or MP boosts note .
  • That One Sidequest: The NA version of Magical Halloween Theater disabled Memoria use entirely, apparently as a response to a bug in the JP version where Memoria would lack an initial cooldown. As a result, some mission requirements were changed to not need status effects... but not all. The player is required to stun the enemy to fulfill one of the criteria, which is easier said than done: there were only two girls, Alina and Hinano, that were capable of inflicting stun. Hinano has stun as a Magia effect, but that both requires building MP and having the enemies survive her Magia—a surprisingly difficult task since the enemy teams are severely nerfed, and Hinano has to be awakened to at least 4-star to get the stun effect, meaning she's probably at least level 80. Pulling this off essentially requires Madoka to charge Hinano's Magia quickly. Alina, whose connect causes about a 1/3 chance of stun upon attack, is a bit easier to work with, but good luck having this very specific 4-star girl on hand. To sum it up, you need to have Madoka or Alina, both of which are 4-stars, to have any hope of success, making this task needlessly difficult for non-paying players.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • While battles can be unrelated to narrative as not all stories involve battling anybody, some of them fall under this; for example the battle related to Mami sparring with Homura at the end of Homura's third sidestory is just another fight against a witch's familiars.
    • Most of the quests for unlocking Doppels are completely story-less; you just fight random familiars and then a shadowy version of the magical girl whose Doppel you're trying to unlock. There is no story involving how a magical girl unleashes her Doppel or how she reacts to it (which is full of unrealized potential seeing as how Doppels are considered a reflection of their magical girl). This is averted in a couple of cases involving magical girls who were initially low rarity and then uncapped; they're given events where theyare shown awakening and interacting with their Doppel, but this is far from the norm.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Dodge Memoria were hated for how they completely dominated the PvP meta before they were hit with the nerf-bat. The issue was that there was no easy way to counter the Dodge effect and when a second Dodge Memoria was added, they could stack.
    • Defense-type magical girls are hampered by their limited use, often because they (except for Kirika) can't reliably Draw Aggro for their teammates without corresponding Memoria. As the result, their utility is hampered unless they are multi-slotted, which can only gained by rolling multiple copies, which is very expensive for higher rarity girls.
    • Charge disks are considered noticeably inferior to other two types due to the fact that charge stacks are used up all at once for a single attack, with underwhelming effects. As a consequence, many Charge-focused units perform worse than if they had more of other disks.
    • Despite being the first Void-type magical girl, Mitama Yakumo is not worth the investment. Her stats are below average except for her HP, her connect, while useful, is hindered by a crippling defense debuff and is supposed to work in tandem with her Magia. Speaking of, while her Magia throws many status effects that stack with each other, it also inflicts Curse on herself and will not be useful either in the long term.
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor Sana. Abusive Parents, no friends, and a tendency to isolate herself has left her a quivering, self-loathing mess. She deserves all the hugs.
    • Also, Ren Isuzu. She has trouble speaking, and she was teased so much for it that it drove her to attempt suicide. Twice.
  • Unexpected Character: Players suspected that Magia Record would release a special character for the first anniversary, and tried to guess who it would be. Mitama was a popular candidate until she was released months before the anniversary. Then players started guessing regular Homura would be the anniversary release. Very few expected the actual anniversary character, Ultimate Madoka.

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