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Lil' Kyubey is actually an artificial Incubator, like Juubey.
It does seem markedly different from Kyubey in not just size but mannerisms.
  • Confirmed, the Kyubey is a corpse of an Incubator, just like Juubey, filled with Ui's memories.

Konomi Haruna is Gertrud.
She's the only magical girl we've seen who uses scissors, she has a flower motif, and Kyouko calls her a cute witch in her side story. The only reason she isn't dead yet is whatever is sustaining the Doppel system in Kamihama City.

The setting is an Afterlife Antechamber
It is, in a sense, an "argument" set up by the "secretaries" of Madoka's heaven. It was made to eventually "argue" with Devil Homura, even including Homura's past self to do this. Similar to Rebellion, however, any ascended Magical Girl who enters cannot directly remember this.
  • The quotation marks are because an argument between two immortal divine beings creating a space that connects all of space-time and dipping in from "outside" is hard to categorize for mortals.
    • Possibly jossed, Ultimate Madoka herself isn't sure what's going on with this timeline/record.

Candy the Stuck-out Ear Witch is Ayame
Candy's motif is a rabbit who likes to collect things she considers cute, is very capricious and like to destroy things out of whim, likes to be pampered, and her color motif is pink. All of them are Ayame's characteristics. Ayame is most likely to die in the bad ends of the event. Also, the three ribbons on Candy's forehead are colored yellow, blue, and pink - the Azalea trio's color scheme.

Lil' Kyubey is transformed version of Ui, or something left of her after the Cosmic Retcon
After all, it made Iroha remember her
and Iroha tried to use that to make Touka and Nemu remember her as well.

in a similar vein as the Konomi theory above, Ria Ami is Kirsten/H.N. Elly
The little wing on her soul gem is on the same position/side as the wing on the Box Witch's grief seed, Ria tends to be envious/covetous if she isn't the center of attention (and Elly's barrier has the look at me message to boot), and her wishing to not only be beautiful but for everyone that knew her before to think she was always that beautiful. Sounds like she's "boxing" up the memory of what she looked like before her contract. Even the silhouette of a Magical Girl in Elly's monitor that everyone assumes is her old Magical Girl self kind of resembles a stylized version of Ria. Either like in the plausible Konomi theory, she hasn't turned into a Witch yet because of Kamihama/the Wings of Magius' effects or because of how much of an anomaly the Magia Record Timeline is stated to be in universe, she hasn't been able to experience what turns her into Elly in the first place before coming to Kamihama because it possibly didn't happen at all.
  • The official Guidebook says that Elly's wish was 'I only have one wish. Box up that memory'.

Sasara Minagi is Elsa Maria
Elsa Maria is said to be self-righteous and is themed after Catholicism. Sasara might qualify as Elsa Maria's Magical Girl counterpart due to having the same theme, a Chronic Hero Syndrome, and a strong sense of justice. For some reason, Sasara isn't dead yet due to some unknown magic keeping Kamihama's Doppel System active.
  • The official Guidebook says that Elsa Maria's wish was 'I wish you, although not seen from me, to be happy'.

Akuma Homura is Magia Record's Greater-Scope Villain
Or Greater-Scope Antagonist, depending on your point of view. Akuma Homura may have subtly engineered the events of Magia Record's timeline and story in order to create it, and her doing so is why it appears to be an anomaly that not even Madokami=/=The Law of Cycles can make heads or tails of it. As for why? Maybe just to see what happens,
or perhaps to observe and take notes on the Wings of Magius, a sort of "test run" in a different timeline of a plan she has to keep the world and laws of reality she made in Rebellion intact permanently—seeing what may go wrong and what should be corrected, who would be perfect canidates for what she needs done, etc. It might just be why there is a good deal of symbolism and influence of this character subtly planted around in Magia Record's setting and certain events, and why they haven't appeared as a Special Event Character yet, since their appearance would mark a major turning point for both the story and the game's reason for existence as a whole.

Doppels are actually Personas
The Memoria section of the game is similar to the first ending sequence of the Persona 4 anime. Mitama's hideout is the Velvet Room for magical girls and she herself speaks crypticly talks about destiny, fate and your soul when the player do a weave roll.

Doppels are said to be the shadow side of a magical girl. Similarly how in the Persona series characters can use their Personas once they learn to accept their shadow selves.

  • Also in Tsukoyo's Mitama Training Event (which also doubles as Tsuruno's Doppel Story): In a dream, Tsurono faces the nagging feeling that her goal to bring the Yui family's name back to its former glory pointless and that it would not be appreciated even if she succeeds would not be appreciated. She even talked with her shadow self (a silhouette of herself). Instead of vehemently rejecting her shadow, while initially despairing she decides to accept her feelings, accepts the possibility of failure but to remain striving, and to rely on the Power of Friendship. This causes her to unlock her Persona/Doppel.

Magia Record is an allegory of destructive cults
The Wings of Magius screams like a magical girl cult who advocates the salvation of magical girls but let rumors victimize the normals and the non-symphatizing magical (and actively spreads). They are intentionally vague when promoting their cause and don't usually disclose their methods to outsiders.

The Black Wings henchmen like newly recruited members have only a vague idea of the Magius' (the group's trio leaders) goal in "saving" magical girls and were clingingly hoping on the promises of the group. Mifuyu acts like the "handler" of members just in case a member betrays the group. The Amane Sisters being White Feathers are slightly higher in hierarchy than the black feathers and are more in the know but still dont understand fully the Magius' goals.

Their call of Magical Girls only being able to be saved in Kamihama is because the city is their stronghold.

Yachiyo could be an Allegorical Character to a cult expert, an individual who actively researches and opposes destructive cults (her looking into rumors) or just a prospect a cult failed to recruit.

  • Yachiyo even called the Wings of Magius a cult in Chapter 6 having enough of attempts by its members to recruit her.

  • The reason why Yachiyo is not willing to join the Magius is because their modus operandi reminds her of that of a Kyubey's; how he used truths for their own benefit. It can be said that the Magical Girl system is a cult in itself with Kyubey as its head.

Similar to the theory above, and largely for the very same reasons, Akuma Homura is Magia Record's Greater-Scope Paragon
Following the theory that she engineered the existance of the Magi Reco timeline, this makes her the proper god of this timeline who looks after and enables its existance, while Madokami, her enemy, would be inverted into being the devil who may consider this timeline and the connection it has to the rest of the multiverse through Infinite Mirrors, as a threat.

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