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El es cordobés, le gusta el vino y la joda, y lo toma sin soda porque así pega más (Pega más, pega más)
Rodrigo Bueno, known by his fans simply as "Rodrigo", was an Argentine singer of Cuarteto music. His albums are:

  • La foto de tu cuerpo
  • Aprendiendo a vivir
  • Muy bueno
  • Made in Argentina
  • Completamente enamorados
  • Sabroso
  • Lo mejor del amor
  • La leyenda continua
  • Cuarteteando
  • El Potro
  • A 2000
  • La mano de Dios
  • Derroche


  • Dating Service Disaster: "Amor clasificado" is about Rodrigo posting a message in a newspaper saying that he seeks love. Except for the "disaster" part: the song clarifies that he has not found the woman he seeks yet... but he's still seeking!
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In his first albums he also played Salsa and Merengue. Eventually he dropped those styles, and focused just in cuarteto.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: Rodrigo describes himself as a "pirate" from Córdoba, but that has no relation with piracy: the fans of Club Atlético Belgrano, a soccer club from Cordoba, call themselves "Pirates".
  • Sympathetic Adulterer: Rodrigo cheated on his wife and some woman cheated on her husband, to have sex at some hotel room, and that was "lo mejor del amor".
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  • Worst News Judgment Ever: According to "Amor clasificado", today's newspaper is saying that Rodrigo is looking for love.

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