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Lydia Grace Blezard is a musician, singer, producer and songwriter who along with Francis Dawson forms the band Different Devils (including some lyrics and samples from her girlfriend Hanna, a.k.a. Auburnt Vixen). She plays multiple instruments, including guitar, drums, synthesiser, mandolin and bass and also sings lead vocals.

Currently, Different Devils has produced two albums, with a third currently in development. Their albums are available on Bandcamp.

  • Different Devils (2019)
  • Summer Songs (2020)

As well as Different Devils, Lydia also works on other projects such as Ghost Apples and Lydia's Luscious Lizards.

She cites her major influences as 100 gecs, The Grateful Dead, Mineral and Against Me!.

Lydia and her works provide examples of:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Different Devils, Summer Songs, Lydia's Luscious Lizards. Lydia likes her alliteration, it seems.
  • Gaia's Lament: One of the songs on Summer Songs has this exact title.
  • Genre-Busting: Lydia's music dips in and out of many different musical genres, including Electronic Music, Emo Music and Psychedelic Rock.
  • One of the Boys: One of the Different Devils songs is titled "One of the Boys (I'll Pretend)". However, rather than being about a tomboy, it's instead about a transgender girl having to pretend she's "one of the boys" because she lacks the confidence to be "out" publicly.
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  • Self-Titled Album: The debut album, Different Devils.