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Heartwarming / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable

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Amitie demonstrates what a Cool Big Sis should do

The Battle of Aces

  • Hayate tames a berserk Dark Piece Vita, and one who has no memories of her at all. After she beats her she makes her apologize, pats her on the head and wishes her a good night as she disappears. Truly the girl was born to be Mistress of The Night Sky.

The Gears of Destiny

  • Linith finally meets Fate and Arf and sees how well they grew up. Then she must go.
  • Precia's and Linith's Dark Pieces making peace with each other as they both vanish.
  • An iconic picture in the promo pics of Stern/Material S has her curtsying - something rather against her stoic nature. Where does she actually do this in the game? In the void where only the Material's can go, after she reveals a plan about how to handle U-D. Dearche and Levi shower her with praise and cheering. The only beings she would ever give something resembling an emotional display for.
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  • Amitie gives Kyrie a Cool Down Hug, with the following dialogue:
    Kyrie: "Let go..."
    Amita: "Don't wanna. I'm not letting go."
    Kyrie: "That's a part of you I hate. I hate it!"
    Amita: "Even if you hate me, I love you very much. I know you're a good girl. More importantly, you're the world's number one cutie and my beloved little sister. I love Kyrie very much."
    Kyrie (holding her tears back): "Even if you say that... Do you think I'd cry and hug you back? I'm not like that..."
    Amita: "I don't really think that. I'm just saying what I feel, and I'm just doing what I must do. Helping my little sister who looks like she's about to fall apart is Onee-chan's job. It's only natural."
    Kyrie: "That's why... I hate you,..." *whisper* "Onee-chan..."
  • Dearche saves Yuri and reveals her their past and Yuri decides to come back to them.


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