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Heartwarming / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

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  • This line from Vivio about why having an Adult mode does not automatically make her an adult. Nanoha's touched expression says it all.
    Vivio: I want to grow up normally, so I can show this appearance without shame. I want to be proud of where I came from, stick out my chest proudly, and say that I'm the daughter of Nanoha-mama.
  • The full table at the Nakajima house confirms another round of successful befriending. Cinque, Nove, Dieci and Wendi used to be Tyke bombs for Jail but now they have fully integrated into their adoptive family.
    • The same thing applies to Agito at the Yagami household.
  • Vivio reflects on how Nanoha became her mama, specifically the Final Battle of StrikerS, and concludes with how they're living peacefully together. It gives this warm Happily Ever After feeling, as if ViVid is exactly that. No villains or heavy drama, just a close mother-daughter bond.
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  • Vivio losses her rematch in ch 7 but impresses Einhart so much that not only does Einhart apologize for calling her a "careless hobbyist" but piggback carries to a proper resting place. Even in victory, she was still successfully befriended.
  • Several moments occur during the training camp:
    • Lutecia introduces herself as a friend of Vivio's and is delighted to meet her, Rio and Corona in person (having previously been pen-pals).
    • Vivio and Einhart doing glove-punching practice by themselves. They were inspired to by the adults' practice session.
    • Lutecia's mom and Nove smiling as they watch the kids have fun.
    • Vivio relates the story of how Nove became her teacher.
  • According to Corona, Vivio's motivation for practicing Strike Arts is to become stronger so one day she can protect her mama. Aww...
  • Otto's speech to Corona when she was starting to lose heart in her fight against Einhart
    Otto: Not yet! you haven't shown off everything your practiced yet! The strength you showed when you were practicing with me; the way how a golem meister fights. Please show them that you have not given up yet!! Even without a trump card... Even while fighting without such unreasonable things... Mistress Corona is strong!!!
    • Before the match starts, Einhart is asked if she's taking her warmup a bit too seriously, apparently under the impression that her win against Corona is a sure bet. Einhart replies that she has to go at Corona with everything she's got, and can't afford to underestimate her, if she hopes to win. Corona goes into the match wanting to prove that she's worthy of being on Team Nakajima; Einhart's comment makes it clear that she already has.
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    • Equal parts Heartwarming and Awesome: Corona proves Einhart and Otto right despite her defeat.
  • It's a minor thing, but in the anime, when Vivio, Rio, and Corona show off their test scores to Nanoha & Fate, Raising Heart floats up and uses its solid-magic 'wings' to pat the girls' heads in congratulations.
  • Einhart's reasoning behind naming her device Asteon: It was the name Claus and Olivie had chosen for a leopard kit who was stillborn. Also a bit of a Tear Jerker.
  • Nanoha congratulating an unconcious Vivio after her fight with Miura. Vivio might have lost the fight, but she gave it her all, and to Nanoha, that was more than enough.
  • Einhart finally smiling after Vivio's first victory against her.
  • Ixpellia fully waking up in Chapter 90 just so she can give Vivio vocal support against her rematch with Miura, and the hug they share after her victory in Chapter 92, especially since Ixpellia could have been asleep long enough to outlive her friends from Sound Stage X.
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  • At the end of their match in Chapter 92, Miura raises Vivio's hand to signal her friend's victory over her, telling her not to cry and to be proud of her win. The two then leave the ring smiling. Mixes with Tearjerker territory as well, as the match is also Miura's official departure from the Yagami Dojo to join Team Nakajima, though she departs on a high note as Signum, Zafira, and Vita make sure she knows they are all proud of her.
  • The end of the match in Chapter 101 mixes this with Tear Jerker: The morning after defeating Edelgard and claiming the DSAA Championship, Einhart finds that all of Claus' memories have vanished from her mind. While sad, it can also be seen as his spirit finally being free of his regrets and Einhart's mission to prove the strength of the Kaiser Arts at last being complete.

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