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Heartwarming / ViVid Strike!

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  • As depressing as much of Episode 5 is, the fact that Jill would chase down and beat up some kidnappers to save Rinne, a girl she doesn't even know, is quite heartwarming.
  • The flashbacks of the time Fuuka and Rinne met, and how the shy Rinne was the one who took the initiative to befriend Fuuka. As much as Fuuka disapproves of some of Rinne's more recent actions, it's clear she never forgot what Rinne meant to her.
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  • The outcome of the climactic battle between Rinne and Fuuka, in which both girls rekindle their friendship, and Fuuka realizes that she does like martial arts, after all.
  • After losing to Fuuka, Rinne asks Jill to continue training her. Considering that Jill had been questioning herself ever since Rinne's second loss to Vivio, it's touching to see Jill regain some confidence in herself.
  • It turns out that a lot of people watched Rinne and Fuuka's match, from Fuuka's old boss to Rinne's schoolmates. Among them is Lyra, the fighter Rinne defeated with contemptuous ease (thus causing Fuuka to confront her and ending their friendship). Lyra apologizes for inadvertently causing the rift between the two reveals that she hasn't completely given up on martial arts.

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