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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Nove disagreeing with Jill's belief that Hard Work Hardly Works makes a lot more sense when you remember that in a world where most of the cast are Super Soldiers, Born Winners, and people who lucked out on the Superpower Lottery, Nove was defeated by Teana back in StrikerS. Nove had the hands-on experience of being beaten by someone who was lacking in magical talent compared to her teammates that other people didn't have, and this undoubtedly had the strongest effect on her world view.
    • Not only that, but Teana eventually became an S-Ranked mage, giving her the highest rank out of all her teammates. Not only did Teana beating Nove and two of her sisters affect Nove's view, Teana herself went on to prove that someone who lacks talent can become one of the best.
    • Vivio herself is another example, both early before the DSAA tournament in ViVid and during her rematch with Rinne, she notes her body's not meant for strong attacks like Miura or taking hits like Einhart, and Chantez mentions she's better suited to be a scholar. However she learned how to enhance the features she had and learn to fight in way where she can move her body exactly as she wants. As a result, just like Teana, she's learned how to fight against and defeat opponents with much more magical talent.
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    • Ironically, the trope seems to apply to Jill's protege Rinne. Rinne is blessed with physical and magical gifts rivaling that of national athletes, and Jill even considers her a talent born only once in a century. Rinne, on her part, strives to become the strongest fighter there is and willingly subjects herself to Jill's hellish training regimen in order to achieve this goal. However, despite the lengths she goes to in order to become strong, Vivio defeats her twice, the second loss becoming even more significant because she actually gets knocked out. After the match, she breaks down inside a bathroom stall and berates herself for being weak. In short, in Rinne's mind, all her hard work has amounted to nothing because there is still somebody she is unable to defeat.
    • This belief can also be considered Jill's weakness as a coach. She puts so much stake in Rinne's inherent gifts that she never bothered to give Rinne any kind of training that will allow her to fight technique based fighters or even formulate a strategy that is not "tank opponent's blows and hit back harder." For all she knows, enhancing Rinne's physical gifts and making her believe that overwhelming strength can overcome everything is enough.
  • Rinne's single loss to Vivio. Rinne's fighting style revolves around getting in the first hit and giving a continuous assault that doesn't give the opponent a chance to retaliate. Vivio's specialty is dodging and counterattacking, so naturally she's the absolute worst type of opponent for Rinne to face.
    • Which would also make Einhart an even worse opponent for Rinne since the former can redirect attacks, being able to fend off Rinne's barrage with one or two moves and make Rinne hurt herself in the process. And in addition to winning against Vivio multiple times in the past, Einhart has already faced off against a grappler before (Sieg), so Einhart has enough experience to be able to either power out or counter Rinne's grapples.
  • Rinne thoughts about Vivio is a spoon-fed girl by birth is full of irony on the latter's part and also shows how good the TSAB is at covering incidents.
    • It also comes as ironic seeing as Rinne's situation makes her even luckier than Vivio. To elaborate, Rinne is adopted by fashion moguls, and as such, she would never have to worry about one or both of her parents risking their lives as part of their jobs. Rinne is also blessed from birth with physical and magical talents, meaning should she continue pursuing being a martial artist, she would undoubtedly gain success with little to no risk of suffering a career ending injury. In contrast, Vivio is adopted by military personnel, meaning there's always that one chance one or both of her parents may not come back home. And while she's passionate about her chosen sport, Vivio's body is one that is physically and magically unsuited for combat, meaning every fight Vivio participates in carries the risk of her getting seriously injured and possibly suffering a career-ending injury.
  • Rinne slowly realizing she does like martial arts near the end of her fight with Fuka may seem strange, but is actually not that different from Fuka's reasons for disliking them at first. The bullies who caused all her grief were from the fighting club. Due to all her bad memories and from that time, similar to how Fuka began disliking martial arts due to losing to her in a fight, her reason for disliking them likely comes from the torment and suffering she received from them.
    • Likewise, where Fuka began to start liking them as she gains the friendship and support of the other Nakajima Gym athletes, Rinne begins to realize near the end of her fight with Fuka that not only is Fuka trying everything to stop her pain, but Jill has always been there to support her throughout her training.
  • Fuka and Rinne are both shown to be gifted fighters that have great potential. While Rinne is said to be a once-a-century talent in both physical and magical abilities, the same can't be said for Fuka. However, Fuka is shown to be strong enough to go toe-to-toe with grown adults and tough enough to withstand punishment like being hit with a steel pipe to the head. This is because Fuka has been involved with a lot of street fights during her delinquent days with her opponents probably physically and magically stronger than she is. Thus, the various squabbles that Fuka had been involved in at a young age helped develop her physical and magical capabilities.


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