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Tear Jerker / ViVid Strike!

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  • Rinne's reaction to her grandfather's death, especially since she Never Got to Say Goodbye.
  • Rinne's adoptive parents are heartbroken when they hear that she wants to go back to the orphanage.
  • Rinne's kidnapping. She's terrified, overwhelmed with guilt, and believing that she's about to die, wishes she could have seen Fuuka one last time.
  • The end of the fight in Episode 8; the look on Rinne's face in the freeze-frame before the final blow, and Jill's screaming their name right before it. Add in how utterly devastated they are by the outcome of the fight and you can't help but feel sorry for them.
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  • Episode 10 shows us another look at just how deeply Rinne's issues run. Seeing just how much she blames and despises herself for everything that's happened to her is heart-rending. In-universe, Fuuka is brought to the brink of tears by finding out how much self-hatred her childhood friend now has.


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