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Tear Jerker / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable

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The Battle of Aces

  • Fate faces a Dark Piece Hayate who just lost her four children by the Masked Men (who turned into Nanoha and Fate look-alikes) in front of her eyes, and she's desperately looking for them.
  • The Dark Piece Vita in Zafira's route is the only one of all Dark Pieces of Vita, who is not a Jerkass Woobie, but a full woobie, who desperately asks Zafira to end her pain.

The Gears of Destiny

  • When you choses Arf against Dark Piece Presea in Sequence 3, she will find a crying Fate who also encountered Dark Pieces of Linith and Presea, and killed them. The poor girl says that despite knowing they were fakes, the feeling of cutting them down and their pain were still fresh in her hands.
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  • The entirety of sequence 7. Linith is back to fix things and then disappear once again along with Presea, both of them at peace.
  • The death scene of Stern and Levi.

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