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Beware that this page contains unmarked spoilers!

The Battle of Aces

The first game of the Potable Continuity is about the Dark Piece Incident where the nine heroes are involved, and each character has his/her own story route. However, most of the story routes contradict with each other, leaving only a few of the events being Canon. Due to the small cast, the story is strongly focused on the Yagami family.

The Dark Piece Incident takes place directly after the Book of Darkness Incident; the story begins with a force field appearing around Uminari City and the remnants of the Automatic Defense Program/the Darkness of the Book of Darkness/NachtWal are revived, in form of the Dark Pieces, darker and negative versions of the nine heroes. The programs of the Eternal Ringnote , the Materials (who are believed to be remnants of NachtWal in this game) are the ones who are summoning the Dark Pieces. The goal of the Materials is bringing darkness and destruction over the world and a few mentions state that they want to revive U-D, whose upcomming revival is the reason of the revival of the Materials in the first place.


In general, each character has to defeat the Dark Pieces in order to keep the city in save. Defeating the Materials will reduce the production of Dark Pieces drastically. Every character has also his/her own personal conflict, but it is resolved after defeating a certain character. Whenever a hero(/ine) defeats the respective last enemy, the story skips the part where the rest of the Dark Pieces would be defeated, and the aftermath of the incident are shown, which usually takes place three months later. The story of the second game will take place at that time.

Only four of the nine stories routes are canon or do not contradict with other routes in a major way. These routes are Nanoha's, Hayate's, Signum's and Chrono's. Neither Chrono nor Signum fight a Material during their respective routes, and Signum's last battle during the incident takes place at the evening, so she has enough time to appear in Hayate's route and to kill Material-D at night, an event that is later confirmed by the sequel. Nanoha and Material-S's promise is also confirmed by the sequel, and another indication that Nanoha's route is canon is that Fate remembers Material-L in the sequel, the only route where Fate ever sees her Material counterpart. However, there are two minor contradictions between Nanoha's route and Hayate and Chrono's routes. Both, Nanoha and Hayate encounter and battle Material-L in their respective routes, and there is no indication that a Material ever regenerates in this game. The beginning of Chrono's routes contradicts a little bit with Nanoha's route. These two contradictions can be ignored, and it can be assumed that most events of the four routes are canon.


The Gears of Destiny

The second game is about the Unbreakable Dark Incident, that not only involves the revived Materials and new Dark Pieces, but also time travelling characters. Unlike the previous game, the sequel doesn't have story routes for each character, but a long story with twelve levels named as "Sequences", where all characters are involved. Each Sequence has its own main character(s) who have to fight the "targets" to continue the story. If there are multiple playable characters or targets, the player has the option to choose between them, which can (but not always) affect the story.

The first eleven Sequences contain the main story, the Unbreakable Dark Incident, and the 12th Sequence is the Playable Epilogue, which takes place a few months after the main story. The nine heroes from the previous game reappear again, as well as the three Secret Characters, the Materials. Eleven more characters, including U-D appear in the sequel. The two new main characters, Amitie Florian and Kyrie Florian, as well as the Materials, play a major part in the story.



The prologue is told by a young Amitie Florian, who introduces her family and herself. The Florian family are living on the different world Eltria. She tells her younger sister, Kyrie, that Professor Granz Florian's work is important to humankind. To help their father's job, the sister have to grow up so they can support him.

Sequence 01

Main character: Amitie Florian; Sub-character: Kyrie Florian

  • Amitie's targets: Kyrie, Yuuno or Arf, Dearche
  • Kyrie's targets: Hayate or Reinforce

Kyrie uses a Time Machine to travel through time and dimensions and arrives at the A's Portable timeline. She is pursued by her older sister Amitie, who confronts her that time travelling causes a lot of problems in this timeline and that's their duty to protect time and destiny. The younger sister does not listen to her and they start a battle. It first looks like that Kyrie has lost, but it's just an act and Amitie feels the effect of the Virus Bullet that Kyrie used on her. The younger Florian takes the chance and escape.

The infected Amitie looks for help regarding the virus and she encounters Yuuno/Arf — depending which character you choose, the dialogue between Amitie and them will vary if you choose them later in Sequence 02 and 03 — however, because of Amitie's terrible communication skills, she accidently starts a battle. She's too exhausted and falls from the sky. Then Yuuno/Arf is contacted by Nanoha/Fate and then the duo is informed by Shamal that a high magical power force is rising and they are going to find it.

Meanwhile, Kyrie faces Hayate and Reinforce — in promotional materials, she fights Hayate — believing that Hayate is "Lord" Dearche, but she learns that Dearche is killed three months before. Suddenly, Dearche is revived and uses a bind spell on them. Before Dearche can finish them off, Amitie, who overcame the virus with fighting spirit and hot-bloodedness, arrives and saves them. To everyone's surprise, Dearche loses against her and Hayate and Reinforce attempt to use their chance to kill her again, but Stern the Destructor and Levi the Slasher come to save her. It's revealed that the resurrection of these two Materials consumed a lot of Dearche's mana, which is the reason why she lost. Then, Kyrie makes a surprise attack, injures Amitie and Reinforce and she's siding with the Materials to help them to revive System U-D. The four of them escape and Amitie disappears as well. In form of three duos, Hayate and Reinforce, Nanoha and Yuuno, and Fate and Arf have the mission to find the Kyrie sisters and the Materials.

Playing this Sequence will unlock Amitie Florian.

Sequence 02

Main characters: Nanoha Takamachi, Yuuno Scrya

  • Nanoha's targets: Amitie, Liese, Einhard, Stern
  • Yuuno's targets: Amitie, Liese, Vivio, Stern

Nanoha and Yuuno can find Amitie and they offer her their help, but she refuses and escapes — in promotional materials, she fights Nanoha. The two of them later meet Lieselotte and Liesearia, who mistake them for Dark Pieces. Surprised by their strength, the twins are about to go full out, but Nanoha and Yuuno convince them that they are real. It's then revealed that the twins have been ordered by Admiral Letty Lowran to pursue a classified mission. Nanoha and Yuuno leave to continue their own mission but the twins ask them to keep their presence a secret from Hayate and her knights. When Nanoha and Yuuno continue their mission, the twins feel a dimensional quake.

Vivio and Einhard from the ViVid timeline are suddenly falling from the sky above Uminari City, but their Hybrid-Intelligent Devices, Sacred Heart and Asteion, provide them flight abilities to save them. Vivio recognize Uminari City, her mother's hometown. The children enter in their Adult Modes when they feel magical powers approaching them. Vivio meets Yuuno and Einhard meets Nanoha, realizing that they are in past and they fly away from Yuuno and Nanoha

In the end, Nanoha and Yuuno find Stern, who asks them politely for a mock battle — in promotional materials, she fights Nanoha. Stern is on good terms with them, but she flies away to help her king revive U-D.

Playing this Sequence will unlock Yuuno Scrya, if you play all battles with him and chose him as a target in Sequence 01 before.

Sequence 03

Main characters: Fate Testarossa, Arf

  • Fate's target: Kyrie, Dark Piece Rynith, Dark Piece Presea, Levi
  • Arf's target: Amitie, Dark Piece Rynith, Dark Piece Presea, Levi

Arf finds Amitie, but the result is the same as before. Fate finds Kyrie and offers her help, but Kyrie turns it down and mocks her instead. They fight against each other and Kyrie is surprised by Fate's speed, but she is able to trick Fate with the story about her father and disappears, though Fate has the feeling that Kyrie was telling the truth.

Both, Fate and Arf, face of against a Dark Piece of Rynith and a Dark Piece of Presea. The choice, which character you play against Dark Piece Presea, will effect the story of the Sequence. If you choose Fate, she is sad that she defeated the copies of Rynith and Presea, but she will go onwards and then she fights, in a good mood, against Levi. If you choose Arf instead, Fate is very depressed that she sliced her master and her own mother, resulting in Arf being so enraged that she blames everything on the Materials and fights Levi with all of her anger.

Regardless of which character you choose, Fate befriends Levi, who gives them information about their goal. Dearche wants to revive System U-D to obtain infinite power and the Materials would find a place where they can live free. Like Stern, Levi disappears to help her king.

Playing this Sequence will unlock Arf, if you play all battles with her and chose her as a target in Sequence 01 before.

Sequence 04

Main characters: Hayate Yagami, Reinforce Eins

  • Targets: Thoma, Liese, Dearche, U-D

Like Vivio and Einhard, Thoma Avenir and Lily-Strosek from the Force timeline find themselves in the A's Portable timeline. When they feel someone is approaching them, they react and meet Hayate and Reinforce. Surprised by Hayate's young appearance, and a Reinforce that is unknown to them, Lily concludes that they are in the past, and they fly away.

Hayate/Reinforce meets the Liese twins, who either mistake Hayate for a Dark Piece because she's too nice or Lieselotte is angry at Reinforce and they start a battle. The conflict between them is only half solved when the battle is over.

Then, Hayate and Reinforce find Dearche, who fights them before she revives U-D — in the promotional materials, she fights Hayate. After the battle is over, Dearche and Kyrie revive U-D, also known as Unbreakable Dark, who turns out to be a young girl. U-D detects Hayate and Reinforce as enemies and attacks them — the percentage of U-D's loading system varies depending who fights her; against Hayate it's 5%; against Reinforce it's 6%. The battle can either end with U-D defeating her opponents of losing with herself noting that her systems are still reactivating. Either scenario leads to the epilogue of this sequence. When the battle is over, Dearche, Stern and Levi greet U-D, but she impales them with her magic because U-D detects everyone as her enemies, regardless if she feels that's not true. The Materials erase and U-D disappears, who is pursued by Kyrie. Shamal then informs Hayate that a large number of Dark Piece's have suddenly appeared and she and the rest of the Wolkenritter are on the move to destroy them.

Winning the battle against U-D with both, Hayate and Reinforce, is required for unlocking Sequence X.

Sequence 05

Main characters: Signum, Vita, Shamal, Zafira; Sub-character: Kyrie

  • Signum's targets: Dark Piece Thoma, Dark Piece Presea, Dark Piece Levi
  • Vita's targets: Dark Piece Einhard, Liese, Arf
  • Shamal's targets: Dark Piece Yuuno, Dark Piece Vivio, Kyrie
  • Zafira's targets: Dark Piece Stern, Dark Piece Rynith, Dark Piece Dearche
  • Kyrie's target: Combat Mode U-D

The Wolkenritter have the mission to defeat the Dark Pieces and to find U-D. Each knight has her/his own path that are parallel to each other.

Signum first encounters the Dark Pieces of Thoma and Lily, who recognize her as the TSAB officer who was defeated by Cypha of the Hückebein family. Shortly after their defeat, Signum briefly meets the real ones, but Lily convinces Thoma to fly away, while Thoma cannot still believe that they are in the past. Then, Signum fights a powerful foe: a Dark Piece of Presea, who denies the existence of her other daughter Fate. Finally, Signum has a fight with a Dark Piece of Levi, whom she befriends after her victory.

Like Signum, Zafira also only encounters Dark Pieces. His first and third opponents are the Dark Pieces of Stern and Dearche, respectively — apparently, Zafira's victory over all Materials in the previous game seems to be confirmed in this game, despite the contradictory between other B.o.A routes. His second opponent is a Dark Piece of Rynith, both of them recognizing each other as a Familiar and Guardian Beast, respectively. He also realizes that she's Arf and Fate's teacher and is impressed by her abilities.

Vita finds a Dark Piece of Einhard, who is searching for strong opponents and recognizes Vita as an Aerial Tactical Combat Instructor, so she challenges her. Annoyed by battle maniacs like Fate and Signum, Vita defeats her enemy and then briefly notice the presence of Vivio and the real Einhard, who quickly escapes. Then, Vita meets the Liese Twins and she has not forgotten what they did to Hayate. She has a big argument with Lieselotte, who still holds a grudge on the Yagami family, and the two of them start a fight. Liesearia mediates them and convinces Vita to follow their own missions and that they do not interfere her. Still angry at them, Vita later meets Arf, both of them mistake each other as Dark Pieces. In the middle of the fight, they recognize that they are fighting the real ones and they part peacefully their ways.

Shamal meets a Dark Piece of Yuuno, whom she first mistakes for the real one, until he asks her that he's looking for something and he does not recognize her. Shamal figures that he's looking for the Jewel Seeds and she tries to "heal" him by defeating him in battle. Later, she finds a Dark Piece of Sankt Kaiser Vivio, whose personality is from the StrikerS time. The Dark Piece is looking for her mother, and Shamal tries to help the big lost child, but the Dark Piece fights the stranger because of self-defensenote . Shamal manages to defeat the strong lost child and realizes in the end that she is also a Dark Piece. She also briefly notices that Einhard and the embarrassed, real Vivio are observing her fight, who then quickly fly away. And in the end, Kyrie finds Shamal and is asking for her help to revive the Materials, but Shamal refuses and they fight. Kyrie underestimates the Combat Medic because she is The Medic and is defeated and bound by Shamal.

After all Wolkenritter have defeated their last opponent, they feel a dimensional quake at the same time; Kyrie uses her chance and escapes while Shamal is confused by the quake. Amitie finds U-D in her Combat Mode and offers her to protect her from Kyrie. U-D refuses and realizes that Amitie is neither from this time nor that she is a human, but an Eltrian Gear. Kyrie arrives and attacks Amitie from behind and challenges U-D. However, during the climax of the battle, U-D is about to kill a confused Kyrie, but Amitie goes between them and a claw of U-D's Armsnote  penetrates her left arm and stomach, revealing that she is an android. Her left arm is ripped off and she fires her Variant Zapper's Overblast directly at U-D. The Wolkenritter see the explosion and state that the attack has even more magical power than the Triple Breaker, but they are even more shocked when they see that U-D is completely unharmed. Suddenly, she screams in pain as her system is loading even further and she disappears. Chrono contacts them and orders the Wolkenritter to come back to the Arthra to discuss the situation. They are going to bring the unconsciousness Amitie to the Arthra, but they also notice that Kyrie is gone.

Defeating U-D with Kyrie is required for unlocking Sequence X.

Sequence 06

Main characters: Chrono Harlaown, Liese (Lieselotte and Liesearia)

  • Chrono's targets: Levi, Nanoha or Vita, Liese
  • Liese's targets: Kyrie, Fate or Signum, Hayate

On-board the Arthra Chrono runs down the current situation as it stands with Nanoha, Fate and Hayate. Thanks to the Wolkenritter's efforts the production of Dark Pieces has decreased rapidly. Amitie is currently on-board the Arthra being treated for her wounds. With the Materials still missing and Kyrie heavily wounded the main concern now is finding a way to stop U-D. He shelfs Nanoha, Fate and Hayate for the moment in order to give them time to rest and recuperate from their nonstop battles. He also wants them to figure out a plan for defeating U-D. Afterwards Chrono speaks with the Liese Twins about their mission. It's revealed that the Saint Church predicted visitors from the future arriving in the modern era and as such the Liese's were send out to find and capture the Gears. This works out for Chrono who orders the twins to capture Kyrie while he goes after the Materials.

All battles with the Liese twins are required to unlock them.

Sequence 07-R

Main character: Rynith

  • Targets: Nanoha, Signum, Reinforce

Rynith will be unlocked after playing this sequence.

Sequence 07-P

Main character: Presea Testarossa; Sub-character: Rynith

  • Presea's targets: Chrono, Dark Piece Fate, Zafira or Shamal, Rynith
  • Rynith's target: Presea

Presea will be unlocked after playing this sequence.

Sequence 08

Main characters: Vivio Takamachi, Einhard Stratos, Thoma Avenir

  • Vivio's targets: Dark Piece Einhard, Thoma Avenir, Zafira, Nanoha
  • Einhard's targets: Dark Piece Vivio, Thoma, Yuuno, Fate
  • Thoma's targets: Dark Piece Thoma, Vivio, Hayate, Vita

Sequence 09

Main character: Kyrie Florian

  • Targets: Chrono, Shamal, Amitie

Kyrie will be unlocked after playing this sequence.

Sequence 10

Main characters: Stern the Destructor, Levi the Slasher, "Lord" Dearche

  • Stern's targets: Dark Piece Dearche, Dark Piece Vita, U-D
  • Levi's targets: Dark Piece Stern, Dark Piece Zafira, U-D
  • Dearche's targets: Dark Piece Levi, Dark Piece Signum

Final Sequence

Main characters (first round): Signum, Vita, Einhard Stratos, Zafira, Shamal, Chrono Harlaown, Kyrie Florian

Main characters (second round): Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, Unison Hayate Yagami, Amitie Florian, "Lord" Dearche TRINITY, Vivio Takamachi, Thoma Avenir

  • Target of the first round: U-D
  • Target of the second round: Combat Mode U-D

Sequence X

Main character: Yuri Eberwein

  • Targets: Stern, Levi, Kyrie, Dearche, Amitie

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