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Heartwarming / Mafia III

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  • Joe Barbaro's cameo at the end of the game, pointing out that he is still alive and was not horribly murdered as Vito believed.
  • Ellis and Lincoln's reunion is one which is full of humor as well as good natured ribbing. Foster brothers or not, they truly think of each other as family.
  • The speech which Sammy Robinson gives when Lincoln comes home highlights how worried he was about him during the war as well as how proud he was for serving. Gangster or not, you can tell Sammy was a wonderful parent and someone Lincoln was proud to have known.
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  • Lincoln spares the life of Jesse, a member of the Dixie mob, after he gives up the location of Ritchie Doucet. This is genuinely surprising given how many people he's potentially killed in his quest for revenge as well as the fact the Dixie Mob is a collection of Corrupt Hick racists and slavers. Lincoln is still trying to hold onto his humanity, even with people like Cassandra egging him on.
  • When Lincoln robs Grecco of a fortune in medical supplies bound for Cuba, you assume he's going to sell them in order to raise more cash for his mission of revenge. Instead, Lincoln takes them to Father James and gives them away for free. No matter how much he's lost in Vietnam and his vendetta, Lincoln still has a soft spot for the old preacher.
  • Lincoln's acceptance of Nikki's lesbianism when she comes out to tell him. Having been kicked around for his race his entire life, Lincoln would still have been a man of his time had he rejected her for it. However, after a realistic minute or two of shock, he reacts to his long-time friend by telling her that he hopes she's happy with whoever she has managed to find.
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  • Pretty much the entire mission to confront Enzo Conti when it's not hilarious or being punctuated by gunfire and Stuff Blowing Up, after finding that Enzo and Sammy were good friends Lincoln decides to help Enzo go into retirement rather than kill him.
  • When Lincoln first returns to from the war, he's given a heart to heart by another veteran.
  • After completing Burke's optional side-mission of giving cars to the I.R.A., he reveals that The I.R.A. thing was just a cover story, he's actually selling the cars in order to give money to Nicki due to him having liver cancer. Burke may be a drunken fool at times, but that shows he does truly care about his daughter.
  • When going after Tommy Marcano, Lincoln crosses paths with a counterfeiter named Alvarez that Sal and Tommy want dead very badly. Alvarez even points out that Lincoln could kill him and go about his day with no problems. But instead Lincoln saves Alvarez's life and smuggles him out of the city.
    • A follow-up conversation with Father James commends Lincoln on what he did and tells him he thinks he is a good person, despite knowing he was a criminal.
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  • Sign of the Times, despite being loaded with Nightmare Fuel, also carries with it a great deal of this category, in the form of rebuilding and renovating Sammy's Bar; from gutting the interior from the fire damage and after the Ensanglante messed with it to re-painting the outside including a beautiful two-stage mural that pays tribute to Sammy and his work to the grand finale, a toast to the urban philanthropist who, although ran the Black Mob, was truly a good man and could hardly even be called a criminal.


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