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Nightmare Fuel / Mafia III

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Sign of the Times...
Mafia III isn't just the third sequel for the Mafia series, it's the darkest and bloodiest sequel to date.
  • The ending of the prologue mission "The Home Fire Burns" ends with the Federal Reserve heist being successful and the Black Mob, Lincoln, Danny, Giorgi and Sal Marcano celebrating, only for Giorgi to suddenly shoot Lincoln Clay in the head, Richie Doucet stabbing dead Ellis, Danny being stabbed to death, Sal shooting Sammy dead, and Giorgi setting the bar on fire, and while Danny isn't seen either, he was murdered as well. That's right, Lincoln not only has his adopted murdered right in front of him, but is brutally betrayed by his friend and has the money Sammy went through so effort to obtain stolen from him.
    • When you revisit the bar after awakening from the coma, you're treated to seeing a PTSD-like montage of the scene, which is equally as disturbing as the entire bar has been destroyed.
    Giorgi Marcano: You shouldn't have said no.
    • Later on, when you meet Burke, he gets upset about Danny's death and mentions Danny's body was so badly burned the coroner refused to let him look at it a second time.
  • "Sign of the Times" is pure Nightmare Fuel and unusually disturbing, even by the standards of your average crime video game. Take a look at the main picture above for a taste of what's to come in this DLC.
    • It utterly lives up to its promotional material, with the Ensanglante being built up around the insane ramblings of Braxton Harless, a demented Civil War general who prophesied blood and death, resulting in this racist cult who used women down through the ages to pass on the seed of evil, and threatened to carry out horrific deeds in the name of purification, with its current leader, Bonnie, using a strong strand of LSD to indoctrinate people. It ends with young Sacrificial Lamb Anna, raped in order to bear the next descendant of the general (as the current leader was sterile), being Driven to Suicide upon realizing she's pregnant, and Lincoln going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge through the cult's creepy island hideout. Fortunately, after Lincoln dismantles the cult and kills Bonnie, good things happen; see the Heartwarming page.
  • How Thomas Burke killed Balbieri. Maguire notes that his body wasn't found until the mid-1980s, where it was found in the trunk of an old car sunken in the Mississippi River. According to him, his legs were beaten so hard that there was hardly any bone left.
  • Vito's anecdote about Joe Barbaro's fate is utterly horrific. According with Vito, Joe Barbaro's death is a mixture of No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, fingore and Facial Horror combined. A very sickening way to murder someone when you think about it. The only satisfaction is that this ends up being just a rumor, as Joe reappears at the end of the game.
  • Lincoln Clay's executions are incredibly graphic, which is explained by Donovan as a form of psychological warfare meant to send a message.
  • Almost everything about the Dixie Mafia and the Southern Union.
  • This is the first game in the series to feature wildlife, and fittingly for the setting, it's alligators. You can dump dead bodies into the various swamps and rivers, and watch as they float there for a few seconds before an alligator suddenly and loudly drags them down to the deep. But should you decide to get your feet wet, you can find yourself on the alligators' menu, too. And a few missions, such as the assault on the Haitians in the prologue, require you to go swimming. Have fun.
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  • After you finally capture Grecco and take him back to Vito's place, Vito turns on the meat grinding machine and tells Lincoln to leave. Not to mention that Grecco is never alluded to by anyone else after this point.
  • The destruction of Uncle Lou's steamboat in "Real Nice Time", especially since it's the only mission where civilians are bound to be killed either in the gunfight between his goons, from the fire on the boat, or by falling into the bayou water and being eaten by alligators.
  • Olivia Marcano's death at the hands of Giorgi, who slashed her from ear to ear and left her to bleed to death on the hospital bed, as Lincoln refused to outright kill her.

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