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Tear Jerker / Mafia III

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  • After successfully finishing the opening heist, The Marcanos and their men proceed to kill Sammy, Ellis, and Danny, with Lincoln having to watch after getting shot in the head (the bullet grazed his skull). The worse part is Sammy's death, which has him dragging himself on the floor mortally wounded, then shot repeatedly by Sal; to twist the knife and put salt on it, he's called a "stupid nigger" as he's killed. How heartless do you have to be to kill someone, along with their loved ones, while making sure that the last thing they hear is a racial slur?
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  • Father James if you stay in New Bordeaux after killing Sal Marcano. He expresses that it would have been better if Lincoln had died, implying he became worse than Sal Marcano afterwards. In one of the possible endings it's revealed he killed Lincoln Clay to stop his reign of terror. He breaks down in tears at the end of the documentary and tells the crew he's done recalling such painful memories.
  • Frank Pagani's death is actually one of the more heartfelt in the game. He's terrified of Lincoln and runs away at first sight, only for Lincoln to chase him down and fill him with bullets. Frank then reveals he has no idea who Lincoln is or why he's trying to kill him. He was in Cuba during the Federal Reserve Heist and had nothing to do with it. He begs Lincoln to save him so he can be with his wife and children but Lincoln interrogates him until he dies. Lincoln looks genuinely disgusted with himself after, perhaps realizing Frank didn't deserve what happened to him.
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  • Charles Laveau AKA the Voice was a bartender for Sammy Robinson and an ally to Lincoln Clay early in his quest for revenge. While rather militant, his broadcasts throughout the game can be inspirational, highlighting the injustice and evil at play in New Bordeux and the United States as a whole. His final broadcasts comes at the end of the game, and though he denies that he truly believes things are improving, the fact that you have just ended the reign of terror of the Marcano family and their corrupt buddies will likely have you brimming with hope for the future, as things historically got better for the Civil Rights Movement after 1968. That's when the police burst into the studio to take him off the air and when the Voice protests their intrusion, one is heard saying "You went and done it now, nigger." followed by gunfire.
  • Cassandra's ending (if she takes over after you leave) is depressing enough, but it's even worse if you've rebuilt Sammy's bar, since it likely got flooded or left to rot just like the rest of the city, making all of your hard work for nothing.
    • Even worse is the confirmation that the bar get's replaced by a car lot regardless of your actions. Father James shows the camera crew the location of the bar in the present/future making that whole aspect of the DLC a Happy Ending Override.
  • If Lincoln angers one of his underbosses through shitty management too much, there’s a strong chance they’ll get fed up, forcing Lincoln to hunt them down and kill them before they can retaliate. And oh boy, does the game make you regret betraying their trust:
  • Even though he was a racist criminal, the final confrontation with Sal Marcano is surprisingly emotional. Marcano just wanted his son to have a peaceful life.
    Marcano: You know, a month or so after my brother Lucio died I started having nightmares. I had this one where I was on a boat and this giant wave would come knock my ass overboard. I hit that water and sink like a goddamn rock. And there was another one with cottonmouths biting me all to hell. But the one that really got to me? It was Giorgi's funeral. He's laid out in that shitty little casket, neck cut same as Lucio's. Yeah, that one really got to me. it'll come around again every three or for days. And this was all to try and keep mine from coming true. And look how that turned out.
  • Father James giving this incredibly brutal by sadly reaslistic view of human nature
    Father James: Look of how we treat each other. Compassion is a sign of weakness but greed is a virtue. The poor is considered morally corrupt while every excess of the powerful is celebrated. We send kids off to die, for what ?! So someone can make a few bucks. (beat) Lincoln was right. He was always right. Their ain’t never gonna be another Dr.King or Bobby Kennedy but their will always be another Sal Marcano, another Sammy Robinson... another Lincoln Clay. (After a noticeable length of silence with a look of absolute sadness) we are a cruel and wicked people.


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