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Those white robes are about to get some red on them.

  • The game's depiction of racism. Not for attacking different races, but for the game being up front about saying this happened, saying this is a problem, and how it could have gone the path of Politically Correct History, but no they want to show that this happened and is a issue that does need to be addressed.
  • The Federal Reserve Heist is one of these. It's A Simple Plan which goes awry in a variety of ways but Lincoln and Giorgi roll with the punches throughout.
    • The actual plan itself was pretty good with a substitute security guard team going down to the vault, stealing all the money within, and then escaping through a hole drilled in the vault. They would then escape in a sinkhole.
    • When Giorgi accidentally triggers an alarm, they steal guns from the armory to shoot out with the security force.
    • When they need to escape, Danny Burke attempts to blow a bigger hole in the vault and accidentally creates a sinkhole which absorbs the entire structure.
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    • After a boat chase with the police, they try to lose themselves in Mardi Gras. Failing, Lincoln Clay shoots a gun in the air and brings down the entirety of the New Bordeaux police force down on his head to allow his friends to escape. He then manages to get away and rejoin them.
    • The villains celebrate their heist to "I Fought the Law." They even sing along with it. Too bad it all goes horribly-horribly wrong from there.
  • The climax to taking over Delray Hollow requires Lincoln to go to an Amusement Park of Doom, go through a small army of Corrupt Hick gangsters, and then finally ''lynch'' the gang boss who murdered his brother.
  • Most of the missions to upgrade loyalty involve Lincoln going to rob the Dixie Mob. There's just something satisfying about the fact Lincoln continues to screw with them, long after he has driven them from Delray Hollow.
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  • Lincoln Clay's assault on The Royale Hotel in order to take down Tony Derazio. He can either go through the front door, shooting up the place, or steal Tony's car so he can sneak in through the basement to the penthouse. The place is guarded by a massive number of mobsters and can easily turn into a shoot-out similar to the final level of Max Payne. When Lincoln gets to Tony? Tony fires a rocket launcher at him and then attempts to hold Lincoln off with a machine gun. This results in Lincoln dealing with the Defiant to the End Tony by tossing him out of the penthouse window onto a car below in full view of the city before shooting/sneaking out past Tony's army of reinforcements.
  • Rescuing Enzo Conti from the quarry from a veritable army of thugs is badass enough but it's also stated that Enzo's entire organization is here at Sal Marcano's orders. Enzo not only fights alongside Lincoln Clay the entire way but he helps rig up all of the quarry's dynamite to explode, wiping out the entirety of his branch of the New Bordeaux mob. They then escape in a 1960s Hummer down the train tracks, leaving Enzo as one of the few Marcano lieutenants to get away from Lincoln's Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • It is immensely satisfying to burn Remy Duvall, leader of the Southern Union on his own flaming cross. The fact it's exactly what he intended to do to you also helps.
    • Even better, you can massacre the Ku Klux Klan members in the meeting and it's more equally awesome that you're playing as a black guy, the people those racist pricks oppress.
    • Hell all of the Southern Union missions are awesome in their own right, from busting up a meeting in a market where Haitians are being auctioned off as slaves to sneaking into a mansion to confront Olivia by disguising yourself as "the help" and drugging everyone and then saving Remy's nephew.
  • Lincoln Clay if he chooses to stay as the ruler of New Bordeaux with his lieutenants. Having finally taken down Sal Marcano, Lincoln now has all the wealth and power he could ever want as well as people to share it with. The fact it's cost him his soul is a matter of opinion, too, since he was always a gangster. However good comes out of it too, whether it's a case of Villain with Good Publicity is up to opinion, but hospitals and schools get funded, charities get donations and new neighborhoods are built for those left destitute after hurricanes.
  • Equally good is if Lincoln Clay chooses to go. Having killed, stolen, and rampaged across New Bordeaux for his vengeance, he has the opportunity to become Sal Marcano. Lincoln can choose to walk away from all that power and wealth to regain his soul, though. This proves Father James right that Lincoln still had his humanity. He may have lost everything but he proved the better man.
  • Most of the Faster, Baby! DLC is pretty awesome, especially when it’s about sticking it to racist cops, but it doesn’t get much better than the mission Kicking Up Dust, where Lincoln and Roxy, after stealing back Roxy’s prized car, go on a massive tear through Sinclair Parish, shooting, smashing, and generally destroying everything in sight so MJ can rescue their supporters while the cops are distracted. After thoroughly trashing the town, a police checkpoint, and the county fair, the two escape through the junkyard with the aid of a convenient ramp and some well-timed explosions. Even Lincoln sounds like he’s having fun.
  • We learn from Vito what happened to Joe after the end of the previous game. He knocked the teeth out of one of the hitmen and got away, lay low in Chicago for a while and survived for maybe a few years more. His final fate is more appropriate for the Nightmare Fuel category, but just knowing that Joe wouldn't go down without giving the mafia a serious headache fits perfectly with what we know of him.
    • Then again, the possibility that Joe appears as The Cameo in the end as Leo's driver shows he's still alive, which would be a welcome relief for those fearing for his safety
  • The post-credits scene: Donovan reveals on live television that he helped Lincoln on his rampage because Sal was a conspirator to the JFK assassination and he proceeds to reveal that the senator grating on him for his involvement with Clay was also a part of JFK's death, then Donovan shoots him in the chest and head with a silenced pistol; as he walks out, he declares that he's going to kill everyone involved in JFK's assassination.
    Donovan (walking away calmly) Gentlemen.
  • One of the shotgun melee kills is grabbing the enemy by the neck, spininng him around and shooting him in the ass. Do this to a KKK member and you got a badass moment to remember and tell your friends.

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