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Headscratchers / Mafia III

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  • Why is Lincoln the one who stays behind to distract the cops during the Mardi Gras heist? He's the biggest and most capable of carrying Danny, and he's also the easiest of them to identify should the cops get a good look at him.
    • Giorgi was intending to betray his allies and needed to get the money to his father at any cost, therefore he wouldn't risk it. Given his demonstrated lack of notable skills, Ellis trying to distract the police would probably only end with him having several artificial orifices in short time which Lincoln is most likely aware of.
    • But on that note... Giorgi's dad has all the police in the city in his pocket. If the cops bumped into him, in a non-firefight setting, would they risk incurring the mob boss' wrath by messing with his son?
  • So where's security when Donovan starts shooting Senator Blake? I know The Guards Must Be Crazy, but it's a little puzzling how they seem not to exist at all.
    • Truth in Television, before the JFK assassination government security was mainly for banks.
  • Why do Lincoln's underlings give him side missions to do? Since when do employees hand assignments to their boss?
    • Vito explicitly asks nothing more than a favour, Cassandra tells him what to do, but Lincoln only takes the mission after she appeals to his feeling towards his fellow black men. Burke was going to handle his stuff on his own with Lincoln only taking over to make sure he isn't distracted from the main goal of their mob.
  • New Orleans was named after the Duke of Orleans, who was the de facto ruler of France at the time. Since New Orleans is replaced with New Bordeaux in this universe, are we to assume there's been some kind of Alternate History where the events of the French Regency departed radically from what we know?
  • I get that, as far as Sal knows, everyone involved in the Fed heist needs to be whacked, so they can't blab to the Commission about his casino. Okay. But it sounds like he plans to openly, publicly run this casino. Gambling becomes legal in New Bordeaux, then suddenly a casino (already in construction before the law passed!) pops up across the lake. The Commission is obviously going to put two and two together. He must have some plan to weasel out of the consequences, but what possible plan that he couldn't have put into action without trying to kill Vito and the Black Mob?
  • Vito's "favor" missions... killing everyone who sold out or refused to help Joe. I don't get how they all wound up in New Bordeaux at the same time. I know this is Lampshaded; Lincoln asks Vito that same question. But Vito's answer just doesn't make sense to me. He says something about "the Commission sends some boys Sal's way and he doesn't ask questions". Why would the Commission send everyone involved with Joe out to New Bordeaux almost a decade after the fact?
    • To also keep tabs on Vito? Evidently these thugs knew Joe to some extent, so it's not a stretch that they'd know Vito or were at least informed. It's also a warning to Vito, to let him know what happens if he steps out of line, and Vito can't do anything to avenge Joe while Marcano is looking for any excuse to get rid of him. By the time Greco oversteps his bounds, Vito's got nothing left to lose by finally killing them, thinking they'd side with Marcano.

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