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Lincoln Clay may not be Joe Barbaro's illegitimate child?
In the "In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza", we see Joe conversing with an African American stripper. And while that may be the reason everybody thinks Joe and Lincoln are related, there is one thing (besides the developers' say) that might disappoint everyone's hopes. The year of that mission was 1951 and Mafia III is set in 1968. If Lincoln was born in 1951, he'd be 17 in 1968. When you see Lincoln's physical stature, there's no way he can pass off as an vengeful seventeen year-old bi-racial Vietnam War veteran. Unless Joe and that African-American stripper were seeing each other years prior (or maybe during the early years of Vito's prison time)
  • Made into more of a Mind Screw as Joe might still be alive and working as Leo's driver. Maybe. Not that it gets Lincoln more than a few strange glances from a guy he's never met.
  • It's confirmed that Lincoln was born in 1947, which is somewhere during the time Joe fled "down south" (i.e. around New Bordeux) to escape getting whacked by his old mob back in Empire Bay, before moving back in 1951. To go back to the African-American stripper with Joe possibly being Lincoln's mother, it's also stated she abandoned Lincoln, so it's possible she went with Joe back to Empire Bay.

Lincoln Clay will go insane by the end of the game.
This rampage cannot be mentally healthy for a man with existing skull damage. More importantly, the insanity will give the player an excuse to REALLY go all-out in a grand finale GTA-esque rampage before the very end.
  • Considering the developers plan to touch on some dicey issues in this game, there may be allusions to Lincoln having PTSD and him trying his best not to succumb to it.
    • Inconclusive: Lincoln doesn't go into a rampage after the final mission (unless the player makes him), but the Rule Alone ending involves killing all your underbosses - how the fuck is Lincoln going to keep his own mob from murdering him when he's gone that far?! Pretty insane, in retrospect.
    • It is shown that Lincoln has some mental problems, such as a flashback to/hallucination of Sal Marcano massacring the Black Mob when he revisits the bar, and he also has a few emotional breakdowns in the story, often when reminded of Sammy and Ellis' deaths. Although the massacre of his underbosses in Rule Alone was a brutally Machiavellian suggestion by John Donovan, rather than an insanity-induced Rage Breaking Point, it would show Clay has chosen to fully become The Sociopath, no better than Sal Marcano.

If Mafia 4 ever comes around, it'll be during the 70s or 80s
The first game was set in the 30s, second in the 40s-50s and now this one is set in the 60s.

Donovan will still be alive in the next game
And he'll still be hunting those responsible for the JFK assassination.

Sign of the Times will have something to do with the Charles Manson murders.
Given that it features a satanic cult, it's going to be alluded to somewhat.

Gina Kowalski is Haitian
Kowalski is a Polish last name, which would be unusual for a black person in the 60s to have. However in Haiti there are a number of people with distant Polish ancestry who are descendants of Polish mercenaries who fought in the Haitian Revolution. Some Haitians still have Polish last names.

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