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Concerning the US release...
SEGA will declare the loctest a success and move forward with a proper release, including some the songs that were gutted out as well as support (see songlist WMG below).

The game won't be well-liked by more "hardcore" rhythm game players due to the atypical scroll style and mechanics, hence the preference for CHUNITHM instead, but it will build up a decent fanbase amongst casual rhythm game players due to its beginner-friendliness.

Future installment titles
  • maimai ROJA (Spanish for "red")
  • maimai DiLAW (Filipino for "yellow")
  • maimai AZURE (blue)
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  • maimai BLANC (French for "white")
  • maimai NERO (Italian for "black")
  • maimai CLAiRE (Feminine name of French/Latin origin meaning "clear")
SEGA titled the fifth main version as MURASAKi rather than PURPLE because they didn't want to have two subtitles starting with the letter 'P'.
Though then again that wouldn't explain they they didn't just use something like ViOLET.
  • Jossed, as the next installment after MURASAKi is MiLK
How the songlist will be affected for the US release when/if it happens, by folder:
  • Pops & Anime: Gutted heavily or outright removed, due to all the licensing fees SEGA would have to pay for all of the big-name songs. Thanks to companies like PONYCANYON that seem to have a thing against songs under their rights getting exported, you likely won't get to play songs like "Guren no Yumiya" and "Daydream Cafe" on the Western side of the Pacific.
  • niconico & VOCALOID: Will likely make it intact, as far as songs go. SEGA already has experience exporting VOCALOID-themed rhythm games to the West. The videos will be another story, as many of them consist of dances performed by fans, which will likely require separate licensing from the songs themselves. Hope you don't mind playing "Luka Luka★Night Fever" or "Happy Synthesizer" to generic trippy backgrounds!
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  • Touhou Project: Likely safe, as Touhou arrangements have already been featured in other exported rhythm games such as Groove Coaster and DanceDanceRevolution.
  • SEGA: Practically a given, as SEGA obviously has the rights to these songs, and they were already available in the US location tests.
  • Game & Variety: Likely safe, as the BMS songs aren't big-name songs and neither are the game crossover tracks. The crossover festival songs are from companies that do have amusement divisions in the US (such as Bandai Namco) or at least officially export their games there (such as Taito and Konami).
    • One caveat tho is Karma by Bump of Chicken, which for some reason the game uses a cover version and lists under Anime. It's from BNGI's Tales of The Abyss. One wonders if this will be more complicated to export than the other songs, since the US version of Tales of The Abyss uses an instrumental version of the song instead.
  • Original & Joyopolis: A given; these songs were in the US location tests.

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