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Heartwarming / Agarest Senki

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Record of Agarest War

  • Pretty much all of the endings. Here's Dyshana's.
  • Silvi risking her life to save Duran after he pushed himself too hard to finish his mission.
  • The reunion in Agarest Zero's Agarest 1 Digest version. All of it.

Record of Agarest War 2

  • Jainus and Jude's conversation in the True Ending route after Jainus comes Back from the Dead.
  • The marriage event in the True End path.
  • When Schwarz isn't being a Jerkass, he's generally having this. His conversation with Fiona near the end of the generation, where he pretty much admits she's like a mom to him and thanks her for everything she's done, stands out.
    • When the time comes for, uh, the next vessel to be created, Eva mocks his previous attitude about "these whores" and asks if he's going to just bend them to his will. He flatly says no and that he never wanted any of this to happen, which is as close to an apology to the girls as he's ever given them.

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