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Heartwarming / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

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  • When the party (which, at this point consists of you, your partner, Virizion, Dunsparce, Emolga, Espeon, and Umbreon) gets ready to enter the Magnagate leading to the Great Glacier, as the gate closes, Dunsparce, who had been randomly chosen by straw-drawing to stay behind per one of HAPPI's rules, starts crying when he wishes good luck to the team. Suddenly, Emolga jumps out of the Magnagate and tosses Dunsparce into it, wishing him to have a great adventure with the others. What an excellent way to show what great friends Emolga and Dunsparce are.
  • The scene where Emolga apologizes to Virizion for always needling her. He says he can sympathize with her now that he's heard her backstory, admits she has her good points, and finishes by saying he'd be honored to be her friend. She, in turn, thanks him for his words, admits she was wrong for being too cold before, and then adds that she already considers him a friend. It's great to see such Character Development between the two characters who were constantly butting heads before.
    • Becomes doubly heartwarming when you take their Relationship Upgrade into account.
  • Virizion, the Pokemon with the best reason to go to the Glacier Palace, offered to stay behind so Dunsparce could go. That's some real friendship.
  • After bringing you to a lake, your partner, Emolga, Dunsparce, Virizion, Umbreon, and Espeon each take turns treating your wounds while you are unconscious after you are knocked out due to Kyurem rapidly stomping on you. True friendship indeed.
  • When the Bittercold is weakening your character and seems impossible to defeat or damage, but your friends and team are all cheering you on and believing in you from afar, empowering you.
  • When the rest of the cast in the ending don't forget you.
  • Your character's return from the human world in the post mission.
  • After your partner's been captured, and is being held at a dangerous location known as the Holehills, which is obviously a trap, the first thing the player character does? Ask Hydreigon where the Holehills are. The End of the World as We Know It is fast approaching, and you need to get home quickly so you can stop it, but damnit, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING YOUR BEST FRIEND BEHIND..
  • While the ending past two PMD games were pure Tear Jerker, this game manages to be a Tear Jerker and a heart warmer at the same time. Specifically, during the after party where the townsfolk celerbrate you sucessfully beating the Bittercold and saving the world from destruction, Hydreigon confirms what the player character was worried about- you'll have to go back to the human world now that your mission was complete. This time around though, Hydreigon also informs you that the others will forget you while you fade away back to your world. When Hydreigon ask if you would want to say goodbye to them before you go since you have until the next day before it happens, the player character sadly declines, figuring that if their partners were going to forget them anyway they might as well not cause them unnecessary grief. Hydreigon promises to escort the player character for as long as he can while you return to the human world.
    • The next day, the player character gets up early, making sure not to disturb their sleeping partner. They leave and take one last look at their house while remembering all the good times they had with their partner. With a heavy heart, they continue to reminisce while making their way up to the hill of Post Town, where Hydreigon asks them if they have any regrets before leaving. The player character says no, when really they were extremely disappointed in themself for not keeping the promise they made to their partner about staying in the Pokemon world even after their mission ended. With that, the player character is engulfed in a ball of light, and Hydreigon begins to escort them back to the human world.
    • While the player character is ascending into the sky, they get one last look at the Paradise they created with their partner... When they notice all their teammates gathered in the main area with smiles on their faces. At first, the player character is shocked, but quickly remembers what Hydreigon had said about being forgotten, and figures that they were looking at the ball of bright light instead of them.
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    • As the player character continues to ascend into the 'heavens', they get to look at the Rainbows of Hope that had been restored by the defeat of the Bittercold. Hydreigon tells them this is as far as he can go... And hands them a Frism. Specifically, their partner's Frism.
    • As the player character activates it, a message from the partner starts to play. It is then revealed the partner realized early on that the player character would be forced to break their promise about staying with them in the Pokemon world, and harbors no ill feelings towards them, as they realized that the player character also has people in the human world who care about them, and had decided to send them off with a smile instead of sadness when the time came. They also say that they had confronted Hydreigon to get confirmation on this, and when they heard that the player character would be forgotten, they said that there would be no way anyone could forget about them, and promises that they won't as the other townsfolk also join in to say their goodbyes and promise the same. It is at this point the player character realizes they were looking at them, and were sending them off with a smile just as they had promised. It is at this point the player character finally breaks down and cries, just as the credits roll...

  • And then... After the credits...
    Partner: Good-bye, (player character). No matter how great the distance between us... Even if we never meet again... Our hearts will always be together. I will always be with you in spirit. Forever and ever. The End
  • And in the post game, the player character ends up at the same pool from the intro, and the player character notices one thing; he'll never be able to return to the Pokemon world where his partner is. Then, although Hydreigon tells the player character that everyone will forget him, the townspeople refuse to forget him. The partner also says, "Everybody loved (player character)." Then, it cuts to the partner, who is controlled throughout the post game storyline. After the first day, Emolga and Dunsparce ask Hydreigon to explain how Hydreigon met the player character. Hours later, Hydreigon is talking about random things, while Emolga and Dunspace regret asking Hydreigon. Meanwhile, Keldeo is on a cliff when Virizion enters. Eventually, they talk for a while. Virizion even mentions that Keldeo is not her best friend... but Keldeo begins sobbing until Virizion calms down Keldeo, even stating that there is no best or 2nd best friend, and that Keldeo is a good friend to Virizion. (Though the reason Virizion was only kidding was because in her opinion, the way Keldeo reacts is hilarious.) And so, Keldeo and Virizion become friends once again.
    • After the second day, Hydreigon is relaxing on the cliffs when he hears something and comes up close to the screen. Dunsparce then asks Hydreigon on what was he doing, and Hydreigon, without giving an explanation, tells Dunsparce that there is a way the player character may come back.
    • Then, before the Worldcore, the partner encounters Emolga, who angrily tells the partner that Hydreigon forgot to pay the bills and flew off. After Hydreigon appears, he tells the partner and Emolga to come to the Cafe. While in the Cafe, Hydreigon tells everyone that the player character can come back in one possible way; the Worldcore. The partner, however, has to go to the Worldcore, while Hydreigon tells the partner that he will appear at the Hill of Universal Order. Once there, the partner must wish that the player character can travel between the human world and the Pokemon world at will. The partner then sets off to the Worldcore.
    • After the partner reaches the Hill of Universal Order, the partner comes across yet another cliffside. Hydreigon appears and tells the partner to make the wish. But the plan backfires, for the Hill of Universal Order is about to collapse. Hydreigon then tells the partner that the wish is just too much. The partner then comments that once it collapses, the partner will never be able to return until many years later. However, the player character had seen everything. Hydreigon then reveals that the player character was watching the partner all this time. Then, the partner then begs the player character to come back.
    • The player character is then put in a But Thou Must! situation. If "Yes" is selected, the player character then yells that he wants to return to the Pokemon world. This saves the Hill of Universal Order from collapsing, and not only that, the player character returns in the ball of light. Once the ball of light dissolves, the partner rushes to the player character and hugs the player character. And after the cutscene, this ends the post game storyline.
    • The first thing that your partner says to you when you return to the Pokemon World...
    Partner: Welcome home.
  • Leavanny being understanding when Espeon, wracked with guilt and broken down in tears, explains how she entrusted Swadloon with the Entercards, inadvertently putting him in as much danger as she was in. Espeon felt so terrible about doing this, she went back to Swadloon, but he was already gone, and she never stopped thinking and worrying about him as Purugly and Toxicroak pursued her.
    • In the same scene, Leavanny says how proud she is of her son for keeping his promise.
  • After your partner and you come back from Post Town (after telling everyone about the end of the world approaching), things are looking bleak...until Lillipup comes in and tell you that he still wants to live and doesn't want to give up because he doesn't want to lose his friend Swadloon or his grandfather. When you and your party leave your home, you find Lillipup's grandfather and Swadloon's mother (as well as Swadloon and Swanna) waiting outside. After apologizing for running away, they tell you that they're willing to help out towards your cause.
    Partner: (to Lillipup) You want to know what you can do? Be brave! Have the courage to stand up and face whatever the future might bring you!


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