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Moments Pages are Spoilers-Off!

    Both Games 
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, whenever any of the characters from previous crossovers (Fighters Megamix, Namco Capcom, Capcom Fighting Evolution, Endless Frontier) reunite. It's a chance for them to fight alongside each other once again. Same example applies when characters from the first PXZ return and are introduced to the newcomers.
    • In similar fashion, when characters who are separated from their companions in previous chapters or even from their original worlds reunite.
  • Some examples that show despite the many differences between worlds and backgrounds, many of these characters growing to trust one another and even becoming friends. Especially when you consider many of them are reluctant to trust one another when first joining the group.
    Toma: Heh heh! This looks like it'll be a good time!
    Bahn: I like your attitude, Toma. Let's take this guy down!
    Cyrille: They couldn't look any more different, but they're the same at heart.
  • He may be a Handsome Lech, but Vashyron does care deeply about his comrades and takes his profession as part of a PMF seriously, as noted in several of his pre-battle dialogues.
  • Some Solo Units joining in with victory poses with the Sakura Wars cast come off as this and Funny, especially with likes of Arthur or Flynn in the first game and Estelle in the second.

    Project X Zone 
  • After Turn 1 of Chapter 7, Vashyron, Soma, and Alisa find their missing friends (Zephyr, Leanne, and Lindow) at Hulle Granz Cathedral.
    Leanne: Ah! Vashyron?!
    Vashyron: Yo, guys! Glad to see you're okay.
    Lindow: Hey, Soma. Hey, Alisa. That's a big crew you assembled to rescue me.
    Soma: I'm not here for that, you dolt! Least you're still alive, though.
  • Many of the characters show a deep level of respect for Arthur such as the Darkstalkers characters and Dante. As well as everyone's relieved reactions when it's shown that he survived his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Ken encourages the Servbots when they show their readiness to fight. Ryu comments that he'll be a fine father someday.
  • Despite Zero's whole "What am I fighting for?!" line, him finally getting closure with Iris is really nice to see.
    • The delivery of the line is actually much more somber than it was in X4, so the narm factor is no longer present.
  • In between Chapters 33 and 34, the cast finally gets a chance to relax on the Bermuda.
  • When Mii somehow gets her half of the crew back to the Bermuda and is afraid of the power that allowed her to do so, three members in similar situations have this to say:
    Jin: Mii, you can't be afraid of yourself. That goes double if you still don't know the full nature of your powers.
    Zero: You can worry about it once you know more fully what it means.
    Riela: It's nothing scary to me. I mean, you're using it to rescue us, after all.
  • If you have Sanger paired with the Resonance of Fate teens and this pre-battle conversation pops up.
    Sanger: There is meaning in confronting your crimes and bearing the burden.
    Zephyr: I know that. Believe me, I know...
    Leanne: (worried portrait) Zephyr...
  • Having Heihachi paired with the Virtua Fighter pair can net this pre-battle conversation.
    Heihachi: I recall a martial artist who said that what makes a tiger so strong is that it lacks humanity...
    Akira: Pai, that was your...
    Pai: What's important is to live as a human and gain strength as a human.
  • There is also the epilogue which is full of these, such as Ichiro thanking Aura, causing her to smile.
  • Despite Lady questioning the possibility of Jin losing to his devil-side, Xiaoyu's determination doesn't give in.
    Lady: If the power laying dormant in your body were to awaken...
    Jin: I know. If that happens...
    Xiaoyu: I'm going to stop you.

    Project X Zone 2 
  • The ending shows the team all celebrating their victory at Demitri's castle together, during which, Xiaomu declares that she loves Reiji. All of this directly mirrors the ending to Namco Capcom. Of course, Demitri deserves props for throwing the party, stating that it would dishonor the Maximoff family name if he didn't honor his comrades in some way. Morrigan compliments him on becoming more open to social constructs.
  • While confusing, all the Sega reps treat Segata Sanshiro with a lot of respect.
    • His introduction has him face off against Yuri and Flynn, making serious and angry expressions the entire time. When he sees the Sega characters, especially Sakura, he bursts into a huge smile and pulls her into a dance, which she gleefully accepts.
  • Pair Aty up with the Yakuza duo and Kiryu occasionally compliments her by saying how lucky her students must feel in having her as their teacher. She responds by saying how she's the lucky one to have them as her students.
  • Ryo is truly honored to be in Ryu's presence, although Ryu himself is humble:
    Ryo: Ryu, you remind me a lot of my father.
    Ryu: It's an honor to hear that, but I still have a long road ahead of me.
    Ken: Yup. Good thing our sensei is still around to pound some sense into you.
  • When you pair Leanne up with Chrom and Lucina, we get one of the best Screw Destiny moments ever.
    Chrom: You can change your destiny! And I swear I will change ours!
    Leanne: Right! You can overcome fate. I believe it!
    Lucina: Let's go. This battle will connect to our futures!
  • At the end of Chapter 21, the group decides to join Yuri and Flynn to save Estelle, but have no clue as to where they need to look. Then, Urashima comes in and gives them the location, saying that she got the information from a man "with silver hair and a flashy outfit of red, black, and gold". Anyone who has played Tales of Vesperia will recognize that the person is Duke, an Anti-Villain who is fought as the game's final boss. Yuri doesn't think twice about trusting the information and silently thanks him.
  • If you pair up Felicia with Kazuma and Majima, after battles, Kazuma and Felicia may talk about having a collaboration between their respective orphanages. Majima even mentions how, despite his wanting to say something rude, it's actually really sweet.
  • Natsu wants to make her master proud of her after Chizuru Urashima reveals the events of Namco Capcom when Valkyrie thinks that the reason Natsu is with them is because of fate.
  • Speaking of Natsu, pair her up with Akira and Kage Maru and their trio unit post-battle quote has the two ninja talk about the rigors of training with Kage Maru saying he must train harder, and Natsu saying that while it sucks she has to do it. Akira notes that they are both true ninja in that while their words differ, their meaning is the same.
  • While filled with a lot funny misunderstandings at first, the reunion between Kite, Alisa, and Team Vashyron can come off as this. There's also funny dialogue played around the group if you pair them with each other, concerning mainly Haseo's extensive dexterity with many types of weaponry or awkward tension coming off from Vashyron's flirty (and lecherous) interaction with Alisa.
  • Pairing Phoenix and Maya with Kazuma and Majima sometimes has Majima asking her if she can conjure ghosts, at which point she asks Kazuma if there's anyone he wants her to channel. Kazuma tells her she has no need, that everyone close to him is in his heart. Considering how many people close to him he's lost, turning down the chance for a seance with them is profoundly touching.
  • When pairing Ciel and Nana together with Ulala, winning a battle will sometimes show a skit once again pointing the absurd translation of "Gods Eater"... At least, for the English localization. In the original Japanese however, when asked for a comment, Nana states that Ciel cries every night for their captain, which, considering her nature, may be "true" if a little exaggerated.
    Ulala: Do the God Eaters have anything to say for their fans over the galaxy?
    Nana: Captain! Ciel really wants to see you! She cries every night for you, you know?
    Ciel: D-don't joke about something like that!