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Heartwarming / ICO

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Awwww, look at the two of them.
Despite the trials and adversity Ico and Yorda face, this is still a story where love conquers all.
  • The save stations take the form of two-seat couches that Ico and Yorda can share. Should the player leave the game and turn it back on, they will still be on the couches, resting their heads together.
  • The scene where Yorda, after spending most of the game being passive and having Ico help her around, returns the favor and grabs his hand to keep him from falling off another broken bridge.
  • The ending after the boss battle is incredibly sweet. After Ico gets knocked out as he kills the Queen, Yorda awakens from her previous stone state in a black/shadow-man state. She goes over to where Ico is lying, broken-horned, and picks him up as the castle they've spent the whole game trying to escape (and going all the way back inside after Yorda gets captured) falls around them. She carries him all the way to the boat they saw earlier and pushes him out to sea as she stays at the shore.
    • The Stinger when Ico finds her afterwards means you can stop crying. Doubly so in the PAL version if you pick up a watermelon. The sight of the two heroes, chilling out on the beach, eating a watermelon, is wonderful.
  • When Ico manages to find the boats that first brought him to the castle, he could very well go ahead and escape on his own. Yet he doesn't. Instead, he decides to go back up for Yorda. He simply won't leave her behind.