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Heartwarming / Remember Me

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  • At the very beginning of the game, we see that a few Prowlers have it together enough to quickly seek out and open "coffins" with memory-wiped people inside and gently calm them. It's creepy, but also sweet. Of course, they then notice that you're not one of them and attack, but still.
  • Even after 20 years, Jax still recognizes Nilin.
  • If you take to the theory that Scylla realizes that her memory has been remixed, then her reappearing later in the game to help Nilin can be this.
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  • At the end of the game we see the reason why Charles worked so hard day after day to complete his memory-alteration device. It was to help his daughter forget the trauma of the car crash, and maybe try to bring his family back together, while also allowing other people to do the same for their own painful memories. It may not be strictly moral but the dedication and love is there.