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Sure these games are scary as hell. Who's to say they're scary all the time?

Red/Blue Rescue Team
  • The moment where you're exiled from town, seemingly by the will of all the townsfolk, yet when you leave all the Pokemon you have rescued in the past came to see you off.
    • Right before that, you’ve entered your Heroic BSoD to the point where you request your partner to give up on the rescue team. You are still suffering from it even after Alakazam’s team gives you until tomorrow morning to prepare. It takes the heartwarming efforts your partner and Caterpie to break you out of your Heroic BSoD.
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    • Pelipper's farewell note:
      "Take care! It's farewell, but only for now. Until the day I can deliver mail to you again...I'll always be waiting."
  • During the Fugitive Arc, how much faith and loyalty the partner has in the player. They will brave harsh weather conditions, tough foes, all for the sake of the player. They say that there’s a reason that encourages them to keep their faith about you, they’re just unsure what it is.
    • Exclusive to DX, you can talk to Absol before you go into Mt. Freeze. They give you a nice moment of encouragement as well.
      Absol: I've felt something special from you since the first time I met you. There is indeed a reason... But who you are is none of my business. [Player], let’s keep moving forward.
  • The ending, also a huge Tear Jerker.
    • But if you wish very hard...
    • The same scene has the player describe their partner as an "invaluable, irreplaceable friend".
  • Gengar's Heel–Face Turn at the end of Murky Caves in the arc where he asks you to help him break the curse on Gardevoir.
  • Latios and Latias' reunion. Especially since there was that little moment where he pulls back to get a good look at his sister before embracing her again.
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  • In post-game, you will find Bellsprout near the Pelipper Post Office which wants to meet Chansey as well as Spinda as part of the mirage Pokémon quest which wants to see the Pokémon in question (Ho-Oh). If you get your hands on them, you can go talk to each of them as the Pokemon they want to meet. They'll be quite happy over their wishes being fulfilled.

Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

  • (Moved to their page Here.)

Gates to Infinity

  • (Moved to their own page Here.)

Super Mystery Dungeon

  • When you first meet your partner, they may seem annoying at first, but then you consider that they are not the most popular kid in school, and this is the first kid who has ever moved in a while. They are wanting a new friend and they get so excited at the possibility of getting one.
  • Nuzleaf's adoption of the player. Sure, he's not exactly in his right mind, but considering that the player considers him closest to a father figure in their life as a Pokemon, someone who has given them a roof over their head, and feeds them, you got to admit that must be pretty heartwarming on the player's part.
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  • Vespiquen giving Budew the Honey she wanted for her mother. Even though Budew brought her entire allowance to pay for it, Vespiquen gives it to her free of charge, and wishes for Budew's mother to get well soon.
  • After rescuing Budew, its not only heartwarming to know that Budew went to Nectar Meadow just to get her mother, Roselia, some honey for her illness, but what happens next is icing on the cake. Your partner stops you to tell you that they believe the stories about you being a human. They then ask you if you would be their friend, about four times before the game finally lets you answer 'yes' or 'no'. Their reaction to your acceptance of their friendship is just purely adorable. To make your friendship official, you and your partner wear matching harmony scarves that most of the town will notice on the following day.
  • Espurr's so happy to see you and your partner after you get out of the Voidlands, she breaks down and flops over in tears of joy and disbelief.
  • The cutscene with you and Ampharos in the postgame after your partner leaves the Pokemon World instead of you and after you continue your work and do a dungeon.
  • In the postgame, after going through Purifying Cave, you find Mew asleep, but then Nuzleaf and the Beeheeyem stop you, saying that it is for Mew's own good. When Mew starts to disappear, though, you ponder if you should accept it. You ultimately do not, and you end up saying that you do not want to say goodbye to yet another friend, not after your partner disappeared. You even do not care if Dark Matter comes back; you can just fight it again. This shows how much you care about your partner and Mew.
  • At the end after Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem bring back the partner, they are so overjoyed with doing something right. Considering how much the guilt of all the wrong things they did weighed heavily on them, it is good to see them at peace with everything.
    • And at the very very end, when you meet him in Serene Village, while Nuzleaf is still a bit teary eyed, he's genuinely happy to see that you have forgiven him. It's very heartwarming in a father reuniting with his child way.
  • After your partner comes back, your partner opens their eyes, and then recognizes you. What your partner says next is heartwarming, and just as heartwarming as the Gates To Infinity postgame ending.
    Partner: Looks like...we meet again... And it's all because...everyone helped us... Thank you, everyone... Thank you, {player name}. Thank you so much.
  • After the events in the Ancient Barrow, you get to spend the day with one of your five classmates because your partner is basically grounded and can't accompany you anywhere for the day. After doing a mission with the classmate of your choice, they give you an item that varies from kid to kid and you become connected to ALL of the kids at the end of the day. In a way, it signifies the bonds between you, your partner, and your schoolmates becoming stronger.
  • The Ancient Barrow battle scene can count too, after Pancham and Shelmet are kidnapped the Dark Land Emissary allows you to escape unharmed if you sacrifice their spirits, which the partner refuses to stating that despite their initial jerkish behaviour, Pancham and Shelmet are their friends, which the two seem genuinely touched by, to add to this everyone (including the Player) concur with the Partner even saying they would have said the same thing, True Companions, indeed.
    • After they return Pancham and Shelmet they start crying, not just out of fear but probably because they were genuinely grateful for their friends rescuing them.
  • Pancham taking a level in kindness can be this, even though he started off as a massive jerk to you and the partner, after saving him and Shelmet from the Ancient Barrow he becomes a lot nicer:
    • When you pick him as your replacement partner, his dialogue implies he's geniunely touched, he even says he owes you one after last night, though he does say a few boastful things it's probably in a playful way.
    • He even sees you off when you and your partner leave Serene Village.
    • After your partner disappears, he's shown to be genuinely remorseful.
  • During the postgame after the world was rescued from the petrification epidemic, all of the revived Legendary Pokemon, from Entei who started out antagonistic towards the team before he seemingly gave up his only chance to be brought back to life for the sake of the heroes, to Latios and Latias who were complete strangers to the protagonists all have missions in which they individually thank you for bringing them back from stone and join your team.


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