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Heartwarming / The Night of the Rabbit

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  • When Plato and Kitsune show up to help Jerry, saying it was too dangerous for him to go alone. This is added to by Plato, who despite believing himself to only be a simple delivery frog, wants to go not only to help Jerry, but save all the inhabitants of Mousewood.
  • After Jerry saving saves Ursula and returns her to her uncle, he, Jonathan, and the Marquis all praise him for this. The Marquis even calls him a true treewalker.
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  • A very small one, but it was touching when the Real Marquis decided to help Jerry even though technically he never met the boy before and really he had no reason to help him.
  • At the very end of the game, Jerry finally reuniting with his family. It doesn't mean much to his parents, as they only think he's been out late exploring for one day and don't remember the father disappearing at all, but Jerry is glad that everything's fine, especially after his temporary visit to the Bad Future.


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