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Heartwarming / Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

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  • Gonzalez' epilogue. Being recognized as a hero from a place where he was originally viewed as a brigand who would sack towns. All because Lilina saw that he was not a bad person at heart.
  • Check the Sound Room menu when you finish the game for the first time. You're in for quite a surprise: We see both Fae and Idunn in an illustration spending time with each other... and they're both smiling! Especially Idunn. It's very heartwarming to see it considering what Idunn went through her entire life, so that's a good reward if you're playing for the Golden Ending.
  • Roy's words of believing that dragons and humans can live peacefully together are even more heartwarming when you remember that one of his potential mothers, Ninian, was a dragon, meaning that Roy could be the living proof of that, even if he doesn't know it.
    • Also, it's even more heartwarming due to Eliwood telling Ninian and Nils in the seventh game that he sincerely believes that dragons and humans could coexist again. It's nice to see that Roy shares his father's sentiments.
  • In Trec's supports with Juno, he writes down whatever he dreams. His A conversation with her includes being praised by Zelot, the war ending, peace arriving, spring coming to Ilia, and everyone living and sleeping happily ever after. Upon reading this Juno starts to tear up.
    Juno:...No, I'm sorry. ......Can you show me your dreams again sometime, Trec?
  • Roy and Lilina's A support and Roy's supportive behavior in chapter 8 after she finds out Hector's dead.
  • Clarine and Rutger's A support, wherein she shows him her soft side and he shows some of his own by admitting he likes her better in Well, Excuse Me, Princess! mode.
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  • Roy telling a tearful Fae that she'll always be a friend to them even though she's a dragon, followed by his desire to help Demon Dragon Idunn regain her soul.
  • Noah/Fir's A support is heartwarming as it is, but Juno and Noah's A support makes it even more heartwarming: Noah admits he hates getting close to people because there's a chance it will end badly, but he's gone out of his way to reach out to Fir anyway.
  • After the Tear Jerker that is Sophia and Fae's B support, Sophia promises to always be with her in the A support, whether she lives long enough or not.