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Heartwarming / Divinity: Dragon Commander

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  • Maxos & Grumio: You been making Deals with the Devil? No problem! All your policies have been destroying your empire? All is forgiven. You keep losing every battle? They know you are trying your best. No matter what you do, they will always be by your side.
    • What really seals the deal is that they are the only ones on the ship with no alternate political agenda, their ONLY political agenda is YOU. No matter what Policies you enact, no matter what questionable decision you make, no matter how many times you lose; They will remain wholeheartedly loyal to you and your cause.
  • Pretty much all the "Paragon" or "Good" character arcs end, or are stuffed to the brim.
    • Paragon Camilla, it would appear the cold blooded Ice Queen ends up defrosting from the heat generated from the multiple moments The Dragon gives her throughout her "good" character arc.
      • After her second court case, where a Lizard is found "innocent," by an all lizard jury, of killing an elf girl for rejecting his advances. Camilla will comment that it wasn't the blackhard's death, Oberon's joy, and most certainly not the condemnation of her peers for "setting a dangerous precedent" that convinced Camilla she did the right thing (Overturning the Jury's Verdict); but rather a letter the victim's parents sent her, thanking her for giving their daughter justice. You can even tell by Camilla's voice, as she is recounting the events to The Dragon, how moved she is by the letter
        "...I did the right thing, [beat] I did the right thing."
      • A sad subversion in Camella's third court case, were the Dwarfs try taking over large swafs of undead territory through Loophole Abuse. After Camella saves the day for the Undead, as a favor for her husband, she is hailed as a hero and the Undead are even throwing a banquet in her honor. She even invites her usually dismissed Husband(YOU) to be her plus one, because her sister was unavailable. However it is not a Heartwarming moment because;
        "Kind of the Undead to pay me tribute though. Almost heartwarming! Almost..."
      • The Climax of Camilla's story has to take the cake however. Upon of achieving the final stage of Defrosting Ice Queen, Camilla will tell you about the childhood she doesn't remember fondly. (Nothing too traumatic, only it was a very strict, uncaring, and judicial) She then tells The Dragon about how [his/your] "strange" advise has helped her explore beyond the letter of the law, and find the spirit of the law. Even better still she tells you..... this page can't even do it justice. AFTER ALL THE TIME she spent being an Ice Queen, of reminding you about how your Arranged Marriage was PURELY political, of her even encurging you to adopted a mistress. She says THIS to you:
        "The Satisfaction of serving the greater good has lukewarmed my cold blood and in doing so awoke unknown affection; endearment even, for no other than you. In time, I may yet come to love you, my prince, and as such you have made an unfathomable gift." She Continues "Where you already have my kindest thanks, tenderness has yet to come. I am optimistic that it shall, but please do be patient, for such a drastic change of direction requires testing time to run it's slow-paced course."
      • a small moment that speaks for itself.
        "You know, my sweet. I never thought the day would dawn that I'd dread having to read through a few hundred pages of legal documents. I must be going out of my mind or something, but all I want to do is go outside and... have a picnic! Listen to me, I'm positively dizzy!"
        Camilla another pet name she uses is; "My Love" Squee!!!
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    • Princess Ophelia truly has the most 'complicated' side story, as her story has no less than Four endings. And some of those endings have little unique variations in them. However the two, maybe three depending on how you look at it, are truly sweet and heartwarming. Her Shaquspiran dialect really helps matters as well.
      • At first things REALLY don't look good for Ophilia, first private talk she has with her Husband, is about how she, and Yorick, deceived you. It turns out that the woman you were arranged to marry, is terminally ill with a Mystical Plague. However, while it is a case of But Thou Must!, the Dragon doesn't give up on his wife, despite the lie he stays true and loyal to his undead wife.
      • Real Girl Ophelia: after paying the sorcerer, untold amounts of riches, he said he would give it all back if new sexy Ophelia would give him a single kiss, she replied simply;
        "I belong to the Dragon only."
      • Golden Ophelia: Through out her unlife, the undead have told Ophelia that it was the will of the gods that she die; if she was to look for a cure, she would be committing heresy, ostracising herself from undead society. However, she uses a technicality, she doesn't cure her body, she destroys her body, and replaces it with a Golden Imp Autometom. Instead of being angry at this Loophole Abuse her people praise and revier her. Given how...not happy... the undead are portrayed throughout the game, it is nice to see them get some heartwarming moments.
      • While...not necessarily...pleasant... Fleshy Ophelia is certainly sweet! May not smell so good, but she is still Ophilia! And it just proves that the Dragon married Ophilia for who she is, and not her looks! at least now she has....the proper parts now...

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