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Agent Origins:

  • After Everett chased two kids halfway around New York and finds they were just trying to get medicine for their sick mother, he gave them antibiotics as well as water and an MRE, then tells the girl that all they needed to do was ask.


  • An early side mission located near Camp Hudson is to find Heather Lau, Faye Lau's sister, who's gone missing from Camp Hudson's refugee camp before it got wrecked, to retrieve the radio Faye gave her to stay in contact. It makes Faye's speech about refusing to give up on the people of New York City all the more clear as to why she insist the JTF stay put and keep up the fight to reclaim NYC. Thankfully after following a series of ECHO trails, you find Heather alive and well. Once you get the generators restored via the Tech branch upgrades, she can be found sitting in the civilian area of your base playing her guitar to help raise the morale of everyone.
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  • Completing all story and side missions in various districts will leads to the mission handlers praising you for your help. Many of them will even offer you a new job after the crisis ends.
  • If you restore the generators in the Base of Operations via a Tech Upgrade, the left wing of the base gets opened up, being turned into a civilian sleeping quarters and dining/rest area, with some Christmas Trees decorated and lit up to help restore some cheer to everyone.
  • The early "Tragedy is Invisible" trailer shows a couple losing their daughter to the Dollar Flu. Then the wife gets sick and dies, the grief stricken-husband barricades their apartment, and finally shoots himself in despair. We see everything except the people, who can only be heard. Outside, New York goes to hell in a handbasket. Several days later, one of their neighbors is attacked by rioters. Again, the people involved can be heard, but are invisible. We see the window shatter as he's thrown through it, see tracks appear in the snow as he crawls away from his attackers, see crimson drops of his blood drip onto the snow, and hear the menacing threats of his attackers and his pleas for mercy. Suddenly, we see a Division agent, armed to the teeth and backed by two of his comrades, help the man to his feet. For the first time we see everyone. The agents give the rioters an icy "You don't want none of this" stare, but the confrontation is averted when a team of Cleaners pull up in a dump truck. The rioters flee in panic while the Division agents move to protect the injured man and prepare to open fire on the Cleaners. The agent's sorrowful narration about the nature of their job, to wade into the most gut-wrenching chaos and suffering, even as the tragedy around them tears them apart emotionally, and do what must be done to put society back together really sells it.
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  • This is a tiny one, but there are two phone recordings labelled "Out" in the Garment District. The first is of a young woman named Renee who was stuck in Manhattan during the outbreak and so she called her mother, because she was worried that if anything happened to her, Renee at least wanted her to know that she was gay. The second is of Renee's mother, who told her daughter that she had known that Renee was a lesbian for a long time, and followed by telling her "Nothing could stop [her] from loving [Renee]" Her mother closes the phone call by telling Renee to be strong for herself and her girlfriend, to stay safe and look after each other during the crisis.
  • One of the images taken from the crashed drones shows two groups of refugees, many of whom have never met before, playing basketball. Even in the middle of a crisis there are people showing signs of an ordinary life.
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  • Sometimes civilians will approach the player, and the player can give a specified healing consumable. If you give an item, the civilian will thank you, and not just a generic brush off, there is an incredible amount of emotion, as if you just saved them (given that you can give a medpack, you just might have saved someone).
  • One ECHO has a priest breaking up a fight outside his parish, allowing the people outside to take shelter in the Lord's house.
  • An ECHO shows April Kelleher trying to barter gasoline for food with a trader. The trader is reluctant since he doesn't really need gasoline, but ultimately relents because he thinks April is pretty and he can't bear to see another dead girl on the streets.
  • One of the ambient pieces of dialogue that can be heard in the Base of Operations is a girl and a woman being getting news that the girl is no longer infected with Dollar Flu.
  • One of the final ECHO you'll find is just a group of men singing Silent Night by a drum fire together.

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