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Heartwarming / Tales of Hearts

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  • Kohaku is able to fully regain her emotions for a brief moment in order to save Hisui and Shing from a swarm of monsters...her desire to save them is so powerful, she gains her shard of courage in the process.
  • Upon hearing that Shing is responsible for shattering Kohaku's spiria, Kunzite attempts to kill him. The first person to his defense? Hisui. Considering all the hostility the two can show, this is one of the first indications that the two are actually friends.
    • After the fight, Kohaku reveals that she destroyed her own spiria, which leads to a different moment when she reveals she was terrified to tell her friends this out of fear for being hated. They all basically tell her that's one thing that will never happen.
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  • Despite losing almost all of the ability to feel emotions after exhausting herself after sealing away Creed into Shing's spiria, Kardia, Shing's mother, love for Shing still remained and would protect Shing from her father's attempts to kill Shing in his desperate attempt to get rid of Creed by killing Shing, still believing his Spiria won't fail in keeping Creed sealed away which eventually inspired her father enough stop his attempts.

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