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Be warned of unmarked spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Episode 1

  • Zeno's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Eternal Encore. The song is actually dedicated to Hadred's passing.
  • The way Hadred was ready to lay down his life for Quna, and how he was eventually ended by Quna, who believed it to be her duty as his older sister and #0 of the Council of Six. The entirety of Chapter 10 climax, which doubles as a Tear Jerker.

Episode 2

  • Matoi's belief in Player Character, granted, they are in the same situation, but the fact that kind, gentle Matoi was willing to injure the ARKS operatives sent after them, and even kill the Klariskrays clones rather than holding back and letting the Player Character do the dirty work who, incidentally, did not hesitate to kill the Klariskrays clones, simply for the Player Character and Xion's sake is rather heartwarming.
  • The way Echo was willing to become an enemy of ARKS to protect the Player Character. One might say that her ability to overcome the Abyss was due to Zeno's influence, but the fact that, instead of staying still and listening to orders, she chose to risk her life, and became an enemy of ARKS because it is a senpai's duty to protect their kouhai. One might say that she is still rather dependent on Zeno, but the fact that she was still willing to sacrifice her life just shows how much she had changed from being the person she was back in Episode 1.
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  • Echo's reunion with Zeno was quite impactful. It was a Tear Jerker even for her!

Episode 3

  • Afin's insistent attempts to save his sister.
  • Most of Chapter 7. Highlights include:
    • Convincing [Persona] that you will save Matoi. To the point that [Persona] remembers what it was like to first be in your position when you tell him/her that the two of you should work together to save Matoi.
    • The Council of Six putting their lives on the line all so you can run across the corrupted lands of Naberius, fighting off Abberations and Darkers, all so you can save Matoi.
    • The Player Character's Big Heroic Run right before the boss fight, with everyone encouraging you as you go save Matoi.
    • After defeating Viel Hunar, Matoi attempts to end her life since you won't. You don't even get a dialogue option (not even one of those "one option only" ones) before leaping up to act as a shield.
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    • [Persona] asking Matoi an Armor-Piercing Question as she constantly insists that sacrificing herself is what she wants.
      [Persona]: "Then why are you crying?"
    • [Persona] making his/her Heroic Sacrifice. After spending the entire game so far harassing you, telling you to kill Matoi, at one point convincing you to do so, he/she has been convinced enough to turn his/her back on Matoi's wish to die and instead is content as long as Matoi is alive.
      [Persona]: ''"Awaken, Clarissa... no, Xion! Let us end this perpetual cycle once and for all. Please... lend me your power.
      [Persona]: ''"You might be a better vessel, but you are ARKS, and I am Falz. It's only proper for a Dark Falz to contain this Darkness, is it not? ...It was you who made me realize... The strong will to save someone, and the actions to carry it out. I am content as long as she lives! I desire nothing more!"
    • The sequence within the Clarissa, where [Persona] comforts Matoi.
      ''"I doubt you remember, but the two of us made a promise. No tears, only smiles."
    • Welcome home, Matoi.

Episode 4

  • The conversation you have with Io in the very first few cutscenes, where she admitted that she tsundere she was had been waiting for the Player Character to wake up from cryostasis sleep for almost two years.
  • The various dialogues that you can read when the Player Character visited the various ARKS they knew, after they awakened from cold sleep. Most of the ARKS are visibly pleased to see the Player Character awake, and offered to party with the Player Character whenever they are free, they were (in Eucrita's case, and even Kressida) visibly touched that you went to visit them personally instead of waiting for them to seek the Player Character out.
  • The conversation with Quna in Chapter 4, where she confided that she was afraid that due to the effect of Invisible Mai, that the Player Character will forget about her, and how grateful she was that they still remembered her.
  • During Chapter 5, Matoi makes her Episode 4 debut!!
    • Shortly after she does reappear, you gain her new partner card, similar to how, when you encountered her first originally,note  you got her original partner card, and there are several events with her. Also, she returns to standing next to the medical facility in the Gate Area, similar to how Quna returns to the highest point of the Shop Area after reappearing.

Episode 5

  • Your character is lost during a mission, ending up in a strange place. It's revealed Matoi spent the entire time that you were missing in the bridge area (sulking).
  • Due to Matoi being with you during the Prologue, she takes up a new position during Episode 5, which cannot access the ARKS Ship Area, stood where, in Episode 4, the various story-related characters congregated, and is the ONLY Episode 1-4 party member who is still available.
  • Omega Luther's love for his younger sister Harriet, which stops him from going to far and becoming like Oracle Luther.
  • Before the end, you actually accomplish what you set out to do at the beginning of the episode: you save Persona, who pops up in your Hive Mind after you save the other Falz avatars. The final chapter of the episode ends with a Moment of Awesome as you, Persona and the avatars deal an epic beatdown to Elmir and the Profound Darkness, finally ending the Vicious Cycle Stable Time Loop for good.


  • For fans of Phantasy Star Universe, a particularly heartwarming moment happened when, for it's 10th anniversary, Ethan Waber and Karen Erra returned. This was followed by several other characters, including Vivienne and Lumia Wabernote , in her final incarnation, over the following months, with the ability to get their Partner Cards in Online 2.
    • Even after they left, occasionally, the music will change from the normal stage theme to Save This World, as Online meets Universe, and it's almost like they never left as Ethan and Karen return once more...

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