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Let us tell you about some of the awesome things that we've seen in video games. Hopefully, they might inspire you to pick up the games and play them yourself.

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Its not often that a games advertising could be considered to be a true Crowning Moment of Awesome, but there isn't a doubt in any gamers mind that these are every bit as awesome as any other moment on this page.
  • On the 15th of September, 2011, Sony put out a call on its site, asking for people to tell them, in their own words, why they were the ultimate PlayStation gamer. They didn't give much more info beyond saying it would have something to do with a new campaign. A dozen or so winners were selected. The first was then contacted about his collection and habits. On October 5th, we saw all the characters Michael had helped over his years as a gamer, thanking him one by one.
  • This trailer for War Thunder is a full three and a half minutes of interconnected action that looks like it could have been shot for a movie about the Eastern Front. It features some the heaviest degree of integration of physical effects work and CGI for a game trailer (that tanker climbing out of his commander's hatch? Real person, real tank hatches). It's also far and away Gamespot's most viewed trailer, at over 3.2 million views—three times as many as their next most viewed video.

     Battlefield: Bad Company 
  • When Bad Company finds the big baddie and have to escape. How do they escape? By flying a pimped-out disco-ball wielding hot-tub carrying Hind-D. Of course.
  • In the promotional videos, when they killed Solid Snake. Next Generation Special Forces couldn't do it. Dead Cell couldn't do it. The Kobra unit couldn't do it. The Beauty & The Beast Corps couldn't do it. Four army rejects did it. It must seen to be believed.
  • In Battlefield: Bad Company, Haggard single-handedly invades a neutral country.
  • Really anything Haggard does falls into this category. "I just love it when stuff blows up."
  • The satellite crash.
    A giant streak of burning metal hits an abandoned town
    Haggard: That is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
  • The final confrontation of the second game: Bad Company blows Big Bad Kirilenko's An-124 transport in half with a whole bunch of C4, with Preston personally destroying the Aurora superweapon with a few shots from his pistol before jumping out of the flaming plane and shooting Kirilenko dead while in free-fall.

     Call Of Juarez 
  • William McCall's]] death scene is a CMOA both for him and for the cutscene director and animators of Bound in Blood. Here's what happens (unmarked spoilers follow): Ray, the wild beast among their Power Trio, pulls a gun at Thomas for betraying them. Thomas pulls a gun at him in self-defence. William, still suffering from a Heroic BSoD after his first murder, steps between them. Thomas puts the gun away but Ray still threatens both of them. William informs him that he is a murderer now, too, so he "reaches on three". On the count of three, he reaches for his belt and Ray shoots, killing him instantly. As William falls in slow motion, we suddenly see what he was reaching for — The Bible. The camera pans out as it flies through the air, and we see Ray falling to his knees in realization and Thomas and Marisa stepping back in disbelief. Then the Bible hits the ground, as the mournful music suddenly cuts. Cue Big Bad's final entrance.

     Eve Online 
  • The Defiants' You Shall Not Pass! moment, holding off the entire Amarr Navy while covering the retreat of three fleets of ships which had just pulled off the single largest attack on the Amarr Empire ever planned or staged, would probably have counted if they'd have let us watch it.
  • Conversely, they let us watch Jamyl Sarum taking down an entire capital fleet with a single shot from her Wave-Motion Gun, and that definetely qualifies as a Moment of Awesome (if also a bit of an Ass Pull).
  • EVE, as an MMO designed entirely around the idea of empowering the players to influence the entire galaxy, is likely chock full of both documented and untold stories rich with CMOA. From the above mentioned moments of true villainy, to tales of epic space battles including upwards of 800 players, to stealing multi-billion ISK Titan-class capital ships.
  • Titans cost over $10,000 total and take several months to build and to train pilots for. They had never been destroyed in real active combat. Until Goonfleet did it.

     Grim Grimoire 
  • Lillet Blan ascending to Magnificent Bastardhood by making complete mockeries of GrimGrimoire's two Big Bads, both of which had only been sealed before since they were too powerful to defeat.
    • In case you didn't know, she just conned one Big Bad into killing the other Big Bad, then sold her soul to the surviving Big Bad for one wish, in a contract that is only breakable if the demon volunteers to be sucked back to Hell and tortured for eternity. Her wish? She asks the demon to embrace God.
      Grimlet: (realizing to his horror that he'd just been suckered by a little girl) Mephistopheles... is this your doing?
      Advocat: (Evil Laughter) No. But, I so wish that it was.

  • Lolly Pringle's final act of the Taint Wars: tackling Emperor Ladantine into the ocean to kill him. Though it doesn't stick, it's a great moment of character development for the shy, retiring Lolly.
  • Orlachmar holding off Zenos during the Elder Wars.
    Defiant in his pain, Orlachmar roared, his anger fueling his attack until his sword was a blazing font of darkness. Zenos finally fled, shrieking off into the smoking sky.
  • Kalikai's capture of Fain and his Traitors is pretty badass. Up until that point, all we've seen her do is smoke her pipe and get hammered. And all of a sudden...
    At the head of the traitors' formation was Morgfyre, his face contorted in rage. He blasted Kalikai with a stream of balefire. Surprise registered briefly upon Kalikai's face before she was engulfed in a white hot sphere that blazed with a furious incandescence, enough to obliterate mountains. When the glow died down, she stood there with her head cocked, still smoking her pipe.

     Interactive Fiction 
  • At the climax of Spider and Web, the player must escape from certain death while strapped in an immobilizing chair. To do this requires unraveling the player character's brilliant gambit and triumphantly completing it. It's like being Light Yagami in that moment where it all clicked together.
    • The antagonist gets a CMOA if you fail to solve this puzzle. He figures it out instead, and kills you.
  • You can play Slouching Towards Bedlam by the standard rules, picking up everything, asking everybody about everything, and so on. This ends up spreading a thought-based monster that, depending on your interpretation, either destroys humanity, or, at the very least, destroys its individuality by forcing us to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. Getting the other endings requires that you not so much "play by the rules" as "burn up the gameboard and dance on its ashes", by choosing to kill yourself and anyone you come in contact with, perhaps saving humanity at the cost of being vilified as a madman.
  • All Things Devours has only one puzzle, arguably. But given all the time travel, planning, and paradox avoidance you need to pull it off, finally saving the world is most definitely a Moment of Awesome.
  • For all its weaknesses, Heroine's Mantle delivered on awesome. Scenes that would be crowning moments in less insanely badass games - like fighting gun-toting mooks on a slippery rooftop in your underwear - are minor early-game sequences here.
    • Example 1: How do you signal an airplane to land in a blizzard? Easy. With an exploding squeaky mouse toy and a tanker full of gasoline, that's how.
    • Example 2: You duel to the death with laser cutlasses. You try to steer a torpedo away from an ocean liner filled with innocent passengers. You do both of these things simultaneously.
  • In Varicella, it is possible to manipulate things so that Broken Bird Princess Charlotte has a chance to confront War Minister Wehrkeit, the man who drove her to the asylum by killing her fiancee just as they were about to be married. She gives a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that, while appropriately disturbing, is very satisfying.

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force, Chumley talking about how momma koalas sometimes feed their own kids their feces, as an insane, WTF quotient of just how obsessed with koalas he is.
  • Part of the gameplay in Real-Time Strategy series Warlords Battlecry. When you hear the words "That was a heroic effort!" it means that your hero just killed a whole lot of stuff singlehandedly and you receive an Experience bonus.
  • Travis Touchdown's battle with Destroy Man in No More Heroes, particularly, its end. In the cutscene that follows your victory (i.e. deplete Destroy Man's vitality to zero), Destroy Man pops back up, after getting a Beam Katana through the chest, and starts firing two automatic machine guns that were embedded in his chest. Since Travis was standing between the streams of bullets, Travis simply slices Destroy Man in half right down the middle and walks away, leaving the two guns to keep firing long after Destroy Man dies.
    • And those are nipple guns.
      • Better yet, his opening sequence to become number ten, the first part of the game. Riding his gigantic bike right through the gates, he then jumps off, past the guards, laserblade activated, and defying all logic, screams the word fuckhead, instantly decapitating all of them, resulting in a massive and incredible display of blood and kickass.
  • In the ending of Shining Force, the main character, who until now has been a Heroic Mime, is using the Chaos Breaker to re-seal the Dark Dragon,]] when the whole place starts to collapse. He says, "I can't get free, but you won't die with me!", and casts his Egress spell.
  • Trilby has a number throughout the Chzo Mythos series, but what takes the cake is at the end of Trilby's Notes when he averts the Eldritch Abomination crossing over to our dimension (sort of) by mentally choosing to die before the ritual is completed.
    • Yeah, Cadabath still came over. But he was so pissed off at Trilby dying, that he decided to take his anger out on Lenkmann, in a rather... nasty manner. Funnily enough, the awesome actually is referenced in the next game, 6DAS, where Lenkmann's corpse is found by Theo... Cadabath had just disposed of it, and promptly tears out the Trilby clone's guts.
  • In Contact for the DS, after The Professor ditches you/Terry for the final Power Cell, and Terry washes up on the Deserted Island just like the beginning of the game. He then proceeds to call out, and you realize that he's talking to you, holding the DS and controlling his actions. Pissed off that he was being essentially used by you, he proceeds to attack your lower screen in rage, causing your vision to dissolve further and further until you stylus-poke him into submission. Talk about Fourth Wall breakage.
    • And even after the ending credits, on The Professor's end, he leaves you, the player, a note of apology, explaining about how he knew that everything was a game, and that he was a character in a "fictional world", but still existed outside of the game. It almost makes up for him ditching Terry to hitchhike with Mint back to his home planet.
    • Mint: "But next time...will you help me instead?"
    • Also, Mochi, everyone's favorite Space-Dog-Who-Wants-to-be-a-Space-Cat, gets his own moment when he rushes to save Terry on one screen, whose health bar is being lowered point by point by being punched by a rather large fire giant on the other screen (and did we mention that Terry is also chained to a wall and only wearing his underwear? Harsh.). Mochi runs through some beautifully-painted backgrounds, and makes it in time, too, saving Terry with much awesomeness.
  • Though there's all manner of awesome in Army of Two, the real CMOA comes in the mission to China, where Salem and Rios end up in a running gunbattle with the entire Chinese army.
    • To make it funnier, Rios is taking it seriously and slightly panicky, and them Salem actually starts asking about Wu Tang Clan (IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRIGGIN GUNFIGHT). Salem took the whole situation like it was nothing:
      Salem: Hey Tyse, who's your favorite rapper in the Wu-Tang clan?
      Rios: What?
      Salem: A lot of people say it's the RZA, but I gotta like Ghostface Killah... oh wait, I haven't heard the new U-God album yet. Have you heard that shit?
      Rios: Salem, we just got framed into killing a US senator, our jobs and our lives are at stake, and you're asking me this shit now?!
      Salem: Easy, bro. You cope your way, I talk Wu-Tang.
      Rios: You're gonna have to cope with my foot up your ass in a minute.
  • The first time you fire the XGS Gravity Cannon in Project Sylpheed, after saving up to buy it, is a CMOA for the weapon itself, especially if you charge it up to full power first!
  • Software Studios and Electric Dreams Software, for pulling off a fully playable, fully coloured, perfectly fluid conversion of R-Type and its Amazing Technicolor Battlefield - on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a machine with less memory than that used by the average Word document (48K), a slower processor than most washing machines (3.2MHz), and computing's most hilariously finicky display layout.
  • From Drakengard there's Caim who, in one of the endings, after fighting long and hard against every Empire soldier he came across, must face off against the red dragon he'd spent the entire game fighting alongside. The dragons seek to wipe out humanity, and she can't disobey. He promptly does so, and the roars of thousands of dragons outside shake the chamber. Barely even dwelling on his previous act, he readies his sword and rushes out, even giving a slightly psychotic smile.
  • The Dev Team in Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward. The party has to break into an old prison with solid steel doors to advance in the story. The dev team made it so the party would do it, in a School bus with monster truck tires and HEAVY METAL BLASTING ON THE STEREO. The only it could have been even more awesome? If it was revealed that the Badass Preacher Esteban Cortez, was driving the Bus.
  • Another Dev team moment of Awesome. In Pre Va a gundam like game. You have a jump jet back. The Second Mission in the game? A fully 3-D space battle complete with your troop carrier firing air support. Worth the 9.95 you spend on it.
  • Anytime the enemy Fountain gets destroyed in Defense of the Ancients is one for the team responsible. Given that most Heroes cap out at about 6000 to 7000 hp, even with all item slots dedicated to the best health items, whereas the Fountain has 50,000 hp and ridiculous DPS, it is truly a feat to be proud of, even if it is completely optional.
  • Warhammer Online has one severely awesome trailer.
  • Time Hollow for the DS has one at the end of chapter five. The Big Bad is about to go back in time again, and taunts the protagonist that no matter what he does, there'll always be another him to take the protagonist down. The protagonist's solution? Skip all the time altering stuff and on a leg that's been stabbed almost clean through ram the guy off a cliff.
  • Any player completing I Wanna Be the Guy. The internet salutes you. Heck, beating a screen in that game is a CMOA.
    • Beating the game on Impossible. Make no mistake, this is one of the most impressive achievements in the history of gaming.
    • As for actual moments within the game, there are a few, most doubling as hilarious:
      • The reenactment of the famous scene from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night... complete with Dracula's thrown wine glass KILLING YOU unless you dodge or skip the cutscene by pressing S.
      • THE FREAKING MOON falling out of the sky to try to crush you. Multiple times.
      • Jumping off a ledge, catching on fire as you fall through three screens, then landing in a tiny pool of water completely unharmed.
      • Jumping into the Vic Viper for an Unexpected Shmup Level in the final stage.
      • The exchange between The Guy and The Kid is full of awesome, but particularly in The Kid's epic Title Drop:
      The Kid: Wait! Former grandfather The Guy! You killed him!
      The Guy: As you will now try to kill me, or be killed yourself!
      The Kid: NO! I WANNA BE THE GUY!
      • Also, The Kid's Badass Boast: "I have bested fruit, spike and moon!"
      • And during that battle, The Guy's dual CMoA/CMoF line: "Yes, I did have sex with your mother!"
  • Critical Mass, a turn-based, top-down space shooter, is rife with this. Nothing makes you feel quite as much like a badass as dodging entire salvos of missiles fired by ships more expensive than your entire squadron, making a sharp turn around an asteroid, and shoving a few Yamato Missiles up its unshielded tailpipe.
  • Legaia II: Duel Saga, the moment where you meet the big bad for the very first time. No name as of yet, just 'the man with the golden eyes.' He's going to take a valuable MacGuffin from your village and thus cause it to die, and so you take sword in hand and engage. The guy just stands there, he lets you throw everything you have at him and with every single blow you land, HE DOESN'T MOVE ONE FUCKING MILLIMETER. It's like you're not even THERE. After this show of badassery, the inevitable autolose sequence is actually something of a letdown.
  • In Penny Arcade Adventures it's Ann-Claire Forthwith who gets the first shot at the Crowning Moment of Awesome, when she attacks Fruit Fucker in a giant robotic doll, successfully managing to combine a Crowning Moment of Awesome with a Crowning Moment of Cute.
  • The cutscene in Brigandine when White Wolf of Norgard Vaynard teams up with Brangien to drive of someone super powerful like Cador, which involves Vaynard freezing himself to freeze Cador, then use that time to have Brangien take one accurate shot to Cador's eye, which they use to retreat. Gets more awesome in the Grand Edition when it's animated with anime cutscenes.
  • Myst III: Exile. The Ameteria age consists of three oddball puzzles that you have to solve for no good reason (much like all Myst puzzles, really), followed by another one that makes even less sense. And then you finish off the age in what is indisputably the greatest cutscene ever, riding in a ball (in first person perspective) literally through all of the puzzles you just solved. No other puzzle in video game history has had such a rewarding conclusion.
    • Spire is a CMOA for Atrus and the Torus Age is one for Katran.
    • In one scene in Myst: The Book of Ti'ana, Ti'ana is a prisoner of Veovis and A'Gaeris. She can still whip up an explosive and set a trail of accelerant. Veovis barely escapes with his life and is captured.
    • King Ahlsendar's homecoming and defeat of the Judges of Yahvo cult.
    • The creation of Deretheni by the D'ni. It takes a supernova to melt it, and it's so good at insulating that Gavas survived his two seconds in that supernova.
  • In Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis, Roxis's speech to Vayne after the first part of the final boss battle if you did all of his character quests is pure awesome. Your expecting him to tell Vayne not to commit suicide, but instead, Roxis EGGS HIM ON to do so, giving a long, well deserved, and pretty damn well thought out brow beating]]. But in case you might confuse this with simply being a jerk, the speech instead makes Vayne snap out of it, which is what Roxis had planned. Even Vayne's dark side is taken aback by this result. And keep in mind that said dark side has just been playing Vayne like a violin, almost manipulating him into killing all his friends as well. Not to mention it knows what Vayne's thinking. With that taken into account, Roxis is pretty badass indeed. Also, say what you will about Mana-Khemia's English voice acting (which has been criticised by some), but some would say it increased the awesomeness of the scene.
  • Being an open-ended space combat/trade sim, X3: Reunion has ample opportunities for do-it-yourself awesome. For example, taking on M3+ class superfighters (which are arguably gamebreakers and for good reason) in a little M4 class standard fighter. For those unfamiliar with the game, it's about like an X-wing taking on a Star Destroyer that can maneuver like a TIE Fighter—no magic-bullet special attacks here, just pure dogfighting.
    • M4s can be armed with medium guns that are fairly decent at killing heavy fighters; the only real problem are their rear turrets, which most M4s can resist for long enough to get the kill. Try taking out M3+ s with M5 scout ships. Enemy lands a few lucky shots, you die. Enemy fires you a missile, you die. Enemy turret tracks you for more than a second, you die. Oh, and your light guns are barely enough to nibble at the other's shields, so good luck with that. But: managing to land enough subsequent missile hits to blow the heavy out of space? Awesome. Managing to do just enough damage to cause him to eject without destroying the ship, netting you a damaged, stripped-down hull that's worth several times the fully equipped one you're flying? Awesome squared.
    • Jumping in an enemy sector with a fleet of destroyers and blasting the hell out of everything in sight = awesome. Also framerate killer, but mostly awesome.
    • The Expansion Pack, X3: Terran Conflict, had a bug at release that caused Xenon invasions to spawn literally thousands of ships. Taking one of the new M6+ (the bigger, badder, shooty-er version of a M3+ ) up against 50 M2 Battleships (which have GUNS bigger than a M3+ ) — along with entire armadas of M4/M3+ /M6/M6+ s and winning? Awesome.
    • Playing freemode in the custom starts can be considered CMOA-worthy as well. Starting out with literally no money, a crappy M4 with 1 gun, and brass balls; flying into a Pirate sector; flying out with 1 or 2 mostly broken M3s; then using that to bankroll your way into an international trading empire? Also awesome.
      • Pretty much possible in any trading game, such as Wing Commander Privateer, Tradewinds: Legends, and Taipei constantly. Meet pirate ship. Beat pirate ship. Loot contraband. Sell. (Since you're so weak and feeble, even if you're caught the fines are usually pretty small. Just keep trying til ya get a successful sale, then brutally stomp everyone else.) On Sid Meier's Pirates, pick swordfighting or navigation, run around recruiting crewmen, then make your very first capture a frigate or royal sloop. (You can also pick dancing so you earn the swordfighting boosts from the governor's daughters as you wander around recruiting.) A little bit of fighting skill goes a surprisingly long way on merchanting games!
  • Discworld. "Dragon! DRAGON! DRAGON!" This part of the intro was awesome in spades.
  • Earth Defense Force 2017 is so unabashedly over the top with its AT-AT like megawalker to its Independence Day-esque saucers and mothership, but blowing up a Hector just down the street, only to see one of its brothers emerging from the huge fiery smoke, guns blazing and bearing down on you, is pretty damn epic.
  • In Romancing SaGa 3 there are several CMOA.
    • In Muse's Dream if she is in your party, at the end of the battle with the Dream Devil, he will try and trick Muse by transforming into her father, but she looks beyond that and delivers the final blow. Better if she is using a weapons class that has not sparked a technique, or a class where a technique hasn't been learned, often it will be a high level technique; especially if she unleashes Dragon Inferno (Fists) as the finishing move.
    • In the Divine tower, when chasing Maximus, your allies either are stuck operating switches or fall into traps; when you reach Maximus and fight him alone, gradually your allies return to assist you.
    • Fighting Byunei while riding Gwayne (Dragon) and using the Twin Spike ability.
    • The War Minigame in the later segments of it.
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld - Near the end of the game, you acquire Thor's Hammer — and you actually get to use it. The next level has you running around on a boat wreaking absolute havoc on the enemies, zapping them]] and sending them flying through the air. The icing on the cake is the fact that Lara Croft is a sophisticated British gal, slaughtering people with Thor's freaking hammer. (Of course, this does lend credence to the idea that Lara is not exactly an ideal heroine, in addition to the fact that she also brutally kills animals that don't even seem to be doing anything to her in pursuit of treasures that she doesn't necessarily have any more of a right to than her enemies... but it doesn't make it any less awesome.)
  • Crimson Skies. "Listen, sister, Errol Flynn pretends to be me, not the other way around!"
  • Lock's Quest. Lock is an Archineer, someone who builds defences between enemy waves and uses them to get the advantage in combat. As a trainee, armed with a wrench and with less that half of a professional's skillset, he comes face-to-face with the Big Bad, backed up by a powerful boss and a handful of specialized Mooks. The battle-hardened professional soldiers escorting Lock panic and run. Lock's response? "Right here, right now. Let's do this."
  • Hearts of Iron II allows players to create their own in droves. Try defeating Nazi Germany as Poland in 1939.
    • It's possible to beat Germany as Poland in 1937 if you know what you're doing. As Poland, unlike Britain and France, is a dictatorship it doesn't have to wait for Hitler to start sabre-rattling and annexing Austria and Czechoslovakia before declaring war, but if you can join the Allies then Britain and France will hop in on your side anyway.
  • Gitaroo Man. The cutscene before the final song. FULL. STOP.
    • Don't when U-1 keeps from fighting Kira by replaying the Legendary Theme. The part where Kirah stops trying to fight U-1 and joins him in a duet was most awesome and doubles as heartwarming.
  • Everything I love is right here!
  • Guild Wars: Eye of The North has Kilroy's Punch-Out Extravaganza, a quest where you slip on a pair of Brass-Knuckles, and raid an enemy Dwarf base to beat the day-lights out of Irontoe, a Stone Summit Boss. The fact that you're beating up practically a small army of Dwarves that are using Swords and Bows with Brass Knuckles and winning, is extremely satisfying, and unbelievably fun.
  • Attacking the Pirate Ship while riding a rocket in Rayman 2: The Great Escape was pretty badass.
    • From Origins, Rayman being created, especially the way he poses.
  • Somehow Sony UK managed to put together a piece of advertising that pulled one of these. The goosebump-inducing "double-life" ad for the original PlayStation tried to sell the value of gaming culture to viewers, to great success.
  • Mercenaries 2. Steal a Crocodile Gunboat belonging to the VZ (the main enemy faction). Stay in 'disguise' until you're near a beach absolutely packed with VZ troops and machine guns. Beep the horn (thereby breaking the disguise), and blast the beach with gunfire, rocket fire, or whatever, until your ship starts flaming from too much damage. Gun it towards the beach, hit the closest heavy machine gun with your ship, leave the ship just before the thing blows up, and proceed to clear away the remaining soldiers. Bad. Ass.
    • From the original ''Mercenaries, the Ace missions were spectacular.
  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. The setting: Plaza del Ã�ngel. The situation: Captain Mitchell and his Ghosts pinned down in the smoking remains of the US Embassy, defending the gaggle of surviving dignitaries and the "nuclear football" from a seemingly endless onslaught of insurgent forces. The threat: is that a stolen Abrams tank in your radar? Is that its cannon rotating directly towards you? Cue the telltale whirl of rotor blades. Cue the tank vaporizing. Cue the Gunship Rescue.
  • In Fable II, Reaver is a complete jackass. But, he shows his power as the Hero of Skill when you're running through his smuggler caves. While telling you that you can tell your grandchildren about "the great Reaver", you enter another chamber, only to find that it's full of enemies. Before you can do anything, Reaver headshots each one with little effort, and says that "you can tell your grandchildren about that too, if they believe you."
  • Shadow Complex, the fantastic downloadable game on Xbox Live Arcade, gives its protagonist a moment near the end of the game. Up 'til this point, Jason seems like a guy thrown into the middle of things and is only fighting to get out and go home. Yet when he rescues Claire and takes her back to their jeep, he insists that she drive away and call for help, and leave him to deal with the villains himself.
    Jason: These bastards are planning to invade San Francisco! Now, best-case scenario, I stop them cold. Worst-case scenario, I delay them long enough for you and whatever cavalry you can come up with to come in here and finish the job!
    Claire: Are you sure?
    Jason: No, I'm not sure! Now get out of here before I have a chance to think about it!
He, of course, stops them cold.
  • The entire commercial for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up, seen here.
  • The announcement that the 360 port of Mushihime-sama Futari, a Japan-only Bullet Hell Shoot 'Em Up infamously known for its True Final Boss, is going to be free-for-next-xbox-360-game region-free. Cave cares about its overseas fanbase after all.
  • The Godfather: The Game: The first time you take over a warehouse for the Corleones, marking your rise to a new level of competence. Then followed by the first time you milk a six-digit figure out of a racket boss. There's also the part where you and Sonny charge in a car through a trainyard with barrels exploding along the way. Memorable.
  • In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Fayt awakening to his power... and blasting a Vendeeni ship out of the sky with a huge beam of energy. Keep in mind that Fayt is, for all intents and purposes, a 19-year-old boy, and he just destroyed a huge battle cruiser that several high-class ships couldn't damage. With ONE attack.
    • If you manage to beat Albel the first time you fight him, the resulting cutscene is both CMoA and CMoF, as Cliff (and the rest, but mainly Cliff) openly mock how weak Albel is, right in front of him, as he lies there glaring at them but too injured to do anything. It's a serious "Owned." moment.
    • The rescue scene later on in the game is a CMoA for whoever rescued you, though Albel's is probably the most stylish.
  • In Vexx, confronting Dark Yabu is awesome enough, but if you do the right things, you can make Vexx flip Dark Yabu off in the cutscene.
    • The ending to Vexx is also awesome through and through. All the torture of the game is well worth it to see that ending.
  • Raiding the final dungeon in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals when Maxim's team charges headlong at Doom Castle in their blimp-like airship. The Sinistrals actually manage to shoot it down by destroying the balloon with a laser. The ship begins to drop when it suddenly sprouts glider wings and reaches the entrance to the castle in a spectacular crash landing.]]
  • Every virtuaroid's ending in the first Virtual-ON game, especially Raiden's and Fei-Yen's. Just watching Raiden nuking the lunar cannon's core with its giant laser beams feels cool, and Fei-Yen blowing a kiss to the core...? Hmm~!!
  • Even CarnEvil gets one in the final battle with Baron von Tokkentaker and Umlaut. The Big Bad getting knocked off his feet and shredded by his airship's propellers is something that should be mentioned here.
  • The Demoscene game .kkrieger is a gorgeous looking 3D game with graphics only slightly below Doom 3's (with dynamic shadows and all) provding about 30 minutes of gameplay. Its size is 96 KB. That's right, less than this very HTML page not counting the images.
  • The intro video of The Punisher. It starts with Frank in a dark corridor, checking his magazine and remarking "Last bullet." As he narrates, a group of Yakuza quietly enter the area and begin creeping down the hall, looking for him. One steps on something and they all look down to find that the man is standing on an empty magazine. The Yakuza in lead turns back around just in time for the Punisher to blow him away. The other Yakuza freeze, unaware that the Punisher is out of ammo and unsure what to do. Frank suddenly flips his shotgun to one of them, who catches it out of reflex. Frank uses the distraction to stab him in the face and slash another man's throat, and when he takes their guns it turns into a massacre. After finishing them off, Castle continues narrating as he approaches the front of the building, only to eject the magazines from the pistols, raise them above his head, and step outside, where a massive police barricade is waiting to take him to Ryker's...
  • The Killer Penguin from Zoo Tycoon. It can kill pretty much any animal in the game. Even those that were much larger than it. From lions, killer whales, even the Tyrannosaurus rex. A penguin that can kill a friggin' T-Rex, talk about Killer Rabbit.
  • In SSX you can jump off a ramp and grab a low flying helicopter, which is cool enough. You can also grind it while it's in flight. Doing this is pretty much an I win button in trick events.
  • In X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse for the SNES, this happens the moment Gambit steps onto a motorized surfboard at the end of his stage. The epic boss music starts playing as the surfboard speeds up, all while the calm and collected Gambit just rides it without even staggering. Bonus points for the sound of the surfboard's motor roaring through the water and the sight (as well as sound) of the boss, a tandem rotor helicopter flying in the background. With all these elements, it's one of the greatest parts of the game.
  • The Kongregate Flash game The Company of Myself initially appears to be a rather generic puzzler that revolves around the clever gimmick of navigating mazes with the help of ghostly duplicates of the player character that mimic and repeat the player's past actions. Over the course of the game, you and your duplicates climb steps, navigate platforms, pull levers, and occasionally clear stages by building human ladders. But the pièce de résistance comes in the final level, when the player character finds himself having to make it across a ridiculously huge chasm without a single platform or handhold in sight. The solution? Send as many duplicates as possible jumping off the edge (they're unlimited) until you can surf a whole wave of them to make it to the other side. It only takes about a minute to complete, but that final level makes the entire game worth it.

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