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Heartwarming / Hitman: Absolution

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  • Kudos to Diana whose moment of heartwarming sets this game in motion. Finding out that General Travis is experimenting on a young girl to create a genetically modified assassin, she absconds with Victoria and throws the ICA into complete chaos, sacrificing her hard won upper management position on the Agency board and marking her for death simply because she believed what Travis had done was morally wrong.
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  • Before the climactic final level, we get a cut scene with Diana's voiceover reading the letter she handed him in Chicago as she bled to death. In it, she explains her motivations on taking Victoria, revealing that she rescued Victoria out of a genuine motherly love and desire to see her have a normal life rather than that of a stone cold killer. The fact that the highly amoral and unscrupulous Diana who up until that point never gave a damn about anything except the ICA and 47 would be motivated to carry out that act makes it one of the bigger ones in the dark series that is HITMAN.
  • 47 deciding to turn against the Agency and rescue Victoria rather than condemn another product of experimentation to becoming a creature like himself.
  • 47's rescue of Victoria at the end of Absolution and the hug they share after 47 kills Dexter.
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  • Anytime that 47 shows any form of empathy, especially in Absolution where he vows to almost Papa Wolf degrees to take care of Victoria, promising that nobody would harm her ever again.
  • During the levels in the weapons lab, his Hitman with a Heart quality really shines through when he shows disgust at the idea of human experimentation and child soldiers. He even calls one of the scientists a monster and says his victims won't mourn for him.
  • The ending where it's revealed 47 turned against the Agency to help Diana fake her death.
  • Meta-example: Despite their distaste for Absolution, the fanbase quietly mourned the death of Powers Booth, Benjamin Travis's voice actor.
    Redditor: Badass villain played by a badass man. Rest In Peace.


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