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An anime starring a Hot-Blooded protagonist playing soccer with The Power of Friendship is bound to have a few moments that fills you with hope.
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    In General 
  • This anime uses this a lot, switching off from "We have to keep on fighting!" to moments that involve a character needing some moral support due to some issues... Many of these scenes tend to provoke some Ho Yay though.
  • In the games, Team Hissatsu are always hearwarming, especially if one of the members involved used to be part of an opposing team. You can engage in some Video Game Caring Potential by recruiting Mahoro and having him play on the same team as Amagi, or recruiting Atsushi back to Raimon.
    • Fire Tornado Double Drive in particular stands out, as it really sums up how far Tenma and Tsurugi have come over the course of the game. They started out as mortal enemies, now they're Bash Brothers.
  • Some of the character songs can easily fall under this, to name a few:
    • Tenma's character song, Soyokaze Dream is about Tenma's perseverance and his efforts to improve himself. If that doesn't get you, the extremely upbeat tone is bound to make you feel tingly.
    • Fubuki's song, Ice Road follows Shirou's thoughts after merging with Atsuya and learning to accept Raimon's support.
    • Hikaru and Kariya's duet, Houkago Chemistry takes the determination from Soyokaze Dream and takes it Up to Eleven with the song going on about pushing your limits.

    Inazuma Eleven 
  • Episode 1: In spite of their initial dismotivation, after seeing Endou's determination to save the soccer club by trying hard to recruit new members from all over the school, the other original members finally decide to take things seriously.
  • Episode 6: Kabeyama breaks through his doubts after seeing Endou's burn his hand out to use God Hand one final time.
    • After the match, Natsumi gives Endou a ice pack for his hand and teasing him despite her initial doubts about him from the beginning.
  • Episode 10: Aki saying how after she met Endou, she regained her passion for soccer, which she lost after witnessing Ichinose being run over by a car, describing the two as being similar. While Domon has a different opinion about this, it's also nice for him to finally find people whom he can catch up with, which shows how much he ended up loving the team in the end.
  • Episode 13: Haruna sharing a heartfelt moment with Kidou after she finds out the real reason why he avoided her for six years and why he was striving to win all the matches-he did everything for her sake. And even though they can't live together in the same house, they're still happy with their own families.
    • In the next episode, Kidou's father appologizing for not being a good father enough and for leaving Kidou in Kageyama's hands.
  • Also from episode 14, despite Raimon OB's plays against the kids starting off rather rocky, after Coach Hibiki gives them a pep talk about how the kids look up to them and hope to become legendary like them one day, they finally start to take the practice match seriously.
    • Yet another moment from the episode, Kageno, who previously thought his presence was just useless, helping Gouenji and Kazemaru complete the Honoo no Kazamidori after Ukishima makes him realize he is important after giving him the advice that just because he's a reserve, it doesn't mean he's not part of the team.
  • Episodes 15 and 16, while they initially deal with Kazemaru's conflicted feelings about either choosing to stay in the soccer club and going back to the Athletics club, they also highlight his character development in realizing how much he has come to love his current club and the people it, despite seeming at first like he only joined it to prevent it from being disbanded and was going to leave it as soon as they didn't need him anymore.
    • At the end of episode 16, Miyasaka, despite acting selfish in the beginning with pushing Kazemaru to return to the Athletics club, lets him go willingly after seeing him play so passionately in his last match.
  • Episode 17 is just the start of a beautiful, long-lasting friendship between Endou and his former rival, Kidou. Notably, the scene at Kidou's house where him and Endou start to know each other better and realize they are not so different after Kidou tells his story about how he lost his parents in a plane crash and started to play soccer after the only thing left from them was an old soccer magazine and Endou tells him that he also lost his grandfather and started to play soccer after reading his notebooks is a good start for their friendship.
  • Pretty much the entire episode 19 is emotional, from Aki and Domon discovering that Ichinose is alive, to the cute Ship Tease moments between Aki and Ichinose (as well as Endou and Natsumi, complete with the beautiful scenery of the town seen from the Inazuma Tower), to Aki helping the boys complete the Tri-Pegasus and the first-years acting as her protective shield and in the end, Ichinose declining his flight to America after being impressed how True Companions they all are.
  • In episode 20, soon after Aki and Domon reunite with their not quite deceased friend Ichinose, they meet with another of their childhood friends from America, Nishigaki, who has recently moved to Japan. It's surely an amazing coincidence, as said by Aki.
    Aki: Looks like the Goddess of soccer takes care of all of us.
  • Episode 21: Despite the Mukata Triplets being major jerkasses to Gouenji in the last two episodes for running away last year from the match against Teikoku and getting Kidokawa Seishuu disqualified as a result, after learning from the coach about how his sister's accident was the cause, they apologize for treating him like that.
  • After Raimon win the Football Frontier, Gouenji visits his sister in the hospital to tell her that they have won. There, he hears her voice and sees that she has opened her eyes, which shocks him a bit, but also makes him shed Tears of Joy while repeating what he has said earlier.
  • Haruna acting like a big sister figure towards Kogure is adorable, particularly in his first two episodes. In these, she helps him become more confident in his own soccer in order to prove his real potential to his fellow teammates, with some help from Furukabu. It's also adorable when Haruna understands his feelings when finding out Kogure was abandoned by his mother and tries to make him feel better by telling him she also lost her parents.
  • In episode 35 there's also a heartwarming scene between Kidou and Haruna where Kidou says his sister is a stronger person than he is because she managed to take care of herself at Raimon without giving up, even after the two siblings were separated.
  • One memorable scene that's of this nature was when Fubuki and Someoka were talking at a rooftop. It doesn't help that Someoka says the words "Let's be like the wind together someday." while a breeze was blowing and it was sunset.
  • The ending of the match against the Dark Emperors, where Endou's power of friendship he used when trying to stop The Dark Pheonix with the God Hand one last time managed in freeing his corrupted teammates from the Aliea Meteorite's influence and reminding them they are his friends. They play the rest of the match for fun rather than for war with everybody being happy, and the episode ends with the others throwing Endou up in the air and promising each other to continue to play soccer. They deserve a happy ending like this after all the struggles they went through in season 2.
  • Episode 81: When Tobitaka's rival and his gang stop Inazuma Japan's bus to fight him, Tobitaka's friends arrive just in time and decide to fight them in his place out of respect for him. Suzume in particular considers Tobitaka his hero because he helped Suzume when he was weak.
  • Episode 100 is one of the show's weirder episodes, but the interactions between Hiroto and Kogure are adorable, with Hiroto acting like a big brother to Kogure and promising him to go camping together again.
  • Episode 101:
    • The letters sent by Kurimatsu and Midorikawa to Inazuma Japan, where they say how hard they've been training in order to come back to the team one day. Saginuma's letter, on the other hand...
    • Tobitaka's friendship with Toramaru is full of heartwarming moments in this episode. When the latter becomes concerned about his mother's safety, he realizes he feels sad and makes him food in order to cheer him up. Tobitaka mentions that since he has several friends that are younger than him, he acts like a father to them and just by looking at them, he realizes when somethings is in their mind, similarly to how he acts towards Toramaru here. It's nice to see such different people being such good friends.
    Tobitaka: Toramaru, we're friends. If something happens, you can come talk to me about it any time.
  • When Fuyuka regains her childhood memories in episode 102, while at first the shock from her traumatic memories make her fall unconscious, to the point of Kudou coming to the conclusion that deleting all her memories is the best option, after Endou succeds to wake her up, she decides to keep them because she doesn't want to forget the good ones, which are Endou and all her other friends.
    • There's also Fuyuka telling Kudou what a good father he has always been to her since the accident of her real parents, followed by a scene where they share a hug.
  • Episode 105: Nakata telling Kageyama there must still be some kindness in him after reminding him of all the good things he did to Rushe after she lost her eyesight because of one of his scehemes. Rushe herself thanks him for the kind things he did for her.
    • Kageyama pulling a full Heel–Face Turn in the next episode after Fideo makes him realize he still loved his father and soccer itself, despite claiming to hate them.
  • The fact that Fideo and his teammates tried hard to master Catenaccio Counter for him, due to the fact that Kageyama had the same past as Fideo, and the fact that he sends to Rushe a music box at the end of the episode due to anticipating he Garshield was gonna kill him, are also heartwarming moments from episode 106.
  • Fubuki's speech in episode 121.

    Inazuma Eleven Go 
  • Tenma, Shinsuke and Aoi's friendship in general. While the trio doesn't have the dramatic, soccer-powered bonds the rest of the cast has, they're still just as good friends in a more ordinary, everyday way. Their conversations walking home from school and Aoi and Shinsuke's support of Tenma in his depressed moments are always very cute.
  • Go Episode 24: Minamisawa apologizes for his actions to Raimon after the game, including thanking Tenma. However, they advise him to help his new team get even stronger & they allow him to return to Raimon when he’s ready.
    • Natsumi tries to cheer up Endou after he find out Ishido’s true identity, reassuring him that the soccer they love will be brought back and he’ll return his friend back to the light, even cooking him (admittedly not good) food.
    • Endou and Hitomiko acknowledge that Raimon will take of Kariya, who earlier convinced Kirino to trust him, and helping Tenma and Shinsuke create a new hissatsu tactic. And while a Funny Moment occurs, Kariya now has friends that trust him.
  • Go Episode 43: Kurama has not treated Tenma well in the beginning, which makes it all the more heartwarming where he takes a soccer shoot that could've seriously injured Tenma at the cost of being removed from the game after all this time.
  • In episode seven, Alpha's members of Protocol Omega that were not removed from the team band together to challenge the remaining Raimon members out of their faith in their commander over Beta, a rare commodore among the antagonists.

    Inazuma Eleven Ares 
  • Outer Code Episode 4: After seeing Aphrodi staying on the bench and crying for his mistake of accepting Kageyama's Aqua of the Gods, Kiyo, who would eventually become Zeus' new coach, gives him moral support and tells him that a real god is somebody who looks over the people he loves and Aphrodi fits the role for his team.
  • Ares Episode 2: Inakuni Raimon got a sponsor despite losing the match.
    • Overlaps with Ascended Extra but Ootani Tsukushi's Ascended Extra is this in two ways. Because Ootani was a scout character in Inazuma Eleven 2 and Inazuma Eleven Strikers and is the Inazuma Girls' manager, it's implied that she supported the original Raimon team back in season one. This not only makes her one of the few supporting Raimon classmates that believed in the team from the beginning, and became an manager of respect and gratitude for Endou and the team. Emphasized with this line:
    Ootani: It's true that Endou-kun was an amazing person!
  • Ares Episode 3: We get the source of Kozoumaru's preference of offense. When he was younger, he was a defender who wasn't good despite all of his training. He attempted to stop a robber thanks to his improved speed, but couldn't catch up. However, Gouenji arrives and not only saves the day, but advises Kozoumaru to become a forward instead. In hindsight, him learning Fire Tornado like Gouenji did makes sense.
  • Asuto's letter from his mother is both heartwarming and tear-jerking. It shows her regrets about not being able to spend more time with Asuto because of her ilness and not being able to leave the country with his father, who left it to follow his soccer dreams overseas, but it also shows her supporting Asuto's dream, who becomes more determined to win the Football Frontier and hopes to see his father one day.
  • Episode 15: Even though Zeus lost, its members, especially Aphrodi, take their loss very gracefully, stating that they had fun. It shows how much Kiyo's advice has changed Aphrodi for the better.
    Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin 
  • Episode 13. Ichihoshi Hikaru being accepted to the team despite all he did would bring a smile to your face. Sure, they might have never forgotten the sabotage Ichihoshi did, but the fact that the team accepted him anyway is still a sweet moment by itself.
  • Episode 15: Lee Kobun's backstory is finally explained with the reveal of him being Mutekigaharu Fujimaru. He led his friends, all street urchins with no family but themselves to steal and rob until meeting Coach Chiyun, who trained them in soccer not just for the sport, but to find a way to live properly. Together, they beat a team Coach also trained. While a Tear Jerker he left them twice, they reconnected again, Li risking his life in order to help him free soccer from Orion Foundation's corruption. In his own way, Chiyun left them to make sure that they'd enjoy soccer without the fears of Orion lurking.
    • There's also the words that Li says to Zhao Jinyun after the match ended, after which he starts crying and hugs him.
    Li: You don't see people because you need them. You see them because you miss them!
  • Episode 19: At the end of the episode, as the Chinese team laments how they were not able to win the match and go to the world to be China's stars, Zhao Jinyun assures them by showing them a picture of the team's supporters, saying that even if they didn't win, they're still stars to the people of China.
  • Episode 20: Ichihoshi formally apologises to Kidou for setting up the trap. Kidou having his butler pose as an FFI committee member and giving Ichihoshi a drug box. Ichihoshi opens it only to be pranked, but at the bottom of the box there were the words “Don’t sweat it. We’re even now.” Then Kidou holds out his hand to Ichihoshi, saying now that they are comrades, they will fight together. Ichihoshi happily shakes Kidou’s hand with both hands. Awww.