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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Edea and Angès's reactions to Tiz being awake after so long.
    • "Welcome back, Tiz!"
  • Edea's talk about how the world isn't black and white, and how, even if the Crystalguard stained their blades with the blood of their comrades at one point, it could be the case that it was one dark spot in a sea of bright light. Given the lesson Kamiizumi imparted to Edea last game, one can only imagine, following the revelation that if you side against Kamiizumi in his sidequest, it turns out he was watching from nearby the entire time, it is entirely possible that Kamiizumi could be listening at that very moment. How Edea has grown.
    • Her pep talk to Yew gives him and the rest of the party strength to continue chasing after the Skyhold, even though they just barely missed it this time.
    • In general, it's incredibly sweet to see how Einheria, Kamiizumi, and Braev have had a positive effect on Edea's outlook, and how she herself has taken their lessons to heart. What's more, while she still sometimes has her rough patches, and can be quite prone to anger, she's largely gone from being an untested talent in Bravely Default to sharing The Mentor role with Tiz in Bravely Second.
  • Good news! The Eternian Jobmasters aren't dead!
    • Jackal becoming the one to police the desert to help others find their way to oases while dealing with the fact that water is drying up.
    • DeRosa lifting the spirits of a student who was losing heart on his research into sominal energy. His plan for it does have some good points on uplifting humanity and making life better for everyone, if...not for the immediate causalities of the desert people.
      • You can find him later on, apparently trying to sell the somnial energy idea to the people in Yew's hometown of Gathelatio. If you speak to him, he'll comment that he needs to succeed in realizing the somnial energy dream because he owes that much to the people of the desert whose water source he had robbed in the process. It's a far cry from the man he was in the first game.
    • Kamiizumi's Letter to Gho Gettar, placing his faith in the man to overcome the trials in front of him. This leads to him getting a better position combining his love of summoning with the city's power, creating a method to deal with still-winds.
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    • Holly's efforts at helping that little girl and her grandfather because she relates their plight to her own childhood. It shows she treasures memories and companionship over money.
      • And then there's the aftermath (if you side with her), when she receives a letter from Barras asking her to come back to him to (in Tiz's words) settle down.
      • Conversely, if you side against her, Holly accidentally reveals something genuinely heartwarming that fully convinces the party Profiteur, against all odds, is in the right. Holly's been hearing rumors about Profiteur visiting the pirates and scoundrels-turned-mercenaries of the seas lately, and what's more, he has been giving them money. Instead of damning Profituer, the party comes to realize Profiteur is honestly trying to restore Eisen by bringing in ex-criminals to work an honest life as dockhands, construction workers, and ore miners. To reiterate, Profituer has, over the course of two games and three in-universe years, gone from paying thieves to take water from thirsty beggars to suddenly paying criminals to do honest work and get their lives back, all while restoring a country suffering from multiple wars that have left their trade routes impassible. Talk about taking a level in kindess!
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    • Artemia considers the Yunohana kids her own pack out of gratitude for their parents taking care of her. And Edea can practically read her mind because they know each other so well.
      • Even if you side against her, she embodies Graceful Loser by hunting down game animals for her to eat later on and grow stronger for a rematch.
    • Ominas Crowe has enough faith in his D'gon, Bahamut, to master a technique capable of killing even a Ba'al, that he's willing to sacrifice himself (and the others on the expedition).
      • If you side with Ominas, Bahamut managed to learn the Femto Flare four days earlier because Edea helps coach him.
    • Datz, Zatz, and the Proprietress are all doing well for themselves so far, building the Grandship into a nation and taking in anyone who needs a roof over their heads. Alternis Dim is also there, helping orphans and finding that the underprivileged being treated well makes it like paradise.
    • Even if you side against the Poor Laws, with the citizens and shops making a profit again, everyone else is taking up the slack to feed the poor and orphans.
  • Aimee's final act in her battle is to fire a shot into the sky. Meaningless, right? Well, that shot appears at the very end of the battle with Angelo, stopping him from committing suicide and telling him of her gratitude for his cake giving her a reason to leave the woods, so she hopes he will open a pancake shop to share it with the world. It's enough to make even him (who sees women in the same light as DeRosa in the first game) turn around and do just that.
  • There's a relatively minor point in the Barras vs. Einheria sidequest in Florem. The conflict is over a new school to be built - namely, whether it should be coeducational or gender-segregated. The supporter for coeducation? Swetti Tracsute, a former Sky Knight who actually served alongside Edea (though for shortly enough that she doesn't recall him). If you can muster the strength to look past the cringey name, his motivation for the coeducational school is simple yet sweet: the Sky Knights were an all-inclusive force, Swetti got to work alongside both men and women, and he wants the people of Florem to be able to experience that.
  • The Grandship considers the Warrior of Light heroes enough to create a tapestry for them to sell.
  • Edea relaying Geist's final words and giving Revenant the courage to pass on in the first loop, knowing that someone would remember the pair of them.
  • Nikolai and Janne both die praising Yew for his growth since their betrayal and encouraging him to continue on, despite the fact that they were willing to give their lives to stop him.
  • The moment that Angès is rescued, she immediately leaps into Tiz's arms and hugs him.
  • After defeating Geist in the second loop, Braev points out that because Geist still sent out a report, the plague was cut short by years. Even if it came too late, he still saved countless lives in the process.
    • Just prior to that, Edea finally gets Geist to see reason and realize that his son is still his son, living suit of armor or flesh-and-blood human, and doesn't resent Geist's choice at all. This causes Geist to realize there's still something left for him in Luxendarc...and he breaks down crying, embracing his son.
  • Kamiizumi reuniting with Tsubaki in the second loop, only to later on adopt Minette and Bismarck.
  • Once the Kaiser is defeated, Denys is forgiven for his acts and reunites with Yew and Alfred, both of whom can't be happier to see him.
    • Even better, in the ending cutscene the portrait of Foundar Geneolgia is replaced with a painting of Denys dining with Agnes, Yew and the rest of the gang.
  • Chapter 6:
    • The reunion with Master Karl. The way he wakes the party up is exactly like in the first game, making it a nostalgic scene.
    • Tiz is treated as the hero of their country, and the king is positively elated to see him awake again.
    • Egil is now Junior Captain of the Youth Brigade, and doing great for himself. The moment he and Tiz reunite, they hug each other.
    • Yoko took in the Origin Plague to protect the world and the people she loved. And, despite the horrors that Foundar and Griede unleashed, they did save her and leave her grateful for what they did.
    • Altair and Vega reuniting after what must've been thousands of years of suffering. She never gave up waiting for him, and he never gave up searching.
    • When Lord Providence tries to delete your save file, Yew, Agnes, and all of the Empire Asterisk holders and Denys come to encourage you to keep playing.
    • The Adventurer saves Tiz from dying a second time, as thanks for saving Altair and Vega.
    • Tiz and Agnes get married at the end, planning on living a quiet life in Norende.
    • Yew confesses his love to Magnolia, who tells him her true name as a moon rite to show she truly loves him.
    • And to top it all off, the last name listed in the credits? You.
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming, but the fact the the Fencer's stances are Blazing Wolf, Stalwart Aurochs and Soaring Falcon can be rather heartwarming when you consider that means either the stances were named for the Three Cavaliers (assuming Janne created them), or they took their monikers from his stances, which is sweet either way.

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