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Heartwarming / The Legend of Dragoon

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  • Dart and Shana having a touching reunion when she is rescued.
  • Shana is determined to remain with Dart despite him going to war.
  • Dart and Lavitz have a very bromantic style complete with fist bumps, and Albert and Lavitz have been friends since childhood. Becomes a massive Tear Jerker in Mayfil when Dart, Albert, and the now deceased Lavitz's spirit do it one last time.
  • When Meru is exiled from her Wingly home in the forest, her fiance still supports her. Her parents eventually come around when she returns.
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  • Balzac, the Ancient Golden Dragoon, is determined to protect the Ancient White Silver Dragoon, Shirley, taking on a Super Virage solo. She chooses to still fight by his side.
  • Haschel has spent twenty years trying to find his lost daughter, Claire. Tear Jerker abounds when the implication sets in that she is Dart's late mother.
  • The end personal battles on the Moon that Never Sets are rather cathartic for a few of the party: Miranda comes to terms with the abuse she suffered from her mother, Kongol comes to terms with his brother, and Meru confronts the Archangel of the Wingly people in order to call out her race on their racist nonsense.
  • When Shana can't travel with the party anymore, Rose makes it clear that she cares for Shana. When Rose insults Miranda, Shana answers it right back by defending Miranda.
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  • Miranda remarks that the day Queen Theresa adopted her was the happiest day of her life.
  • Miranda is a real hardass on her first introduction, but, over the journey, she mellows out through an Odd Friendship with Haschel, some of Savan's homunculi, and eventually, Character Development and coming to accept Rose (although not without slapping her first).

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