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Outside off all the fighting there's some pretty damn heartwarming moments in the Street Fighter series.

Moments from the Games

  • Blanka's ending in II, where he's finally reunited with his long-missing mother after many years seperated.
    • His ending in IV: he leaves home to go and fight, leaving a note to his Mama, promising to come back "when I won't be an embarrassment for you anymore". The ending shows that he'd sent a letter to her saying he was in Hong Kong, prompting Samantha to fly out to him.
    "People still stare at me sometimes, but I don't let it get to me. It's okay to make mistakes once in a while. As long as I get to spend time with my Mama, everything will be just fine."
    • His ending in Super is a down-right Happy Ending for him. Not only is he happy to be with his Mama, but a lot of the other residents of his hometown saw the article about him at the tournament and came to their house to meet him. He suffered from Freakiness Shame for the whole game, and in the end they came to meet him personally. Which is all he wanted in the first place. Way to go, Jimmy.
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  • Necro's SFIII Third Strike ending. where, as he and his girlfriend Effie make an escape from a train, he uses his Rubber Man powers to save her from falling to her death.
    Necro: "For the first time... I feel thankful for this body of mine!"
  • The second part of Yang's ending in Third Strike. Not only he aknowledges that Houmei likes Yun instead of him without making a big fuss (which is very mature for a teenage boy, even when he's a little sad about it), but he also has a short but sweet talk with his other friend Shaomei.
    Shaomei: "Although I care about the town, I care a lot more about you two... So please, don't be so reckless, okay?
  • Chun-Li's Third Strike ending too. Specially when she has a flashback about how she rescued her kidnapped adoptive daughter (the little girl seen in the prologue) and is seen training her and many other kids.
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  • Guile's Alpha 3 ending in which Charlie sacrifices himself to save Guile and Chun-Li.
  • The friendship between Zangief and Rainbow Mika, especially in the story mode for V. Mika is completely star struck to be tag teaming and training with her idol, and Zangief is his usual big friendly self but with an added dose of Big Brother Mentor and Papa Wolf tendencies toward her. They spend almost all of their screen time together hamming it up and having a good time. Special mention goes to the moment where Mika saves Zangief from a bear attack.
  • Sakura's ending in SSFIV, she has to leave for home with Dan and Blanka, promising Ryu that they will see each other again. Years later, Sakura, now much older, is walking a dog, sees Ryu from a distance, and happily runs after him.
  • Balrog of all people has some Pet the Dog moments in his endings in SFIV where he rescues a kid. Come SFV and the two have forged a friendly partnership in crime. It's just refreshing to see Balrog treat someone without any contempt for once.
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  • Every moment between Ken and his family in the SFV story mode, especially the scene where he plays with young Mel at the Kanzuki estate and tries to teach him how to throw a Hadouken.
  • Ken's Ending in Alpha is one of the one moment that was not retconned through its sequel/update. After he and Ryu have a sparring match, Ken wins the American Martial Arts tournament and hooks up with Eliza.
  • Rufus and Candy's relationship is a very pure and wholesome relationship for a mostly comic relief character, starting from when Rufus helped Candy fend off a waiter who was chasing her after she pulled a dine-and-dash. Since then, the two have been head-over-heels for each other, proving even loudmouths like Rufus who have a tendency to get on people's bad sides can find genuine love. Candy's also very supportive of Rufus's claims to be the best fighter in America, and is the one to encourage him to go take on Ken at the tournament to show the world his skills.
    Rose:"You are destined to be with Candy. Treat her well."
  • Some of the Arcade Mode endings in SFV.
    • Zeku's SFI ending shows how he and Guy met. Guy was apparently at the end of his rope, having failed his college entrance exams, and turned to martial arts for answers. Zeku became his teacher, and his training is what lead Guy to take down the Mad Gear Gang, and it ends with a proud Zeku looking at a picture of Guy and Cody.
    • Birdie's SFI ending has him treat Ryu to a meal after their fight, showing that he isn't such a bad guy.
    • Cammy's SFV ending has Delta Red and the now non-brainwashed Dolls throw Cammy a surprise party. As the game puts it, "Slowly, her hardened exterior begins to soften."
    • Charlie Nash's SFV ending alters his canon death. Instead of him depowering Bison, his body exploding and Ryu being the one to land the final blows, Nash is the one to defeat Bison. He still ends up giving his life in the fight, but now he dies with a smile in the arms of his best friend, Guile.
    • Ed's SFV ending has him become a boxer just like his "father", Balrog. The two then have an official match, with an audience and everything. It ends in a Double Knockout, but the real clincher is that Balrog is genuinely smiling, proud of his "son's" skills.
    • Cody's SFV ending gives the implication that Jessica will visit him. Just the possibility of them coming back together will tug your heartstrings.
  • This picture, relating to Cody's story in V, showing that Haggar is the one who personally vouched for him as the new mayor of Metro City, and that despite the downward spiral Cody's life took following Final Fight, Haggar still believes in him.
    • Why did Cody accept the position of mayor? To improve the quality of life for the people of Metro City.
  • Just seeing Cody, the guy who’s too scared to stop running and face his problems, finally put his act together and rebuild himself as a person.
  • Dan's character arc shows both his and Sagat's growth as people. While Dan did train and fight for revenge his idea of exacting revenge was to only beat Sagat in a fight, not kill or harm him otherwise. With Sagat he comes to see that revenge isn't a path worth pursuing after seeing Dan's struggle and why he fights, so he lets him win their fight and it allows not only Dan but himself to move on past their grudges.

From the film

  • Even when Ken keeps getting them into trouble, his and Ryu's friendship is always solid.
  • Despite all the Narm, the Group Shot at the end was kinda heartwarming.
  • The first words of the credits are a dedication to Raúl Juliá, who passed away shortly after filming was completed. Vaya con Dios. ("Go forth with God")

Moments from the Animated Media (original animated movie, Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, the USA cartoon, SFII V, The Ties that Bind, etc.)

  • The Ties that Bind gives us Ryu getting out of his post-Satsui no Hado Heroic BSoD much to Sakura's joy and the scene at the end where Ryu, having won against Seth, collapses to the floor and is happily tended to by Ken, Eliza and Sakura.

Moments from the comics.

  • Shadow/Charlie breaking M.Bison's hold on him in order to save Guile and Chun-li at the cost of his life, again.

  • During Alex's fathers funeral Tom reminisces on what a great friend and soldier his father was and sees Alex as if he was part of the family and takes hm under his wing along with his daughter Patty. It really shows just how close he and Tom really are.
    Tom: Your father was the best soldier and friend I ever knew, Alex You two have always been family to me and that's how I'll try to raise you. As long as me and Patricia are alive you're never alone

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