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More Characters will get added to Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • Either late 2014 or early 2015 Capcom will release a patch update that adds either 4 or 5 more new characters to the roster in order to calm down the Decapre backlash.
  • The potential characters could be as listed;
    • From the SFIII roster: Alex, Sean, Remy, Q, Necro and/or Oro
    • From the SFA roster: Charlie, R.Mika, Sodom, Birdie, Eagle, Karin and/or Maki
  • Or better yet a crossover character from another fighting game franchise from SNK Playmore or Bandai Namco Entertainment
    • Seeing as we're now on to V proper, we can consider this one a very unlikely possibility.

The Ryu from the Street Fighter cartoon is not Ryu but a Cosplayer named Raiyu.
  • He is self-trained like Dan or Sakura and can mimic most moves however he knows he does not want to disrespect his idol and as such goes by a similar name (possibly his birth name) Raiyu he also has an Ambiguously Gay friend named Ken who likes to cosplay as Ken.

The reason Blanka has green skin and can conduct electricity is due the plane crash mutating him.
  • Yeah this doesn't make too much sense because planes don't exactly give radiation, but since we'll never get an explanation of why Blanka's skin is green for a long time, we'll just have to make up the answers ourselves.
  • This also explains why Blanka's eyes look like their gonna fall out on the SFII continue screen due to him melting from the radiation.

Joe from Street Fighter I is Lucky Colt/Gunloc from Muscle Bomber/Saturday Night Slam Masters.
  • The short blond hair, the Sonic Fist and Rolling Sobat special moves, and most importantly...the kick-ass Air Force BOMBER JACKET he sports in the SF1 intro and his entrance in SNSM. His bio in SNSM stating that he's Guile's brother would also make him Blade from Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game (unless Guile had more than one brother, which would make Gunloc AND Blade his brothers).
    • Jossed by The World Warrior Encyclopedia, which has separate bios for Joe and Gunloc. Of course, they do that with Mike and Balrog (see the Mike entry, at the bottom), too, so Lying Creator be here.

Ryu will be a secret boss during the 4th World Warrior Tournament.
The 3rd World Warrior Tournament was during SFIII, and SFIV didn't even have a World Warrior Tournament.Unlike SFII, SFIII, and SFIV, there will be no sort of hidden conspiracy like Shadaloo or Illuminati.It'll be just like that time Sagat held the very first one, just to prove that he's the best.

Ken will be the final boss, and if conditions are right, then you can fight Ryu.No brainwashed or even possibly evil Ryu or Ken. Just them in their purest form, at the peak of their power.

M.Bison/Vega/Whatever is a closet transsexual
Chew on this: Rose, M.Bison's Enemy Without Superpowered Good Side, is very female. Cammy, M.Bison's genetically-altered clone whom he plans to put his mind into — and whom, as a genetically-altered clone, he could have made look however he wished — is also very female. Clearly, there's more to this guy than he's letting on.
  • There's NO WAY a female could have the body M. Bison/Vega has. The guy is ripped to all hell. And besides, art from Street Fighter 2 shows him sans shirt, and he looks totally male.
    • Clearly, M. Bison trained at the spring of Drowned Megalomaniac.
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    • Or maybe it's the reverse. Rose embodies everything that was positive about him before he purged it from himself in order to master Psycho Power. Cammy being an opposite-sex clone lends further credence to this - it implies a fascination with being female that he nonetheless forgoes in order to continue to gain power. The "good" part of him was his female side (and his desire to be physically female), which he eradicated for whatever twisted reasons he has. It makes him/her much more three-dimensional.
      • Better yet, in some brands of psychology, the psychological form that allows a person to relate to the opposite gender is called the Anima. It appears as the ideal female or male of the person in question. Keep in mind Rose looks disturbingly like the woman who taught Bison his abilities. Sympathy of one person to another, whether romantic or otherwise, is a non-selfish act, and in order to gain his Psycho Power, Bison had to remove all positive (altruistic, friendly, sacrificial) parts of his soul. That means he also had to remove his Anima, who is gifted with the remainder of the soul he threw away, thus becoming her own person.
  • Note also that Bison's Japanese name, Vega, is the name of the star that the Japanese refer to as Orihime, a very decidedly feminine name referring to a very definitely female princess from the legend that it gets its name from.
    • Maybe, maybe not. If that was REALLY the case, then Seth (who was also engineered for this specific purpose) would have to be female too, right? And so would be Abel, too. Or maybe that's just Bison's way of throwing us a curve ball...

Ran Hibiki of Rival Schools is Dan's sister
It is established that, in Dan's backstory, he has a mother and a sister. It is also established that Ran Hibiki's brother runs a dojo. Ran's home is adjacent to what seems to be the Saikyo-Ryu dojo that Sakura and Hinata frequent. Sakura's home is just behind the Saikyo-Ryu dojo. Pretty obvious by this point, really.
  • Ran's brother runs a dojo? For that matter, Ran had a brother? The only known member of her family mentioned in any Rival Schools media is her mother. In fact, where the hell did you get all this info?
  • The Saikyo-Ryu DOES exist in Rival Schools canon; and Chairperson, from Taiyo High, learned martial arts by a Saikyo-Ryu correspondence course. So there IS the possibility that this is not coincidental. Capcom surely considered that people might try to make the connection between Ran and Dan when they named her character.
  • That means that she's the gal who appears in Dan's ending in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter? If so, then... Akuma may be their father!!!
    • What.
    • No way, they don't look alike at all! Compare them. And yep, aside from her mother, there's nothing else revealed of Ran's family. Oh, and her surname isn't writted with kanji, like Dan's is.

Akuma/Gouki is Ryu's father.
Considering that other than Goutetsu, they are the only known practicioners of their fighting style to have used or been overcome by the Satsui no Hadou. Maybe it'll come up if SF ever advances its plot.
  • Word of God says Gouken and Akuma were brothers. You'd think Gouken would've recognized his nephew, or Akuma his own son, during the many times he and Ryu cross paths. Besides, Akuma's character archetype doesn't exactly lend itself to interaction with women (unless they challenged him to a fight).
    • Taking a page from the blatantly non-canon Generations OVA, there's a chance he may have knocked someone up before he was completely corrupted. It's a possibility; no timeframe is given between Goutetsu's death and Gouken's taking on Ryu. As for Akuma fighting his own son, he didn't see him until his early 20's, and he may have not recognized him because he was deep into the Satsui no Hadou. Better yet, he doesn't care. As for Gouken... hey, it's quite possible he wanted to spare Ryu the trauma of telling him his father had gone insane and begun a super-powered murder-rampage over the entire world.
      • He's done none of that. Akuma is a restrained (though still particularly brutal) Blood Knight, not a crazed mass murderer.
      • Okay, so he didn't do things like blow up a bunch of crowded airports. He's still the sort of guy who kills anyone who, even for a moment, makes him unsure he's going to win.
      • No, he isn't. He only fights and kills people who challenge him, and who are powerful but waste/abuse/squander their talents. If a person is too weak (Ken), have potential to become stronger (Ryu), or ill (Gen), he spares them. He's more or less consumed with the Code Of The Warrior, and believes that killing in the midst of battle is entirely justified. He's no mass murderer or vindictive killer though.
      • Put shortly, Akuma challenges anyone who makes him think he might lose, he doesn't necessarily kill them. A number of his endings/win quotes show him as something like equal parts Blood Knight and Death Seeker.

Akuma/Gouki fought off Oni during the events of Street Fighter II.
In Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Akuma had two endings, one if he fought M.Bison/Dictator and one if he fought himself. In the Japanese version, both endings had lines and in Akuma's ending against himself, it is said that the one who lost was Akuma's shadow. In the later revision Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival, both endings were merged into one with the copy saying that "Anyone possessed by their own shadow must die." Oni is Akuma possessed, which makes Oni Akuma's shadow.

Q is the Question.
Why not?
  • Sure, if he was on 'roids, partially robotic, and learned to self-detonate at will.
  • Q is a homage/parody of two characters:
    1. Perro, the robotic detective from Metropolis. His outfit is EXACTLY the same, and there's similarity in the face (although the other character he's based on is much more similar there).
    2. Kikaider. Q has the same blank expression and yellowed iris-less eyes as Kikaider. If it weren't for his color scheme, Q would be Kikaider in a trenchcoat.
Or Rorschach from Watchmen.

The universe revolves around Charlie.
It's WMG, no reason necessary.

Abel is Charlie.
Found in the ruins if the Shadaloo base? And his pre-fight dialogue with Guile makes it obvious.
  • The winquotes for a Abel vs. Seth match suggest otherwise. When Abel wins:
    Abel: This man.. this face... My god, are we one and the same?
  • And when Seth wins:
    Seth: You are a defect not worthy of a number! Your human-like face is nauseating!
  • Seems to suggest that Abel's from the same Shadaloo program that created Seth.
    • It's still possible. Charlie was captured by Bison/Vega, his memory was wiped, and he had all manner of unethical experimentation done on him; thus he became Abel. He does seem to recognize Guile when he and Guile are standing outside the ruined Shadowloo base in Chun-Li's ending.
    • Oh, and Guile says "It's you, alright" while fighting Abel.
  • According to the Udon comics, Charlie saved Abel from the Shadaloo lab where he was created.
  • Something to keep in mind is that, during their fight, Abel repeatedly implies that he's protecting a third party who Guile's fighting style reminds him of.
  • Debunked by a character relationship chart posted by SFIV's project manager (so this is Word of God) to explain the game's story. The translation of the chart indicates that Charlie did save Abel from the Shadaloo base as shown in the Udon comic, which likely explains why Abel is familiar with the Sonic Boom.
    • And Guile's win quote to Abel in Super SFIV further lends credibility to the "Charlie saved Abel" theory:
    Guile: The man who saved you used this move? You must be talking about my friend!

The next game will feature a Face Heel Turned Ryu as its final boss.
Bison's ultimate goal seems to be to awaken Ryu's evil potential. Akuma, too, for that matter... They're the most common "main villains" in the Street Fighter universe, and so it's only a matter of time before they accomplish their goal... only to have it destroyed by Dan Hibiki at the last minute.
  • Wasn't Evil Ryu a Face Heel Turned Ryu already?
  • The way he appears in SSFIV:AE and USFIV is basically a What If?. The fact is that, according to canon, Gouken had found Ryu under the influence of the Satsui no Hado and purged him of it completely by using his Mu no Chikara (the same he had used to survive Akuma's death blow years before). So the only way you'd have Ryu under the effect of a FHT post-SFIV is if he were Brainwashed and Crazy.

M. Bison's true power comes from his massive chin.
Hilariously, Sakura was right.

The M in the one called M. Bison in the American version stands for one of the following names.
  • Major
  • Manfred
  • Marshal
  • Master
  • Mayor
  • Melvin - This is the name proposed in mtcff ULTRA, a Round Robin Massive Multiplayer Crossover.
  • Mister
  • Mikhail
    • It's a variation of Michael, which Mike is short for.
  • Monsieur
  • Madara
  • Movedname
  • Majora
    • You're all wrong. It's "Mighty", as clearly stated in his intro.
      • Mysterious Meaningless M
      • You're ALL wrong. The red attire? The fireballs? The head-stomping? people, the M clearly stands for Mario
      • At this point, whatever it stood for before, it now will stand for Marz. Hear me out; fear, hatred, despair, all the negativity-that's the essence of Psycho Power. Marz at the time of her fall is feeling all these. More than that, she's damaged from the fall itself, the fight with F.A.N.G, and the overload from earlier. Would she be able to hold off Bison's soul jumping into her? He already wanted a female body, anyway.

Hugo is trying to get Alex to go into Professional Wrestling with him and Poison.
We already know that Hugo and Poison are going "pro" (Poison managing Hugo), and it's hardly a stretch to think that one of them reasoned that a ready-made tagteam/rivalry would greatly enhance their chances of success - their little WrestleMania III Shout-Out stare-down intro would then be practice for the kayfabe feud they'd probably end up in at one point or another. Alternatively, if one of them (I think Alex was the canon champion) made a crapload of money in the tournament, perhaps they could start their own promotion!

Seth is a clone/experiment based off of Dhalsim.
Let's see, Seth has the Bald of Evil. Dhalsim has Bald of Awesome. Seth uses Dhalsim's stretching as normal attacks, and they are both capable of teleportation. Seth is a foot taller, but this can be explained by him being artificially enhanced. Dhalsim is very muscular, but his abdomen is very thin. Seth is very muscular, and has a yin-yang orb on his abdomen, covering it. Neither of them have pupils.
  • It's possible that his body is based on Dhalsim, but given that the guy is basically the Street Fighter version of Cell, he possibly has the DNA (or data) of (based on the moves I have seen) at least 5 world warriors. He has the Shoryuken (Ryu and/or Ken), a Spinning Piledriver (Zangief), Wall Jumps and a Lighting Kick variation (Chun Li), the Sonic Boom (Guile, or maybe Charlie if they have him captive), and Dhalsim's Stretching arms and teleporting, plus a couple of original moves based on his Tanden Engine, similar to Cell's abilities based on his tail (read: a original trick based on something he has on his body since the beginning).
  • If that's true, shouldn't it apply to Necro and Twelve too? I mean, they both also fit the same comparative description above.

Dan Hibiki ends up as a final boss at one point
Beware the Nice Ones, because despite what you think, Real Men Wear Pink, and if you think for a second that a fight with Dan will be a Curb Stompbattle in your favour, Dan will become a Lethal Joke Character.
  • Considering that he was a mid-boss character on SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos... that wouldn't be strange.

Capcom is actively trying to destroy evidence of Street Fighter 3's existence
SF4 lacks parrying. One thing. But it also lacks any SF3 characters. You dig?
  • SFIV is a prequel to SFIII, and a younger Yun and Yang appear in one of Chun-Li's videos in SFIV. Also, game mechanics usually change between iterations: Many things from Alpha weren't included in SF III for instance. Lastly, I think they wanted a 'throwback' to the more familiar SF 2 characters.
    • Well, don't forget that Yun appeared in a console version of Alpha 3. Also, we have to wait until the confirmation of the other 5 characters of SSFIV to see if Capcom "hates" SFIII. Maybe there will be one or two surprises. Plus, don't forget that Alex appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, the most recent game in the Vs. series.
      • Maybe it'll end Jossed. There's a leaked screen showing Dudley.
      • That's photoshopped (confirmed). On the other hand, the December 2009 issue of Famitsu has a legit screen of Guy focus-absorbing a kunai, a weapon Ibuki usually uses.
      • In fact, Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto have been confirmed for Super SFIV, so we can consider this whiny WMG debunked.
  • And now in Super SFIV Arcade Edition, Yun & Yang have joined the ranks. And they're both absolute top-tier. Consider this WMG truly, utterly debunked.
    • And Ultra brought Elena over from Street Fighter x Tekken. Your initial argument is invalid, beaten to death with a shovel and thrown in a ditch to rot.

Cammy is a butch lesbian.
Though to some this would be a case of her living in the Transparent Closet (just look at her!). As of now, it is unsure whether she'd go for Chun-Li or Sakura.
  • Okay did Moviebob write this one? Anyways Cammy's face and hair (and her Ms. Fanservice role namely about her body) are the reasons why anyone might deny the "Butch" part. But to be fair the Street Fighter series is not entirely devoid of Les Yay as Juli and Juni's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a slight example of that.
  • I'm fairly certain that: A - She's not Butch, & B - Her being homosexual (or at least bisexual) is canon. After all, she is a clone of Bison. She was designed to be a replacement body for him in case of an emergency. So, chances are good that he'd arrange for his replacement body to react (in the attracted sense) to pretty much the same people as his original body.
    • Not to get too deep into nature vs. nurture argueing, but wouldn't Bison's own proclivities override whatever Cammy herself felt about sex? If Cammy were straight, that would become moot when the man with a penchant for abducting teenage girls and inflicting wanton cruelty suddenly inhabits her body. Her body would respond to his stimuli then, even if for some paraphilia it takes mind over matter for Cammy's body to respond in the expected and desired way for Bison to get his jollies off. But of course, this all involves the transfer of memories and 'soul', making this whole concept fantasy in the first place.
    • But Bison and Cammy were lovers at one point... Eeewwww...
    • No, they weren't. That was a mistranslation by Capcom USA. The original version of SSF2 simply says Cammy used to work for Bison before the accident that led to her memory loss.

Sakura has the more potential then Ryu, Ken, or anyone else really (slight exagaration on my part).

This is not just because of this Troper's favor of Sakura. No one seems to notice this girl managed to teach herself how to use moves that Ryu, Ken, and even Akuma seem to have taken years to learn! She had no assistance in this matter! She's a sixteen year old school girl!!! Well it's true her personality seems to aim towards being silly and lighthearted her goals and story are not all that silly (she really wants to improve herself). In fact being silly and light hearted may be to her advantage (no Evil Power Dark Side). If Sakura got some real training and such she would most likely be better then both Ryu and Ken. This troper never sees anyone point this fact out!

  • You got a point actually. Factor in also the fact that she's got Dan Hibiki as her teacher (i.e. he teaches her directly, she doesn't observe him from afar), and considering the difference in skill between them... Yeah, given time she may just contest Chun-Li's title of "strongest woman in the world". And an aside: in the UDON Super Street Fighter series, Sakura actually succumbs to the Satsui no Hado and hands Guile his ass when he comes looking for Ryu (who had been beaten and kidnapped by Urien earlier).

Dan tried to enter the first Street Fighter tournament and lost to Retsu.
That concept art of Retsu beating up Dan had to have been drawn for a reason. Plus, how could Dan pass up the opportunity to publicly humiliate Sagat?
  • Not too far off actually. Sagat had already lost his eye by the time of the first tournament, so he had already killed Go at that point. Considering that said tournament happened about 2-3 years before the events of the Alpha subseries, Dan could still either be training under Gouken before being kicked out, or he could be... er... "polishing" Saikyo-ryu to "perfection", and the tournament could be a great chance to do so.

If Capcom gives Poison and Roxy (or at least Poison) a comeback they will try to play up their sexuality.
Yes we all know the story about their ambiguous gender (which is pretty much All There in the Manual) but I can picture Capcom trying to play up their potential Ms. Fanservice roles Up to Eleven. However if this occurred back in the 90's they will most likely be flat out heterosexual. Though nowadays one can't be too sure if they would be purely Hetero or try to go for a bit more Fanservice namely adding in more Les Yay or perhaps a bit of both.
  • Well, Poison's been confirmed as a playable character for the upcoming Ultra SF4, and one of her specials is her rather...enthusiastic use of a riding crop to whip the opponent into submission. See it here.
  • The sexiness is played up, yes. The sexuality... Not really.

Hugo is a clone or lost sibling of Poison
Just look at the result of Demitri's Midnight Bliss on him. Then watch carefully when Demitri drains Hugo's lifeforce. Coincidence that Poison wants to manage him? note 

Juri kills every character that doesn't make an appearance or cameo in the Street Fighter 3 games
It seems only Chun-Li survives her fight with Juri. Ryu, Ken, and Akuma may or may not fight her at all.

Ingrid is the wife of Hakan
Just look at this picture Specifically the background.
  • Well now, this one honestly sounds rather unlikely for a plethora of reasons.
    • Hakan's wife seems to have darker skin and rather large breasts. Plus, Ingrid's non-canon in S Fverse.
    • Maybe this is her becoming canon. And she got a tan. The larger breasts may just be a sexing up for the S Fverse or she might have actually gotten larger breasts in-universe, from cosmetic surgery, an incredibly late growth spurt or even just a piece of Street Fighter related Applied Phlebotinum.

Q is Balrog (Boxer) in disguise.
He's a towering, hulking menace with absurdly powerful punches, but really clumsy-looking kicks. We also can't see any part of him and he is never heard speaking in-game; Capcom is clearly trying to hide something from us. note 
  • Er... unless Balrog bleached his skin, not a chance. You can clearly see a patch of light skin under the mask. Besides, a promotional picture for New Generation showed Alex punching out Balrog, so your theory is, well, wrong. It's implied that 1) Q. might not even be human (check out his sprite when electrocuted) and 2) he's connected to the CIA agents who were investigating the Q phenomena in the first place (I believe that he's the man leading the team back at HQ).
  • It may be "implied" but that doesn't mean that it's stated outright. And the patch of pale skin could be a patch of skin covered in make-up for added identity protection. And the promotional pictures are not exactly infallible canon.
  • Hulking? Sure, Balrog's pretty damn buff, but Q's physique's not even close.

Remy's father and the merc that saved Abel is one and the same and knew Charlie.
Lets look at this step by step, getting past Abel's true beginning ( as a body for Bison and Seth genetically engineered precursor), he was found by a Commander of a bunch of mercs. He doesn't remember much except that the merc who saved him died and that he's seen the Sonic Boom before. Due to his true origin, Abel may or may not really be French (like how Cammy, a Bison clone, wasn't really British), but adopted the nationality because a French man (I'm thinking the Commander) helped him recover.

Then there's Remy, a French emo who when not listening to Blink-182, is ripping off moves from Guile and Charlie, particually Charlie's one-handed Sonic Boom, and he's better at it (i.e. he has more than two special moves). His father disappeared long ago leaving him and his cryogenically frozen (for some reason) sister, something, he never forgave him for.

So here's the breakdown one "Frenchman" with amnesia remebers the Sonic Boom, a move only two people at the time (Charlie, Guile) can do. He also knows that the Commander had died sometime before SFIV. Then there's another Frenchman who several years later, uses moves similar to moves those to guys above used and his father disapeared.

My theory is that (like the title says) the merc commander is Remy's father who learned how to use Charlie and Guile's moves from...Charlie himself. After Alpha 3, they never found Charlie's body. Maybe the mercs rescued him as well, maybe he stumbled upon them. In any case, that would explain Abel's knowledge of the Sonic Boom, Remy's subsequent use of moves similar to Charlie's fighting style (the father taught his son what Charlie taught him) and Remy's father's disappearance (because he was killed in action).

Sean was a student of Dan's
Maybe it's played for laughs, but have you ever wondered why, Sean constantly rags on Dan in Street Fighter III? I figure (and this will be his way into Street Fighter IV) that he studied Saikyo with Dan in order to be a tough fighter. He enters the SFIV tournament and gets his butt handed to him (the first of many). Infuriated, he quits and has hated Dan ever since. During the same tournament, he probably meets, or even faces Ken and that's how their relationship starts. Sean would still have his specials moves and the Gadouken, but they're all less powerful if this happens. His super would be a Gadou - Burst, in place of the Hadou - Burst.
  • According to All About SF3: New Generation, Sean's "Dan" comments were added in the US/European version (in the Japanese version, he uses generic phrases in their place). It stands to reason that the same would apply to SF3: Second Impact. As far as canon is concerned, the two may not even be aware of each other's existence.

Adon will become the future Akuma/Gouki equivalent.
Ok follow me on this.Ever since the first World Warriors tournament concluded Adon had lost respect for his former master Sagat after his loss at the hands of Ryu. During the Alpha series he challenged and defeated Sagat for the title of King of Muay Thai (though just barely), afterward leaving to find and attempt to defeat Akuma. Now, Sagat in gameplay is no push over and often considered top tier by even admission of the designers, so in canon they can be considered more or less equal. Sagat (as of SFIV) has become more noble and seeking to fight to improve himself, due to the influence of Ryu. To me this is becoming an updated rivalry of the whole Gouken/Akuma deal with Gouken=Sagat and Akuma=Adon. Noble Gouken/Sagat fighting to improve themselves and perfect the craft, and the Blood Knight Akuma/Adon seeking out the strongest warriors to destroy them and/or attain power at any cost. This seems to be backed up by a clip of Adon or Sagat's Rival video, wherein Sagat tells Adon that "The power you seek is twisted." Maybe he is searching for something... forbidden.

It will eventually be revealed that Cammy had a hand in killing Juri's parents.
There's a palpable sense of antagonism between Juri and Cammy in the latter's rival cutscene where Juri points out that although Cammy has changed, that doesn't mean that she is necessarily absolved from all the wrongdoing she commited while under Bison's leadership.

Now, it's important to remember that as a member of Delta Red, Cammy's past has been effectively covered up, therefore, few people should know of her time as Killer Bee. You may chalk it up to Juri being a part of S.I.N, and her trying to play mindgames with the British operative, but there was something highly personal in the way she confronted Cammy.

It would be an interesting, if somewhat tragic twist if it's revealed that Cammy was present when the Han family was kidnapped by Shadaloo. Juri, being the Tae Kwon Do champion at the time probably tried to fight back her captors when they attempted to execute her parents. As we all know, martial artists in the Street Fighter universe can be pretty capable against even trained soldiers and so she managed to fend the Mooks off with her skills. This was unfortunately what Bison wanted and the reason he had Cammy come along for the assassination, as he wished to test Cammy's fighting ability, the template of the other Dolls, against a formidable opponent in a life or death struggle. Juri's missing eye? Cannon Spike to the socket.

Impressed with the young Korean's prowess, Bison decided to have Cammy let her live, though did not bestow such kidness on Juri's parents, ordering Cammy to shoot them, right in front of the beaten but still conscious teenager.

The incident broke Juri's mind, turning her into the sadistic brawler that she is in SSFIV.

Things escalated from there, whereas Cammy would eventually be redeemed by Rose, Juri's violent and bloodthirsty reputation would catch the attention of S.I.N.

Thus she could serve as a dark parallel to both Chun-Li and Cammy in terms of backstory and life choices.

  • Damn, that's pretty brutal. For some reason, Seth's words (in his ending) about how the people who killed Juri's parents (aka Shadaloo) were now dead as well as the Juri vs. Bison rival battle (specifically, Bison saying "You've grown strong.") made me think that Bison was entirely responsible, but this is a much better (and tragic) theory.
  • Actually, scratch that. Word of God confirms that Bison killed Juri's parents and bereaved her of her left eye.
    • Could be that Cammy was still involved in some way or another. Or, of course, Juri could be equating her with Bison, for obvious reasons.
    • This reminded me of UDON's take on the murder of Chun-Li's dad, in which Cammy did indeed take part as a member of Shadaloo. When Chun-Li first met post-Heel–Face Turn Cammy, her first reaction was that of Unstoppable Rage, and she only stopped herself because Cammy showed true regret for what she'd done, despite not remembering the details. Chun-Li forgave her and transferred the responsibility to Bison, who ordered her father killed in the first place. But that's because Chun-Li is a level-headed, mature woman; knowing how unhinged Juri can be, it wouldn't be too far a stretch if Bison had Cammy (or any of his other Dolls) kill her parents and gouge out her eye.
  • Besides, Word of God may have confirmed that Bison killed them and tore out her eye, but it didn't say how he did it. Maybe he killed them by setting his clone on them.

In Super Street Fighter IV Turbo (or whatever they decide to call it this time around), Skullomania (of Street Fighter EX fame) will make the cut.
There's one thing that everyone loves about the EX titles: Skullomania. Perhaps the campiest Homage to Toku and Super Sentai heroes everywhere, Skullo became a hit with virtually EVERYONE. Who could hate him? It would seem that of the entire cast of new characters, Skullo's status as a walking Funny Moment cemented him as a character that needed to stay. How popular is he? So popular that he actually made the list of characters people wanted to see in Super Street Fighter IV. Capcom themselves know the appeal Skullo can garner; hell, we got Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Guy, and Cody in SSFIV. If Capcom could pull Localization To The Rescue and get Tatsunoko vs. Capcom out of Japan, they surely can swallow their pride and pay Arika for the rights to Skullo.

Even better, they'll have Kyle Hebert pull double duty as both Ryu and Skullo, with Skullo having The Great Saiyaman's voice. Hilarity WILL ensue.

  • As a fan of the EX series, I would very much like this to happen. The series has so many awesome characters that could easily be fit into the canon SF games. Hokuto, Kairi, Blair, Allen, Skullo, Doctrine Dark, Cracker Jack, DARUN...

Juri Han is intended to be Chun-Li's Evil Counterpart
Think about it. Juri is a Kick Chick whose father died as a result of opposing Shadoloo. The parallels to Chunners are obvious.
  • Let's just lay it all out there. Each of them:
    • is female.
    • is East Asian.
    • is a Kick Chick.
    • is a Fragile Speedster.
    • wears her hair in twin buns.
    • wears spiked bracelets.
    • has a flying spinning kick special move.
    • has an energy projectile special move.
    • is a primary: a) heroine (Chun-Li) b) villainess (Juri)
    • works for an organization devoted to: a) crime (Juri) b) fighting crime (Chun-Li).
    • lost her father, who fought crime, to Shadaloo.
    • likes: a) sweet food (Chun-Li) b) spicy food (Juri)
    • dislikes M. Bison.
      • And her outfit layout is the exact negative of Chun's (minus the obligatory bra and panties). All of Chun's shown body parts are hidden in Juri's case and vice-versa.

Rainbow Mika and Chun Li are one and the same
Rainbow Mika apeared once, during the Alpha 3 game, and after that shows up no more. Every Chun Li appearance after that, chronologically AND literally, has Chun Li wear white wrestling boots very similar to those R. Mika. Well, except in Street Fighter 2, which was made before Alpha 3. The real Chun Li must have died at some point between Alpha 3 and 2, with Rainbow Mika substituting her. What's worse, Mika always wore a mask, hiding how she really looks from anyone who could find out the truth.
  • Except that canon has since shown that R. Mika & Chun can be in the same room at the same time. Not forgetting that Chun's main draw is quite different from R. Mika's assets...

Street Fighter is based on Nordic Mythology
Specifically, the notion of Norse warrior's heaven, Valhalla. The fighters have died in some different incidents and they are now fighting their way into heaven. It may explain why no one really bothers to use guns or swords, just fighting moves. Characters like M. Bison, Vega and Balrog may be in fighter hell as they never have been arrested for world domination schemes. The fighters who don't return are in heaven and the ones who return may be in a purgatory like state or are the equivalent of valkyries, fighting the equivalent of demons in a fight between good and evil. Guys like Seth and Akuma could be like Nordic Gods of good and evil.

T. Hawk is from Hohoq
One, he's named Thunder Hawk. Hohoq is populated with thunderbirds, which can be corrupted once on the ground. Two, he's still around Mexico even when Bison's been driven into hiding and he can conceivably return to his home land.

Dictator's odd stance seen in all forms of 2, 4, Chaos, etc.
It comes from his lust for women.

Aside from Maki Final Fight 2 and 3 are pretty much Canon Discontinuity as far as the Street Fighter series is concerned.
When Capcom wanted to fully add in Street Fighter characters they pretty much only focused on the first Final Fight and ignored the games SNES-only sequels. After all in Guy's ending for Street Fighter Alpha 2 Zeku is Guy's master even though according to Final Fight 2 Guy's Master is an elderly man by the name of Genryusai. Why does Guy have Ship Tease moments with Rose in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter IV even though he is supposedly Happily Married to Rena? Simple - Rena no longer exists and Capcom assumed that nobody cared about Final Fight 2 so Guy gets to have an occasional tender moment or few with Rose.

Now you might be wondering what about Maki from Final Fight 2? How come she got excluded from the Limbo that Capcom has placed everyone else from the later 2 Final Fight games? Simple - at first she was going to share the others' fate but she got a lucky break when Capcom decided to make her into an Unexpected Character addition to Capcom Vs. SNK 2. And since Capcom has already bothered to ever use her again they figured why not throw the fans a bone by actually acknowledging her existence in the Street Fighter series. Granted her role in the story is pretty much trying to find Guy and defeat him in battle but at least she gets to be the (so far) sole Final Fight character that wasn't in the original game to appear in the Street Fighter series.

  • Although Maki herself hasn't appeared since those two games, despite her goal to defeat Guy. This theory could very well be true. Does anyone have an official statement from Capcom themselves?

The Knife in Fei-Long's ending was from Guy or Rolento.

In Fei-Long's ending in SFIV, someone throws a knife at Seth's back. Most people assumed this was Ibuki, but in her story of SSFIV, she has little to no involvement with S.I.N., since she just wants to find a boyfriend. It makes much more sense to me that it would have been Guy (he has ninja blades), who is actively opposing S.I.N., or Rolento who may view Shadowloo as a threat to the utopia he is trying to create. Then again it could have been someone else, I just don't think it's Ibuki.

  • Besides, Ibuki uses kunai, not knives. That's pretty different in concept.

Street Fighter takes place in the same universe as Final Fight and Captain Commando.
Basically confirmed, since Guy and Cody from Final Fight are playable in the games, and Final Fight takes place in Metro City, which is the main setting of Captain Commando sometime in the future. So when these series appear in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, they're coming from the same world. Also, Captain Commando's technology could be inspired by the designs Crimson Viper uses.

The Street Fighter world has a Multi Verse similar to DC Comics and Marvel Comics
So, aside from the canon Street Fighter universe that we all know and love, the continuity of the first Street Fighter movie (with Jean Claude Van Damme) and its animated spin-off exists in one parallel universe...the continuity of Street Fighter II V exists in another universe...the extremely wide myriad of Fan Fiction based on Street Fighter exists in numerous multiple universes all by themselves...and in one universe somewhere, the Street Fighter cast exists as ordinary people with no super-human powers (but they still know how to fight, and a few will still look weird but will otherwise be average in the eyes of that universe's inhabitants). Oh, and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li exists (if you even want it to, that is) in some far-flung universe all by itself, away from the rest.
  • To expand on the "ordinary people with no super-human powers" idea (which has been on my mind for a little while now; maybe I'll turn it into a Fan Fic), among the changes from the standard Street Fighter fare: the setting is one gigantic City of Adventure; M. Bison is a corrupt businessman who dresses in a badass suit but is otherwise as bad as his canon counterpart (no, erase ''that'' movie's rendition of him from your minds), and Gill is presented as a normal-colored but still badass rival businessman; Ryu wears white sneakers and blue jeans and walks around the city looking for fights but overall is still a good guy; Guile, Chun Li and Cammy all work for the local police department; Akuma works in construction; Sean and Dan are wannabe gang members; Juri is saner than her canon counterpart (but still a Kick Chick)...yeah, that's what I can come up with for now.
    • Response from former Street Fighter fan Justice Reaper: If comic books can have their own multiverses, why not Street Fighter? And to the above poster, I think I may have preempted you and added to that multiverse with a fanfic I recently started writing (albeit with a few key differences).
    • Well, the crossovers with Marvel have their own designation in the Marvel Multiverse (Earth-96169), so it would be conceivable. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had a kinda-sorta Excuse Plot in which all Capcom characters are part of a Shared Universe which fuses with Marvel's (which either would create 96169 or would already be 96169, considering that 616 stayed unaltered and Jean Grey was still technically dead at the time there). There's this, but talking about Street Fighter alone, the SNK and Namco crossovers (as well as Project X Zone) could have their own AUs, since the characters seemed to have heard of each other in some of these crossovers.

Poison's "uniqueness" makes her desirable to both men and women...and she, in turn, will do Anything That Moves.
.......yeah. Let's just leave it at that.

Haggar will appear in a future installment
Now that he's been in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there is no excuse not to have him in Street Fighter proper. Okay, part of me just really wants to see him and Zangief finally square off, but still.
  • While I hope you're right I think you answered why it won't happen. Where exactly does Street Fighter have room for a professional wrestler who's special moves are the spinning lariat and spinning pile driver? What might be a nice throw back, even if it was just a background, would be if they remember they have Saturday Night Slam Masters!
  • It wouldn't be plausible simply because Haggar's moveset is too similar to Zangief. Ryu and Ken are allowed to stay together in the series because of Divergent Character Evolution, but basically the only difference between Haggar and Zangief, lead pipe action aside, is that Haggar doesn't have a spinning piledriver.

Go Hibiki, Dan's father, took out Sagat's eye with a Goryuken
Dan heavily implies that his father also practiced the same half-baked, unfinished style of Ansatsuken that Dan learned, and Sagat has a weakness for uppercuts, so this is the only logical answer.
  • Or maybe Go was a capable martial artist, or else he wouldn't have even scratched Sagat. Besides, Dan actually did train a bit under Gouken, but he kicked him out when he found out that he wanted to avenge his dad. So he took what he learned, created Saikyo-ryu and the rest is history.

Dan Hibiki was expelled not because he wanted revenge, but because he's secretly Gouken's grandson
My guess is that Gouken was in this romantic relationship with Dan's grandma, and had intense goodbye sex with her before he left with his brother to train under Goutetsu. She, obviously, got pregnant with Go. When Go became older and learned who his father was, he found him and Gouken agreed to train him. One day, Go told Gouken that he was his son. Gouken knew this to be true, but showed no sign of it to Go, and angrily threw him out for daring to suggest that he violated the vow of chastity that Goutetsu made Gouken and Akuma accept before he would train them. Go then refined what little he had learned, and created the Saikyo arts, traveling the world as a street fighter (where he one day encountered Sagat and became rivals with him). Years later, Go had a son named Dan (and also possibly a daughter named Ran). When Dan was around 10, Go took out Sagat's eye with a Goryuken, and Sagat killed him for it. Dan was instructed upon his death to find master Gouken, and to train under him. He was also instructed to never tell him his last name. Years later, Dan told Gouken that he wanted to get revenge on Sagat for killing his father, Go. Gouken remembered the name and discovered that Dan Hibiki is his grandson. Gouken expelled him, telling him that it was because of his want for revenge, although he could've easily just trained him to think otherwise. Dan then refined his limited skills, combining them with what her remembered seeing of his father's saikyo , and moved to Hong Kong to open a dojo.

In the movie, Guile was an immigrant to America.

Hence the European accent paired with the Stars and Stripes tattoos.

  • Belgian son of an American father/mother maybe?

Oni is the Satsui no Hado incarnate, using Akuma as a vessel.

Akuma is the pinnacle of human potential and more thanks to the Satsui no Hado. His beads, however, act as a Power Limiter to keep it in check. Now, If you look at Oni's artwork, you can see glowing orange balls around him. What if those balls were Akuma's prayer beads and they broke off somehow? It would release his sealed power, and he would go mad with power and become a true demon.

  • I'm sure the general consensus is that Oni is (in some way or another) Akuma, but many people seem to be forgetting that Akuma's prayer beads originally belonged to his master Goutetsu; officially, after Akuma killed his master, he lifted Goutetsu's prayer beads off of his corpse and took them as his own. There was apparently nothing special about the beads when Capcom introduced this plot point (in supplemental materials, natch), but Capcom has used the magic of Retcons before, so we can't rule this out completely yet.
    • One of Oni's alternate costumes has bits of him falling away as he takes damage. Underneath his skin is swirling purplish ki. So maybe?

Captain Commando will one day actually become relevant to the plot of Street Fighter.
Capcom has proven with Guy and Cody that they're willing to do crossovers at the drop of a hat, and C. Viper's technology is far too similar to that of the Captain than can be considered a coincidence.

Rufus is an Expy of Wario.
Yellow outfit, ridiculous moustache, and skilled at jumping around despite being preposterously obese? Check. Loud-mouthed and proud? Check. Self-appointed rival to a major protagonist, who happens to have an affinity for fire-based attacks? Check.
  • Seems unlikely. Rufus hasn't proven to be all that greedy.

Ryu, Ken, Fei Long, and E. Honda have had some impressive winning streaks lately, whereas Guile, Blanka, Sagat, and a few others haven't been so lucky. The only problem with this WMG is that Dan owns perhaps the biggest set of eyebrows in the series; a possible explanation is that he wears prosthetic eyebrows in order to improve his image.

All the Martial Arts in Street Fighter Use Ki
All the martial artists in Street Fighter use ridiculously powerful physics defying moves, even practitioners of the "normal" ones like boxing or wrestling. This is because there are no normal martial arts, each and every single one makes use of Ki in some way. Furthermore the different cultures of the world have their own unique methods of Ki manipulation that show up in their martial arts. There's evidence all over the place, for instance...

  • Dudley and Boxer always have a wind effect surrounding their special moves. This is because Boxing, and by extension most Western Martial Arts, are using Ki to manipulate the air around them. This is why some of Boxer's moves can go through projectiles, the combination of Ki and air around his body shields him from the Ki in the projectile.

  • Guile's Sonic Boom is explicitly stated to be him manipulating the air with Ki. It and the Flash Kick were invented by his friend Charlie who figured out that all Western Martial Arts unconsciously manipulate air with Ki and began directly applying it through the aforementioned moves.

  • That's basically the whole point of Supernatural Martial Arts. Street Fighter is no exception. Every fighter draws their Ki from a source where they can harness their power, like Gouken says to Dhalsim in SSFIV:
    You call your power religious devotion. I call it "ki". It is the same power.

There are still two DLC characters left for Street Fighter IV
The original annoucement for Arcade edition said 6 newbies, but this went down to four later on. Prbably Elena because she still has a model lying around, and Shin Akuma because he's already in as a boss.
  • Why Shin Akuma? By that logic, any of the Shin versions of the extra bosses would be fair game, which doesn't seem likely.
    • You're talking about Oni, I assume. He was one of the four anyway. Still, Ultra added the five newbies from Street Fighterx Tekken, which makes it Super + 9.

Q is Charlie
I think this one speaks for itself.
  • So Charlie's taken up wearing stilts, is traveling around the world causing various disasters (presumably even killing innocent bystanders), now cribs off of Balrog (in general), and possibly converted himself into a robot/cyborg, huh?
  • Who knows? Maybe it's the canon equivalent to Shadow.

Escher's first name is Lawrence
Hence Guile's "Well, if it isn't Lawrence of Arabia?" joke in episode 13 of the Street Fighter cartoon.

The true nature of the Shun Goku Satsu
I thought of this when reading about how people survive falls from great heights by being utterly drunk, and thus relaxed. It made me think of how people survive the SGS by "emptying their souls". I'm guessing the SGS either throws the victim down a great height, or somehow turns their power/muscles against them. Imagine all your muscles contracting against each other, or a great impact brought on by mystical velocity. Either way, your only hope would be to make your body limp and blank, which these master warriors would call "emptying your soul".

The next Street Fighter installment will be Capcom's answer to Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
That is to say, every single character from the very first Street Fighter up to the up-and-coming Ultra Street Fighter IV (although likely not including the live-action movie-specific characters or the EX universe characters) will be available in the next game. And with that, there will be a number of factors that will come into play as a consequence:

(1) It will be set after the Street Fighter 3 series (which chronologically comes after the IV series), and will either take the form of a tournament hosted by Shadaloo, S.I.N. or the Illuminati, or some other person or organization altogether, or it will be a general free-for-all with the participants acting for their own agenda and possibly with the game's Big Bad pulling the strings.

(2) The Big Bad will be (a) Bison/Vega/Dictator, who's coming out of the shadows after having not been seen during the SF3 timeline, (b) Gill, who's still seeking out more of the strongest warriors for his "utopia," or (c) a different person altogether.

(3) Cammy and Chun Li will finally get to know the truth about C. Viper's true role with S.I.N.; meanwhile, Charlie will be revealed to be Not Quite Dead after all this time, and he and Guile will meet up again.

(4) Since Sagat has officially abdicated his role as one of Shadaloo's Four Devas post-SF2, Juri will have taken over his spot (especially if you consider that S.I.N. was the weapons division of Shadaloo, and her takeover of it following her betrayal of Seth and subsequent fight with Dictator in her SSFIV ending will turn out to have ended with her losing and him making her his newest henchwoman).

(5) There will naturally be NUMEROUS rival fights in the new game, including but not limited to: Ryu/Ken, Cammy/Juri, Chun Li/Juri, Chun Li/Cammy, Guile/Charlie, Dee Jay/Sagat, Ryu/Sagat, Gouken/Akuma, Guile/Rolento, Gen/Lee, and Dictator/Gill.

(6) We will finally get to learn what the SF1-exclusive characters have been doing since their previous appearance.

M. Bison is the Man Behind the Man for Gill's organization
This may sound like a wild and random idea, but there are a few things that could support it. For one thing, we don't know what year Bison was born, though we do know Gill's group was formed during the BC years and Shadaloo only became publicly known in the 1980s according to this source (but has been around for longer than that, possibly since 1963 according to the same source). For another, we've never seen who the leaders of Gill's organization are (though we do know the organization has a council of elders, and the group's Chairman is purportedly shown in Urien's SF3: Second Impact ending), but it can be safely figured that Gill didn't elect himself as President and later as Emperor of the group; his appointments to those positions, and Urien's appointment as President in Gill's place, had to have been sanctioned by someone from higher up. In addition, in Third Strike Urien makes remarks about Shadaloo being destroyed, but never says that Bison himself is dead or that anybody in particular had killed him, and we never do hear about Bison being openly active during the SF3 storyline (this after the retcon that Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu attack on Bison during the SF2 storyline didn't kill him after all). Lastly, both Shadaloo and Gill's organization are stated on the Street Fighter Wiki page to utilize kidnapping, brainwashing, and DNA manipulation to further their ends, and both groups want strong martial artists to further their goals.

M. Bison is Ryu's father
Canonically, we don't know who Ryu's biological parents are; we only know that his Missing Mom left him on Gouken's doorstep and disappeared shortly afterward. We also know that (at least according to an early draft of a separate piece of SF media) at some point Bison may or may not have come to see Gouken. Additionally, Bison's Psycho Power being essentially similar in terms of negative energy to the Satsui no Hado, thereby allowing him to brainwash Ryu during the Alpha storyline, is somewhat hard to miss, and Bison saw Ryu as a potential new host body. Maybe Bison (consensually or, more likely, not) impregnated Ryu's mother, she came to see him as the monster he was (or would be), and gave up Ryu to Gouken as a measure of keeping him out of Bison's reach. It would also lend a hand in explaining why Ryu's so much more susceptible to the temptation of Satsui no Hado than anyone else in the storyline, and why he has to fight against it more than anyone else prior to Gouken's purging him of Satsui no Hado in Gouken's SF4 storyline.

Joe (Street Fighter I) is Cody (Final Fight), under a fake name.
  • Both characters have medium-short blond hair, both are American, both are portrayed as cocky, both wear jeans and both have a generic '80s action hero look.
  • Joe is a kick boxer, and his only special move is a Rolling Sobat. Cody uses a fighting style only known as "street fighting", but including moves from kickboxing and other martial arts, and has the Rolling Sobat in his moveset (as far as his latest SSFIV incarnation goes, he uses it in two different instances: his Crack Kick and as part of one of his Ultras).
  • Both characters have a trademark cinematic scene where they punch through a brick wall. They're virtually identical.
  • Joe was originally planned to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as the "escaped prisoner fighter", but was later replaced by Cody.
  • It is unclear whether Joe or Cody appears in the intro to Street Fighter II, punching "Mike". Said intro might or might not be an unused intro for Final Fight, which was originally titled Street Fighter '89.
  • Joe's stage is a train yard, and Cody has a rival battle with Birdie in a train yard, in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
  • There is zero information on Joe, and he disappeared into thin air after Street Fighter, like he never existed. Cody has been known to be a fighting addict, something that his friend Mike Haggar doesn't approve. At the time of the first Street Fighter tournament, he had a close, friendly relationship with (then Mayor) Haggar, and was dating his daughter Jessica.
It may be possible that Cody participated in the first Street Fighter tournament to satisfy his own fighting addition, giving a fake name and making up the average Joe personality on the spot, in order to cover his tracks with the Haggars (father and daughter), back home (which, at the time, were unaware of his "little problem").
  • To respond to this, it's pretty improbable that the two are the same character because (1) the first Final Fight takes place in the same year and (presumably) around the same time as the first Street Fighter tournament, (2) if Cody is Joe, you'd think someone who was in the first SF tournament would recognize him in later installments, (3) it's very unlikely that people who know Cody could be kept in the dark about him being involved in a major tournament like that, even if it was held underground; Guy certainly would have found out and mentioned it at some point; and (4) there's no official statement saying that they are in fact the same person.
  • On a tangential note, there is a character in Final Fight Streetwise called the Ghost who you can challenge in the underground circuit. He looks and fights like Joe (blond-hair, red pants, uses kickboxing), so it's been assumed by more than a few fans that Joe is Ghost, and he fought against/lost to Cody at some point in the past, which is how Cody received Joe's Rolling Sobat for Alpha 3.

Mike (Street Fighter I) is Balrog/Bison/Boxer (Street Fighter II), and that's his real name.
  • Not only Mike (the second opponent from the USA in the first game) looks like his Street Fighter II counterpart (up to their defeat portraits), but his moveset is also quite similar to Balrog's. Supporting the theory that these two are actually one and the same is the fact that Balrog is called Mike Bison in Japan.
    • This also stems from the fact that both characters are thinly veiled expies of (Real Life boxer) Mike Tyson. However, Capcom supposedly was very afraid of receiving lawsuits from the boxer, and in one instance denied any connection between the two characters, and/or between them and Tyson (other versions report that Capcom only denied the latter). As is usual with Capcom, to date there is no definitive and clear answer on the subject.
  • The two characters' background stories are suspiciously similar. Both are former professional boxers, competing at high levels (Mike was said to have been a Champion, while there's no info on whether or not Balrog ever did obtain the belt). Both were kicked out of professional boxing for hurting or killing an opponent.
  • Mike entered the first tournament to obtain the prize money, in order to help his sick little sister. Balrog is sickly obsessed with money.
  • M.Bison/Vega/Dictator recruited Sagat to Shadaloo (although briefly) after watching him fight in the first tournament. At the same time, just like Joe, Mike disappeared (except, maybe, for the Street Fighter II intro discussed above).
The Shadaloo leader might have observed Mike fighting in the first tournament, and then recruited him as well, offering him the money he needed so badly. After that, Mike might have either continued needing the money to mantain his sister or just got addicted to it. As for his ringname (whichever you believe it to be, depending on where you live: Balrog, Mike Bison or even Boxer), Mike might have chosen it to protect his identity from either his sister, from the law, or both (or to protect his sister from the law).
  • Alternatively, the intro scene for Street Fighter 2 where Joe/Cody defeats the character that some think to be Mike might be showing us the second tournament's preliminary rounds. After Mike was unexpectedly eliminated, Shadaloo might have made up a fake identity for him on the spot (the Balrog/M.Bison/Boxer persona), and reintroduced him in the Tournament as a different contestant, because M.Bison/Vega/Dictator needed this key minion of his to be in the final rounds.
  • Nope, Word of God says the two are separate characters.

Charlie Nash will be voiced in English by Sonny Strait upon his return.
Roy Mustang: military man whose English VA is Travis Willingham, motivated to bring down the evil shadow organization and to avenge his dead badass glasses-wearing best friend. Who happens to be voiced in all English dubbed media by Sonny Strait.

Guile: military man whose English VA is Travis Willingham, motivated to bring down the evil shadow organization and to avenge his dead badass glasses-wearing best friend. Who has yet to appear in an English dubbed game, but when he does…

  • Jossed. Charlie is not going to be in the new update announced at Evo 2013, as the secret 5th character has "never been in a Street Fighter game before".
    • Not necessarily. This WMG doesn't specifically refer to USFIV, but any future game in which Charlie appears. It's not Jossed until Capcom confirms he will never appear in another game again, or he does and he's voiced by somebody else.
    • CHARLIE NASH. IS CONFIRMED. FOR STREET FIGHTER 5. Now let's wait to find out what his English voice is gonna be like…
    • English Nash sounds very close to something in between Sonny's Bardock and his Hughes, but it's not him. It's Jack Calabrisi Mike McFarland. Thus the Actor Allusion, while not as strong, is still alive. (see; Jean Havoc)

Dudley is meaner in SFIII because:
He was fighting to get his father's car back. In SFIV, he's only fighting to keep his mind off of the missing car, thus he doesn't have much to fight for aside from enjoyment and a new batch of flowers. Since he's got something that he wants back in SFIII, he temporarily ditches most of his manners because he's out on business.
  • But had the car been taken in SSFIV?

Dudley had a Heroic BSoD in between SFIV and SFIII.
Something, whether it was a debilitating loss in a fight, kidnapping by Shadaloo or some other craziness, seriously scarred him, maybe not physically but at least mentally. afterwards, he started to grow more and more bitter about it/towards humanity until he comes he jerky self in SFIII.

Street Fighter V will see the return of Retsu, Geki, Joe, Lee, and maybe Mike.

The secret 5th character in the new update for Street Fighter IV is Asura
With the reveal that the stages and characters are apparently ported from Street Fighter X Tekken, and the reveal that the 5th character is someone who has "never been in a Street Fighter game before", Asura seems incredibly likely to be the new character since Capcom seems to be using recycled assets.
  • Jossed.

The 5th character for Ultra is a brand-new character.
The character has "never been in a Street Fighter game before" simply because they never existed until now.

The 5th character for Ultra will be Leon.
All we know about the fifth character is that they have never been in a Street Fighter game before and have never been in a fighting game at all before. Plus, Leon was originally planned to be in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but didn't make the cut, so this would be his first fighting game debut. As a bonus, his rival battle would be against Rolento, as a reference to Krauser's similarities to him.
  • Jossed.

The 5th character will be named or designed as a likeness to Justin Wong or Daigo Umehara.
As a shoutout to the two competitive players.
  • Jossed.

The 5th character for Ultra will be a woman.
Why not? It's not like there aren't enough females in the series anyway.
  • Confirmed as of 2013 Capcom Cup.

The 5th character for Ultra will be somehow connected to Gill's organization in SF3.
That would help provide a bigger bridge between the SF3 and SF4 games than Elena and Hugo alone would be able to provide. It would also probably provide an explanation as to how Shadaloo eventually got shut down, according to Chun Li's Third Strike ending; maybe the new character will have had a hand in that somehow.
  • Jossed. The fifth character, Decapre, is affiliated with Shadaloo, not Gill's organization.

The 5th character for Ultra will be more evil than Bison.
Because that would be a massive twist.

The 5th character for Ultra will be Carlos.
It'll be a case of The Bus Came Back since Final Fight 2.
  • Jossed. It's Decapre. Sorry, Carlos.

The 5th character for Ultra will be Sagat's replacement in Shadaloo's 4 Devas.
This person will have been a Shadaloo operative, working behind the scenes and out of the line of sight of the other main characters, and will have been working as Bison's/Dictator's new Dragon since Sagat's Heel–Face Turn. (This is, of course, assuming Juri herself doesn't get the seat as The Dragon, if one considers the outcome of her confrontation with Bison/Dictator in the last game.)
  • With the revelation that the fifth character will be Decapre, a few of the above stipulations are fulfilled. She's a Shadaloo operative, she's been working behind the scenes (as far as wel can tell), but it remains to be seen whether or not she'll have taken up Sagat's position (unlikely).

Rolento will have a rival battle with Guile in Ultra.
Because why not? Plus it would be a nice little nod to their link through Doctrine Dark in EX, even if that series is not canon to mainstream Street Fighter continuity.
  • Jossed; Rolento fights Cody as his rival.

The 5th character for Ultra will hail from Germany.
We haven't had any characters in the series thus far who are explicitly stated to be from Germany (unless you count the Andore family's background and Rolento's German-American heritage, which even then wouldn't really count since in SF continuity they're counted as American).
  • Jossed. The fifth character, Decapre, hails from Russia. However, Ultra also added Hugo to the game.
    • Besides, Juni and Juli were German before Shadaloo got a hold of them (much in the same way Decapre was Russian).

Rolento's still going to be looking for soldiers for his personal army in the upcoming Ultra SF4.
This will be reflected in his various character-specific win-quotes (when the game finally gets released), though not all will fixate on his intended utopia quite so much. Some possible examples are listed below.
  • Essentially confirmed.
  • To Ryu: "Your strength is indeed as your reputation says. My army could use a man like you!"
    • Actual quote: "Good practice, but fighters cannot start a country."
  • To E. Honda: "You're that sumo wrestler who sparred with my comradenote  once, aren't you?"
    • Actual quote: "What's with your face? Is that camouflage to deceive enemies?!"
  • To Blanka: "Hmm...maybe you could assist in providing electric power to my utopia..."
    • Actual quote: "Your abilities would be useful as a portable generator for my mighty army!"
  • To Guile: "You disappoint me, after all the stories I heard about you, Guile."
    • Actual quote: "Surrender and put your military skills to use for my forces!"
  • To Ken: "You will be perfect as a financial backer for my army!"
    • Actual quote: "Weakling! You wouldn't last long in my army with that attitude!"
  • To Chun-Li: "Me, a criminal? For trying to build an empire? Negative! Absolutely negative!"
    • Actual quote: "Throw away your nation's allegiance and join the ranks of my army!"
  • To Zangief: "I like your patriotism. Join my cause and serve me similarly!"
    • Actual quote: "Your body and your patriotism would serve you well in my army."
  • To Dhalsim: "You display great discipline. Perhaps you could be my utopia's spiritual adviser?"
    • Actual quote: "The battlefield is no place for high minded ideals. Cease your sermons!"
  • To Fei Long: "Your big-screen fighting is more impressive than your real-life fighting!"
    • Actual quote: "Your hand to hand technique would serve you well on the front lines! Join me!"
  • To T. Hawk: "You fight to restore your homeland...I fight to establish my perfect nation!"
    • Actual quote: "There is no peace that can be earned without battle. Submit to my army!"
  • To Dee Jay: "Your style requires perfect movement. Not much different from me, I'll allow."
    • Actual quote: "The song of the battlefield is of one marching cadence and cries of defeat!"
  • To Cammy: "You call yourself a soldier? You're not worthy even to clean my boots!"
    • Actual quote: "Your training has earned you a spot as a commanding officer in my army!"
  • To Balrog/Boxer: "With your lack of ambition, you'd be nothing more than a low-level grunt in my army!"
    • Actual quote: "Rebellious soldiers cause more harm than the enemy!"
  • To Vega/Claw: "A self-absorbed fool like you could never defeat a man hardened by combat!"
    • Actual quote: "Beauty is a useless concept in war! The mask goes, but you can keep the claw."
  • To Sagat: "The strongest soldier can tame even the fiercest tiger! Remember that!"
    • Actual quote: "Even emperors will be crushed beneath the boot of my glorious nation!"
  • To M. Bison/Dictator: "In my utopia, none shall have their freedom of choice taken away!"
  • To Akuma: "Such power...such could probably be a combat instructor for my soldiers!"
    • Actual quote: "You fight for death, but a true soldier fights only for the glory of victory!"
  • To Gouken: "You're the instructor for those mennote ? I can see where they got their power from."
    • Actual quote: "Impressive! You would make an excellent drill sergeant for my burgeoning army!"
  • To Sakura: "To think that a mere schoolgirl could have this kind of power on hand..."
    • Actual quote: "In times of war, even students likes you must be prepared to fight!"
  • To Guy: "You've become weak since our battles in Metro City!"
    • Actual quote: "You cannot stop our advance!"
  • To Cody: "To think that you were called Metro City's hero...what an embarrassment!"
  • To Adon: "I have no use for soldiers who will become loose cannons!"note 
  • To Rose: "I have no use for fancy parlor tricks in my army!"
    • Actual quote: "Insolent girl! How dare you deceive a soldier with your suspect delusions!"
  • To Gen: "Shouldn't you be dead by now, old man?"
    • Actual quote: "An assassin is no match for a soldier! You'd never last on the battlefield!"
  • To Dan: "Soldiers who think too highly of themselves don't last long in the army, punk!"
    • Actual quote: "Strength does not make a soldier! Learn some proper techniques!"
  • To Dudley: "Your strength would be great for my army! Not so sure about the mustache, though..."
    • Actual quote: "No need for etiquette in a dojo! The same can be said for rules!"
  • To Ibuki: "Join my army, girl! With your skill, you'll make Sergeant quickly!"note 
    • Actual quote: "Consider yourself conscripted, soldier! Your mission begins now!"note 
  • To Makoto: "Your skill would qualify you for my army, but you're still just a kid."
    • Actual quote: "Set your sights higher, kid! Why settle for a dojo when you can have a nation?"
  • To Abel: "A soldier who fixates on the past is not worth serving in my utopia!"
    • Actual quote: "A soldier has no need of a past! Join me and we'll build a perfect future!"note 
  • To C. Viper: "My intelligence network could find nothing on you. Who are you?"
  • To El Fuerte: "The army barracks' slop tastes better than what you're serving!"
  • To Rufus: "SILENCE! Excessive talking will be punished by swift execution!"
    • Actual quote: "A few weeks of hard training and rations would shape you right up!"
  • To Hakan: "One flame is all I need for your oily corpse!"
    • Actual quote: "Keep your oily hands off my munitions!"
  • To Juri: "My utopia has no need for a disturbed individual like you!"
    • Actual quote: "Such disobedience would have you booted from any army in an instant!"
  • To Seth: "Copy all the fighting styles you want—you'll still be defeated by me!"
    • Actual quote: "Enemy defeated! Regroup and prepare for the invasion!"
  • To Elena: "The power to heal? Perhaps you could be my army's doctor..."
    • Actual quote: "You are a nuisance! Go dance somewhere else!"
  • To Hugo: "Your raw muscle served Mad Gear well. Let it now serve my cause, old comrade!"
    • Actual quote: "What a thrill to fight alongside you again! Join me and we shall wreak havoc!"
  • To Poison: "Your sadism rots while you're a wrestling manager. Join me and put it to better use!"
    • Actual quote: "You don't have what it takes to rejoin my ranks. Train harder and try again!"
  • To Decapre: "You follow orders well...but now, you will follow ME!"
    • Actual quote: "I could use infiltration specialists like you in my special unit!"

Lucia from Final Fight 3 will be the 5th character of Ultra Street Fighter IV.
Since Maki got to appear in Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSP version), Lucia will be Final Fight 3's representative in which Capcom will actually show signs in paying attention to the Final Fight sequels more. Her rival fight will most likely either be with one of the Mad Gear or with Cody in which she gets to angrily call him out on being a wanted fugitive. (Especially considering on how she was once known as an old friend to Cody and Jessica.)
  • Jossed. The fifth character will be Decapre.

Q from Third Strike is nothing but a Time Lord.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will attempt to change Poison a bit to resolve issues regarding her Ambiguous Gender.
Due to recent news about a LGBT group accusing Street Fighter X Tekken to be rather transphobic due to some of the winquotes namely having Characters being confused about Poison's gender. In which this even has Yoshinori Ono reconsidering his stance on Poison's gender by agreeing with Akira how it's up to the player to decide. However if Capcom suddenly deemed Poison to be a flat out normal woman and made the whole Ambiguous Gender issue to be flat out Canon Discontinuity that would make things arguably even worse. But they would try to do other methods such as...

A. Have her be a normal woman but be a Lipstick Lesbian or Bisexual

B. Have her be referred to as a normal woman but not comment on this issue at all and hope people will just ignore it.

Either way Capcom is going to change a thing or two regarding Poison in the near future.

Ryu's "Evil Ryu" side will cause friction between him and those like Sagat.
While Sagat believes that it was all Shadaloo's fault on how Ryu became Evil Ryu in the Alpha series. While Bison's torture did get Ryu's Dark Hadou powers to come out but he had the power of Dark Hadou beforehand (during when Ryu defeated Sagat at the end of the original Street Fighter was the real first time Ryu's Dark Hadou power came out). Sagat will be angry with Ryu that he had the power of Dark Hadou all along especially during their first fight and feel betrayed about it. Now granted this won't necessarily mean that Capcom will retcon Sagat's Face–Heel Turn and have him go back to Shadaloo (besides there is no guarantee that Bison would take him back anyways). But to play up the Graying Morality at least one of Ryu's friends will defend Ryu and call Sagat out on his villainous past ways. Of course Sagat is quite possibly not the only one who would get angry with Ryu about this.
  • I don't follow. Are you suggesting a retread/rewrite of what was already covered in Alpha, because the whole Satsui no Hadou plot point has been resolved for a while. It briefly resurfaced somewhat in IV after Alpha 3 was supposed to do away with it (what with Ryu's declarations in the A3 epilogue), but Evil Ryu is a "what if?" character in all appearances, and Ryu canonically has rejected the Satsui no Hadou for good by III. Besides, it was Sagat who was partially responsible for rousing Ryu out of his brainwashed state in Alpha 3, and though Bison believed that the Satsui no Hadou was similar to or came from the same source as his Psycho Power, his brainwashing, as far as I know, didn't actually bring out Evil Ryu. Sagat likely knows about the Satsui no Hadou, but the fact that he calls out Adon in Super for presumably hounding Akuma ("The power you're after is twisted") says volumes. Remember, he was vengeful towards Ryu because Ryu won their match (which was, until that Metsu Shoryuken, already decided in Sagat's favor) by a cheap shot (when Sagat was helping Ryu back to his feet and commending him for a good fight, no less). Additionally, Evil Ryu's story in Alpha 3, while non-canon, has Sagat—somewhat ironically—tell Evil Ryu that he doesn't consider him to be the same person as the Ryu who gave him the scar, so he refuses to give Evil Ryu the fight he desires when Evil Ryu does his victory gloating.
  • Sagat's winquote to Evil Ryu in SSFIV:AE may help put things in perspective:

Capcom in the future will have a mild Fandom Nod towards the famous Ryu X Chun-Li pairing in the future.
While it would most likely be done through winquotes or maybe a character ending or two but they will give the idea a mild amount of Ship Tease. While its doubtful they will give them a Relationship Upgrade but they most likely won't give them a Ship Sinking either. A future Street Fighter game and/or Crossover fighting will make mild comical references to them (most likely from either Sakura or Ken) as Ryu and Chun-Li will most likely deem themselves to be a case of Just Friends though.

Oni is the one who gave Ryu that hole in his chest and symbol on his back, propagating the latter's transition into Evil Ryu in SSF 4 AE.
Either Oni's Meido Gohado and Tenchi Sokaigen could have done that to him. The former activates a special finisher if used at point blank straight ahead, in which a second one is fired, goes into the opponent through the chest, and explodes into that same symbol from their back. The latter is an energy spike that is angled at the opponent's chest, sending them skyward and him following up with a vicious Shoryuken to the back, and the same symbol shows up again on impact.

Akuma may target anyone who is even connected to the Ansatsuken and Satsui no Hado.
Think about it: he's killed Goutetsu in the past, attacked Gouken once in Ryu's early years and again in his adult years, and has hounded Ryu to get him to draw out the Satsui no Hado inside of him and basically make him a second Akuma. While he may not like or even be aware of the other practitioners or imitators of the style (Ken, Sakura, Dan, Seth, Sean, Mel), if he even gets wind of some of their darker sides (Brainwashed/Violent Ken, Sunburnt/Dark Sakura, Dark/Evil Dan) or that they have Satsui no Hado potential, he will hound them mercilessly. He's been doing it to Ryu ever since the fateful encounter in SFA2 and he practically worships Ansatsuken and the Satsui no Hado. He'd try to bring that inherent aspect of that fighting style out of them in order to turn them into his definition of worthy opponents. Sakura and Dan's darker sides have shown to be capable of performing even the dreaded Shun Goku Satsu in some incarnations (although Dan didn't get to connect it thankfully when he tried it on Sakura), and as Dan pointed out Sakura has some terrifying potential. By SF3 Ryu's officially axed the murderous intent, so Akuma has more targets to pursue.
  • Definitely within the realm of possibility (just listen to his approval at facing Evil Ryu in IV), but it goes without saying that Ken, Sakura, and Dan's "Evil" forms are non-canon (and Sunburnt Sakura doesn't actually have anything to do with the Satsui no Hadou). It's also worth nothing that, in light of his "meeting" with Gouken in IV, Akuma may have been made to swear an oath to stop hounding Ryu if he lost their duel.

The other fighters' win quotes against Decapre will Lampshade the HELL out of how she's an Evil Knockoff of Cammy
... Except for Vega, who'll accuse her of ripping off his Cool Mask and bladed weapon gimmick
  • He actually DOES that in the comics...
  • By the way, some of them actually do that (mainly the ones who don't know about Shadaloo's Doll program, anyway). And Cammy herself is a big Berserk Button for Decapre, for rather obvious reasons (look up the SFIV Chars page).

Guile is a direct descendant of Rudolf von Stroheim.

This has been in my mind for quite a while, so I might as well put this out now. I've noticed that a lot of elements of Stroheim's character design was put into Guile, to the point that Guile gained his 'tall flat-top', his Cool Shades, and patriotism. The only differences lie in their abilities (Stroheim is a cyborg while Guile can use ki energy), loyalties (Stroheim is a German Nazi while Guile is an American.), and personalities (Stroheim is a hammy Noble Bigot while Guile is a stoic Hurting Hero.)

I'd imagine that sometime before meeting Joseph Joestar in "Battle Tendency" and fighting the Pillar Men, Stroheim had a child with a blonde, blue-eyed German woman (because Nazis were obsessed with the Aryan race), but he left because he was drafted into the army when World War II started. That child, either a son or daughter, eventually immigrated to America upon Stroheim's death and married someone there, and Guile was born. Because his grandfather was a Nazi, Guile was teased and bullied many times, most likely due to Sins of Our Fathers, even though Stroheim himself believed more in his country's strength and less on the Nazi philosophy on racial purity.

If that was the case, then that might explain how Guile got his shoulder tattoos; he purposely made his tattoos look like American flags so he can prove that he is not his grandfather and that what Stroheim did in life doesn't apply to what HE does in life. It might also explain why Guile was so close to his best friend Charlie Nash; he was the one who defended Guile from fellow pilots from the Air Force who picked on him because of Stroheim, earning Guile's steadfast loyalty.

All I can say for Guile is, "Poor guy."

After the Third World Warrior tournament, Remy decided the problem with martial arts is how you use them, and moved to Tokyo to train warriors of justice
First apprentice: Minako Aino. Who does, in fact, use Savate kicks when fighting for justice, even on her brainwashed friends.

Ken devised the Ryubi Kyaku by watching Abel and then taught it to Sean at a later date.
This is based solely on the fact that Ken borrows the Ryubi Kyaku in Capcom vs. SNK and CvS2 or, rather, uses an extremely similar special known as the Ryusenkyaku. (A wheel kick also popped up as his and Ryu's running kick attack in Pocket Fighter.) Given the chronological placement of IV in the timeline and the similarities between Sean's Ryubi Kyaku/Ken's Ryusenkyaku and Abel's Wheel Kick, who's to say Ken didn't modify Abel's move for his own use and pass it on to his "pupil" by the time of III? Ken himself doesn't use the move note  because he possibly noticed some gaping flaw in the technique's execution or eventually surmised that it didn't fit his overall style, and Sean's version might be "incomplete" like his other derivatives of Ken's moves (which wouldn't be surprising seeing as Ken half-asses his teaching of Sean anyway).

Edmond Honda (from the live-action 1994 movie) is actually Edomondo Honda's long-lost brother seperated at birth, and raised in Hawaii.

Van Damme will be a playable character in future Street Fighter games, but as a seperate entity from Guile, losely based his role from 1994 movie.

Charlie's Alpha storyline is an allegory for the real-life War on Drugs.
Shadaloo is implied to be heavily involved in drug trafficking in several warrior's storylines. During the Alpha period, Bison is often fought in South America. We also know he bribes politicians and military staff to the point Shadaloo is an N.G.O. Superpower. In every ending, Charlie is betrayed by the army brass and killed. And the period roughly corresponds to the 80's. In real life, during the 80's, the CIA and US military were involved in drug trafficking to prop up anti-communist rebels and dictatorships. Some even suspect them of using the War on Drugs to destroy America's urban minority communities. M. Bison represents the South American drug lords and petty dictators, Charlie a patriotic American who takes the War on Drugs at face value, and his superiors the cynical intelligence agencies and chiefs of staff who will sacrifice their own citizens to realize their twisted schemes for the Americas.

In the Street Fighter universe, the oni of Japanese mythology were originally humans who gave into the Satsui no Hado.
Since the character "Oni" is supposed to be Akuma completely giving into the Satsui no Hado, maybe that's where the oni of Japanese mythology in general originate. Many Japanese myths seem to imply that oni can have human origins, so in the Street Fighter universe, this is probably exactly how it happens.

E. Honda is originally Japanese-American, but returned to his ancestral Japan to do sumo.
I mean, why would he have a name like Edmond? If he's ethnic Japanese and born/raised in Japan, I doubt he would have a Western name like that. So my guess is he wasn't.

Sagat can potentially end up back in Shadaloo.
Okay I understand if you are already bothered by this idea namely we shouldn't let Capcom just toss out the Character Development he had in the Alpha sub-series. I get it but hear me out here...

Sagat does join back in with Shadaloo in which Bison takes him back as his old right hand-man with open arms. When Sagat gets called out by folks like Chun-Li & Guile over how he could be willing to rejoin Shadaloo. But then Sagat says that the reason why is because the US Military did a Aerial Bombing & Drone strike on the Shadaloo Base and many of their outposts. However many of these outposts were near or on villages in Thailand in which while these strikes had a lot of casualties within the outposts but a lot of innocent Thailand villagers were casualties as well.

Though there is also a chance that if Ryu tries to call Sagat out on this then Sagat will bring up about the Dark Hadou. (We were initially lead to believe that M. Bison turned Ryu into Evil Ryu thanks to Psycho Power which was why Sagat left Shadaloo. However years later Capcom revealed that actually Ryu already had the Dark Hadou within him which was the real reason how Ryu did the Dragon Punch that scarred Sagat's chest.) But while I suppose it is possible that Adon would get involved in this but I am not sure.

Oh yes and there is a plot twist that the Military strikes against the Shadaloo Base and the Outposts was actually orchestrated by one of the Seths disguised as a Human in his plot to take down M. Bison once and for all.

There will be a little arc focused on the Final Fight cast.
One bit of good news is that Cody is no longer a prisoner in which Mike Haggar finally found a way to get him out of jail. Though bad news is that Cody still doesn't feel like he has a sense of purpose so he becomes a drifter who does a little bit of vigilante work on the side. Jessica and her old friend Lucia (from Final Fight 3) go on a road trip as they try to find Cody especially considering how even though he is no longer in jail he runs out just as soon as he becomes a free man. Will Jessica & Lucia get Cody back in their lives or should they just let him go and move on with their lives together?

Poison is still trying to make an maintain a wrestling troupe however she and Hugo went their separate ways as he went back to Germany so he can be a Potato Farmer with the Andore family. So Poison is now trying to form an all-women wrestling troupe with her old gal-pal and business partner Roxy in which they try to get certain ladies like Rainbow Mika & Laura Matsuda to enlist in their troupe. Though Poison encounters Jessica as Jessica wants to know if Poison is trying to look for Cody as well. But Poison taunts Jessica on how she would rather play with her instead in which Lucia moves in to defend Jessica from Poison.

Meanwhile in this Arc Guy is also trying to find Cody in which Maki & Carlos (from Final Fight 2) are trying to find Guy. Though while Maki's initial purpose in their journey was to find Guy to aid him but over the course of their journey they find out about the woman Rose whom Guy seems awfully very close with. Now Maki seems to be more & more convinced that Guy is cheating on her sister Rena who is Guy's wife but Carlos tries to convince Maki not to jump to conclusions as there might be a reasonable explanation here. However Maki seems to be determined to findGuy and try to make sure he has some answers here.

The truth about Rainbow Mika's past about who her parents are.

There will be multiple reveals here such as how Yoko Harmageddon is not only Mika's trainer but is actually her biological mother and that "Yoko Harmageddon" is her stage name and she is not Japanese at all and is actually Ukrainian. The other reveal is that her idol Zangief is her long lost biological father. In which many years ago when Zangief was a younger man he had a little fling with a beautiful woman he met in Ukraine which ended up producing Mika. So in other words Rainbow Mika is actually not Japanese but a Ukrainian girl but she was only there as a baby. "Yoko" and Zangief were never married and Zangief became known with the Russian Government and Russia & Ukraine don't exactly have the most pleasant history. So out of concern about what if the Russian Government found out that Zangief fathered a child with a Ukrainian woman, "Yoko" took her daughter to Japan and got a new alias to work at the wrestling community there. And before anyone brings up how Mika is blonde while Zangief & "Yoko" are not, "Yoko" could've had blonde parents and it has been said that at time children more take after their grandparents than parents in looks. (Or conversely Yoko could be dying her hair as part of her cover as she went from a Brunette in Alpha 3 to Black with a White Stripe in her Five Profile Card.)

In which when Mika hears of this she feels a bit conflicted. On one hand she is amazed that her idol Zangief is actually her father. But on the other hand all her life she thought she was Japanese but is surprised that she is actually European and is rather shocked about that. (Though other characters would comment on how that is not really surprising at all). In which Zangief also feels a bit conflicted as he feels a little guilty that he never knew he had a daughter until now but is determined to make things right and be a good father to his darling little girl Mika.

This Reddit theory about The Stinger to the movie theorizes that Bison literally replays his world domination plans, meaning the movie existed in a time loop.

Psycho Power is Evil Energy
According to Duo, Evil Energy "absorbs an energy in a person's mind, and then multiplies". M. Bison is effectively Evil Energy contained in a physical shell, and he tries to spread evil emotions in Street Fighter V.

Shadoloo's Dictator is a Balrog
Tolkien's Balrogs are Maianote  of Flame that have been corrupted to Morgoth's service and are very powerful. Now, between Boxing, Arcobatic Claw Fighting, and the Psycho Crasher, which of the three is closest to an Unholy fire? While angels are not gods, they're "close enough" even in the Third Age, let alone the modern day. And he lives on even after losing his mortal body through Psycho Power? Sauron, your Palantir is gleaming!

So why isn't he called Balrog?note  A bit of distraction to hide his true power until it's too late.


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