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Describe X2X here.

What, no Wiki Magic? Jeez...

A former greenhorn when it comes to troping, he has contributed to The Other Wiki several times in the past (you can see his profile here).

Do not expect him to be one of the more prolific contributors (maybe; it depends on how much interest he has in a particular subject/topic). He is very lazy, with a glaringly chronic procrastination streak. And that might just be the understatement of the year, folks. Widely enjoys video games and anime (he is something of a Japanophile). Spends time surfing the net, usually hanging around YouTube note , GameSpot note , and note .

His dream job is to enter the voice acting industry, as he enjoys the work and is somewhat melodramatic (he's too reserved to be a Large Ham, although this trait doesn't carry over to the internet). He's not quite at Man of a Thousand Voices levels, but his fluctuating voice and pitch allows him to pull off a decent range of voices, including impressions and accents (albeit briefly). As for now, he'll have to make due with your standard education fare.

May or may not be a sockpuppet for That One Guy Named X.

Long story short, if you see him on TV Tropes, then he probably shouldn't be here.

Despite the above, This Troper is responsible for launching the following tropes/pages:

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    Tropes that apply to... Why should you even bother reading this line? 

    (Attempted) Impersonations (for those interested) 

    Reaction macros and gifs (not all by me, but placed here for my convenience, natch) 

    Feel free to comment/vandalize/whatever below. 

Ya'll got vandalized. Can we fight to the death now? - Shirow Shirow

You got a great taste in, well most things actually. Stay kewl dawg. - Hellman Sabian

  • Heh, I'm not that cool, but thanks anyway.

Watch your back!~Vanitas

Mai hasubando! <3 - suspiciouscookie

  • Wuv you. :3

Great, another Deadpan Snarker... oh, wait he's also a Stepford Smiler like me! (the smile widens unnaturally) Hi there! Hope everything's fine! ~ Belfagor

Watch this. Everyone's Head Asplode - Omega Kross

Here comes a new vandal! - Mr Pastry

What. You snuck onto my page too~. =w= Am I gonna have to check there everyday? - Kazuna Rei

  • Maaaaaybe? :P
  • Moo~. >w<
  • (pats head) Oh, you adorably silly girl. :)
  • Hee~. :3

Just curious, what does "X2X" mean? - Alucard

We tropers must be the only people who ask to be trolled. We're definitely insane. Anyway, here's your vandilizing. Feel free to do the same. Hi! - Amused Troper Guy

  • Well, everyone else is doing it... I'd like to think that I'm still sane, though. ^_^'

Figured I'd throw this bit of VANDALSUM down here, show that you're worth the time for me to ruin your page. But seriously, thanks for being cool! - Pulse

  • Hahaha, right back at you. I enjoy our exchanges on the forums. I don't think I could have devised my story without your input. :)

As an agent of the almighty Hypnotoad, I proclaim this page defaced. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD! - Devious Recital

I feel the need to leave my mark on this page. So, here it is! -clears throat- VANDALISM! - A Crack In Time

  • Good thing I'm wearing my Reflect Ring today, eh? Counter Vandalism powers, go! :P

Hi there! ~ Folt

  • And hello to you as well, Mr. Folt the Bolt. Did you bring any cake?

Dante died for your sins. And Tameem revived him. - Lu

Eh, I think you're a pretty cool guy. You make tropes, and doesn't afraid of anything. :3 -Marox XIII

  • Heh heh, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but thanks nonetheless. :)

Hazarding a guess, you're an Englishman, no? - Hashil

  • American, actually. But hey, close enough. :P
    • I got the native language right, anyway.

    Zone of the Vandals: The 2nd Runner 

Never forget the Great Time Warp Derail of 2012. - Makai

  • (solemn salute) Of course I won't. I started it, after all. (evil laugh)
    • Only after I triggered you to start it. XD
  • That was quite a derail. I wonder if Booky still has Oathkeeper? — Keyseeker
    • Oh, hey Key. :) Haha, indeed it was. Yeah, I let Booky keep it, although I'm not sure if she remembers that she has it.

RRRAAARRGH!! Answer me X 2 X! The School of the Undefeated of The East!! - DaGr8Gokulio

  • LOOK! THE EAST...!
  • ...IS BURNING RED!!!
    • Very good... At this moment... you have proven yourself to become a true King of Hearts, Gokulio.

  • Did you hear about what Gregg Williams did from 2009-2011 when he was with the New Orleans Saints? I don't like what he did at all. - AlBundyFan365
    • ... Probably?

  • Hello, I don't think we've met. I'm Ari. And you?
    • I go by X2X around these parts, but you can call me X for short if you like. Pleased to make your acquaintance. :)

  • I'm in ur page, vandalizing your page. And failing at memes. While I'm here, I'm going to shamelessly link to a work I'm trying to get onto Trope Overdosed. Let's see if this works. Great, thanks! Lightflame

  • Hi there~! I'm doing well, how are you? =D IchigoNeko
    • Good to hear. I'm doing fine myself. Can't complain. :)

  • X to X, dust to- oh, this sounded better in my head >_> ~ AzureSeas
    • It's the thought that cou—wait, that doesn't work either. ^^'

  • Hey, I pay yer back when the Wii U drives you broke and forces you to drop out of college. Heck, I'll even send you a shitload of Munniez to pay for it! Hop your country accepts Outback dollars :3 PippingFool
    • Sounds good. You know how I liekz teh green. By any chance, do these so-called "Outback dollars" work at the Outback Steakhouse as well? :P

  • Now X, would you like to try dying this once? Jigaboo
    • (sighs) Fine. But just this once.
    • -stretches out arms as Sakura petals fill the screen-
    • (iz ded) RESURRECTION! ... Crap, there goes all of my super meter.

  • Fitting, for you to be my first Vandalization and for me to be your last. *You have acquired a Vandalization* - That One Guy Who Is Also Named X But Is Way Cooler
    • Well, you were the last Troper to vandal me... in a previous time loop. (dramatic music)

Wow you had to make a new folder? XD Stop being so popular~. =w= KazunaRei

  • (pinches your cheek) Well, it's not like I was expecting all of these people to swing by my page. It just... happened. ^^;

  • Hello, I don't think we've met, although I see you posting everywhere. I'm Shaggy And you?
    • The name's X2X. X for short. Pleased to meet you. And yeah, my tastes are pretty varied, so I have of popping up/dropping in just about anywhere on such short notice.

  • One day I will bring you down Mysterious Figure....But for now....Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....Wait, did I just type that? Oh god how do you untype that. Emperordaein
    • You can't. Not unless you have time-warping powers of your own.

  • Since there already someone I simply call "X", I'll just call you Number Two! :P - kay4today
    • I think I predate X, but sure, go ahead. Whatever floats your boat, amirite? :D

    Page Troper III: Third Index: Edit for the Future 

  • At first, I wasn't going to leave a comment here, but then the whole "My granddad gave me a sword" tidbit changed my mind by virtue of being really awesome. Care to share the story in detail? - T-bone61
    • It's probably not as impressive a story as you think, but sure. Not too long after I earned my black belt (or maybe it was my brown belt, I don't fully recall) in Taekwondo, my grandfather stopped by my house (I believe it was during Christmas) and awarded me a katana he bought in commemoration of the event. Finely-crafted, tempered, sharpened, the works. Of course, having a dangerous weapon in the house (and with few people knowing of its existence, authorities included) means that I need to have it stored away in a secure location at all times. I'm willing to bet I'd only be allowed to use in the case of an emergency, and only then as a last resort.
  • I see you on every Tv Tropes thread. You are like the Nolan North of Tv Tropes Forums! -MagcargoMan
    • Nolan North, eh? Nah, it's just that we share a number of similar interests. :P
  • This page is getting crazy! Let's rock! -CrimsonFlameKnight
    • JACKPOT!

Still here, huh? That's mildly surprising.

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