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DannyV_El_Acme is a troper from Puerto Rico. He is especially active in animation(both western and anime), video game and comic book articles. He had the absolute joy of growing up in Puerto Rico during the 80s, so he had a steady diet of old-school comic books, the most badass toys ever and a bazillion cool cartoons. Since he lives in PR, he was exposed to many series Americans were not exposed to, like Mazinger Z, Saint Seiya, Kotetsu Jeeg, Gaiking, Kamui The Ninja and many others.


His biggest passions in fiction are Cyberpunk, Humongous Mecha(especially super robots), super heroes and military fiction, and can be found editing articles on those topics frequently. He is also an avid gamer, and will frequently edit pages of games he's played. Notably, he posted the many tropes present in Binary Domain and launched and created the Lucha Underground characters page practically by himself!

He also has a Tumblr page where he does movie reviews, focusing mostly on foreign, independent, arthouse and 80's horror films. Check it out!

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