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Moments from the Games

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    In general 

    UDON Comics 
  • In the UDON comics, T. Hawk openly denounces and criticizes a Rainbow Mika match (as T. Hawk adamantly hates wrestling) while at the restaurant where El Fuerte works. El Fuerte overhears this in the kitchen and threatens to beat up the offender, and charges out wearing both a Rainbow Mika shirt and apron. And then El Fuerte sees who the offender is. Cue awkward pause (after a fight, that is).
  • Issue 9 has a cameo of Dr. Wily under Bison's employ, studying a captive T. Hawk.
  • The beginning of issue #13 of the first series:
    Ken:(looks like he's throwing an uppercut) SHOOOOOO... (is actually playing craps in a casino) the money!!!
    Eliza: (facepalms) Oh my God, Ken, you did not just say that...
  • During a fight with R. Mika, Zangief accidentally smacks her behind. Both of their expressions are priceless.
  • One of the Street Fighter IV mini-stories has E. Honda, Hakan, Rainbow Mika, and Zangief all fighting over the chance to have their sport placed above the rest at an Olympic demonstration. El Fuerte charges in late, screaming about how luchador wrestling is better than them all, then realizes what he's just gotten himself into just before he's jumped by everyone else.
  • Chun-Li's WTF face on page 17 of the Street Fighter & Friends 2017 Swimsuit Special after Karin tosses her cone away.
  • UDON made a comic in collaboration with LootCrate in 2015 called Hyper Looting. Just the description of the comic is funny.
    LootCrate teamed up with Capcom and Udon for this special edition comic that strategically weaves the LootCrate staff into this action packed original Street Fighter story.
    • R. Mika and Vega square off, with Vega asking for a kiss. R. Mika responds by hitting him in the face with her butt and telling him to "Kiss this!"

    The Film 
  • Sagat's men shoot at Ryu and Ken with their own phony guns, which make cartoony bouncing sounds as foam balls are fired and bounce off of the pair. When they try to escape by initiating a fight, a mook picks up a gun and fires it at Ken, only for it to be one of the fakes.
  • Zangief is one of the funniest characters in the movie.
    • When he finds Dee-Jay escaping with a box full of money, he has to be told in plain terms that Bison is evil and Dee Jay only worked with him because he was paid a fortune. Zangief's response is "You got... PAID?"
    • "Quick! Change the channel!" The very slow Double Takes from Dee Jay, Ryu and Ken cause even more laughs, especially with their mutual "what in the hell?" expressions.
    • After Bison's speech about the new world he's going to build, Zangief tearily says "That was beautiful". Dee Jay then gives him a look that clearly shows how stupid he thinks his comrade is.
      • During the speech, Dee Jay makes a sarcastic "the hell do I know" gesture when Bison wonders why people call him a warlord. Bison completely lets it go, taking him seriously.
    • Zangief's delivery as he holds open the only exit from Bison's exploding base:
      Zangief: (as earnest as a small child) Hurry, this way!
  • On learning that Guile is "dead."
    Dee Jay: (excitedly) That's GREAT news, General! Congratulations!
    Bison: On the contrary, I mourn.
    Dee Jay: (not even remotely interested) Okay...
    • Bison goes on how he wants to fight Guile in an honorable battle and then he would snap his spine.
  • At one point in the film, Vega, Sagat, Ken and Ryu all end up in prison. Vega fashions himself a claw out of three bamboo sticks and a bunch of little hooked blades.
    • The DVD commentary mentions that the horrible prison food the characters ate was actually from the crew's own caterers.
  • This exchange when Ryu is about to fight Vega, right after he and Ken unsuccessfully con Sagat.
    Ken: I'm sorry I talked you into all of this.
    Ryu: I'm sorry I listened.
  • Bison's promise that Bison dollars will be worth five British pounds, once he gets his men to kidnap the Queen of England and the Commonwealth. The look Sagat gives him at the end of the scene just screams "WTF?!"
    • The above video of the scene has quite a few hilarious comments, but this one has to take the cake:
    Jeff Read: Wes Studi deserves props for putting audible quotation marks around the word "money".
  • "Bisonopolis shall be the wonder of my world. But I think the food court should be larger. All the big franchises will want in."
  • When Dee Jay attempts to escape from Shadaloo with a chest full of money and almost gets spotted:
    Dee Jay: Oh, mon, I should have stayed at Microsoft!
    • Earlier, when the AN begins storming Bison's fortress, the General starts giving a speech to Dee Jay about facing defeat together. Dee Jay, listening to the fighting, gives him a look that clearly states "You're kidding, right?" Then he quietly sneaks away.
  • After Ken and Ryu learn of Chun-Li's plan to kill Bison and company:
    Ken: She said this place would blow in 10 minutes. Things can't get worse.
    lots of gun cocking sounds, as the two have stepped into the Mexican Standoff between Bison and Sagat
    • Following that, Sagat asks Ken if he's with him or against him; Ken asks if it's multiple-choice.
  • Sawada's subordinate taps into Bison's surveillance system, and he says the footage may be very important. They find Zangief fighting Honda on the Bisonopolis mockup, complete with kaiju sounds.
  • Guile's extremely convincing American accent, especially in his "We can all go home" speech. Now with subtitles!
    Jast take da hastagas ou'. If A'm nat topsite in fifteen minnits, evacuate without me.
  • Bison and his crew learning that Guile is alive.
    Sagat: Guile? Alive?
    Bison: OF COURSE! His "death" was meant to ingratiate his spies with you. (Covers one eye, resembling Sagat's eyepatch) I guess you didn't see that, did you?
  • There's a short scene where Guile is caught without a gun in Bison's hideout by a bunch of armed Bison mooks. He pulls his only weapon: a knife. The mooks start backing up because Cammy and The Cavalry arrive behind Guile right at that moment, but Guile doesn't notice and thinks the mooks are scared of him. He then spends several seconds being all cocky and impressed with himself before Cammy calls out, at which he deflates like a pricked balloon. Say what you want about Van Damme's accent and lack of dramatic acting ability, but he really sold the comedy in this scene.
  • When Ryu is forced to fight against Vega, we first see Vega's Estrogen Brigade, including one holding up a sign asking Vega to marry her. Then Ryu comes out, and one of the fight promoters rips his shirt off, to cheers from the crowd and the previous woman tossing her sign away. Vega's reaction is priceless.
    • Twice as hilarious now because of the Hot Ryu meme.
    • Another sign in the background is the Esperanto equivalent of "John 3:16," a Bible verse that's popular to use during sporting events.
  • Goofy is one of Bison's mooks.
  • Honda calmly withstanding the torture with one of the Shadoloo soldiers using a rattan stick to hit him at the back.
  • After Guile and the entire army leave to stop Bison, the deputy secretary assures his boss that he managed to stop Guile from taking all the soldiers. The only ones left there are the cook and a cat.
  • During Guile's first battle with Bison, this exchange occurs.
    Bison: You'll have to do better than that!
    Guile: (cheerful) Okay!
  • The Laserdisc/DVD commentary has director Steven E. De Souza lamenting how everyone on the crew got some of Bison's swizzle sticks and Bison Dollars, but he didn't.
  • This exchange, just before the climactic fight between Guile and Bison:
    Bison: You have made me a happy man.
  • When they're alone together, Chun-Li makes a long speech about how Bison killed her father. Bison's reply, and Chun-Li's incredibly offended face during it, are priceless:
    Bison: I'm sorry... I don't remember any of it.
    Chun-Li: You don't remember?
    Bison: For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.
    • Amusingly, this would also imply that Bison has suffered so many humiliating defeats at the hands of barely armed peasant farmers that they blur together.
    • In the same scene, just the fact that Bison changes from his armor and Commissar Cap into a comfy robe and another (leisury) Commissar Cap.

    The Cartoon 
  • These videos pretty much show them all.
    • Admittedly it's Manipulative Editing, but the moment when Ken lands face first in the mud and just lays there for a few seconds (taken from "The World's Greatest Warrior") is hilarious.
  • Bison's ultimate burn in the final episode:
    Chun-Li: Monster! You killed my-
    Bison: (cuts her off) Yes, yes, "I killed your father". What is it with you women, anyway?! I killed my father, too, and you don't hear me whining about it!
  • When Guile and Bison have to team up to fight Akuma in "Strange Bedfellows", and Bison waits until the last second to save Guile from falling into a lava pit:
    Guile: Seems you had to... think about it.
    Bison: Lacking your instinctive compassion, I had to consider the pros and cons.
    Guile: And?
    Bison: Self-preservation narrowly won out over the pleasure of watching you burn.
    • In the same episode, the scene with Zangief confronting Sagat in Bison's office. It's so odd the way it's executed.
      Zangief: What are you doing?!
      Sagat: (sitting in Bison's chair) Seeing how it feels. Bison may not return from his little blood-hunt for Guile. Even if he does, he may find things changed.
      Zangief: You'll have to deal with me first, Sagat!
      Sagat: My pleasure, oaf!
      (suddenly, a bomb planted on the ceiling fan explodes, sending the two flying across the room)
  • Fei-Long's epic beatdown to Ken in "So You Want to Be in Pictures":
    Fei-Long: You have ignored your training, and turned against all of your friends!
  • Is this page missing a certain moment? To answer that question: "YES! YES!"
  • In "Getting to Guile," Bison has captured Guile and hooked him up to a brainwashing machine. This exchange occurs.
    Bison: So, Colonel, how do you like your first day at school? Making new friends?
    Guile: What do you want from me, Bison? My lunch money?
  • In "Chunnel Vision", Zangief is eating a hamburger on a train and Guile charges him:
    Guile: Ah ah ah, no snacking between meals!
    (Zangief hurls the sandwich at him, which Guile dodges like it's a bullet)
  • In "The Hammer Strikes", T. Hawk wants to face The Satin Hammer alone, and tries to rationalize with:
    T. Hawk: Maybe I can talk some sense into her!... May-be.
  • When a brainwashed Cammy escapes with Bison:
    Cammy: Nicely done, love. Here, give us a big kiss. (plants one on Bison)
    Guile: (shakes his fists like a toddler as dramatic music blares) NOOOOO!!!
  • "Demon Island", this famous moment:
    Cammy: Sorry I'm late, Colonel. I had a few things to pick up; Portable transponder, electromagnetic field detector, a scandalously small bikini. You've never seen me in a bikini, have you, Colonel? I brought some suntan lotion, too. And you have such nice strong hands.
    Guile: I, uh... (mumbles) uh, thanks. I guess. (takes Cammy's bag)
    Dee Jay: (takes Cammy's bag from Guile) Wouldn't want you to strain your hands, mon.
    (Blanka gives him a teasing smile)
    Guile: Just get in the plane!
  • Two of the ways Escher summons Guile to his headquarters for a new mission. In one episode, someone knocks on Guile's door and when he answers it, he merely finds some sandwiches which spell "SF" (for "Street Fighter"). In another episode, someone throws a dummy out of a moving car; Guile grumbles "Someone's a real practical joker, and I know who.", just as the dummy's eyes spell "SF".
  • There's something funny about how often Guile resorts to his Sonic Boom attack, even in situations that might not be appropriate. In "Keeping the Peace", he uses it to deactivate a bomb.
  • This ridiculously camp line from Ken, in "The Hand That Feeds You":
    Ken: Oh Guile, that color is YOU!
  • Bison makes a lot of bizarre and hilarious faces in the episode "The Warrior King", like this and especially this.
  • Guile's take on disarming a bomb.
    Guile: (muttering to himself) That goes to the detonator... no, this one... no, that's the failsafe... oh, who built this thing?! That's it! Heartburn!
  • Ryu rage-quitting a training session with Ken, after falling foul of his greatest enemy yet.

  • From the people that brought you G.I. Joe: Street Fighter II action figures.
    • "No way!" (flattened by E. Honda) "Way."
    • "What's a Dhalsim?" (kicked in the face by Dhalsim) "Oh."
    • "What's tougher than a Capcom Street Fighter?" "A Street Fighter's mother?" "NOOO!!"