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A large amount of this originates from the American cartoon series and the first live-action film. A good portion of the memes relate to M. Bison.

For the best example-reading experience, listen to Guile's theme in the background. It goes with everything, after all.

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    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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Street Fighter

  • "What strength!! But don't forget there are many guys like you all over the world!" Explanation 
    • "You've got a lot to learn, before you beat me! Try again, kid! Eh, heh, heh, heh, heh!" Explanation 

Street Fighter II

  • OOWAH! OOWAH! OOWAH! Explanation 
  • Guile is basically the series' Fountain of Memes:
    • Guile's theme goes with everything! Explanation 
      • A comment from Fresh Prince vs Guile Theme: Guile's Theme is a metaphor for the collective human consciousness, the timings for its beats and rhythm changes being perfectly or near perfectly set to allow it to fit in with any scene and genre with no need to cut it to fit in. In addition, the emotion of the song itself is of universal appeal, fitting in with any plot, be it tragic, heroic or action packed. Only an omniscient and omnipresent entity could have crafted such a perfect composition... thus Guile's Theme is proof there is a god.
      • Now an Ascended Meme! The Capcom-endorsed fan game Street Fighter X Mega Man has a special cheat codenote  that changes all the background themes in the game into Guile's theme. The name of the file is actually "Goes With Everything".
      • It even ascended further. During a fight that broke out in an NHL game, all of a sudden, Guile theme plays!
      • Between his hyper-patriotic design, being a Game-Breaker in his debut game, the protagonist of the Street Fighter movie and the cartoon series, and a frequent source of memes, Guile is often said to be a completely unstoppable Memetic Badass, and his theme song a catalyst for hilariously impossible feats.
      Comment on Guile's Theme: I fell asleep with this playing, I woke up ripped with a tattoo of the American flag on my newly formed 32 inch left bicep.
      • And now it's come full circle, being set to Pennywise dancing. As in the song that goes with any scene paired with the scene that goes with any song.
    • "He did X... FOR AMERICA!" Explanation 
    • "Go home and be a family man!" Explanation 
      • Travis Willingham is a family man! Explanation 
      • Ray Chase is a family man! Explanation 
    • "When in doubt, I Sonic Boom!" Explanation 
    • "OOP-AAH! OOP-AHH! OOP-AHH!" Explanation 
      • "Ru-Paul! Ru-Paul! Ru-Paul!" Explanation 
    • "Are you man enough to fight with me?" Explanation 
  • E. Honda's flying headbutt Explanation 
    • "Dosukoi!" Explanation 
    • "Can't you do better than that?"
  • HELLOOOOOO~KEN! Explanation 
  • "The fight is all!" Explanation 
    • "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance." Explanation 
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha! Yatta!" Explanation 
    • "I'm the strongest woman in the world!" Explanation 
  • All of the win quotes from the original versions count.

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter III

  • Dudley is an endless spring of 'em, thanks in part to the vocal stylings of Francis Diakowsky (his 3rd Strike voice actor, the one most commonly associated with him):
  • "Jazzy NYC," the theme of Alex from III, has started a movement for slapping the name "Jazzy" on anything with even the slightest hint of jazz in it. As of Super Street Fighter IV, we now have "Jazzy Russia" (Zangief), "Jazzy Metro" (Guy), and "Jazzy Kyoto" (Ibuki).
  • N-N-N-N-NOW! FIGHT A NEW RIVAL! Explanation 
  • Due to Twelve's fighting stance making him look like he's dancing, short videos of him "vibing" to Brazilian funk songs went viral on YouTube and TikTok in Latin America, which led to people cosplaying as the character and imitating his stance. There he acquired the Fan Nicknames of "Venom blanco" (White Venom) or "Venom con derechos" (Venom with rights).
  • "Twelve's best move is the one where you stop playing as Twelve." Explanation 

Street Fighter IV

Most of these are related to the characters' catch phrases.

  • INDESTRUCTIBLE! Explanation 
  • Jumping HK! > Did I hit him? > Yes > SHORYUKEN!!1 - The flowchart is civilization, AKA Flowchart Ken. Explanation 
  • Turn The Beat Back! Explanation 
  • Thanks to several of his epic and hilarious win quotes, Balrog (Boxer) has achieved this status.
  • Dudley's "Keep it classy!" Explanation 
  • "The answer lies... in the heart of battle." Explanation 
    • Lampshaded by Evil Ryu's winquote against Sagat:
      There is no answer in the heart of battle!
  • "PROFOUND SADNESS!" Explanation 
    • "MUNEN!" (or as the fans hear it, "MUNANG!") Explanation 
    • Real ninjas wear nikes. Explanation  In Addition 
    • Aside from the nikes things, there was a surge of YouTube comments turning Guy and the story of Final Fight into a parody of Blaxploitation films due to the funky style of his theme in IV. Its name? Bushinryu Jones.
  • "SONNA BAKANA!" Explanation 
  • "NANDATO!?" Explanation 
  • "CHIKUSHOOOOOOOOOO!" Explanation 
  • "DON-CHAAAAAAAAAAN!" Explanation 
    • "Go home and be a schoolgirl." Explanation 
  • "Looks like it's time to oil up!" Explanation 
  • As of Super Street Fighter IV: Flash Kick, Focus Attack Dash Cancel into Shades! Explanation 
  • Dee Jay's SSFIV valentine's card message: Let's get horizontal!
  • There was a short-lived trend on YouTube videos with each character's (Super) Street Fighter IV theme to declare "X FOR PRESIDENT!"
  • Due to the bemused and downright irked reactions to Akuma's Demon Armageddon, his second Ultra Combo in SSFIV, there were comparisons to Beyblade and Looney Tunes (here, here, here, and here), which in turn led to the Ultra's other Fan Nicknames of Shun Goku Beyblade and the Akumanian Devil.
  • "Fei Long needs/wants WATEEEEEEEEEEERRRR!" or "What does Fei Long love to drink? WA-TAAA!!'" Explanation 
  • Oni is banned. Explanation 
  • "FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!" Explanation 
      • "SKY PROTECTED!" Explanation 
      • "FUCK OUTTA HEA STANDING STRONG!" Explanation 
  • The day after Ultra Street Fighter IV was released onto Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, we had Maximilian Dood having the misfortune of an A.I. Hugo powering through a Metsu Hadoken with an EX Monster Lariat and winning. Max's scream of shock and disbelief certainly helped.
  • The various Street Fighter IV mods. Explanation 

Street Fighter V

  • Unable to log in to server (2100d) Explanation 
    • Disconnected from server Explanation 
    • Connection with opponent was lost (40002) Explanation 
  • Hot Ryu Explanation 
    • Everyone is gay for Ryu Explanation 
  • UNGA Alex Explanation 
    • ALEX TRAILER Explanation 
  • OH-HOHOHOHOHO! Explanation 
    • I'll show you the divide in our class! Explanation 
  • Guile's crouch walk. Explanation 
  • 8 frames Explanation 
  • Urien's thong/banana hammock Explanation 
  • Akuma Matata Explanation 
  • "Capcom only has one guy managing the server." Explanation 
  • V-Triggered Explanation 
    • VROOM VROOM Explanation 
  • POWER TO THE EARTH! Explanation 
    • POWER TO THE ASS! Explanation 
    • NOT MY DAY! Explanation 
  • Laura X Zeku Explanation 
  • Chun-Li Costumes Explanation 
    • Chun-Li's new skin Explanation 
  • #BlankaChan Explanation 
  • Codell Traverson Explanation 
  • Street Fighter V has a better Capcom roster than Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Explanation 
  • Beth Explanation 
  • Abigail the Car Whisperer Explanation 
  • The Fortnite buff/Chug Jug Ryu Explanation 
    • Smiling Ryu Explanation 

Street Fighter 6

  • Wide Ryu/Ryu Redfield/Ben Swolo Explanation 
    • Ryu's "Sheng Long" Explanation 
    • Giga Chad Ryu Explanation 
    • Teabagging Ryu Explanation 
  • Logo memes Explanation 
  • Capcom sent Hook Explanation 
  • Hobo Ken/Meth Ken/Sad Ken Explanation 
    • Ken invested in crypto and/or NFTs, and lost everything/"My apes..." Explanation 
    • "She took the fucking kids, Ryu." Explanation 
    • "Look, Luke. I know it's our job to help this guy and everything, but I think this guy's a lost cause. He's obviously made up his mind, why don't we just cut our losses and get out of here?" Explanation 
    • Ken "story leaks" Explanations 
    • "I used to wake-up DP, now I don't even want to wake up anymore." Explanation 
    • ARE YOU OKAY, KEN?? Explanation 
    • Although Divorced Ken was eventually debunked by establishing that he was framed by a criminal organisation and is trying to clean his name as opposed to having a midlife crisis, even more memes began spurting from this revelation:
      • When you beat the divorce allegations Explanation 
      • Ken is now Terry Bogard Explanation 
      • The Fugitive. Explanation 
      • Punished Ken Explanation 
  • A lot of Luke's lines (and some outside memes delivered by his English voice actor) have become memes in their own right:
    • "You're quite photogenic." Explanation 
    • "BEAST MODE BABY!" Explanation 
    • "hADoUkEn"Explanation 
    • "You took the wrong guy to Memphis!" Explanation 
    • Luke from Streets Explanation 
    • Dude, you look huge.note  Explanation 
  • Juri's SF6 reveal brought with it any and all memes relating to, well... considering what Juri is known for, you can probably figure that out. Hint 
    • Even Capcom themselves acknowledged this, with the official Street Fighter Twitter account simply tweeting out a foot emoji in the replies of an image of Juri.
    • This continued with the reveal of Manon and Marisa, both also barefoot, leading some to jokingly call the game Feet Fighter 6.
  • Thicc Chun-Li Explanation 
    • Old Lady Chun-Li Explanation 
    • Nude Chun-Li Explanation 
  • Avatar customization memes Explanation 
    • Capcom has given us too much power! Explanation 
  • "That's a huge bitch!" Explanation 
  • Box art memes Explanation 
  • Cammy stretch Explanation 
    • Classic Cammy Explanation 
  • Level 8 CPU Explanation 
  • Modern control memes Explanation 
  • "FUCK IT, WE PALM!" Explanation 
  • A.K.I. feeding the Avatar Explanation 
  • Team "I can fix her" Explanation 


The Animated Series

  • Sagat: "You like... some cornflakes?" Explanation 
  • "Just get in the plane." Explanation 
  • "And you... YOU'RE A LOSER!" Explanation 
  • "You're supposed to die!" Explanation 
  • "Oh Guile, that color is YOU!" Explanation 
  • "No one has ever defeated Sagat, AND NO ONE EVER WILL!!!" Explanation 
  • "This is DELICIOUS!" Explanation 
    • "YES! YES!" Explanation 
    • "Yes! I did it!" Explanation 
    • Balrog: "Guess you won't be needing those tapes I made for you. You want me to get rid of 'em?"
      • Bison: "Don't be hasty. Not until I see those Street Fighters pummeled to dust! Which should be any moment now." Addendum 
    • Balrog: Time for the tape?
      • Bison: Time for the tape.
  • "NOOOOOOO!" Explanation 
  • "Blanka, no, not the head bite!" Explanation 
  • "Oh, man. I've been slimed by Arnold the PIG!" Alright, that's it. I'm out of here!" Explanation 
  • "BIIIIISONNNNNN!!!!" (random fire sprouts up) Explanation 
  • Sonic Boom is this both in the games and the cartoon. In the games, it was misheard by Brazilians as "ALEX FULL!" (as noted above). In the cartoon, he uses it to solve everything. Everything.
  • Courtesy of Cody, "YOU... HURT... MY... JESSICA!!!!" and its mishearing "YOU... HURT... MAH... TESTICALS!!!!!". Explanation 
    • "Take it easy, Cody!"
  • "Everything is lies! Everything is lies!" Explanation 
  • "Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women anyway? I killed my father too and you don't hear me whining about it!" Explanation 
  • "I'm the world's greatest pillow fighter!" Explanation 
  • Discipline. Justice. Commitment. Explanation 

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

  • "Wooga wooga wooga!" Explanation 
  • "You're so sensitive!" Explanation 
  • "Bison's ass is MINE!" Explanation 
  • "Japanese fighters stick together... 'CAUSE WE'RE BROTHERS!! AHAHAHAHAHA!" Explanation 
  • "I'm the welcome wagon!" Explanation 

    Street Fighter: The Movie 
  • For you, the day [Bison graced your village] was the most important day of your life. But for Me, It Was Tuesday. Explanation 
  • OF COURSE! Explanation 
    • I guess you didn't SEE that, did you!? Explanation 
  • Quick! Change the channel! Explanation 
    • You got... PAID? (Unfortunately, Balrog wasn't there to fully cash in on that scene.) Explanation 
  • From Dee Jay: "Oh man, I should have stayed at Microsoft." Explanation 
  • GAAME OVER!! Explanation 
  • You still refuse to accept my GODHOOD!? Keep your own God! In fact, this might be a good time to pray to him. For I beheld Satan, AS HE FELL FROM HEAVEN! LIKE LIGHTNIIIIIIIIIING!! Explanation 
  • Bitcoins are the new Bison Dollars. Explanation 



  • The Beast... is UNLEASHED! Explanation 
    • Let's go, Justin! Explanation 
    • "Rare footage of X actually [insert adjective/verb here]." Explanation 
  • Competitive player Rom gets "drink as fuck" at a 2009 tournament and admonishes the audience to "play Third Strike. It's a good game."
  • Thuggery Explanation 
  • "DOWNLOAD COMPLETE!" Explanation 
    • "Fighting game is something so great." Explanation 
  • "I'll never lose a set to a Smash player" Explanation 


  • Would anybody like some poundcake? I'D LIKE SOME POUNDCAKE! Explanation 
  • "Good Morning, Mister Masters" Explanation 
    • Mash that DPM+HP / It'll win footsies with priority / And every situation you can DPM+HP / For a 3-hit combo OTG~ Explanation 
  • The memes Pastor Ryu and Pastor Pilão (Piledriver Pastor) are memes that became famous in Brazil, as remixes of footage of Pentecostal preachers and Street Fighter music.
  • Even before IV, Brazilian fans often joked that they'd elect Blanka for President if they could.
  • "Hey there everybody, this is Ryu from Streets." Explanation 
  • Casually Messatsu child Explanation 

You must defeat these memes to stand a chance.