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A collection of memes that have generated either from or around the show. Please remember, if you add a meme to the page, please include an explanation as to why it's a meme. Zero Context Examples are not allowed. Neither are leaks, accidental or not.note 


Due to the massive amount of memes relying on spoilers, all spoilers for all seasons are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

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  • WE. note 
  • This video splicing a Nicki Minaj song to Garnet and Amethyst's fusion into Sugilite.
  • The theory that Onion is either a Gem (possibly even Yellow Diamond) or Satan, which all started due to the fact that he has no ears.
    "GOD DAMN IT."
  • Ronaldo's explanation of, "Snake people or, sneople" being used as a template to snowclone other portmanteaus on that pattern. Crossed over a bit with a very similar meme known as snemes (snail memes) which developed independently on Tumblr. Keep Beach City Weird even had a post about their similarity.
  • Long post chains over the internet of nothing but "MA-YOR DEW-EY, MA-YOR DEW-EY." Usually with images.
  • "(Character)'S FUCKING PISSED."note 
  • Because of the variety of "X Mom" snowclones for nicknames for the Crystal Gems, people eventually started coming up with "(Something) Mom" names for other characters, even if they are male, a child, or Steven himself.
  • "Stronger Than You" has reached memetic levels of popularity. "This is Garnet/Back together" is particularly the piece that's used for memes.
  • Threads will often quote Garnet's line from "Keeping It Together" about the forced fusion experiments: "So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!" alongside pictures from other shows depicting bodies mashed together, usually monstrously or painfully.
    • Another variation quotes Lapis Lazuli from "Chille Tid" instead: "We're Malachite now."
  • Jasper's claim that "Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger" is often snowcloned with various other things being declared "just a cheap tactic to make" them like something else.
  • Momswap: Fan art where Jasper, Peridot, and Lapis are Steven's guardians; often they're put in the same situations as the Crystal Gems were in some episodes (such as Steven Tag). Sometimes the !CGs show up as the bad guys, and the !HGs are a little less cranky, but Steven's generally his usual cheerful self. Now with a theme song!
  • Quartzswap: After the advent of "Too Far" where we learn that Amethyst is shorter than she should be due to being overcooked, some like to switch Jasper and Amethyst's places in the story since they are both types of quartzes made on Earth, where Jasper is now the overcooked runt and Amethyst is the imposing Beta Kindergarten gem.
  • The Crystal Jamies - replacing Gems with Jamie in a cheap costume, after he played all the Crystal Gems (Garnet with a box colored like her afro on his head and a pair of sunglasses, Pearl with a party hat on his face to represent her nose, and Amethyst was a mop with a costume gem taped to its head) in "Historical Friction". It's usually done with the Crystal Gems, but sometimes Jamie cosplay is made up for other Gems, such as him dressing up as Lapis with a blue skirt and a water hose, Yellow Diamond with a hard hat, and Ruby and Sapphire with red and blue teddy bears.
  • After seeing two different-looking Pearls in "The Answer" and "Message Received," many fans started to draw different Pearls and even make their own "Pearlsonas," which are much like Gemsonas, only with Pearls.
  • Yellow Pearl's shit-eating grin when Yellow Diamond is reprimanding Peridot. The resemblance to the Grinch has not gone unnoticed.
  • Since season two, fans have been playfully mocking the series's notoriously erratic schedule.
  • What we really are...note 
  • The insane amount of leaks Leaks?  leading up to the "In Too Deep" special event is gaining notoriety in the fandom.
    • Because of this: "I can't believe Cartoon Network leaked the entire X", followed by an entirely fake "leak". "Funny Aneurysm" Moment 
  • Steven Universe episode 1: Steven sings a song about his favorite ice cream. Steven Universe episode X: [insert whatever angst or Nightmare Fuel that happened in a later episode here] note 
    Gem Glow: A young boy discovers he gets magical powers by eating ice cream.
    Off Colors: Lars fucking dies.
    • It's starting to be done in the reverse order as well, with the first episode put in a serious light while the most recent episode is put in a silly light, or using a silly moment from the episode that had little to no effect on the plot.
  • RIP Jasper/Jasper's fucking dead.explanation 
  • Since Super Watermelon Island saw the advent of an entire society of watermelon Stevens, Melonsonasnote  are starting to become a thing.
  • Woolie gem.note 
  • Who's Connie? note 
  • Referring to the Gems as "Gay/Lesbian Space Rocks".
  • Pepe's Burgers. note 
  • Photoshopping Centipeetle's drawing so it looks like something else instead.
  • Baby Sour Cream is literally the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face.Explanation 
  • Anytime the show drops a Drama Bomb or Tear Jerker moment (especially if the episode was written by creator Rebecca Sugar), expect to see fans posting a reaction image of Catbug from Bravest Warriors shouting "REBECCAAA!"
  • Meep-morp: In the late season 3 episode "Beta", Lapis and Peridot have redecorated their living space at the barn with several creations of their own, but neither is familiar with the word 'art', so they have taken to referring to their own works as meep-morp, or simply morps. And people in the fandom are starting to follow their example.
  • The Stevennuke. note 
  • Steven's Knife. note 
  • "Make it gayer". note 
    • Similarly, we have "Sugar can't possibly make this gayer," followed by the gayness levels undergoing Serial Escalation per major episode.
  • Greg fucked a rock/Greg's "Murder Cock". A Black Comedy meme when one really considers that Greg had intercourse with a sentient space rock to bring Steven into the world, which promptly led to Rose giving up her physical form. The latter even extends to the possibility of killing more gems that way, leading to the Murdercock in question being the most powerful weapon in the universe or it being an actively malevolent entity that needs to be fed gems. The reveal that Rose was Pink Diamond, who'd been the subject of a murder mystery for a time, revived popularity of this meme; see the Diamonds folder below.
  • Referring to Mystery Girl as Punk Diamond and Rose's replacement. The fact that Rose was actually Pink Diamond made the nickname all the more fitting.
  • Using the outro of "Last One Out of Beach City" at embarrassing, awesome, and inappropriate moments with either the unlucky or lucky focus getting a funny nickname for their situation.
    • Alternatively, playing "Love Like You" at inappropriate times has also become quite popular. Especially when it makes it seem as if the episode in question ends on a (often really lame) cliffhanger.
  • Official Twitter Accounts, which are roleplay blogs that cropped up after Peridot's actual real life twitter account was revealed to be a thing. See here for a taste of the shenanigans the community gets up to.
  • Singing and Crying explanation 
  • "They pulled the football away." explanation 
  • Lars's heartbeat. explanation 
  • BINGO BONGO explanation 
  • PARTY GUY explanation 
  • Steven holding a sign. explanation 
  • Greg having a fetish for giant women. explanation 
  • Since "A Single Pale Rose" came out only 2 weeks after the equally dramatic and emotionally devastating Infinity War there has been a lot of crossover of fans of both freaking out over them at the same time.
    • I AM SHOOK explanation 
  • EVERYTHING is foreshadowing. explanation 
  • "The Ol' Universe Charm." explanation 
    • Greg rolls to seduce. explanation 
  • Steven is a Disney Princess!explanation 
  • The line said "Don't worry, I can fix it!" by Bismuth in the episode "Reunited" became a popular on YouTube videos.
  • "EVERYONE IS HERE!!!" explanation 
  • Sunstone Sez explanation 
  • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 is know, from TV? explanation 
  • After the poster for The Movie was revealed, people started saying the villain looks like a pink Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot.

    Crystal Gems 
  • Referring to their positions as maternal authority figures in Steven's life, each of the Gems has a different "Mom" nickname:
    • Garnet is most commonly "Square Mom". Following "Jail Break", she's also "Mom Squared".
    • Pearl is Bird Mom, mostly due to her pointy nose being her most easily-noticed feature. explanation 
    • Amethyst, being the one most likely to go along with whatever Steven is doing, will be either Fun Mom or occasionally Sister Mom. "Grape Mom" is another one of her more common nicknames, due to her being purple, plump, and an occasional source of whine.
  • Rose Quartz being portrayed as a goofy magnet for awkwardness, in a Like Mother Like Son relation with Steven.
  • Amethyst's line of "Who wants to watch a cartoon about people crying?" coupled with images of SU characters crying quickly grew popular after "Reformed." It's also sometimes used to playfully mock Tearjerkers.
  • People just love drawing their One True Pairing's in the style of a particular scene of Ruby and Sapphire sitting together in a booth at The Best Diner In The World (originally with Ruby ranting angrily and Sapphire sitting quietly, they are often replaced with couples from other shows).
    • Subsequently, some refer to Ruby as an Eternal Flame-Baby.
  • "Ruby the Hedgehog", after Ruby was inexplicably drawn with Conjoined Eyes in the short "Fusion".
  • Steven's weird face in "Together Breakfast", mostly used to denote the use of a bad pun. Also, shopping it over Rose's face after Pearl said that Steven looked like her.
    • And by extension, drawing Rose with some of Steven's other exaggerated expressions.
  • "If you defuse Garnet, the Crystal Gems are just Pearl standing over a bunch of child-sized munchkins." explanation 
  • Referring to Ruby as "The Red Macaroon". Also, her blank facial expression seen here hasn't gone unnoticed.
  • Referring to Ruby as Sports Crab.
  • In "Historical Friction", Jamie dresses up in a variety of Cheap Costumes to play the Crystal Gems (except for Amethyst, who was a gem stuck on a mop end). This inspired a lot of redrawing or Photoshopping of scenes to replacing the Crystal Gems (or even other characters) with Jamie dressed as them.
  • The short "What are Gems?" showed Garnet as a head with what appeared to be little feet coming out of her afro. Fans immediately jumped on this.
  • "Sorry, I panicked."explanation 
  • The motivations for fighting Homeworld that Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst sang about in the extended opening tend to be loosely summarized as such:
    Garnet: I will fight for the freedom to be gay.
    Pearl: I will fight for the one I was 1000% gay for.
    Amethyst: I live here.
  • The exchange:note 
    Steven: You look exhausted.
    Garnet: We [Gems] look awesome.
  • Cotton Candy Garnet. explanation 
  • Hopal for Opal. explanation 
  • Holding Baby Steven. explanation 
  • Grumpy Garnet AU, inspired by this post. Similar edits to other Gems have also been made.
  • Amethyst swallowing things.note 
  • In "Bismuth," there is a frame where Bismuth's pants are mistakenly colored like her body just as Pearl is lunging toward her. This has not escaped the notice of fans.
  • In the same vein of jokes that makes Peridot a Dorito, and Jasper a cheese puff, Bismuth's rainbow hair has gotten some people to associate her with the multi-colored Skittles candy. Explanation 
  • HOW STRONG IS GARNET explanation 
    • Stronger than Stevonnie, but not as strong as Opal.explanation 
  • Rose "hate wont end hate uwu" Quartzexplanation 
    • Someone owes Bismuth an apology.explanation 
  • The penny farthing.explanation 
  • "Last One out of Beach City" is essentially a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World plot for the fandom.
  • "Why don't we all marry each other?" explanation 
    • Following on this, "Every ship is canon now".
  • "I KNOW WHAT HURT IS!" explanation 
  • "Let Steven have his distinguished khakis!" explanation 
  • Sapphi
    re explanation 
  • "Amethyst is the most mature Crystal Gem." explanation 
  • Ruby's letter to Sapphire has been the victim of many photoshops.
  • Lapis' non-reaction towards Blue Diamond's Emotion Bomb in "Reunited" led to a wave of memes on how Lapis weaponized her horribly traumatic backstory, as seen here.
  • Lapis' pants. explanation 
  • "She's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!" explanation 
    • "You won, and she chose you, and she loved you and she's GOOOOOOOOOONE!" Explanation 

  • Pearl's nose/Bird Mom/Pointy Mom.explanation 
  • Bad Pearl: Fan-art showing Pearl as a chain-smoking, leather-wearing badass with a tough demeanor. This mostly started with a drawing one of the show's staff posted.
    • Sometimes this version has the mannerisms of Rick from Rick and Morty, with Connie as the Morty of the duo.
    • May double as Hilarious in Hindsight, as Pearl wore that exact same skinny jeans/leather jacket combo in "Last One Out of Beach City."
  • A Pearl/Rick fusion referred to as "Prick," stemming from this expression.
  • Leg Pearl.
  • Pearl: Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl. explanation 
  • 'Pearl is so thirsty/Pearl is so salty.' explanation 
  • LET PEARL SAY "FUCK". explanation 
  • Pikipek and Pearl. explanation 
  • "Pearl's Secret Rap Career"note 
  • Every time Pearl says [Character's name].note 
  • Pearl in a tux.note 
    • Pearl is Tuxedo Mask. note 
    • Pearl looks good in everything. explanation 
  • Pearl Points and the Pearl Prize Pouch.note 
  • Pearl has a type explanation 
  • Pearl and Hilda Berg. note 
  • "Pearl Hates The Irish" note 
  • "MASSIVE BALLS" explanation 

    The Diamonds 

  • Before Yellow Diamond showed up in person, she was visible in silhouette, and the prominent shoulderpads on her outfit made people conclude she was a 1980s businesswoman. Turns out it's more or less canon, based on her demeanor, the look of her headquarters, and her Pearl's role as "secretary.
  • Yellow Diamond's angry (and hilariously Off-Model) face when Peridot betrays her had become quite popular all in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Yellow Diamond is a giraffe. explanation 
  • Blue Diamond is a Dark Souls boss. explanation 
  • Who killed Pink Diamond?explanation 
  • With hours of "Jungle Moon" airing, an episode that revealed Pink Diamond to be quite the Spoiled Brat, the following exchange (based on a vine) between Yellow and Pink became popular.
    Pink: Can we stop at McDonald's?
    Yellow: Pink, I'm making dinner at home.
    Pink:... (teary) I hate this fucking family...
  • Greg killed Pink Diamond!explanation 
  • Similar to drawing Rose on Steven's expressions, since the revelation in season five that Rose is Pink Diamond, people have been replacing Rose with Pink Diamond in screenshots.
  • "No, I am your Diamond!"explanation 
  • Also on the big Season 5 twist, Rose is Pink Diamond's gemsona.
    • And as the fandom picked up on in "Now We're Only Falling Apart", Pearl created Pink's OC.
  • Rick Sanchez is White Diamond. DIAMOND RICK!!!note 
  • Taylor Swift is the voice of White Diamond.note 
  • The Diamonds doing fun things. note 
  • T-posing to assert dominance. explanation 
  • White Diamond is GLaDOS. explanation 
  • White Diamond is Ragyo Kiryuin. Explanation 
  • Green Diamond is Marge Simpson. Explanation 
  • This is Comby. She's a comb. explanation 

    Homeworld Gems 
  • Calling Jasper:
    • An angry Cheeto. She's the "Big Buff Cheeto Puff".
    • A bara character (referred to as Bara Gem, Bara Mom, Bara Waifu, etc.)
    • Her enormous build, arrogant personality, and fighting style have lead to comparisons to any of number of professional wrestlers.
  • Editing (read: vandalizing) the Steven Universe Wiki for it to call Peridot a Dorito, or in the case of Jasper, a "Big Buff Cheeto Puff", among others.
  • Happy Lappy.note 
  • La-pissed Lazuli.note 
  • When people saw this Lapis-lookalike from this old anime called Golden Bat, well... let's just say the servers blew up.
  • Give Eyeball a girlfriend. note 
    • NO NOT LIKE THAT note 
  • "Fucking Amethysts" explanation 
  • Navy Redemption Arc? "Sorry for your loss". explanation 
  • Colin Howard's concept art for Jasper is so strange and radically different than her final design that people have taken to redrawing Jasper's scenes with it, usually with every other character being incredibly freaked out.
  • DO I LOOK LIKE— explanation 
  • "Who is this sassy lost child?" explanation 
  • Aquamarine and Topaz are Darla Dimple and Max. explanation 
  • Blue Zircon: Ace/Space Attorney explanation 
  • Padparadscha is Internet Explorer. explanation 
    • Alternatively, she is Princess Daisy.
    • Or a Slowpoke.
    • I predict (thing that already happened)! explanation 
    • Her overly complicated name has also caused many people to refer to her as Parappa Sapphire, Pepperoni Sapphire, and other such variations.
  • Blue Pearl is an artist. explanation 
  • The Ruby Face. explanation 
  • Topaz being referred to as "Big Thicc Lego Brick". explanation 
  • Jasper the Sears Employee/"You need this refrigerator." explanation 
  • Pink Lasagnaexplanation 

When Peridot makes an appearance, she usually seems to bring a new meme with her.
  • Peridot is:
    • A lime-flavored (or alternatively, guacamole-flavored) Dorito. [[labelnote:Explanation]]This seems to be a trend with triangular characters these days, since the Gravity Falls fandom is in on it as well. And in a variation of the previous, relating her with Mountain Dew (color scheme), an Xbox (vague color scheme; X on her chest), and combining all the previous, portray her as a stereotypical neckbeard or gamer girl. Memetic mutation indeed.
      • D.Va wants to devour Peridot. Explanation 
    • A rapper.
    • Canadian.
    • A Worm.
    • A helicopter/"Pericopter". explanation 
      • And from this spawned the trend to hang pictures of Peridot on ceiling fans.
    • Inspector Gadget.
      • Inspector Peridota.
    • A cactus.
    • Invader Zim.
    • A pirate/"Piratedot". explanation 
    • Smol Peridot/Smol Dorito/Tinydot. explanation 
    • An angry little slice of pie. explanation 
    • A cat. explanation 
    • The author of the journals.
    • A Troper/Shipper. Explanation 
    • Karkat Vantas or Nepeta Leijon. explanation 
    • The Great Papyrus.Explanation 
    • A traitor! A rebel! A Crystal Gemmmmmmmmmmmm.
    • The leader of the Crystal Gems. explanation 
    • A Metalbender/a Force User/Magneto. explanation 
    • Wile E. Coyote explanation 
    • A frog explanation 
    • The 11th Doctor. explanation 
  • When the crewniverse released Peridot's model sheet, they included in the corner a reference of her smiling brightly... except that the uncolored lines used to denote her neck were quickly mistaken for legs, leading to the creation of a small runabout Peridot head sometimes known as "Legidot."
  • Combined with the theme song meme above: replacing the "gems" in "We are the Crystal Gems" with "clods," while photoshopping Peridot's face into the intro.
    • The general use of "clod" as an insult is very prominent in the fandom now that it has pretty much become Peridot's Catchphrase.
  • "...Is that a weapon?" explanation 
    • Obviously, she is also often interacting with Patrick for asking this to begin with.
  • Ignoring the information about the Cluster and Earth's potential destruction revealed in "Catch and Release" because TINY PERIDOT IS SMOL.
  • Flushing Peridot down the toilet. Explanation 
  • "Goodnight, ominous triangle at the foot of my bed." explanation 
  • Peridot adapting primitive Steven...I mean, human technology to reconstitute her limb extensions. This managed to be amazing prescient, as she ended up doing exactly this "Log Date 7 15 2" which was written long before such a meme would arise.
  • Peridot getting punched in the face. explanation 
  • The two episodes following "Catch and Release" focused on Peridot and Steven, Pearl and Amethyst, respectively, in which something important was revealed about either their past or the overall plot. So naturally, it didn't take long for people to make Garnet complaining about her being the only one who so far doesn't get "a field trip with Peridot".
  • Various love songs being played over Peridot's audio log from Log Date 7 11 2/"Too Far."explanation 
  • No!~explanation 
  • I can't believe Peridot killed Greg.explanation 
  • IT'S SUBTEXT, STEVEN.explanation 
  • Peridot wearing shorts.explanation 
  • At her blackboard.explanation 
  • Peridot FM. explanation 
  • Hair-idot. explanation 
    • The storyboarder for the episode, Lamar Abrams, responded to this meme by apologizing and drawing a picture of Lapis and Peridot with even bigger hair.
  • "Why was this documented?" explanation 
  • Peridot and her Alien Doll. explanation 
  • "EW, THAT'S DISGUSTING!" explanation 
  • Remember when Peridot was intimidating?/The Evolution of Peridotexplanation 
  • Peridot, I choose you! explanation 
    • Peridot used HI JUMP KICK! It's not very effective...
  • Lesbian Farmers explanation 
  • CLOGS! explanation 
  • Peridot collects girlfriends. explanation 
    • Gee, Peridot, how come Rebecca Sugar lets you have three girlfriends?
  • My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!explanation 
    • Alternatively: "I can't believe Peridot is a filthy Homestuck!"explanation 

...and Steven!

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